US Military Families Living in Uninhabitable Homes?


US Senators Hit Back

By: Cristal M Clark

So I am over at my usual spot today for lunch getting my usual quad shot americano and another customer strikes up a conversation with me about the housing conditions for our nation’s military. I had no idea that our service men and women and their families are being forced to live in absolutely horrible conditions in some cases, which is not a knock against the military at all, it was just simply shocking to me to hear of this.


I mean why would we not be taking care of our military and their families while the service men and women were actively enlisted and on duty? I found the news very upsetting and disheartening to say the least.

A recent survey, conducted by the nonpartisan Military Family Advisory Network, reported that 16% percent of respondents had a positive view of their base housing while an alarming 55% had a negative one. Families reported unsafe conditions that included lead-based paint, rampant mold, exposed asbestos, faulty electrical wiring, vermin infestations and gas leaks.

That is absolutely ludicrous. We condemn housing for private citizens for lesser infractions yet we just plop our service men and women with their families into uninhabitable housing?

This is unbelievable.


U.S. Senators are jumping into action on this and rightfully so. The last thing you want anyone in the military to have to worry about as they head into any hostile situation is his or her family living in an uninhabitable home where let’s say a newborn could die due to lead, mold or the disease spread by a rodent.

Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island, told executives from five of the largest private companies that operate military housing; “The testimony suggests the system is broken, the problems were obvious to military families, but they weren’t obvious to you.”

Let me take a moment to fact check Senator Reed here, the problems were obvious to those private companies, they simply made the choice to ignore them because it’s easier to pocket the money they are getting from the very contracts the military is giving them and that, could be proven with the proper investigation.

Here is just a little word to the wise– every contractor, no matter what industry they are in, loves getting government contracts, especially military ones because they have virtually zero oversight. They overcharge, do shoddy work and are rarely held accountable in the end. It is well known and established within the private sector, the government including the military is easy to take advantage of should that organization land a highly coveted government contract.

Senator Jim Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma and the Committee’s chairman, pledged to make military housing reform the subject of further Senate hearings and said Congress must halt the problems.

“We will fix this, today’s hearing is just the beginning.”

Arizona Republican Martha McSally, who happens to be an Air Force Veteran; “I’m infuriated by what I’m hearing today they left you hanging, they put you in harm’s way.”

Senators explored:

Allowing families to withhold their government rent stipends from base landlords when conditions warrant the action.

Re-negotiating scores of DOD housing contracts with private real estate firms.

Letting local building code enforcement officers onto federal bases to inspect housing, as they do in civilian settings.

Slashing millions in management or incentive fees private contractors receive.

Potentially ordering military branches to take ownership of the maintenance and construction problems plaguing swaths of their housing.

John Picerne_crimeshop

Companies whose executives testified Wednesday admitted problems exist, and said they’re pursuing remedies, now that they got caught red handed so to speak. The worst part is that these families have suffered through this for some time now and we are just now finding out.

Stop taking advantage of our service men and women and their families.

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook “LOL League” Encouraged Harassment of Women


Facebook – French Journalists Harassing Women

By: Cristal M Clark

Facebook’s “Lol League” which was made up of men, several of which just so happened to be some very prominent French journalists was founded in 2009 according to the French newspaper Liberation.

Sadly several French journalists have been suspended and another could lose his job over their participation in a secret Facebook group that sadly encouraged the online harassment of women.


Victims have accused the “LOL League” of orchestrating targeted harassment campaigns that would result in savage and vicious messages posted on social media platforms like Twitter about a targeted woman. One victim described the experience as “running away from a sniper.”


Members of the group have in fact, admitted that it was used to harass women. French culture magazines Les Inrockuptibles said it would fire web editor David Doucet after David took responsibility for setting up a phone call in which a woman was offered a fake job and then shared the recording publicly.

Victims however are not buying some of the apologies and have taken to social media to speak out:

Capucine Piot, a former journalist, tweeted that she was targeted with a mocking video montage and repeatedly attacked online for years.

“They humiliated us in public, without thinking of our pain, of what we could feel. It was a descent into hell for me”

Tech reporter Lea Lejeune told CNN she had received apologies from five members of the group who had bullied her online. She described messages received on social media as a “torrent of abuse.”

Activist Daria Marx wrote in a blog post “With each tweet, with each photo that was shared, I feared I was going to be taken down, I knew that I was going to pay the price of my freedom of expression.”


Marlene Schiappa, France’s minister for gender equality, tweeted a message of support to victims on Monday.

“All my support and solidarity to bloggers and journalists who have had to suffer the sexist harassment of #LigueDuLol especially @FlorencePorcel.”

Florence Porcel by the way is the woman who had been offered the fake job. She described that experience as both heartbreaking and humiliating.

It is truly gut wrenching to learn of men once again attempting to cause the female species humiliation and pain just for a laugh or just simply just to inflict emotional pain because why not?

Sexism is not a winning game anymore gentlemen of the world, women have learned we have power in our numbers and we outnumber you, so maybe start being more respectful towards all of the women you encounter because you never know when you’ll have to pay for your actions.

It is nice to see how the French are dealing with it though, swiftly and they are not letting the men who were involved get away with it unscathed.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Back-Peddles?


Doesn’t Really Win – Cannot Admit Defeat

By: Cristal M Clark

You would think by now that Trump would pick a battle, that he could actually win then again, all of those rather ill thought out campaign promises were never really things that were attainable. Yesterday an agreement was reached in Washington so as to avert another shutdown but, for only $1.375 billion for barriers and NO WALL.


He had been asking for $5.7 billion for his illusionary wall to “protect” the citizens of the United States from all of those MS-13 gang members heading here to rape, pillage and murder, radicals, terrorists and evil doers who flood our “unprotected and under-protected,” southern border. A crisis that Trump and his goons concocted or if you prefer the more accepted term “manufactured,” dreamed up so as to make it appear that he was in fact, able to keep at least one of his campaign promises.

During his rally last night, he seemed to back-peddle just ever so slightly by casually mentioning that a lot of the wall has already been built, which indicates he already knew he had lost that battle.


The funniest part is, that $1.375 billion he is getting is even less than what was originally proposed and agreed to, so he is walking away here with even less than he could have had if, he had not thrown a temper tantrum and held the Government hostage.

What’s more is that Trump also included untrue facts such as the majority of the drugs that are coming into the US are entering the US at illegal border crossings while the truth is that they are making their way in at legal border crossings.

The question now as we all hold our breath, what is Trump going to do? Shred the deal or suck it up and take it? Maybe if he would forgo listening to some of his staunch supporters and actually hear what the rest of America is saying, he will suck it up and focus his attention on more important issues that hard working, red blooded American’s are actually facing each and every day, you know not manufactured hardships, threats and strife.

Cristal M Clark

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Denver’s Teachers Strike


Denver, CO Teachers in Peril

By: Cristal M Clark

Today marks the first day in 25 years that teachers in Denver have taken to the streets to strike “If they don’t pay us, shut it down,” could be heard by teachers outside of South High School this morning.  The strike comes after more than a year of negotiations between the teacher’s union and the school district, that have focused on how to calculate base pay.


The strike will affect 71,000 students across 147 schools and as of 7am this morning, roughly half of the teachers had called in so that they could participate in the strike.

While stopping in for a coffee this morning people debating the teachers strike from both sides of the table had heated debates, some wondered where the states billions in marijuana sales tax revenue is going and why we are not using that to pay teachers a higher salary?

Either way you look at it and no matter which side you take, the answer to the problem is even more complicated than one would think. Teachers are crying out for livable wages, I understand that more than you could possibly know, yet the most obvious question is a relatively simple one; where is the money to pay teachers a livable wage going to come from?

Asking already cash strapped tax payers to pay more taxes is not the answer, pulling from the sales tax revenue from marijuana sales is a complexity all on its own and robbing Peter to pay Paul throughout the history of time has never worked, i.e. taking monies that were already designated for other programs.


So, what is the answer?

Marijuana sales in Colorado exceeded $1 billion as of August of last year, in fiscal year 2017-2018, the Department of Revenue says it collected $250,968,890 in marijuana tax revenue.

The constitution requires the first $40 million in excise tax money go to school construction. Anything over that from the excise tax goes toward public-school funds. Overall, 47 percent of marijuana tax money went to schools for fiscal year 2017-2018, 41 percent went to other state services, and the remaining 12 percent would have gone to a general fund.

And I can tell you just driving around, we are building new schools while not paying teachers an actual livable wage, which is just the tip of one of the problems that we face. While it is nice to enjoy the look, the smell and design of a new building when those that work in it are not being paid adequately, it’s all for not.

The answer is a bitter pill if you will, it’s boils down to reallocating funding on a very long-term basis which means that we should be looking at putting less funding into things like, school admin, public transit, i.e. RTD and parks and recreation, which are nice to have’s, and useful but we have more important issues that require our attention and money.

We cannot always have everything that we want, for most we learned that lesson as children and it’s time we sucked it up and realized that now and reallocate money for the long term.

Cristal M Clark

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Decorated Army Veteran Dies While Sheriff’s Deputies Laugh & Record His Death


Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

By: Cristal M Clark 

The story of this young man’s death honestly turns my stomach. I am so disgusted by the actions of the Sheriff’s office and it’s deputies that I felt compelled to raise awareness about our Veterans that are cast aside when they are done serving in the military.  

Yesterday I had an experience that really brought with it some painful memories. While out for a girls afternoon/night we were seated in an upscale establishment in Denver, talking when this woman whom we did not know started drunkenly informing everyone who would listen that she just bought a million dollar condo in a highrise near the establishment we are in. She goes on to tell us that she loves the area but the view of the homeless is awful she wondered loudly why the city of Denver doesn’t do enough to remove the blight so she doesn’t have to look at it every day. She then tells us that one of the homeless men outside her building is a veteran, her thought was that the Army should re-enlist this man, send him to war where he’ll die so she never has to see him again.

People who know me well, know that when I am irritated by someone a proper English accent dripping with an equal amount of proper English sarcasm slips from my lips in the classiest of ways.

I looked this horrid creature up and down and quite properly informed her that she is not fit to be part of the human race and ever so subtly suggested that she remove herself rather quickly from my presence to which she obliged.

For a smaller girl, I do hold my own quite well when pushed to do so. At this the entire establishment fell silent. Quite a few people thanked me which was odd for me to accept. So I explained to a group of individuals what prompted my response.


When I was a little girl my father and one of my uncles fought in Vietnam. Both came home from the war with demons, this is where I first learned that for every individual who serves in whatever branch of the military, the experience they have and what they bring back is different for each of them individually.  

My father was a hateful, mean abusive man, while my uncle who had always been a gentle soul came back with what we now know to be PTSD. He spent time self medicating but he was always so good to my brother and I, one of the family rumors was that my brother and I were what saved him from the mental anguish he had brought back with him because we were kids and full of life and happiness for some that can help with mental health issues. Years later he met the love of his life and everyone thought things were turning for the best for my uncle. He knew that we were being abused at home too. I remember the last Christmas I saw him, I was around 7 or 8, he pulled me aside and promised me that he would help get us away from the abuse.

A few days after that, the love of his life took her own life. He came home after work and found her hanging in the closet.

That one moment in time brought back all of the horrors of the war that my uncle had experienced, the darkness he kept at bay for a long time, it literally broke him.

My family told us that he choose to go away and it was not until a few years ago that I learned the truth.


My uncle and this is to that heartless cow from yesterday, died a homeless highly decorated Army Veteran here in in Denver. I spent years on weekends heading downtown trying to find my uncle until 7 years ago, I had always suspected he was living on the streets.


No one chooses to be mentally ill, or to have PTSD, no one. When I learned of my uncles death and the truth, I sat on a beach coming to terms with knowing my family abandoned him and I made a promise that I had in fact forgotten until yesterday, I would spend the rest of my life making sure that our veterans are not castaways after they serve. They will honored and no one will die like my uncle did.  


One of the men who was visibly touched by my story told me about a young man by the name of Bryan Perry, 31, who had served in the Iraq war and had been honorably discharged and had received a Purple Heart. Bryan came home different, he had PTSD and had been self medicating because our goddamn VA system is a broken piece of crap.


Bryan and his girlfriend had been arrested in November of 2016, both were visibly inebriated. They had been taking bath salts, heroin and meth. Again, I would like to remind my readers that people do not choose mental illness and when they start to self medicate it is more often than not something they have a hard time overcoming without the proper psychiatric help.  

Bryan was not acting right at all and three sheriff’s deputies watched this young man suffer and die all whilst they took some of the most disturbing video of his death that I have ever seen in my life. It’s online if you’d like to search for it, I will not share the link or post it here because it is completely disgusting and it breaks my heart to see it.

The deputies even made rude and snide comments while watching this young man, a war hero wither away and die right in front of them for over 4 hours.


What is most disturbing about this story is that Bryan died back in 2016, the sheriff’s office was able to keep the fact that he was a veteran from hitting the media as it should have.

Now they are passing the buck rather than take accountability. Blaming the jails medical staff who did not choose to record this decorated army veteran die.

The reason this is hitting the news now, is because Bryan’s family has filed a wrongful death suit, his death was wrong and it could have very much been prevented on multiple occasions.


Veterans are taking their lives at the doorstep of the VA, right in parking lots these days because the VA is not providing the proper mental health help. It’s been in the headlines recently.

So no it is no wonder that men like Bryan come home messed up and end up dead. We turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering these hero’s have witnessed and faced, what they come back with. We expect them to be superhuman and not have a single emotion, to just deal with all that they have seen.

They are human beings, like the rest of us, they are just as incapable of unseeing some of the horrors that they might have been subject to having witnessed.

What I would like to see is for our illustrious president to stop with this border wall bullshit and start taking steps to improve the lives of our military veterans when they are done serving. Improve the VA, that entire system has been broken for many years, incapable of helping our veterans particularly those who come back with mental trauma so severe that they need mental health help, it is time to take care of our own.


Without the men and women who have served and still serve in our military Donald Trump might have never had the opportunity to become president, that cow from yesterday never would have been able to purchase a million dollar condo, and those sheriff’s deputies who laughed as they filmed Bryan’s dying in front of them, never would have had that opportunity had not been for the men and women who elect to serve in this countries military defending the rights of individuals, who protect the land of the free, and we could care less about them when they need for us to defend them, when they are incapable of defending themselves, we abandon them, casting them away as nothing, useless creatures who no longer serve a purpose to any of us.


That is hurtful, while I never served myself, one of the most important people in my life did and we all let him suffer and die alone, a homeless veteran on the streets of Denver.




My uncle always used to tell me that I could be anything I wanted, all I had to do was take the lead and do it. I won’t let the world forget him or Bryan and the many other other men and women just like them. We need to stop turning our backs on these former members who served in any branch of the military because when they are suffering it matters not what branch, rank or how highly decorated they were, they are human beings still the same and they more than anyone deserve our empathy, our care, our love and our kindness.

It’s time to stop letting our veterans die in silence.

Cristal M Clark

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Walmart, Male Employee Sexually Harasses, Threatens Female Customer


Walmart – Low Prices, Low Wages, No Morals – Ever

By: Cristal M Clark

Walmart is not unique in terms of the merchandise it offers, what makes the retail giant unique are both the customer experience and the employee experience, and those employees seem to be able to turn a simple shopping trip into a blood filled nightmare.


Walmart by far takes the top spot with terrible customer and employee reviews, hands down. When an organization makes the lives of its employees miserable and/or they hire and retain some of the worst, most unhappy, hateful, lazy, and dangerous individuals that they can find, it tends to make for a bad customer experience.


It’s like a marriage that should have never, ever happened, both parties are miserable but can’t seem to file for a divorce.

Walmart by the way has never gone out of its way to address many of the millions of complaints from both it’s customers and it’s employees. Ever.


It’s Walmarts way of letting everyone know that they have deep enough pockets that we can all go kindly fuck ourselves because they don’t care.

Walmart’s Start: a man by the name of Sam Walton who built on an unshakeable foundation: the lowest prices anytime, anywhere. Also to employ the lowest form of employee, the type that they could take advantage of, exploit and abuse. On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton opens the first store in Rogers, Arkansas. The Walton family owns 24 stores, ringing up $12.7 million in sales.

Yesterday, I am sitting in my office working away on something when one of my closest friends who is like a sister to me  stops over and tells me what happened to her daughter the day before at a Walmart here in Colorado.


According to her daughter who happens to be one the most kind individuals I have ever met in my life, she had stopped into Walmart to pick up some odds and ends while at lunch, as she was looking at some gloves a male employee creepily engages in contact with her. She sent a text which detailed the odd encounter; “Just had the most awkward and creepy encounter at walmart. I was grabbing some cheap gloves and this old man worker came over to me and was like ‘are you trying to say that it’s cold out?’ and then basically kept talking to me for like 10 minutes about the weather and how he was a survival guide back in the day and how girls don’t know how to dress for warmth, that our clothes are just to look pretty and blah, blah. Eventually, I was like well I’ve got some more stuff to grab and need to get back to work. And I said see you around and no joke he responded with ‘you’ll see me in your nightmares’ and he was akwardly liking his lips the whole time. I have no words, why the fuck would you say that??? I’m never going back to walmart he’s definitely a serial killer.”

I was shocked and said something like “should we go over to the store and have a conversation with this man?”

Another situation where male employee’s view women as pretty little things, we are so helpless and can’t fucking possibly figure out how to dress for the weather, only this one just upped the ante and outright basically threatened to kidnap, rape and possibly murder a woman? Who thinks this type of behavior is okay?


I’m not sure if anyone bothered to watch the State of the Union on Tuesday, if you did, you might have noticed the sea of women, in white. Women are taking back our power, and I make absolutely no apologies when I hear of a man in the workplace mistreating women in any capacity, whether it is a coworker or be it a customer, I will publicize it because organizations who employ men like this need to be held accountable for allowing such vulgar behavior, it would not be happening if hadn’t of been ignored by the organization long before I write about it.

This is not only unacceptable, for most it is scary to hear that from a store employee who could, make up a reason to keep you at the store, such as inform security he thinks you are shoplifting, have you held in a locked office waiting for police, obtain your ID and get your address, follow you to your motorized transport and kill you in the very parking lot of the store.

And yes, my initial thought was to head to the store, find the man who threatened my friends daughter and confront him. I am not having that behavior at all. My friend called the store and spoke to a manager by the name of Stephanie who didn’t really seem to care, she said she’d talk to the man.

Well Stephanie, I don’t like your lackadaisical attitude about the situation so here we are. This is serious because that male employee made a veiled threat to a female customer. It was not simply a joke in poor taste.  

I did reach out to Walmart’s corporate office for an official response, they have not yet responded, I will update this should they respond but it’s my guess that they do in fact condone the ill advised behavior.


To be brutally honest, do you think the retail Giant Target would allow for this to happen? Not at all, at Target the employee would have been fired on the spot.

It’s a sad day when women have to think about our own safety when simply shopping at our local WalMart because the threat, it’s not waiting for us outside, it’s from the male employees that are on the inside.

Thanks Walmart!

Cristal M Clark

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Threatening Jeff Bezos – Not a Good Idea


National Enquirer vs. Jeff Bezos

By: Cristal M Clark

In case you might be wondering, threatening to extort Jeff Bezos really is not as lucrative as it might sound. Which the National Enquirer has discovered.


Here’s the scoop:

Thursday, Jeff took the world by storm by writing on the Washington Post Platform that the Enquirer and its parent company, American Media Inc., well known for being loyal to Donald Trump, made a threat to release dick pics of Jeff’s well other half, and other compromising pictures after he began investigating just how the tabloid obtained text messages that revealed his relationship with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez.

Jeff, wrote that the Enquirer wanted him to make a false public statement that he and his security consultant, Gavin de Becker, “have no knowledge or basis for suggesting that AMI’s coverage was politically motivated or influenced by political forces.”


Jeff did in fact publish what he said were emails from Enquirer executives to a lawyer representing de Becker. In one, top Enquirer editor Dylan Howard appears to suggest that the tabloid would publish a series of photos of Bezos and of Sanchez, some of them salacious, if AMI’s terms weren’t met.

Which can be backed up by others who have received similar threats. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Ronan Farrow said that he and what he referred to as “at least one other prominent journalist” had received similar blackmail threats from the Enquirer’s parent company over their reporting.

That’s fucked up.

Most adults in the US have sent via text or have some uncompromising rather candid images stored in our clouds or devices not to mention, who hasn’t had to deal with a bitter ex releasing an unauthorized video of the two of you having sex these days?

Furthermore, with all of the newest tech lately, you can put anyone’s face onto anyone’s body and create fake porn, deep live fake porn is bothersome but it’s happening so, if the Enquirer has dick pics of Jeff’s umm bff, it’s nothing new, exciting or even remotely close to being worth exploiting the man over.


The Enquirer by the way, has never since I can recall actually ever been known for any factual unbiased news gathering, they usually attempt to embarrass celebrities, politicians and now one of the wealthiest men in the world. I believe normal individuals, citizens, the general public, refer to the National Enquirer as “Fake News.”


But this time, they screwed with the wrong guy because not only is the man not stupid, he has a following of supporters that will stop at nothing to destroy the Enquirer.

Frankly, I am surprised Jeff has not yet announced a bid for 2020.

Cristal M Clark

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Vladimir Putin Issues Dire Warning


Putin, Wants World Dominance

By: Cristal M Clark  

I continue to see this debate happening in the media with regards to whether we in the US are in fact in a new Cold War with Russia.

I have insisted yes and we have been for some time, our leadership in America just failed to either notice or acknowledge it, preferring to turn a blind eye to it, but pretending away a problem does not resolve that problem, it just leaves it for someone else to deal with.

Vladimir Putin is now vowing not empty threatening but vowing to develop hypersonic missiles that will travel at more than 5x times the speed of sound and will be “invincible.”


Defense Minister Sergei K Shoigu informed military officers that Russia would, by the end of next year, develop a ground-based version of an air-launched hypersonic missile that has already been developed, and also create a land version of the Kalibr, an existing sea-launched cruise missile.

That’s comforting, not even a week after everyone walks away from the INF here we go with the threats of demolishing the entire world and oh just going about killing everyone.


The good news is that Vladimir does not want to go over budget so that might help to dampen his ability to develop much save for a few drones.

Vladimir has ordered Defense Minister Sergei K. Shoigu to stay within the limits of existing spending plans for 2019 and beyond.

According to sources; “We must not and will not let ourselves be drawn into an expensive arms race.”

So he’s cheap.


But for further proof that we are in a cold war, Russia has announced it will deploy 2 squadrons of MiG interceptors to fly patrols over the North Pole (most of the arctic belongs to Russia anyway), which is meant as a show of force and it was during the last cold war, routine.

A little history of the MiG interceptors:

The MiG-31 is one of the fastest supersonic interceptors that has ever made. The plane designed to catch and shoot down enemy aircraft over the vastness that was the Soviet Union with speeds up to Mach 2.83, or 2,171 miles per hour if you will. IIt was built to chase the SR-71 Blackbird strategic reconnaissance aircraft, B-52 and B-1B strategic bombers, and low-flying nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.

The MiG-31BM typically carries eight air-to-air missiles, including four R-33 or R-33S radar-guided missiles for long-range interception.


Maybe Vladimir is tired of seeing more of Donald Trump in the news than himself or Russia is quite serious about letting America know they’ll be ready if we continue to push certain buttons throughout the world.

Cristal M Clark

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NYPD Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Google and Waze.


New York Police Department – The Gloves Are Off

By: Cristal M Clark

I love Waze personally, I use it even when I don’t need it just because of the voice choices I get, I loved it when Samuel L Jackson talked me into work every day.


I have not ever used it though for things that the police would maybe consider an abuse of it, I’ll use to in bad weather so as to avoid accidents, or if I hear about police activity in a part of town I am going to be near and that police activity is usually tied to a major event like a couple of weekends ago in Denver when someone shot two DPD officers, I’d like an alternate route, or I want to be near the story because I am going to write about it, but I am generally not really interested if the police have a speed trap ahead or a DUI checkpoint.


Although this story focuses more on the NYPD, I am sure other cities are facing this very same issue.


I guess I had never thought of this, users are in fact reporting DUI checkpoints and the NYPD has a pretty clear message for Waze and it’s parent company Google in the form of a cease and desist letter issued to Waze and Google, the NYPD described that Waze is in fact putting the lives of its citizens at risk:

“Individuals who post the locations of DWI checkpoints may be engaging in criminal conduct since such actions could be intentional attempts to prevent and/or impair the administration of the DWI laws and other relevant criminal and traffic laws.

The posting of such information for public consumption is irresponsible since it only serves to aid impaired and intoxicated drivers to evade checkpoints and encourage reckless driving. Revealing the location of checkpoints puts those drivers, their passengers, and the general public at risk.”


I agree however…It’s important to know that legally, I can’t imagine that the NYPD could actually make Google enforce not allowing users to report DUI checkpoints, they would technically have to prove that Google/Waze were encouraging users to report the checkpoints.

Which they are not.

As a user of Waze, the app does not encourage me to report anything other than maybe accidents, weather issues or hazards in the road, like a dead body rolled up in a carpet on the shoulder of the road that I might like to avoid hitting. You know things like that.


Also, Google is testing out some limited traffic stop reporting features in Google Maps which would tell users of some form of traffic stop, I am sure that Google would not label it DUI checkpoint but to be honest, users are not stupid, they would be able to figure it out given the time and location of such a stop.

Morally though, if you are a user who is reporting DUI checkpoints, shame on you. A speed trap I can see, okay fine, but a DUI checkpoint? Hey I get it, some individuals take this F the police thing seriously and think this is funny. It’s not really funny.


If someone got word of a DUI checkpoint through Waze, avoided the checkpoint and harmed let’s say my children or grandchildren, I’d find out, hunt you down and destroy your life. And I know people who could in fact vouch for that this very moment.

When someone goes against my principal, I can be a wee bit relentless.

But, the NYPD could, if they wanted to and this is me giving you guys a legal way to up the ante here, they could file something like, oh what is that word I am looking for…oh that’s it a, subpoena. Because as it were, sometimes for those of you delightful individuals who like to report DUI checkpoints and take note of this, when you “report” something to an “organization or company” your information is “logged” such as the account you reported it from, the cell # that you reported it from…I don’t know just something to think about you know in your spare time whilst driving around reporting DUI checkpoints and such.  

So stop reporting DUI Checkpoints everyone, it’s just a bad idea.

Cristal M Clark

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