Miami, Florida

Cristal M Clark

Nothing and I mean nothing amuses me more than when you see a cop sexually harass, stalk and try to intimidate a former lover or love interest for that matter. It took years and years of playing nice and pretending to be friendly to a copper who still to this day reaches out to me from time to time. And he is married no less. Crazy. But this story highlights just how unfair our judicial system is towards certain offenders. 

Down in Miami they are doing the stalking a wee bit differently, 27-year old Javier Magarin, was arrested June 2 on one count of stalking and two counts of installing tracking devices, according to an arrest report.

According to the arrest affidavit, Javier Magarin’s girlfriend ended their relationship on March 20 “at the conclusion of a heated argument and repeated irreconcilable differences” and that Javier Magarin had moved out of the residence they shared that same day.

Well, one would tend to think that would be it right? Ahhh but such is not the case. Starting that day no less of course and for the next month, Javier Magarin repeatedly stalked his former lover using Apple Airtag tracking devices and without her consent naturally. 

Javier also repeatedly called her, sent her text messages, and contacted her through social media and email after having been asked to stop. 

So Naughty. 

But, to make matters much worse for Javier Magarin, the same day he moved out, the ex detected an Apple Airtag tracking device signal emitting from somewhere in her car after she heard it beeping and she confronted him about it. Of course he lied and denied it. 

So if it had been me, I would have just driven to the dealership and had them find the bloody AirTag but not this poor girl did not do that. The noise in the car continued so on March 27 she parked the car at a friend’s house in Coral Gables without telling anyone, and when she returned to the car she you will never guess who she saw? 

Good ole Javier Magarin. 

She did not return to her car however which Javier Magarin found to be quite a bit upsetting. He contacted her and was upset that not only did she not return to retrieve her car but had also changed her Instagram password, which blocked his access to her account, adding insult to injury here. 

Okay, who the fuck still gives someone a password to anything we have? Are you kidding me? Fuck off on that straight out. Married, lovers, boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t matter, fuck right off. 

Finally Javier Magarin admitted that he had placed an Apple Airtag in her car but said he’d already removed it, then changed his story the next day, he sent her message that showed a photo of her car, and told her he used her Apple watch to track her whereabouts, the report said.

They continued the conversation and Javier Magarin finally admitted that the Airtag was in her car’s trunk under a floor mat by the battery compartment, the report said.

When she searched her car she found the Airtag in that exact spot.

You would think that all of this would have stopped the guy from pursuing her further but no, this idiot continued to stalk and harass this poor women, at one point sending her a picture of a hand holding a glock. The story gets worse, he found out she was traveling out of town and somehow cancelled her reservations so when she arrived at the airport she couldn’t leave. 

I get it though, men who stalk, man they don’t stop for nothing. I have that one ex I write about from time to time that finds me every time he is released from prison. 

This went for over a month, by April 26th this poor woman was again alerted to the presence of a nearby Apple Airtag and narrowed it to the rear of her car. She went to Miami-Dade Police to report the incident, and detectives found an Apple Airtag affixed to the undercarriage of her car, concealed deep in the rear bumper undercarriage area. Which of course was in fact registered to our dear friend Officer Javier Magarin. 

Javier was released on $6,000 bond, while people are sitting in jails who were charged with so much less of a crime who cannot afford a bond and will therefor be forced to take a plea deal just to get out of jail. Worse yet, if you or I did that to someone, our bond would be upwards of $50K+ and if you cannot cover it, well fuck you then. You would be forced to take a deal, and shell out thousands, while I bet Javier will just get a little slap on the wrist and still be able to dawn a uniform in some city somewhere, right?

Cristal M Clark

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The Department of Homeland Security Late To The Game 

Offers PSA or Did They?

Cristal M Clark 

You can always count on the United States Government and Law Enforcement communities to head off to the party, arrive late and offer a PSA literally thousands of people are already talking about. Thanks though, thanks. 

The Department of Homeland Security is certainly no stranger to the above and today in its infinite wisdom came out with a little PSA for us all, how heroic and brave. But really, let’s look at the real issue and ask the question before we get to the PSA shall we?

Why not put the PSA out last week like myself and several others did? Would it be just a might bit fair to suggest that this PSA was purposely put out in an attempt to sway the public opinion with regards to oh…what is that hot topic right now, no, no not abortion…what is it, oh, right, Gun Rights. 

The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin Tuesday warning of a “heightened threat environment” over the next several months as they monitor both risks of domestic terrorism and foreign adversaries looking to sow discord within the U.S. to promote acts of violence.

The bulletin in part stated that “individuals in online forums that routinely promulgate domestic violent extremist and conspiracy theory-related content have praised the May 2022 mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas and encouraged copycat attacks.”

Yes, yes in part that can be somewhat true, we did see that play out a little last weekend where at least 17 were killed and, 62 were injured in mass shootings across the US over the weekend. 

What the PSA that the DHS released is telling you, is that if you are not in line and promptly on board with the narrative of law enforcement, DHS, the president, more gun control, that you perhaps feel a little discord and may or may not become a concern for them. Which is honestly, quite absurd. 

The simple fact is that we have been talking about increasing violence, for years. For fucks sake man, I’ve been doing it since 2016, warnings have gone out wide and far and from many experts, this is not getting better, so many of us predicted it worsening. Extremists are far from the issue, Law Enforcement is the fucking problem. Period and end of story. 

Sadly, the PSA that the Department of Homeland Security issued comes at a rather ill timed moment and that is, after multiple failures within our law enforcement community to thwart such attacks, many of which featured individuals known to law enforcement to be of a concern. To Thwart: prevent (someone) from accomplishing something. Like an individual you know may go off the rails and go on a mass shooting spree, someone you have interviewed, talked to friends and family about, perhaps a doctor. The mass shooters our law enforcement seems to be incapable of thwarting. 

The PSA does however, strangely enough fall on the hells of a promise by the Senate to quickly get something done in the way of more gun laws.

So to be clear and in case I need to spell it out for everyone, we are going to completely ignore the failures of the law enforcement community here, create more gun laws and the DHS is going to be watching right? 

Well, what happens when they blunder and fail to thwart another domestic attack? Who or what will they blame then? A killer that is hell bent on killing will find a way after all. 

Cristal M Clark

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Tempe, Arizona

Cristal M Clark 

With law enforcement doing less and less these days I am not sure why I would be surprised anymore by the lack of effort from our law enforcement community but, here I am. I mean they are too happy to profile and go after specific individuals or groups because they label them this, that or the other, yet when someone really is in need, well they just fuck happily off now don’t they?

On May 28th, Several Tempe, Arizona officers were questioning Sean Bickings, 34, about an alleged fight between him and a woman near Tempe Town Lake. Authorities say that Bickings, who was homeless, entered the water as the three officers on the scene checked to see if he had any arrest warrants. 

“I’m going to go for a swim. I’m free to go, right?” Sean Bickings asked the officers after climbing a fence along the water’s edge, according to body camera footage released by the police department on Friday. The 12-minute video ends when Sean Bickings, several yards from shore, starts crying out for help, according to a transcript of the incident released by the city.

The city said it edited the body camera footage, cutting it off before Sean Bickings’ death, due to “the graphic nature of the incident” and out of respect for Sean Bickings’ family. Funny how they care about the graphic nature of the incident had the coppers been decent human beings with actual ethic and morals. 

It actually gets even better: According to what is seen in the video and the transcript, as Sean Bickings entered the water, an officer told him he wasn’t allowed to swim in the lake. Sean Bickings began to swim away from the officers on shore, one of whom asked another: “How far do you think he’s going to be able to swim?”

One of the officers told the other two to “keep an eye,” presumably on Sean Bickings. The officer then appeared to leave the area, saying something about a boat.

They made no attempt to try to stop him before he entered the water huh? Were they afraid of getting wet? 

“I’m going to drown. I’m going to drown,” Sean Bickings told them, according to the transcript, which documents their conversation after the video ends.

“No you’re not,” one of the officers replied, before again telling Sean Bickings to swim to the structure.

“I’m not jumping in after you,” the second officer said.

As Sean Bickings cried out for help, the woman, who identified herself as Sean Bickings’ wife, yelled out to him. One of the officers described her as trying to jump over the railing. He threatened to put the woman in a patrol car if she didn’t calm down.

“I’m just distraught because he’s drowning right in front of you and you won’t help him,” she told the officers. She went on to express frustration after repeatedly being told to stay calm.

“I’m so tired of not being heard all the time. This very upsetting. I can’t even finish a sentence,” she said, according to the transcript provided by the city. “He’s fucking a good man.”

These Tempe, Arizona cops elected to watch a man drown to death and do absolutely nothing to help him. But wait, there’s more, and this is quite possibly the best, the police union that reps them has issued a statement that the police in those parts just isn’t trained in water rescue. 

Really? How about being just a decent fucking human being? Did they somehow miss that training or is that something you don’t train on too?

Cristal M Clark

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Russia and The CIA

Who Was the Fourth Man on the Inside?

Cristal M Clark 

When we think of the spy game, we more often than not tend to romanticise the notion of being a spy. The realities are a bit more harsh and well not so romantic. According to a new book, a mole hunt for the “fourth man,” the individual who was suspected of being a CIA officer, began in the 1990s, but no one has ever been arrested or charged in the case. Secret details of that investigation are being disclosed for the first time in “The Fourth Man,” a new book by former CIA officer Robert Baer.

To better understand we need to go back to the1980s, in the final decade of the Cold War, 3 Americans in fact, spied for the Soviet Union, CIA officers Edward Lee Howard and Aldrich Ames and FBI agent Robert Hanssen. They are known to have helped Moscow identify, arrest, and imprison or execute most of the Soviet agents who were secretly spying for the United States. Quite shameful if I do say so myself. 

Ames and Hanssen were eventually caught and arrested and today remain in federal prison, while Howard defected to Moscow, where he died in 2002. This caused quite a bit of a problem for the US because as you might imagine having no spies in the Soviet Union meant that we were blind. 

A mole hunt for the “fourth man,” who was suspected of being a CIA officer, began in the 1990s, but no one has ever been arrested or charged in the case. “The story of the Russian double agent in the CIA who got away may sound like some unfinished piece of business from the Cold War,” Robert Baer writes in his book. But “it’s starting to look more like the mystery of the fourth man is a lot more historically significant than an old-school spy tale. It’s part of the much larger story of how America completely missed Putin and the KGB’s resurrection.”

He is not wrong in that assumption either. 

But, to be clear U.S. officials believe there was a “fourth man” inside the CIA was first disclosed in 2003 in “The Main Enemy,” by former CIA officer Milt Bearden. Robert Baer has now provided a wealth of new details about the case, including the key role of a KGB agent who supplied crucial information to the CIA on the fourth spy. 

“Absolutely there was a fourth man,” John Lewis, former FBI assistant director for national security. “We had a lot of unexplained things that couldn’t be explained by the three others.”

In 1988, a CIA officer stationed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, first met a KGB officer named Alexander Zaporozhsky. The CIA gave Zaporozhsky the code name “GTZORRO” and nicknamed him “Max.” As a series of CIA officers continued to meet Zaporozhsky over the years, he began to provide clues revealing that the KGB had moles inside U.S. intelligence, according to Robert Baer. At some point, Zaporozhsky suggested that the KGB had two moles, one in the CIA and another in the FBI, although he didn’t know their names. One was known inside the KGB as “Karat,” and the other as “Rubine.”

In 1994, Aldrich Ames was arrested and charged with spying for Moscow, thanks in part to the information Zaporozhsky had provided. 

In 1996, a CIA officer met again with Zaporozhsky, this time in Tbilisi, Georgia. He told the CIA that he believed he had come under suspicion in Moscow. But he also said he had heard that Russian intelligence had recruited another American CIA officer. This officer had been recruited in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was now assigned to “the Farm,” the CIA’s training center outside Williamsburg, Virginia. With Zaporozhsky’s information, the CIA was quickly able to identify CIA officer Harold Nicholson as a Russian spy, and he was arrested in November 1996.

After Ames was arrested, the CIA secretly created a new counterintelligence team to try to determine whether there were any losses that could not be explained by Ames or Howard, who had defected to Moscow in 1985. The agency’s team, Baer writes, included CIA officers Laine Bannerman, Diana Worthen, and MaryAnn Hough. They began to sift through old tips, leads, and other evidence relating to compromised agents and operations that couldn’t be explained by either Ames or Howard. Eventually, they became convinced that there were at least two more moles. Some of their evidence pointed toward Hanssen, who was arrested in 2001. Robert Baer’s book discloses that the team still believed there was another, fourth mole thus coming to the same conclusion as Zaporozhsky. This was confirmed to The Intercept by one of the now-retired CIA investigators: “I do believe there is a fourth man,” said Worthen in an interview this week.

Sadly, they never found the fourth mole, is he/she still deeply embedded in the ranks of the CIA or FBI? Did they retire, move away, fall off the face of the earth perhaps? No one knows except for Russia and good luck getting that lot to speak unless you were to find a double agent who is not all that happy about the going ons over in the Ukraine. 

It’s anyone’s guess who the fourth mole is, or was and if the CIA is still in fact looking. It is a fact that the US spy organisation is truly and remarkably impregnable and weak. 

As for Zaporozhsky, some time after he had been relocated to the US by the CIA, he made the mistake of going back home for a little visit and was swiftly arrested and jailed.

Cristal M Clark

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Are We Facing The Summer of Violence?

Cristal M Clark

Tonight we as a nation are faced with yet another mass shooting, this one in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has left 4 dead including the gunman. In Uvalde, Texas, last week a gunman slaughtered 19 kids and two teachers and injured at least 17 people last week. A mass shooting in Buffalo last week. 

We are seeing unprecedented acts of violence creep up here in the US and on top of all of that, we are starting to finally see strong signs of a looming recession. 

If we get hit with a recession, it would be at the worst possible of times for the United States. If the events of last week in Uvalde did not leave you reeling with outrage I cannot fathom what sort of individual you are. We are hearing more and more cries for gun control and quite honestly, gun control is not the problem here. It is the very departments who are tasked with overseeing potential threats to this nation and blatantly ignoring the red flags, whilst sitting idly by and doing nothing so as to prevent yet another mass shooting. 

It is time to take a very honest and hard look at what the issues are and solve them before we legislate for more gun control. Who keeps letting these shootings happen? 


Well, if you look back at quite a few of our mass shootings in the nation, the FBI and in some cases local law enforcement. They had these individuals on a list, interviewed quite a few of them, our law enforcement agencies knew that most if not all of these mass shooters were problematic in nature, prior to a mass shooting, knew them to be mentally unstable and they stood out of each shooters way and allowed for the mass shootings to happen. 

So I would venture to say with absolute conviction that our very own men and women in uniform that line, the thin blue line failed at the whole protecting and serving part. And it’s not just mass shootings, hundreds of crimes are being reported every hour in this nation and nothing is fucking done about it. 

But you know what the thin blue line is engaging in rather than protecting and serving? Well that is quite the interesting thing, they have been engaging quite in common thuggery. 

Our law enforcement agencies were not created to protect and serve by the way, they were created under an administration that sought to control this country not to protect and serve. Policing was created under the civil war as a militarised group and to this day, our entire system is rife without moral, decency and a criminal mindset and still very much militarised. 

The Uvalde police stood outside and let children be slaughtered by a madman and they do not give a fuck for your sorrow. What policing has been for many years is a group of individuals who go after certain types of people, they harass, profile, intimidate, con people, kidnap, hold at gunpoint, bribe, set up and encourage criminal activity for the sole purpose of busting people. What they are not doing, is protecting and serving. 

Law enforcement in the United States makes up the largest organised criminal organisation in the world or perhaps second to the Narcos and the Sicario. They serve to intimidate and harass and incarcerate. In fact the entirety of our legal and judicial system does just that. They were designed to go after particular groups of individuals. Racketeering, for example, DA’s love this charge because the implications will allow for enhanced sentencing right, it means you can lock someone up who is not a murderer for the maximum amount of time, but if you look at all of the things that make up a racketeering charge it makes no bloody sense at all. I was held as prisoner in my own home and that guy didn’t get charges like racketeering, but lets say my neighbour who is part of a group law enforcement has targeted and labelled them as someone who is part of a criminal organisation, like a chess club but a wee bit more daring and my neighbour takes a hostage? Well he’s certainly fucked, he’ll be charged under what is that, the Colorado Organised Crime Control Act (CRS 18-17-104) The Colorado Organised Crime Control Act prohibits a number of criminal activities aimed at members of criminal enterprises. It prohibits racketeering activity, which generally includes crimes committed by gangs or organised crime. 

Law enforcement is utilising labels to do all of the things individuals who are charged under this law with, and they do it to those individuals because of a label. Law enforcement in the United States actively engages in the very activities that make up Organised Crime in this country. And we are turning a blind eye to it. 

So no, more gun laws simply will not work. We need to address the how and why and change those laws as well as the very people today we are tasking to enforce them. Today’s Policing is not the answer neither is the FBI for that matter, whatever book they are going by, well it needs to be tossed and rewritten to better fit into today’s world. The whole system in its very entirety needs to be torn down and changed. And more gun control is not going to fix a thing. 

Our laws here in the US by the way are instilled by judges who interpret them, yes, nothing is actually literal. So no the entire system before we can control mass shootings is already designed for failure.

Quite honestly, I wore the other boot once and I know all too well how law enforcement entraps certain people and why they choose to do that, it’s not right and it is never fair to the individuals who are ultimately charged and incarcerated. Law enforcement willing set them up, willingly engaged in criminal activity and created the drama so as to create the crime just so that they can charge them for no reason at all. On the flip side of that, I still talk to quite a few coppers, they don’t give a fuck anymore, they feel the public discontent and they don’t care about you, me or anyone. Many departments and agencies are hurting because they cannot fill the void. 

All of this is of particular importance because the sure tell signs of a recession are already here, and as people lose jobs, homes, food, shelter, comforts, they will in fact, react in violent ways. And do you believe the police or the FBI are going to step and protect any of you? Do you?

We must fix our legal system, every law written and change out our current bitter, hateful and uncaring law enforcement entity before we will ever be able to fix madmen with guns slaughtering innocent children. 

Cristal M Clark

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Johnny Depp/Amber Heard – Sensationalized Domestic Violence or Courtroom Drama?

If you need help call 800-799-7233, the national domestic violence hotline.

Fame, Fortune and Heartbreak for Victims Worldwide

Cristal M Clark

How many of my readers have been tuning into the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial? I would suspect a fair number of you. I catch the headlines and well of course the Amber Heard meme’s. Before we dive in, what type of woman shats on a man’s bed? I mean seriously?

The reality is that I see this whole thing as two people just fucking about when they should just fock off already. 

What I have been all too keen to follow are the accusations with regard to domestic violence, against Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.  The other part of this case that I would be highly critical of, is the level at which individuals shunned Johnny Depp with regards to substance abuse issues. I get it, I do, dealing with individuals that abuse alcohol or drugs can be trying, tiring and all out taxing at times. But to publicly shame him for it, is well, just wrong. 

What I find to be absolutely shocking and horrifying are the accounts of abuse by both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and the sheer lack of any significant charges. Victims worldwide are not laughing at the memes or the jokes or making light of the seriousness of all of this. Some of the accusations against both Depp and Heard are quite serious. 

Most of you are not aware but many years ago, over a decade ago, I was almost kilt by a man who claimed to have loved me. He kept me prisoner, in my own home. He heaped abuse after abuse upon me, beatings, sexual, stabbing, cutting, verbal, humiliation. He enjoyed it. I once upon a time had endless money, he went through it whilst leaving me tied up in a closet or to a bed, or worse being gang rapped by his assciates whilst he went out to the bar, picked up women, whored around and came back to beat me before forcing himself on me. 

And the night it went too far, I almost died. The only time in my life that I ever worked willingly with law enforcement was to entrap this man when I was well enough after that night to do so.  

He made me a promise, if I helped him to get a light sentence by my lack of testimony, he would do his time and leave me alone. To date, he has yet to do such a thing. Every time he gets out of prison, he finds me, he has been known to send new parolees to my doorstep while he is in prison, gangs, friends, associates, everyone, he finds me on social media, hacks into my accounts. I have moved everywhere including out of state once and nothing seems to stop him. I have had to go into hiding so many times I have lost track. I will spend the rest of my life hiding from this man. 

The one thing this trial shows every single victim in the world is that money and status protect you from the law and equally so, money and status can buy you a court date so as to sue your abuser which most of us will never get our abusers are broken losers who cannot afford the lifestyle that they stole from us. Whatsmore is money and wealth have seemingly prevented these two individuals from seeking healthy ways to cope with the failed marriage, and abuse. Nor did either receive the common man’s prison sentence for domestic violence. Why on earth make it a public spectacle, it makes it seem as if this is all made up just to get attention, people are walking around joking about domestic violence. We hear this story and of course it seems far fetched if not ridiculous at times. But no one took the time to hear my story, or the woman living in a cockroach filled hotel with two kids, who left an abusive marriage just to survive and go to that, or a homeless girl who escaped her abuser only to leave with nothing but the clothing on her back? Every single victim has to stop living his or her life, we lose everything to us just to get out, so you lost a movie deal, two, three, can no longer support your substance abuse proplem the one you use as a coping mechanism, fuck off, try joining the fucking club. Learn to live with less. They have battered women’s shelters but it is almost better to live on the street as they offer very little to battered women in the way of survival skills, and how to live after a life of abuse. Your tax dollars are hard at work by the way. 

The point is, these two people could have and probably should have just been happy neither ended up in prison and walked away quietly seeking therapy. Millions of other lives were never so fortunate nor would they be making a goddamn spectacle of domestic violence worldwide. Countless victims of domestic violence, myself included lost everything, homes, cars, jobs, we gave up everything we ever had just to get out and to continue to survive. I make no apologies for this, neither Depp or Heard deserve shit here, they have money they can go on, for fucks sake both have been seen laughing in court, the rest of us real victims we have to fight our way through every single day to just keep going on constantly looking over our shoulders. 

Arguing over your status in high society, claiming domestic violence? Over status in hollywood? You are both disgusting human beings and stop using domestic violence, you don’t speak for us.

Cristal M Clark

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Putin Puts World on Notice as he Threatens Nuclear War

World Considers Unseating Putin by Way of Assisination 

Cristal M Clark 

Not only did Putin manage to piss off the entire world he also put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert as part of a pattern of escalating tensions following his attack on Ukraine. But alas analysts suggest the move is more than likely a bluff.

The United States, western powers, and NATO sat up straight after Putin said in a televised address that the country’s nuclear “deterrence forces” were placed “into a special mode of combat service”.

The UN called the idea of nuclear weapons use “inconceivable”, the Ukraine’s government said it saw the move as an intimidation attempt as delegations from both countries prepared to meet for exploratory talks.

Why this is a significant concern:

A portion of Russian nuclear weapons are in constant readiness and “can be launched within 10 minutes”, said Marc Finaud, a nuclear proliferation expert at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

“Either the warheads are already mounted on missiles, or the bombs are already aboard” bombers and submarines.”

Not a very smart bluff either. 

Very few are siding with Putin here, other than China and Donald Trump who I doubt truly understands what in the actual fuck. He just misses his bromance with Putin. 

Here is the real reality: the world put Putin and Russia in a chokehold over his invasion of the Ukraine, he can’t afford an all out war and refuses to admit defeat so his only other option is to threaten nuclear war. 

Our Administration has done very little if anything to thwart this nonsense of Putin’s, in fact all of the nonaction on our part has helped Putin get this far. 

The world has options and this Putin knows, so as talks between Russia and the Ukraine went south today, the best option would be to unseat Putin and the only way to do that would be through asassination. Not even his own citizens would care, so it would be the cleanest option. 

Several countries would support this if not send people to do it in a heartbeat. 

It’s not like the world wasn’t warned for years about Putin. 

So if I were Putin, I’d stop with the threats and bring his forces back home because now he’s going to have to start looking over his shoulder every move that he makes regardless of how this all turns out.  

Putin pretty much backed himself into a corner, one that could be a killer if he isn’t careful. 

Cristal M Clark

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Red or Blue Amerians Turning A Deaf Ear to Health Advice

Cristal M Clark 

No matter who you talk to, what his/her political beliefs are, it seems at this stage in the war against Covid that Americans are fed up. Fed up with the confusing and ever changing rules and advice by the US Government and Health Officials. 

To date, American citizens have felt, pushed, pulled, lied to, given misinformation, inconsistent information, and no clear direction from the top down. 

It’s everything from when to get tested, to what test to take, to can kids go to school, can you go to work, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, how long to isolate for if infected or showing symptoms, to do the vaccines actually work. One thing has been made abundantly clear, no one who is charged with protecting us, advising us or leading us seems to know what the fuck they are doing and American’s are sick of it. 

First of all, I have personally known quite a few individuals who got rapid tests at the onset of symptoms only to test negative then a few days later pull a positive test. Then we have kids going to school, the CDC has cleared them even after exposure which is fucking insane because they can give it to family members. Then we have this wear a mask, isolate for 10 days if you have been exposed and have symptoms, to 7 days to 5 to hey kids if you work in a hospital as long as you mask up, you can get your arse to work. Now we are seeing an alarming infection rate of everyone, even those that were vaccinated and boosted. 

Sure we could blame Trump because at the onest he was back and forth and made it no big deal but the man has been out of office for a while now right? Who carried it on, the new leadership and the same old health officials and you can’t blame Trump for that. 

The fact is and this is actual science, this is  a Coronavirus and we have lived with coronaviruses for decades. A new one emerges and our bodies need to learn to fight them. Yes they get worse each time a new one emerges, that is the way it works. The virus doesn’t care, all it wants to do is infect as many as it can so it too can live. 

Americans are flat out sick and tired of a nation full of leaders and supposed health officials sounding the alarm, shutting a country down, closing businesses, causing people to freak out, fight amongst each other, demand vaccinations that we still don’t know actually work long term, to sending wishy, washy mixed fucking messages. 

How about this, Americans are tired and weary of advice coming out of the Government and it’s top health officials, they should get their shit together and if they want to advise the public, try coming up with some fucking clear, honest and consistent messaging. 

The sad truth here is that it took a virus to unit America, not a politician or Government but a virus.

Cristal M Clark

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Experts Are Sounding the Warning Bells

Cristal M Clark 

I used to believe that America would never see another civil war. Now I am not so sure. Just take a stroll through a busy part of town and that will paint a fairly grim picture of our country. People are mean and hateful more often than not. Individuals act out in violence, you have to be careful what you say and to whom. It can be frightening. 

Thomas Homer-Dixon, a scholar who studies violent conflict, recently urged the Canadian government to prepare for an American implosion. “By 2025, American democracy could collapse, causing extreme domestic political instability, including widespread civil violence,” he wrote in Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

Barbara F. Walter “I’ve seen how civil wars start, and I know the signs that people miss. And I can see those signs emerging here at a surprisingly fast rate.”

Canadian novelist and critic Stephen Marche “The Next Civil War: Dispatches From the American Future.” “The United States is coming to an end, the question is how.”

John Harris writes in Politico, “Serious people now invoke ‘Civil War’ not as metaphor but as literal precedent.”

That’s all pretty damn sad when you think about it. What would a new civil war look like? I can tell you that it will unlikely look like red vs blue, it feels a lot like it will be more like what we saw during the insurrection. That’s right, a new civil war will not be government sanctioned, it will be rage filled us citizen sanctioned. We are seeing a huge rise in super intense political polarization in our nation. We are also seeing a significant rise in the number of individuals who feel that the country is being taken from them, or stolen, a large group of white Americans feel they are losing rights, privileges, they insist despite overwhelming facts that the election was stolen. They felt that the government overreached when it came to Covid and that the Government is still trying to overreach.  

“MAGA Civil War.” The Boogaloo Bois, a surreal, violent, meme-obsessed anti-government movement, who get their name from a joke about a Civil War sequel. Republicans increasingly throw around the idea of armed conflict. In August, Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina said, “If our election systems continue to be rigged and continue to be stolen, then it’s going to lead to one place and that’s bloodshed,” and suggested that he was willing, though reluctant, to take up arms.

It is those very ideologies that will lay the groundwork for a new civil war. 

It wall paints a sad and grim picture of what could potentially happen in this country if we are not careful. The question is not if, it’s more a matter of when things will fall apart and we are staring down the barrel of a new civil war. 

Cristal M Clark

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