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After having served over 15 years working in both the private and public sectors, in criminal justice, HR, IT, IT/Data security and accounting practices, Cristal decided to focus more on unsolved murders and hot topics in today’s world.

Today’s criminal profiling practices are dated and out of touch, in today’s world in order to profile a crime, criminal or victim you need to know them intimately. Gone are the days of being able to provide a profile based off of other crimes, nothing fits into a box neatly once unpacked.

With years of experience about human nature and the way people think, cases that were once deemed unsolvable without further technological advances can be solved. Having the proper criminal profile is all that one needs because the evidence is always at the crime scene. Having DNA is super helpful but sometimes, it is not the icing on the cake.

If you are interested in having me look at a case for you, don’t hesitate to leave a message using the form below.

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Cristal M Clark

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  1. Hi Cristal, two months without your site has been torture. Luckily for me you hit Twitter and I knew it was you.
    Not sure if your still down in Florida or if you headed up to Portland yet. I was wondering about the Lonzie Barton case and if you have been following it? Where do think they put Lonzie? What can you say if anything?
    You were right about the cop in Illinois I’m sure you can do something with this case. People down here just want him found so he can have a proper burial.


    • Hi Suz,

      It’s great to have some of my old followers back. I did want to comment on your request to look at the Lonzie Barton’s disappearance.

      First, the case is more or less solved in my opinion, regardless of actually having charged Ruben Ebron or Lonzie’s mother. The police did a great job of investigating this and they are correct in that Ruben did murder this little boy.
      Justice has already begun to be served because of the large amount of media attention the case has already gotten Lonzie’s mother Lonna Barton and his biological father Chris Barton (which is questionable) were both subsequently arrested for distribution with the intent to sell, because the very criminals they attempted to sell to went to the police.
      That being said, I personally couldn’t tell you where the child may be. Empaths feel energy, anyone that tells you they can see auroras is full of shit and we don’t have visions, it simply doesn’t work quite that way. When looking at cases such as this with such a small child, the energy is muddled. So the impressions are never clear.
      If it were me investigating at this point ones best hope for a break would come from Chris Barton. I doubt he knows where the boy is much less exactly what did in fact happen to him but considering the fact that he bailed Lonna out of jail when she was originally arrested, then spent several days after that with her selling drugs, I find it a wee bit off that they wouldn’t have had at least one conversation about the child who on paper belonged to both of them.
      That however is easier said than done, Chris is a drug dealer and so is Ruben, they most likely run in the same circles at times so ratting one out could be costly for Mr. Barton.
      Best and Warmest Regards,
      Cristal M Clark


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