Deranged Trump Hellbent on Infecting as Many People as Possible

“He’s Not Even Pretending to Care now”

Cristal M Clark

Former Secret Service agents have spoken and not highly of Trump’s outing yesterday, telling the Washington Post that “he’s not even pretending to care now.” And that is actually undoubtedly true. Agents were left asking where the adults were, Dr. James P Phillips bested Trump at his twitter game by tweeting:

“Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary Presidential “drive-by” just now has to be quarantined for 14 days. They might get sick. They may die. For political theater. Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity.”

Others have accused him trying to behave like the Queen of England with his rather insane theatrical wave as he did his little drive by. To be clear, he could never be as graceful, kind and endearing as the Queen, no Trump, well he’s just a cunt.

Even more confusing are the lackluster, dishonest non-truths his doctors have muttered during every news brief on the President’s condition. The president does not want the public knowing just how bad his condition is and that is very abundantly clear. He would not be on some of the medications he is on, if his condition were what his medical team tells us it is.

Chief of staff Mark Meadows, who told reporters over the weekend that the president’s vitals were “very concerning,” basically claimed Monday that the Secret Service was probably exposed to the president when he was taken to the hospital, so what’s one more time? What in the actual fuck? What’s one more time? Well it could be the time someone actually gets the fucking virus and dies.

Dr Leana Wen: “If @realDonaldTrump were my patient, in unstable condition + contagious illness, & he suddenly left the hospital to go for a car ride that endangers himself & others: I’d call security to restrain him then perform a psychiatric evaluation to examine his decision-making capacity.”

And now, well it would appear his doctors are sending him home so that he can continue to infect as many individuals as possible with his erratic, lunatic, deranged and self-centered behavior. 

But if you looked through his Twitter feed today, he was on one hell of a tweet storm, some thought it might have been a steroid induced psychosis while others thought maybe it was just normal Trump he put out something like 13 or so tweets in something like 45 minutes a new record for Trump. In fact, Trump tweeted something along the lines of don’t be afraid of covid, don’t live your life in fear. What the actual fuck? This from the guy who is getting medical care none of us will ever have access to. 

He is setting himself up as some great leader, a martyr. he took one for the team, he survived the virus, he put himself in danger to lead and by lead let me point out, he has done it poorly, failed at just about everything this year, not to mention that he has acted in the most irresponsible ways. But by taking one for the team? 

Fuck you Trump, tell that to the over 200k dead american’s  who died as a direct result of Trump and his administrations campaign of misinformation. Those dead american’s took one for the team, Donald J Trump didn’t care about them and he does not care about you, the secret service, his doctors, his staff, me, no one, he only cares about himself. 

Trump is afraid of having to turn over power to Mike, he doesn’t want to hand it over whilst he is sick, for whatever stupid and pathetic reason, he is in fear of losing power although he already has.

Fact: most of America currently does not trust Trump or his administration with regards to the virus. 

So please Mr. President, by all means continue your selfish behavior here, get more American’s killed through your misinformation campaign with regards to a deadly virus. 

Donald, we are not on board with your political, sick pathetic propaganda. 

Let me remind you Donald J Trump, throughout the history of time, the universe has never rewarded martyrs with kindness. So by all means, continue to be a risk taking cunt.  

Cristal M Clark

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Selfish Twat Trump Uses Motorcade For Photo-Op

Donald J Trump Worse Than Doctors Report to Media 

Cristal M Clark 

Well our selfish cunt of a president here in the United States took the opportunity to leave quarantine, use his motorcade for a motorcade today. Yes you read that right, he used a fucking motorcade to go on a car ride just for the selfish sake of a photo-op today. 

What an absolute selfish cunt. 

To make matters worse however, Trump happens to be on some of the strongest drugs to treat his covid, one of which is a powerful steroid which is not great for older individuals as it makes them act crazy. And here you all thought we’d seen Trump’s craziest of crazy right? Well get ready for worse because some of the side effects of the steroids are something along the lines of a bipolar.  

Trump could be using his time whilst sick making things better for instance, encouraging face masking, social distancing, etc. No, instead he is playing political theater here. 

In the long run, Trump will pull through he is getting the best medical treatment anyone will receive in this country, but the we have two scary outcomes we’ll need to face are, he will survive and then play the virus off as no big deal still thus endangering the lives of average american’s who would not receive the same level of medical care the president does. But he will make out to be no big deal and that is dangerous. 

Second, some survivors of the virus face health issues long after surviving the virus not to mention, memory loss, kidney issues, heart issues, vision issues and the like. We don’t know how bad off Trump is but given the medications that he is on currently happen to point to him being far worse off than he is allowing doctors to report to the public. 

He is a very irresponsible president, his behavior is irresponsible and puts lives at risk. Trump only cares about himself, his image and getting reelected so he doesn’t end up on the streets or in jail. 

Some people on social media don’t believe Trump has the virus, they think he is using this to get pity or to hype of how survivable the virus is so he can make it no big deal. 

I also know many people are hoping Trump dies, I’ve seen countless social media posts regarding this, personally I do not like the idea of wishing someone dead. I do hope he pulls through but I also hope he does the right thing. Instead of acting like a stupid diseased cunt, if he did the right thing here he would gain supporters, he should spend this time thinking about that. 

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Walks Back Proud Boys Remarks 

Presidential Debate Complete Joke

Cristal M Clark

If you caught the Presidential Debate last night no doubt you were left feeling like WTF. It was disgraceful, hateful at times and an utter and complete joke. Trump all but had a meltdown, Biden told him at one point to “Shut Up,” and to be honest it reminded me of two teens who are sworn enemies although they really don’t have a reason to be. 

Trump showed every true color he could possibly show even the narcissistic part of himself where he knows he is losing control of someone and a situation so he starts to try to blame, deflect, boast, manipulate. 

In this case he is continuing his argument in that Americans cannot trust the election, hence he is attempting to cast election doubt. 

“Wallace: Will you urge your supporters to stay calm during this extended period, not to engage in any civil unrest? And will you pledge tonight that you will not declare victory until the election has been independently certified? President Trump, you go first.

Trump: I’m urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully. Because that’s what has to happen. I am urging them to do it. As you know, today, there was a big problem. In Philadelphia they went in to watch. They were called poll watchers — a very safe, very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren’t allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia, bad things. And I — I am urging — I am urging my people. I hope it’s going to be a fair election. If it’s a fair election…

Wallace: You’re urging them what?

Trump: … I am 100% on board. But if I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can’t go along with that. And I’ll tell you what. From a common-sense…”

What in the actual fuck? Is Trump really this stupid? 

Poll watching is not entirely legal, in particular because it is considered a form of harassment and intimidation. 

It’s also a Federal Crime to watch the polls, threaten, intimidate, harass or to try to sway the vote by your very presence to be bullying voters at the polls. 

So this dipshit is urging his supporters to commit Federal crimes, of course I can’t be too surprised he also urged his supporters to vote both by mail and in person. 

By far however is the fact that last night Trump refused to denounce racism and politely asked the Proud Boys to stand down and to Stand By but the idiot put his foot in his mouth and said someone has to say something about ANTIFA? 

Okay let’s set the record straight about ANTIFA, by our own Federal Government it is considered a movement not a group, not left, not right but a movement. Someone get Donald J Trump a dictionary or draw it out for him with crayons so he shuts the fuck up about it, clearly he doesn’t know what a movement is. . 

The Proud Boys are in fact a hate group, they are considered a hate group, they have time and time again been arrested throughout our nation for standing with white supremacists and causing harm to others. And I did see a report on CNN this AM where a female reporter was called names and while the group, note not movement but group is not exclusively white men, they did tout they like to get together at protests and drink beer. 

What a way to announce to the world not only are you uneducated trash, but you are uneducated weaponized trash going to protests because you’re on one side don’t have enough to do and want to cause trouble and the side you are on, well it happens to be the side of racism, police brutality and racial inequality. Colorado Proud Boys remain active, have protested with neo-Nazis after all and reports today are surfacing from other parts of the US indicating the same in other states with regards to the Proud Boys group. Note it’s not a movement they after all proudly told CNN today that they are like Biker Clubs without the Bikes. 

So in the words of the Feds, they would by default be classified as a gang, that is after all what MC’s are considered to be by the Feds. 

God Fucking morons, they don’t even realize they just got up on TV and compared themselves to groups that the Fed’s consider to be fucking criminals.  

Today Trump sort of walked his remarks back with regards to the Proud Boys, but he couldn’t quite form the words racism. It’s like he has a speech impediment surrounding the words “racist and/or racism.” 

Focus groups didn’t think a lot of Trump either, he was referred to as unhinged, a crackhead. 

And other Countries again looked on at our illustrious President in horror. 

Not that Biden did too much better, he did have some class though. 

It is clear Trump knows that he is losing in the polls, badly and he cannot afford to lose the election otherwise he and his inbred kin might lose everything soon enough and his only hope is to undermine the American peoples trust in the voting process. He is attempting to scare people away from voting and that would be how he wins. 

I wouldn’t be banking on winning though Donald J Trump, another 4 years in office also opens you up to actually being removed from office this time, due to your status as a liability in terms of National Security.

Vote him out or remove him by force, either way it’s highly doubtful he’ll successfully make it a full 2nd term, but he’s too blind to see that one. 

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump a National Security Threat

Donald Trump’s Taxes Show Years of Avoidance and Losses

Cristal M Clark 

Well it would appear Trump is not the millionaire everyone thought he was because his taxes show years of losses and tax avoidance. His excuse this morning was it was all fake news, tonight it was that he is entitled to credits. 

What’s more is that his income taxes also more than prove that he is in fact a security threat to our nation. Thanks to the New York Times we now have insight as to why Trump has fought long and hard to try to keep his taxes from the public. I mean all presidents do release them but not Trump and for a multitude of reasons. 

According to the Times, Trump has about $421 million in debts which he has personally guaranteed and which are coming due over the next several years. Russ Choma reported in Mother Jones last summer that Trump’s debts were nearly $500 million and would come due in relatively short order. But Trump’s debts are even bigger than that, and he’s worked hard to keep them hidden for decades.

Trump paid a whole $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, the year he was elected president, and the same amount the following year, when he entered the White House. In many years recently he hasn’t paid anything at all. He paid his daughter Ivanka lush consulting fees that he deducted as a business expense even though she helped him manage the Trump Organization. And he’s taken questionable tax write-offs on everything from getting his hair done to the tune of $70,000, to managing his personal residences.

The tax returns also show the extent to which Trump has repeatedly betrayed the interests of many of the average Americans who elected him and remain his most loyal supporters. The supporters who voted for Trump because they fell for his utter bullshit, his lies, the very things they hoped by voting for Trump would serve as a way to clean up DC and get more politicians in place that actually work for the people. No, they got the very thing in the office that they never wanted to see in office. 

Trump supporters like him because he is a businessman, he is not and that is a fact. 

Trump is not a business man, he created a fucking brand and not a very good one because his debt shows his brand is a failure, he had to sign personal guarantees to get loans. Trump has bragged about being worth $10 billion ever since he entered the 2016 presidential race, not true he is actually worth just a fraction. The Covid-19 pandemic has hit hard the sectors in which the Trump Organization operates real estate, travel and leisure. If Trump is unable to meet his debt payments, he’s either going to have to sell assets or get bailed out by a friend with funds. Trump isn’t likely to sell anything off and that makes him a target, in particular from obtaining a bailout from a foreign country. 

Here are the 7 biggest takeaways:

Trump paid $750 in taxes in both 2016 and 2017 

The Trump family lives a lavish lifestyle through business expenses -Wait, WTF, was his tax auditor sleeping at the wheel?

Some of his best-known businesses lose millions 

Foreign visitors help support Trump properties – we already knew this

He paid family members in “consulting fees” -again has he never been audited? Basically he is writing off money to avoid paying taxes.

Trump’s lucrative licensing revenue has dwindled

Trump’s debt load is coming due 

The Times said the president appears to be responsible for $421 million in loans, most of which will come due within four years. On top of that, a $100 million mortgage on Trump Tower in New York will come due in 2022.

No one with Trump’s financial woes would have access to national security intel, ever and at all, but here we go again Trump has access. 

The absolute worst thing that has come out of Trump’s taxes is that Trump has managed to not only make a mockery of the White House and the US Presidency, he’s also made a mockery of the  IRS, National Security, The Republican Party, Lenders, US Citizens and his supporters. Jokes on you all, it’s almost like he is laughing at you – at your willingness to blindly follow him around because your are too blind to see the truth or too stupid, either way, he is laughing at all of you as you cast a vote for him. You are in fact a joke to Donald J Trump. 

But you knew that right, I mean look at his response to Covid-19.

All Biden has to do now is hammer away during the debate with Trump on his taxes, how it is Trump who should be in jail for tax fraud, his lies, his deceit and the rate of death we have over Covid because Trump is afraid to lose the election for if he does, no one is going to bail him out. The truth of the matter is simple, Trump cannot afford to lose this election otherwise he’ll lose everything he never truly worked for nor actually had. 

Cristal M Clark

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Paradox Free Time Travel – Possible 

Back to the Future IRL

Cristal M Clark 

Ever wanted to go back in time and change something? How about forward in the hopes of living out the rest of your days in some futuristic world? Well, as luck might have it you might be able to do just that. 

Germain Tobar, a University of Queensland student and his physics professor Fabio Costa say that they have found a middle ground in mathematics that solves a major logical paradox in one model of time travel.

“Reversible dynamics with closed time-like curves and freedom of choice.” 

Time travel discussion focuses on closed time-like curves (CTCs), something Albert Einstein first posited. And Germain Tobar and Fabio Costa say that as long as just two pieces of an entire scenario within a CTC are still in “causal order” when you leave, the rest is subject to local free will.

“Our results show that CTCs are not only compatible with determinism and with the local ‘free choice’ of operations, but also with a rich and diverse range of scenarios and dynamical processes,” their paper concludes.

Of course it includes a lot of rather complex math, but here’s the thing a paradox is an inconsistency that often leads people to think that time travel cannot occur in our universe. For instance, you want to travel back in time to prevent something bad from happening. Changing it in the past negates the need to travel back in time. That is a paradox. You are basically changing something that will change a future, the one that you just came from. 

The real truth, in terms of the mathematical outcomes, is be careful what you wish for, and be careful what you time travel for. Germain and Favio used the example of traveling back in time to prevent patient zero from ever getting the Coronavirus thus preventing the pandemic. Germain breaks it down in the following statement:

“In the coronavirus patient zero example, you might try and stop patient zero from becoming infected, but in doing so you would catch the virus and become patient zero, or someone else would. No matter what you did, the salient events would just recalibrate around you. Try as you might to create a paradox, the events will always adjust themselves, to avoid any inconsistency.”

It sounds very frustrating but the reality here is that it simply means the universe has a design whether we like it not and the outcome may not always be what we want it to be, it will still find a way because that is the design of the universe hence things beyond our control were always meant to happen. 

Cristal M Clark

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Two Police Officers Shot Amid Breonna Taylor Protests

Louisville, Kentucky 

Cristal M Clark 

As curfew hit just minutes ago in Louisville, Kentucky, it was met with two officers being shot amid the decision not to charge any of the officers in the senseless killing at the hands of police of Breonna Taylor. 

The pain, anguish and suffering the community and our nation are feeling is insurmountable.  

Today the new heated protests broke out after the public learned that not a single police officer will be charged directly in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. 

Only one police officer faces 3 counts over shooting into neighboring apartments. That’s all that came out of the investigation according to a tearful Attorney General Daniel Cameron who announced the Louisville grand jury’s decision at a news conference today, as protesters against racial injustice and police brutality massed in the streets of Kentucky’s largest city.

Once again I am feeling let down and disheartened by a criminal justice system that is clearly designed to just fucking trash and kill black men and women. I am utterly without any words that could truly convey the heaviness that I feel in both my heart and my soul over today’s decision.

The message that has been sent is that Breonna Taylor, an innocent bystander was nothing more than collateral damage. 

A human being, an innocent human being is simply just collateral damage? Was a war going on in Kentucky that we somehow missed because the last time I heard the words “collateral damage,” used as a way to explain the killing of innocent human beings was during a fucking war, that was in another fucking country. 

What a way to dehumanize Breonna Taylor’s entire life.

Cities nationwide are bracing for more protests, riots, looting, violence and the potential to turn deadly because we have so many twisted minds and sides that aim to create confusion and chaos, cause harm and pain, and sway a public amid an even more sickening presidential election. 

The shooting to two police officers today is not the way to turn these protests into power, and at this moment no one knows who did the shooting nor do we know the condition of the officers who were shot this evening. The police must also remain as vigilant as ever, with these agitators crossing state lines more and more, this is the perfect time for them to capitalize whatever story, belief or cause they hold by causing more problems for law enforcement and peaceful protesters. 

It is time to fix our severely broken, poorly designed criminal justice system, our judicial system. It was made to punish and kill those who are black and those who are poor. We are not the archaic individuals our ancestors were. It’s time to create change and to evolve. 

Cristal M Clark

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Political Texts and Calls Invade Consumer Privacy – Cross the Line

American’s Plead with Mobile Service Providers – Stop Political Texts & Calls  

Cristal M Clark 

American’s are getting fed up with all of the political calls and texts being sent out lately, mostly from seemingly the Republican party. We do not pay our high Mobile service bills just to be inundated with political pleas for donations and votes for Trump non-stop day and night. Some of these come in late at night or in the wee hours of the morning and quite frankly we are sick of it, it’s actually a turn off in terms of voter interest. 

Think of it like a potential romantic partner who is hitting someone up too much via texting/calling. It’s a complete turn off, makes us feel uneasy and creeped out, if the Rebulican party or any other political party wants funding they need to run an ad on television not inundate people with text messages and pre-recorded calls to our mobile devices. 

In general many American’s are feeling drained here, not only that but the calls and texts in particular the ones seemingly from the Trump campaign are crossing the line because people are reporting they never gave express permission to receive political texts or calls to mobile devices. From what I have found after carefully researching the problem is that overwhelmingly many of the invasive calls and texts being placed to mobile devices are being generated from the “Republican” party who are going after Democratic voters. Not only that but they could be coming from overseas, Russia namely. 

That highlights another issue in the US in that voter registrations are public so virtually anyone knows what party affiliation you are or can easily obtain that information from free, online public records. 

Here is what the FTC has to say about the issue:

Political campaign-related autodialed or prerecorded voice calls (including autodialed live calls, prerecorded voice messages, and text messages) are:

  • Not allowed to cell phones, pagers, or other mobile devices without the called party’s prior express consent.
  • Not allowed to protected phone lines such as emergency or toll-free lines, or lines serving hospitals or similar facilities, unless made with the called party’s prior express consent.
  • Allowed when made to landline telephones, even without prior express consent.

Robotexts are text messages generated through autodialing. Under the TCPA, these are considered a type of call and fall under all the robocall rules.  As text messages generally go to mobile phones, they require the called party’s prior express consent if they are generated using autodialing.

So my advice to everyone receiving these, if you are sick of them, get online and report every number you are getting calls and texts from to the FTC. You can store the numbers and report them weekly the point is, thousands of American’s are getting these calls and texts to mobile devices daily and in short it is legally a form of meddling as well as not allowed under current FTC rules and it needs to stop. 

Better Yet, The FTC can Fine Team Trump, a very large and bankrupting fine.

Cristal M Clark

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Agitators Who Support Trump Organize Violent Protest Across State Lines

Trump Encourages his Supporters to Cause Trouble 

Cristal M Clark 

If you look around right now, this very moment and study our environment you might notice we have two sides, you are either for Trump or you are not. The right and the left, and within those two core groups we have agitators on both sides. 

Those that seek to cause chaos and unrest in the vain hope of seeding a second civil war. The issue is twofold, Trump wins, all hell will break loose, Trump loses and all hell will break loose. Reportedly, law enforcement across the country fears what might happen here in the United States after the election. 

Case in point: A family of agitators from Meridian, Idaho organized a pro-Trump rally in Portland the one that in fact turned deadly. That’s right this idiotic family organized a rally in a state differing from that which they actually lived in for the sole intent and purpose of agitating protesters who are not 100% on board with Trump. Alek Kyzik started tweeting a few months back, not his real name by the way, he is actually 33-year-old Alex Kuzmenko, he and his family are also in fact immigrants from Belarus and Ukraine. 

Huge Trump supporters he and his family are it would seem. You see before organizing this rally that turned deadly, Alex had a YouTube channel dedicated to luxury cars, it turned at some point into a Trump support page. 

Which points to a more interesting issue, the FBI should be looking at immigrants in this country who are seeking to divide those who live here and immigrants who are seeking to cause problems such as organizing a pro-Trump rally in a state different from the one they live in for the sole intent of nothing more than deepening the divide between those that support Trump and those that do not. 

These agitators caused the death of an innocent man Aaron Jay Danielson a supporter of the far right group Patriot Prayer. Aaron Jay Danielson was shot and killed by a man who is a self described supporter of Antifa. 

Users on Reddit are commenting on it and the bad news for Trump is that the comments are far from in Trump’s favor:


19 points·1 hour ago

Notice how they have to drive from out of state, and usually a Mormon state.


13 points·1 hour ago

  1. Why can’t these assholes protest in Idaho? There is no reason for them to travel hundreds of miles to attempt to fuck up our city. You don’t see people from Portland going to Idaho to protest them…
  2. Why are organizations that want to improve ties to Russia so pro Trump? Trump hasn’t even done a decent job at improving ties with Russia – rather, he has escalated the proxy wars on multiple occasions for no reason.


11 points·1 hour ago

To answer your first question.. the protest is just a byproduct. The real goal is to just agitate people and it’s hard to do that in a town where everyone has the same political opinion as you.


Score hidden·35 minutes ago

Its all to antagonize those who are against their cult leader. The come looking to provoke then when they get a reaction they play the victim card and say things like “oh the left isn’t so tolerant after all!” and pretend to care about the first amendment. Then right wing news like fox picks it up and runs stories like “innocent trump supporters berated for their views” painting them like victims but never mentions they came hundreds of miles out of state to do this.


Vancouver7 points·1 hour ago

Tiny-Dick Energy!


Foster-Powell2 points·1 hour ago

Can we please just vote these fools back into hiding in the hills and out of existence…

These groups are posing a serious danger to our country and given the year everyone has had thus far, the last thing we need is for all of these groups to risk tossing our country into utter chaos after the presidential election. 

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump Knowingly and Admits to Killing American Citizens


Rage- Bob Woodword 

Cristal M Clark 

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus the American public has been at a complete loss as to where to get accurate information about how to protect ourselves, loved ones, neighbors and today we are hearing with our own ears that the US President knew on February 7, 2020 just how deadly the Coronavirus really was. He also knew that the virus does not just affect older people. 

He admitted to knowing how it is transmitted, how much more deadly than the flu it was, he admits to wanting to play it down rather than be a leader and be fucking honest with the citizens of this country. If he had been honest and had acted sooner, lives would have been saved. 

For Trump, this was about the stock market, wealth and him. 

Famed Author Bob Woodword interviewed Trump in March, one that was in fact recorded, which Bob is well known to do and Trump knew he was being recorded. Those audio recordings are all over the internet tonight. 

Lives could have been saved had Trump not attempted to lie to the American public, he continues to lie today to us. He continues to hold rallies where he encourages individuals to forgo wearing a mask, he mocks wearing a face mask, he encourages bad behaviors, dangerous behaviors and he has known as many of us suspected, the reckless behavior would cost lives, hundreds of thousands of lives. 

He is attempting to push health officials to downplay the virus, to mislead, to discourage simple safe best practices, he bullies the CDC, the FDA they go along with it?

Is this America or the largest criminal empire? 

Donald Trump has failed at keeping America Safe. I don’t want to hear this is China’s fault, it’s not, the lives lost here are plain and simple Donald J Trump’s fault. Every Single Death is Donald J Trump’s Fault. HE knowingly downplayed the virus and he knowingly misled an entire nation. 

Trump claims that he tried to downplay the virus to keep America prosperous, to keep American’s from panicking? Are you fucking kidding me? People are dying, have died, are facing long term health issues because of the virus, the US is in a recession, and his claim is to keep us safe, not panicked, prosperous? This guy is the one that encourages no wearing a face mask and gets pissed when a reporter refuses to remove the face mask before asking a question?

This is so incompitent and outrageous. Trump knowingly let his own people die under his watch, for stupid, pathetic and completely selfish reasons. 

Every single Republican should lose his/her seat for supporting this unfathomable monstrosity, for knowingly supporting his lies, his attempts to mislead an entire nation, his attempts to downplay a deadly virus all for the almighty vote.  

How many more things need to come out before congress and the senate stand up to him? What the fuck do we pay you for? We do not pay any of you to bury your heads in the sand and to play kick the can. 

Trump is also attempting to abuse his power by having the justice department defend him in a defamation case, a case by the way where he is accused of rape, his DNA is on file for that rape, he’s recently insulted our nations military, even top generals whom he called pussies and he discussed a secret nuclear weapon with Bob Woodward that he should not have fucking discussed with anyone. That is a military secret, well was actually. 

Donald Trump is dangerous, wreckless, he has no moral compass, he lies, he misleads, and if you think about it, the nuclear secrets he shared with Bob Woodward, who else Russia, China? Clearly he likes to brag. We all know Putin has something on Trump, so naturally it’s a given they have known for a while about this super top secret nuclear weapon. 

Are you joking me, this cannot be happening in this country. Both the senate and congress need to wake the fuck up and step up here. 

We did not have to shut our economy down – had Trump been honest

We did not have to lose as many lives as we have – had Trump been honest

We did not have to close states down – had Trump been honest

Our Unemployment rate would not be as bad – had Trump been honest

Schools would be able to open for in person classes – had Trump been honest

America Could have been great again – had Trump been honest and actually created testing production

His followers, how much does he care about you? Does he? He’d rather let you die because of his misinformation and his lies than live to vote for him.

Don’t want to cause a panic?

Are Black Men not coming to a neighborhood near me to overtake it and to make those affluent suburbs crime ridden shitholes?

What about defunding police, isn’t a rape going to fall upon deaf ears?

Hey where is that carivan of illegals these days?

Isn’t he suggesting we cast our votes twice because your mail in ballot is going to be compromised?

Hasn’t Portland been on fire for decades a fire only Trump can put out?

I could go on, Trump loves to fear monger because his weak base is afraid of actually growing past this archaic mindset.

Do something you cowards in Congress and the Senate. Stand up to this man and stop supporting him, like it or not, now is the time to walk away and to save the lives of American citizens, otherwise every life lost past this point is on all of Congress and the Senate. 

Donald Trump’s behavior is absolutely criminal and we the American people are tired of Congress and the US Senate just blindly letting it slide. 

It’s about time to see past parties and to stand with the citizens of this country against the monster you helped to create. It’s time to get rid of the virus sitting in the oval office before he kills any more American’s. 

Cristal M Clark

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