Trump and Iran


Donald Trump and His Ill-Advised Threats

Donald Trump has been tossing threats Iran’s way and normally when he does that to any other country or worldly leader we know why.


This time however, it is unclear as to why Trump wants to wage a Twitter war with Iran.

What is well known is, as Trump’s already overinflated ego continues to grow with each new rampage, he is also destroying our established relationships with foreign states.

This president will go down as the president who alienated America from the rest of the world.


Iran is not a country that takes kindly to threats, insults and our president’s childish tweets. Not to mention the fact that Iran has a highly talented cyber army that they began amassing around 2005.

In 2013 Iran was thought to be the 4th biggest cyber power among the world’s cyber armies, a claim supported by the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies.

That was back in 2013 it now 2018 and while America has taken somewhat of a backseat in terms of having a cyber army, other countries have most certainly not. Especially Iran.

Everyone is worried about Russia compromising our power grids, we should be more concerned about Iran’s cyber abilities.

Donald Trump should sit back and think about that the next time he has the urge to wage a vicious twitter attack on Iran and its leaders.

As with North Korea, this is a war that Trump, simply will never win.


Cristal M Clark

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Obstruction of Justice – Shopper ID Cards


Donald Trump Giving New Meaning to the Name Joker

Donald Trump really does give new meaning to the name “The Joker,” not to mention he does really make a much more frightening/sinister looking Joker.

This may come as a shock to some of you, Trump at his rally in Florida on Tuesday night, lied.

I know it disheartens everyone who is reading this, and as hard as it is for all of you to believe, he did in fact, tell a lie.


Actually, I heard the speech, in its entirety, it was painful to listen too, he told many tall tales, blew smoke through screens and talked completely around issues, boasted himself as this great leader, which was another lie by the way.


And the mainstream media isn’t even addressing let alone conversing about that because, Trump would call it fake news, however if you live here in the US, it-is-real-news!

Still the same, he lied to the many proud Floridians who voted for him, the state he just loves as he stated during the speech.

Hope he likes it as much when it gets swallowed by the ocean because of climate change.

At any rate, Trump’s biggest lie was when he actually misstated that in order to purchase groceries, one needs an ID card in the US.

Wait, what was that? Correct me if I am wrong here, I only need that if I am purchasing sinus medication and/or alcohol in addition to my groceries.

All of that said, he might have been confused because in Florida they do sell full strength wine and beer in grocery stores so maybe he witnessed someone with junk food and some natty light having to show ID and thought to himself “See, everyone has to show ID when they buy groceries.”

Right, who am I kidding here, Trump hasn’t set foot into a market in any effort to purchase anything in decades, he has no idea what the process is for purchasing things like groceries.

So, let this be a lesson to all media outlets; Not even our president Trump fact checks prior to opening his mouth. He starts talking or tweeting and crap tends to runneth over, spreading misleading information, fake facts, and completely false news.

Hell, next time someone is accused of distributing “fake news” they could inform the said accusers that they are getting their intel from Trump and his illustrious administration that tends to never check anything prior to distributing information to the masses, no one would be the wiser and they would actually believe that story.


Speaking of Trump and spewing garbage, let’s look at what he is doing about the Russia investigation?

Shocking news here, but he is trying to have our Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions shut the investigation down.

For the love of God Donald, that is so Richard Nixon, why not try being original and learn from history instead of repeating it!

Be original not like all of those before you, Donald.

Don’t get me wrong, Trump has an entire world of support here, we completely back his every effort to get himself impeached by obstructing justice, it’s just that we’d like to Trump show us how smart he actually is by obstructing justice, rather than try to convince us that he is smart, be creative, do something fresh and new for a change.

Really try to put some effort into this man.

Either way, I just want Donald Trump to know, that the entire world does truly support his effort at getting himself impeached.

See, Donald Trump finally found some common ground where he can actually get support and backing for one of his endeavors, globally.

Cristal M Clark

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Idiot of the Week 8/1/2018



Just when I thought that it these internet challenges could not get any worse, I am left with my face in my palm that people can top the eating of tide laundry pods challenge.


The hot water challenge is still going around, some young man saw the flesh falling off of his face after a friend thought it would be cool to partake in that while his friend was asleep a week or so ago.

Maybe as it turns out eating all of those laundry pods can really cause irrepressible brain damage.


This week’s idiot of the week award goes to a Boynton Beach, Florida man who took part in the “In My Feelings” internet challenge, Aka, the Kiki challenge and the Shiggy challenge.


This particular challenge has people jumping out of moving cars everywhere and anywhere, attempting to jump onto cars, all just to dance to the song by recording artist Drake, “In My Feelings,” and record oneself utilizing not one single brain cell he or she might have been born with.


As luck would have it and as you might have guessed, Jaylen Norwood, 22 was hit by his friends moving vehicle as he was attempting to jump onto it and dance.

Mr. Norwood went on to Jimmy Kimmel live that he had no regrets.

A sentiment that I am more than sure Mr. Norwood’s family and loved ones would not be happy to share had he been hit or killed.


Not to mention his friend who was driving the motorized transport at the time, a friend who could have been facing criminal charges if worse had happened instead.

I did read Mr. Norwood’s account of his attempt at internet fame and it explains a lot to me, he does not seem to understand the difference or meaning to the words suppose and supposed.

Yes, these brilliant individuals get a moment of internet fame, maybe some time on TV but the reality is, everyone is watching in utter shock at the lack of any and all common sense.

This goes beyond adrenaline junkies and extreme sports because these types of challenges prey on those that are somewhat inept, inept enough to actually be seriously injured.

People watch in the hope someone will be seriously injured if not get killed not because it’s cool like extreme sports.

At least with extreme sports the athletes take precautions that ensure safety, they practice, learn and get good at what they do, they have difficult to get life insurance policies just in case things ever do go wrong.


These ladies and gentlemen do not practice in the fine art of just rolling out of a moving vehicle to dance to a song by Drake.

Mr. Norwood, this week’s award is proudly yours.

Cristal M Clark

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North Korea Back to Building New Missiles

Kim Jong-un-wave-at-trump-crimeshop

Kim Jong-un Takes a New Stab at Donald Trump

Oh, how time does fly. One-week Kim Jong-un and Trump are ‘negotiating’ and getting along, the next Kim is back to building weapons of mass destruction.

No doubt, Kim is most surely watching Trump spread hate, threats and insults at other world leaders which will eventually end up being hurled at Kim, again.

So, what’s a world leader to do other than build some new and improved ICBM’s.

And that is precisely what North Korea is doing according to reports.

The new ICBM’s are being built at the same factory that the country used to produce the first round of ICBM’s that could potentially reach the US.

Great, and all we thought we had to worry about now was Russia’s ability to disrupt our electrical grids and meddle in elections.


But this does go to prove a point and that is Trump is not entirely honest when it comes to facts. He reaches, stretches and flat out lies.

Usually when he tells you all went well it is the very same as a dream which means, that it is more often than not completely opposite of what actually did in fact, take place.

I believe after the summit between the US and North Korea was it not Trump who tweeted:

“Everybody can now feel much safer than the day that I took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat From North Korea.”

Is it just me here and forgive me, but does Donald Trump spew about as much fake news, facts and details as he suggests all news outlets of doing? I mean this guy is tweeting this garbage by the minute.

Kim Jong-un-Crimshop

I think it’s fair to say that in a dog eat dog world, Donald Trump might very well be being fed his very own crow.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Air Marshals & The Quiet Skies Program

Unfriendly Skies-United-Airlines-Crimeshop

Flying the Unfriendly Skies – United States Travel

Homeland Security personnel keep watch as travelers depart at Lindbergh Field airport in San Diego

In NSA true style monitoring of US Citizens who are not under any type of investigation, on any terror watch list was found to be happening by U.S. Federal Air Marshals, who were found to have been following and monitoring American’s as they traveled the now not so friendly skies.

The goal is to thwart threats to commercial flights posed by “unknown or partially known terrorists.”

According to reports all US citizens who travel out of the country then back are automatically screened and they stay on the Quiet Skies watch list for up to 90 days or 3 encounters, they are never notified that they are being watched and according to initial reports thousands of Americans have made the illustrious list.

What is not known is, what good the program is actually doing?

The program has a check list of 15 factors that must be met in order to screen passengers however, the 15 factors are a mystery to everyone including the Air Marshals who are supposed to understand and use them in order to add a US citizen to the list.

US Air Marshals-crimeshop

Sadly, one you make the list, you are not traveling alone. Marshals will fly with you to your destination where you will be watched.

Talk about a third wheel.

They are watching to see if you might have a cold, deadly stare, if you fidget a lot, watching for an Adam’s apple jump…

I have to say; the rules are quite unimpressive and complete bullshit.

Why even some of the marshals have complained about having had to waste time watching a traveler who poses absolutely no threat whatsoever.

Many are arguing the programs legitimacy as they should.

To me, it’s yet another area where our government has found a new and creative way to waste tax dollars and US Air Marshal time.

Cristal M Clark

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Robo, Telemarketing, Research & Scam Calls -Hitting Epic Proportions


And Hitting the Nerves of Everyone

Did you know that for the month of June Americans received an estimated 4.1 billion robo calls? July’s numbers will more than likely be around the same, if not worse.

AI support centre

That isn’t even the tip of the iceberg in terms of junk calls citizens and businesses receive on a daily basis.

These types of calls are not just annoying, they are hitting the nerves of anyone who is receiving them.

Years ago, when I worked at GOFAST Sports & Beverage Troy, the former owner of the company warned me that we’d get scammers calling all of the time when he and/or our athletes traveled. Turned out, we did.

Most of the calls were to inform us that someone was gravely injured either Troy or one of the athletes, and the callers would ask for money to pay for things like reattaching the head to the neck or a limb of some sort.

Maybe not that gruesome however, the callers did want money to pay for the supposedly athletes or Troy’s “medical treatment.”

All of the calls were a scam, even Troy’s poor grandmother received a call once at her home.

For most private citizens these calls are a combination of billing collections, sales related, insurance, surveys, offers for loans, scammers and the like, but for businesses, that is an entirely different set of nightmares all together.

The worst of this news is that the FTC is virtually powerless to stop many of these calls because so many are coming in, most of which are utilizing spoofed numbers, VoIp services and the like.

Telemarketers will actually argue with a business owner in an effort to gain the business, as if that actually works, I mean really, do these companies hire grade school dropouts that feel temper tantrums via a phone call will earn business or a credit card number?

They call relentlessly from blocked numbers (those numbers can be unblocked though), harassing businesses nationwide.

We have everything including over a dozen a day of those goddamned Google listing calls. Hey by the way to those of you running the companies behind these calls, we all know you are not affiliated in any way with Google, we can in fact, easily handle our own Google listing because we know how it works and Google actually hates you guys.

The list could go on all day but here are a few of the more popular ones aside from bill collectors:

The cheap health and life insurance calls

The Medicare calls

Life alert

Those guys who have a foreign accent so thick that the only things you can understand are that their name is Bob and they aren’t really from any American organization or America

The guys calling about an important business matter

The ones calling about the office copier

Those annoying robo calls that start with something like “Hi, this is Becky…”

Or “Do not hang up, we’re calling because you haven’t updated your Google listing”

Then the telemarketers and surveys

Your business has qualified for a fantastic loan

That long distance billing company that started years ago via snail mail, oh they still do the snail mail, but now they are also calling companies in the hope that someone, anyone will pay the past due bill they are calling about for the long distance calling plan you never signed up for.

Survey calls

I recently had a call from a company on behalf of Spectrum VoIP, they wanted me to take a survey. I told the guy no, thanks, I’m in a meeting and he proceeds to argue with me. Naturally I hung up and he calls back to inform me, yes me, that I’m not in a meeting, I hang up again and he calls back.

Yes, yes, pissing me off is a way to earn my business, Spectrum

Comcast contracts the same vulgar types of organizations who do the same thing.

Trust me, I am the last person you want on the other end of the line, I quite enjoy making a telemarketer’s job excruciatingly painful.

My most recent favorite calls are the robo calls in such poor broken English and grammar that you simply cannot decide to laugh or be upset at the intrusion.

Like the one that one going around supposedly from “Federal Government.” The call starts with “this is a call from Federal Government you been on the run for too long…” it goes on to inform you that they’ve found you, in the worst broken English robo call that I have ever heard, then asks you to please call them back at a completely different number.

Ummm to whomever is behind this call, here in the United States the feds do not give you a bloody curtesy call if you’ve been “hiding” from them and they are looking for you.

Rather, I believe they just kick in one’s door with a warrant in hand man.


Not to mention very few individuals have a land line these days so more often than not these calls are going to a cell phone when it’s not going to a business line.

Who in the bloody hell actually answers their cell these days even if you know the callers? Don’t we all just look at our cells oddly wondering why in the hell our friends and loved ones are calling rather than texting? No one answers a call from a number that they do not know for sure.

I do have quite a novel idea here though. Why don’t all of the scammers, spammers and telemarketers dial up the United States Government, you know all of our defunct agencies that are in the nasty little habit of already committing fraud and waste through spending erroneously.

All of those oversight agencies, that rather than fight waste, abuse and fraud in the system, they commit it themselves.

You are sure to get some hard-earned tax payer money from all of these agencies, including the IRS, the Office of the Inspector General for Veterans Affairs, US Government Accountability Office, the US Department of Education, Human Services, USDA, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Labor, all of those annoying oversight committees that aren’t really doing much, you do get the point however, they all love just blowing money on nothing, for instance the salaries they are not really earning.

You should even telephone the White House for I am more than positive should you annoy the president enough he might very well just tweet his every credit card number in sheer frustration.

Do however leave our law enforcement and intelligence agencies alone, we need those lines open you know for urgent matters.

Instead of annoy millions of American’s and businesses, why not help us alleviate and annoy the organizations that are already pissing money away, who knows they might just piss some away to you.

Cristal M Clark

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Government Employees Did Not Work for A Year – Still Collected Paychecks

department of veterans affairs-denver-crimeshop

Denver, Colorado & A Town Near You

If you haven’t eaten your breakfast yet, you may want to hold off because this is truly sickening news.

Government waste here in the US is far reaching and wide, we all already know this and here is yet another example of how tax payers are basically paying for absolutely nothing.


It seems that in Denver, Colorado if you’re working for the Office of the Inspector General for Veterans Affairs, you can go to work for a year with a base salary between $47,000-$100,000 and do absolutely nothing and still get paid, to do nothing.


Umm, where do I apply because I happen to adore drinking coffee and doing nothing.

Turns out some whistleblowers in Denver had quite a story to tell some local media outlets and it’s really not a shock to be completely honest here.

Whistleblowers said that the office was grossly over staffed leaving many with nothing to do but work on homework for school, read books that were not work related, Netflix and chill all day, take extremely extended lunches, play games, you could probably throw some sex while on the clock into the mix, I mean it is a given, you name it, this office did it all while getting paid, with our tax dollars.

That is by definition both fraud and abuse, something this very office is tasked with finding, holding entities and companies accountable for, thus wiping it out.

Hahaha, what a bloody joke!

The reality is that we already know that fraud and abuse exist within each and every United States Government agency though.

According to the whistleblowers this went on from April of 2017 all the way through April of 2018, although the Office of Special Council acknowledged it only for 9 months not a year.

Who do they think the public is going to believe?

The answer would be, the whistleblowers who admitted to collecting paychecks while doing nothing to earn them.

Whistleblowers also pointed out that part of the reason that they did not come forward sooner was because the office had previously been reported for other issues and they saw no corrective action, which left the whistleblowers feeling as if it didn’t matter really.

What’s really disgusting here is that most of us are paying taxes, we are forced to do that, those tax dollars go to agencies like this and those agencies do nothing to earn the money we all work so hard to, actually earn.

They are basically stealing our hard-earned cash that is supposed to pay for things like oversight of abuse and fraud, turning our hard-earned money into paychecks for themselves while doing no oversight or anything really.

But if you think this agency and Denver are the only problems, think again because this issue is in fact, a nationwide issue.

The individuals involved and the agencies themselves are never held accountable, they never have to pay the money back and they move on with a clean slate. Many get to gleefully keep high paying government jobs.

Those of us in the real world, we would be held accountable by our employers if any of us pulled something like this, not to mention face having to face a mountain of legal issues.

But not those that are employed by any branch of the United States Government.

This is just one of the many reasons anyone who isn’t a boomer has lost faith in, and no longer supports an aging, poorly run government, its systems, divisions and agencies.

Even our crime and punishment laws are so poorly written, outdated and interpreted whatever way a judge feels like, that people no longer support our failing judicial systems that are designed to take advantage of the poor and reward those that make money who have committed crimes.

I worked for the system before, I know all too well of the abuse and fraud that exists within it.

The United States has one of the most inefficient and most poorly run governments and judicial systems in the entire world.

And that is precisely what the entire world is watching for. It allows countries like Russia to expose and exploit those very flaws, that broken-down system and use it to their advantage.

It gives people like Putin power and leverage over world leaders such as one, Donald Trump.

Outdated and completely out of touch with the realities of the world in which we live in today and the people that our system should be serving.

Instead of tweeting crap all day Trump should focus his attention on our problems here at home internally and start swinging the ax because I have yet to see him start running our government and all of its agencies like an actual business.

He was known as a great businessman, right?

Isn’t it time to really drain the swamp in its entirety, do something like oh I don’t know, start swinging the ax. Our Government is too top heavy, employees too many individuals to do a single job and our laws are out of touch and date.


Cristal M Clark

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Idiot of The Week


And, it’s not Donald Trump

In complete honesty our idiot of the week could easily be Donald Trump, every week so, I thought to shake things up and that I’d highlight someone new.


A waiter by the name Khalil Cavil from Odessa, Texas took to Social media to share a story about a racist encounter he had with a customer:

“I share this because I want people to understand that this racism, and this hatred still exists”

“Although, this is nothing new, it is still something that will test your faith.”


This particular incident unfolded earlier this month when Khalil Cavil, 20, a now former waiter at a Saltgrass outpost in Odessa, Tex., posted an image to Facebook that showed a $108 bill with zero on the tip line, and “We don’t tip terrorist,” written in ink at the top.

The Texas restaurant company Saltgrass, in Odessa, Texas, as it turned out decided to take swift and corrective action by banning a customer after Khalil’s story of the receipt scrawled with a racial epithet went as stories like this often do, viral.

Khalil by the way is part Caucasian and part African American.

Monday, the restaurant said that it had parted ways with poor Khalil upon learning that the story was completely false.

Yes, totally falsified.

Terry Turney, the chief operating officer of Saltgrass steakhouses, said in a statement: “Racism of any form is intolerable, and we will always act swiftly should it occur in any of our establishments. Falsely accusing someone of racism is equaling disturbing.”

Disturbing is one way of putting it, it’s actually completely disgusting.

Supporters on Facebook actually sent this guy money, he exploited a way to con people by playing on one’s emotional response to racism and all the poor customer received was an apology and an invitation to return to the restaurant to dine whenever they’d like.


Khalil has earned this week’s idiot award for being a truly disgusting display of being a human being.

Congrats Khalil.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Back To Threats

Iran and US Intelligence – Unimpressed

drunk trump-crimeshop


Trump has reverted to his atypical childish behavior, he has reverted back to threatening the likes of Iran, former US intelligence agencies and of course anyone who opposes him or whom he simply dislikes.

In his latest tweet fury he had this to say:



This is not the first time Trump is taking to Twitter to threaten a foreign leader or nation, take for instance North Korea.


Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted Monday evening:

“COLOR US UNIMPRESSED, the world heard even harsher bluster a few months ago. And Iranians have heard them — albeit more civilized ones — for 40 yrs. We’ve been around for millennia & seen fall of empires, including our own, which lasted more than the life of some countries. BE CAUTIOUS.”

The United States continues to try to put pressure on Iran through force, which would be military threats, not a threat I would make if it were me, I would actually be more diplomatic.

In true childish fashion, and completely separate news Trump threatened to revoke security clearance of Former US intel chief who have criticized him.

Yes that’s quite correct White House announced on Monday that the president is exploring the possibility of revoking the security clearances a former Obama and Bush administration US intelligence officials who have publicly criticize President Trump including but certainly not limited to; former CIA director Jim Brennan, ex FBI director James Comey (totally not a shock), former director of national intelligence James Clapper former CIA director Michael Hayden former national security advisor Susan Rice and former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe.

Trump claims that this certain group of people have made baseless accusations about Trump and Russia with zero evidence. I find that rather funny considering Trump’s Twitter feed. If you look at trumps Twitter feed you’ll find all kinds of baseless accusations, WITH ZERO EVIDENCE.

It’s pretty clear that Trump still has a long way to go in terms of learning that childish threats get you nowhere. He tried it with North Korea and Kim Jung Un played him, he tried it with Russia and Putin played him.

Trump isn’t winning, he making more of a fool of himself each and every tweet, threat and moment that he opens his mouth.

Cristal M Clark

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