Large Ominous Pool of Blood Found in Parking Lot

Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania

Cristal M Clark 

As Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall it tends to usher in spooky season which is a welcome treat for many. 

Today’s news in Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania certainly has ushered in spooky season with quite a bang. 

According to police in Silver Spring Township, an ominous pool of blood was found in the parking lot of a nursing home along with a pair of glasses nearby. The pool of blood in fact was so large that police fear someone has sustained a very serious injury, the kind that would cause death. Police also found more blood in a nearby grassy area, but so far no body has been recovered. 

After testing the blood the police discovered their worst fear, it is human. 

Police did check with the nursing home for missing persons and found none, they also do not have a missing person report in the area at all. 

Now officials have been careful to say that they do not know what has actually happened here, it may not be a crime at all, someone could have gotten into a rather nasty bar fight, fallen somehow, it is important to note that the Cumberland Valley School District main campus, said that there had been a football game and police found blood on the campus. Police are saying they simply do not know where this large pool of blood came from and are asking the public for assistance in resolving the matter. 

This is certainly quite the mystery and what a way to end summer and announce the arrival of spooky season. 

Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!

Cristal M Clark

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New TikTok Car Theft Challenge

Poor Oversight of Social Media Leads to Increase in Car Thefts Nationwide

Cristal M Clark 

When we talk about holding social media companies accountable, this is one example of why we need to that. Over on TikTok, they have a new social media challenge and it is one that is becoming so problematic that police nationwide are scratching their heads. 

TikTok users are posting videos under the hashtag “Kia Boyz,”  where they are teaching individuals how to start Kia or Hyundai vehicles without keys, using the tip of a phone charger or USB cable, which in turn is now prompting juveniles as well as adults across the country to try and steal those vehicles.

In Chicago alone they have experienced a 767% increase in car thefts. Here in Colorado police are seeing an uptick in car thefts of these particular vehicles, and the same can be said across the whole of the United States. 

767% increase says out of hand to me. 

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Some are quick to blame the manufacturers here but, the truth is simply that the fault lies with social media platforms who allow the spread of this type of information. 

This is where social media crosses the fine line of freedom of speech to encouraging criminal activity and as you all know this is where someone will eventually end up hurt or killed, is that when we hold social media accountable? 

It is not just TikTok, it is all of social media, FaceBook, Instagram, Snap, Twitter, all social media platforms are guilty of this. 

Look if I were to post some type of vulnerability so as to encourage people to try to break into the white house I’d have every government agency pitching a fork tent up my arse wanting answers as to why I would do that because through doing that I put lives at risk. 

You know what else puts someone’s life at risk, educating and encouraging a nation to steal cars through a TikTok challenge. 

Enough with the double standards, this is out of hand with social media sites and it is time that they be held accountable period and end of story. This type of challenge should have been removed the second it was first posted which goes to show how little social media truly cares or actually watches for.  

They will utilise any and all excuses as to how and why this was missed, which they should not be allowed to do. 

So, is it going to take someone getting killed over a TikTok Challenge? Is that what it is gong to take?Cristal M Clark

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Denver South High School & Its Deplorable Video

Don’t Call the Police, You Might Get Shot

Cristal M Clark 

To be fair, here in the United States, we have fallen witness to brutal police attacks against black American’s in recent years, beatings, shootings, death, but we also have a fair amount of good coppers, who go to work every day putting their lives on the line just to keep all of us and our communities safe from harm. 

This past week Denver’s South High School felt that they needed to jump onto the bandwagon of police hate and released a video titled “Don’t be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks,” the video urges students to engage in conversation with victims, document the attack and to avoid the police. 

In the rather poorly produced video some idiot in the background is heard saying:

“Armed police presence often escalates rather than reduces the risk of violence in a situation, because police have been trained to see people of colour, gender, non-conforming folks and Muslims as criminals, they often treat victims as perpetrators of violence.”

“So if the victim hasn’t asked you to call police, do not, I repeat, do not call the police,” the video’s host instructs.

The video by the way was not produced by the school district but why the fuck would they allow for it to be shown? That is inexcusable, in poor taste and that video by the way is doing the same thing it accuses police of doing. 

The video accuses the police of being biased, and urges teenagers to handle situations that they are not trained to handle on their own. Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black no?

The Denver’s Police Foundation said that whilst it commends the efforts of administrators to educate students on how to respond to racist attacks at schools,”it is reprehensible of them to include a tip that specifically states not to contact police.”

“The message in this type of video continues to manipulate the narrative of law enforcement’s relationship with the community.” That is quite true, here in Denver police are watched for any type of misbehaviour with regard to racism and if something comes up it is swiftly and quickly dealt with the by the department. 

Overall the video is in rather poor taste, it describes something that has happened nationwide yet it fails to educate students at all it is nothing more than hate speech in a school, pretending to offer advise it is propaganda and it is a manipulation against police. 

Denver South High School Principal Rachel Goss said that the video’s intention was to empower students who may witness a racist attack, “not to have any sort of negative impact on the longstanding relationship between Denver Public Schools and the Denver Police Department.”

How reassuring, I believe it is quite safe to say that the video missed the mark completely and is training young teenagers to hate the police and to not trust them, Rachel. 

Luckily my kids are all grown and never went to this school, once upon a time a principal didn’t do her job correctly and had the audacity to cross me, once and only once because she found herself out of a job by the end of that day. 

Schools are not battlegrounds for social issues such as hate the police, defund the police, do not trust the police nor are they places where students should be urged to not call police when something is happening, anything, racist or not. 

The job of the school and district is to educated students to be better at bringing the community and police together, not to drive them apart. 

Cristal M Clark

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Turns Out That You Really Can Buy Just Anything on FaceBook Marketplace

Introducing Human Skin and Organs for Sale on FaceBook

Cristal M Clark

Sometimes I come across some fairly bizarre shite, and this is no exception. According to police in East Pennsboro Township, Pennsylvania they have arrested one self described human blood artist, Jeremy Pauley for stealing, buying and selling human body parts and skin through the FaceBook Marketplace.

I had no idea that you could purchase that from FaceBook, I knew about drugs but body parts and skin?

Here is how it all went down according to police reports: Back in June, a complaint to the East Pennsboro Township Police just so happened to allege that human remains were being sold on a social media platform, namely FaceBook. 

A month later, they received a second call, with the caller reporting possible human remains inside a home basement, in fact, the caller stated that they had found several 5-gallon buckets containing “human organs” and “human skin.”

Hold on, how did the caller know the buckets had human organs and skin? What gave it away for the caller because most people would not be able to accurately identify pieces, parts, and skin without either some prior knowledge or education upon the matter or something was a dead giveaway or this individual knew the defendant and what he was doing.

After a police search, they sent the remains to a forensic pathologist, who confirmed that the remains including half a head, a whole head with the skull cap removed, three brains, one liver, one pelvis, a piece of skin with a nipple attached, and four hands were in fact human remains. Also, among the remains identified were human brains, heart, livers, skin and lungs.

And yes, some of the remains were that of children. 

Police found messages from the suspect, Jeremy Pauley on his phone that led them to believe he was stealing, selling and purchasing body parts and skin. An investigation by FBI in Arkansas, along with the Arkansas State Police, revealed that accomplice Candace Scott was stealing some of the body parts from a mortuary in Arkansas and shipping those items to Pennsylvania for sale.

District Attorney Seán M. McCormack stated: “This is one of the most bizarre investigations I have encountered in my thirty-three years as a prosecutor, just when I think I have seen it all, a case like this comes around.”

What do you charge a body smuggler with these days?  Well, I’ve got an answer for you, Jeremy is facing a charge of “The trade of human remains” which and this is a complete shock, just so happens to be quite legal and unregulated in the U.S.  He was also charged with abuse of a human corpse.

So, not a single federal law prevents owning, buying, or selling human remains, stealing and abuse of a corpse are another matter, and unless the remains are Native American, here the United States. 

Hence charging someone with buying, selling or collecting human remains would be more of a state law type of thing. 

Amazing what you can buy on FaceBook Marketplace these days right?

Cristal M Clark

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Career Criminal Continually Released on PR Bond

Pueblo, Colorado Springs and, Denver, Colorado

Cristal M Clark 

Law enforcement here in Colorado has raised an eyebrow or two in recent months, they are wondering why the judicial system keeps failing to support the laws these men and women are out on our streets trying to uphold and why our judicial system just does not seem to care, I mean really, are they paying attention at all? 

It is a fair question to ask right? I caught a news headline last week where it had been reported that one man here in Colorado, who just so happens to be a career criminal, kept being let out of jail on PR Bonds, and each time he delightfully continued to break laws.  

Police are saying that Michael Lee Sandoval is a violent offender, so why he keeps getting PR Bonds is beyond my understanding. 

A PR Bond by the way is basically nothing, you just sign your name, promise to abide by the terms of your bond and away you shove off in the hope that the individual who signed the PR Bond will show back up for court. 

In Michael Lee Sandoval’s case, he sped off on his merry little way and continued to commit crimes, several as a matter of fact. 

Now before anyone gets their knickers into a wad over the idea that maybe the courts in each case did not know at the time of his bond hearing about his past, allow for me to inform you that would be an untrue assumption. 

I worked in the criminal court system here in Colorado, Arvada, Colorado as it were, for several years, and even for a bond hearing, a defendant’s NCIC is run and put into the defendants jacket which is what the Judge is supposed to be looking at when determining whether or not a PR Bond would even be appropriate.

Career Criminal, Michael Lee Sandoval had been out of jail on a PR Bond for a “few” days when he decided that abiding by the law and the terms of his bond were simply something that he was simply not cut out for.

So, this lovely man decided to go from Pueblo to Colorado Springs, where he allegedly car-jacked a brand new victim.

To top that off, he then drove to Highlands Ranch, where he apparently committed an armed robbery then he decided, why not take up a notch and came here to Denver, where he was finally arrested.

Michael was already out on a PR Bond, from Pueblo, so the Denver Judge, threw a little caution to the wind and decided what the hell and released Michael on another PR Bond.

If you think that was it, wait, there’s more. 

Michael again decided that, you know these pesky laws and terms of the bond are just too much so just a few hours after his Denver release, he robbed someone and stole their car in a Safeway parking lot in east Denver before leading officers on a high-speed chase and was subsequently arrested, again. Michael was still in his jail slippers, lucky for us tax payers they will not have to issue him a new pair. 

Remarkably or stupidly, I am not quite sure which, his court-appointed attorney had the balls to push for a third PR bond, the Denver District Attorney’s Office however, was not too keen on that and had expressed concern about Michael’s record, the judge agreed and gave him a $50,000 cash-only bond.

I hear a rumour that a Denver Detective wrote a memo that read “Please keep this guy in custody. He is violent and dangerous.” 

Court records do show that two days prior to Michal’s newest crime spree, a Judge in Pueblo County granted Michael his first of two PR bonds while a Denver Judge said they found no probable cause during Michael’s second arrest so he was granted another PR Bond?

So, let me understand, this man is a felon, he likes carjack people, commit armed robbery, has history of not showing up to his court dates and the judge was like no, never mind here, he is a model citizen who keeps trying to get his shite together? No probable cause at all?

This case has probable cause written all over it but what is worse is this only add’s fuel to the fire when you start to look at the morale of police. Look mate, they did their job and they did it rather well, and kudos to the detective who wrote that memo here in Denver, the Judicial system failed here, it is clear. 

If we do not fix this ailing Judicial System we have here, we will see more of these types of issues and as a society how much more are we gong to take before we start to legislate to get this system fixed?

Cristal M Clark

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Denver Attorney Blows Whistle on DHS 

DHS Tries to Silence Attorney Jessica Peck

Cristal M Clark 

The Department of Human Services has always been seen as not doing enough to protect abused children, they also at times go overboard and abuse their role within our government. 

Denver attorney Jessica Peck found herself with a gag order after she blew the whistle on the defunct agency for its fucking abuse of power and its criminal activity from within.

This is absolutely outrageous, it would appear with that the Department of Human Services and the Denver district attorney handed down a gag order in an attempt to try to silence attorney Peck, and the gag order came with the possibility of jail time should attorney Peck speak to anyone in the media with regard to the agency illegally fucking about with peoples lives for no other reason other than to potentially ruin someone’s life.

The Department of Human Services and the Denver District Attorney tried to censor attorney Peck, which is overreach as a matter of fact. 

Here’s what happened, attorney Peck had been hired after DHS filed a dependency neglect case against her client. Which attorney Peck believes was brought about because her client did not believe her ex of many years was guilty of murdering a child after he was arrested in 2018.

DHS hounded this poor mother who by the way was no longer with the childs father, because this mother did not agree that her ex committed murder, DHS took upon themselves to go after and ruin this woman’s life. 

According to attorney Peck’s client:  “She quickly (the caseworker), jumped into well, I need you to tell me that you know what happened and that, you know, he did it.” And my response to her was and has always been, “I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. I can’t tell you that.”

This caseworker then proceeded to destroy this woman, the caseworker fabricated stories so as to take this woman’s child away from her. Are fucking kidding me? 

According to attorney Peck:  “In fact, they went so far as to fabricate the existence of jailhouse phone calls. They attributed statements to my client that she never made in court. And they even went so far as to claim that they attended court hearings that they hadn’t even attended.” 

Attorney Peck did speak to the media back in 2019 which is why the gag order was put into place. 

That is clear overreach, if our institutions are going to go that far just so as to not admit any wrongdoing, we are all fucked right? What DHS did to this poor mother is absolutely horrifying, and they almost got away with it?

Thank god for attorney Jessica Peck, she did what she needed to and had to do in this case and that was to blow the whistle and get the media’s attention to this so that the public could see what is going on here. 

DHS and the Denver District Attorney were wrong here and tried to cover up the crimes, yes crimes that were being committed by the Department of Human Services. That is truly disgusting. 

As for Attorney Peck’s client well, thankfully because of attorney Peck’s perseverance the caseworker was removed from her clients case and then magically, the case was just simply dropped. 

Just because that case was suddenly dropped, don’t kid yourselves into thinking that DHS isn’t guilty of other crimes involving other cases. We may never know because, it is clear that in tandem with the Denver District Attorney they are willing to cover up those unknown crimes. 

Cristal M Clark

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Family Killed Over Custody Dispute 

Justice for The Rhoden Family, Pike County, Ohio

Cristal M Clark 

Back in 2016, 8 members of the Rhoden family were killed in Pike County, Ohio, back then so much speculation was going around about the murders that I think that people just got tired of hearing about it simply because it was just speculation. 

The number one tale going around at the time had been that the family were killed in some type of drug war situation, many were pointing their fingers in the Cartels general direction yet not a specific Cartel. Those guys are always falling under some sort of suspicion for shite they did not do. 

Luckily, investigators did not let the matter go, shoved on and have finally been able to bring the guilty parties to justice. 

Turns out, it was in fact not the cartel or anything to do with drugs, as it were, a custody battle had been brewing between Edward Jake Wagner and then 19-year old Hanna Rhoden, who just so happened to the mother of Edward’s child. 

Now one important little tidbit to know is that the Rhoden’s had pit bulls at the compound they lived at and it has been said that the dogs would eat anyone alive that they were unfamiliar with, the dogs were left unharmed during the murders so it had been long suspected that the killer or killers knew the family well enough for the families dogs to trust them. 

Edward did not plan this alone, yea its gets worse, his family helped him plot and then murder 8 members of Rhoden family as they slept. Sadly, the Wagner family for 5 years denied any knowledge or involvement in the treacherous plot and subsequent murders.

In April of 2021, 5-years after the murders, Edward Jake Wagner found himself in front of a Judge in Pike County, Ohio where he pled guilty to the murders. He entered a plea deal of course so as to avoid the death penalty and this is where the truth finally came out.

This also is where you learn that blood is not thicker than water, for Edward turned on his own family. The family is an odd one, they homeschooled the children, they share their monies, in fact, the families closeness has been described as unusual and according to police, the family is cult like, scary and tries to control anyone that they are involved in. 

When they are unable to control and individual, it can become quite dark. The Wagners planned as a family the murders for 4 months, mother, father, brother, gran, the entire fucking family was involved in this plan to murder another family. 

The Wagners invaded the Rhodens’ compound that spring night and killed them with silenced guns as they slept sparing two children, Edward’s child and another child. 

Edward Jake Wagner allegedly began a relationship with Hanna Rhoden when she was 13, impregnating her when she was 15, he was 20 at the time. So, in addition to homicide, he has been charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Additionally, he and his brother were stalking other young women around this time, who have agreed to testify against the entire lot as the remaining cases start hitting the courtroom. 

Apparently Hanna ended her relationship with Edward however, he and his family were not thrilled about that so Edward began to stalk and threaten this poor child, Hanna eventually had a second child with another man, Edward pressured her to falsely list him as the father on the birth certificate. 

Hanna refused to give custody of her baby to Edward who kept pressuring her, with both the support and encouragement of his family. Edward threatened to murder Hanna, she wrote a post on FaceBook at one point giving a clue to the problems, that read “never sign papers ever They will have to kill me first.” Which of course is, precisely how things turned out for Hanna. 

Because of that the Wagners allegedly decided to eliminate Hanna and her relatives so that custody of the child would fall to them. They allegedly bought ammunition, parts for silencers, “brass catchers” to avoid leaving bullet casings behind, and a truck and shoes specifically to use on the night of the killings.

They planned the murders so well, they purposefully made the crime scene look as if it had something to do with drugs, they watched the family for months, learnt the families habits, where each of them slept, what time they would go to sleep, when they would get up. All in all it was quite an elaborate murder plot. 

Edward Jake Wagner’s deal that he struck with prosecutors also ensures that his family members will also avoid the death penalty. 

The prosecution is going after the family strong and hard so it is very unlikely that any of the main defendants will ever see the outside of a prison again.

Cristal M Clark

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Judge Refuses Plea Deals for Pair Accused of Trying to Sell Nuclear Sub Intel

Treasonous US Navy Nuclear Engineer & Wife Forced to Withdraw Guilty Pleas

Cristal M Clark

On Tuesday, A US Federal Judge decided to reject the prosecution’s plea agreements with a treasonous couple who tried to sell off nuclear sub intel to foreign agents. 

The case involved Jonathan and Diana Toebbe of Annapolis, Maryland who allegedly tried to sell secrets about American nuclear-powered warships. 

It is important to note that Judges do not often reject plea deals so this is a welcome surprise for anyone watching, this couple deserves no deal whatsoever.

While US District Judge Gina Groh has said that  she generally honours plea agreements, in this case she said the sentencing options were “strikingly deficient” considering the seriousness of the charges.

Nothing is more infuriating than seeing individuals get away with trying to sell military secrets or intel no matter which branch of the military. That potentially puts our armed forces into grave danger, as well as our country and our citizens.

The sentencing that the prosecution and the defendant’s lawyers agreed to? 

A range for Jonathan of between 12 to 17 years in prison. Prosecutors said that the sentence would be one of the most significant imposed in modern times under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, and of course the Judge rightfully disagreed with that take. Prosecutors also sought 3 years for Diana.  

This is the perfect example of prosecutors only caring about one thing, getting a plea deal on the books. This is a bit more serious than selling corporate intel, cocaine, meth, it deserves a very harsh sentence not a slap on the slap on the wrist. A clear message must be sent with regards to trying to sell military intel classified or not. 

Judge Groh had this to say with regard to the matter: “The act to which the couple pleaded guilty was done for selfish and greedy reasons, but could have caused great harm to the Navy and to others.”

“I do not find any justifiable reasons for accepting either one of these plea agreements.” 

According to the FBI, the treasonous couple began this little scheme in April of 2020, when Jonathan sent a package of Navy documents to a foreign government and wrote that he was interested in selling to that country operations manuals, performance reports and other sensitive information. He included in the package, which had a Pittsburgh return address, instructions to his supposed contact for how to establish a covert relationship with him.

Luckily these two dipshits were not bright enough so as to get their greedy little hands on actual classified top secret/sensitive intel that they could offer up.

On Tuesday prosecutors said that Jonathan obviously abused his access to top-secret clearance in an effort to obtain government information and repeatedly sold details via memory cards about the design elements and performance characteristics of Virginia-class submarines to someone he believed was a representative of a foreign government but who was actually an undercover FBI agent.

Whilst Diana, was accused of acting as a lookout at several prearranged “dead-drop” locations at which memory cards containing the secret information were left behind.

The memory cards were concealed in objects such as a chewing gum wrapper and a peanut butter sandwich, criminals spend more time and effort on coming up with ways to break laws. Such a pitiful waste.

By the way, during a December 2021 hearing, Diana’s lawyers denied some messages from 2019 that had been exchanged by the couple in which she had contemplated fleeing the United States so as to avoid arrest for this particular crime. Instead, the defense said it was contempt for then-President Donald Trump as the reason behind the couple’s emigration plans. 

Right, not even a complete idiot would buy that story. 

None of the information was classified as top secret, which falls into a third category considered confidential, which is of no matter, it does not change the fact that the couple delightfully attempted to commit treason. They most likely because they are inept thought what they were handing over was highly sought after and classified intel. 

Jonathan held a top-secret security clearance through the Defense Department, and had agreed as part of the plea deal to help federal officials with locating and retrieving all classified information in his possession, as well as the cryptocurrency that had been paid to him.

It is looking as if the FBI is going to have to actually fucking investigate further and find all of the classified information Jonathan has themselves.

Let’s just hope that the prosecution can recover from the embarrassment of this and come back to the table with some real sentencing for this white trash couple. They deserve real enhanced sentencing, this is the goddman United States Navy, a branch of our armed forces, you do not offer a deal when anyone on the inside tries to sell off military intel, regardless of its classification, that is just bad form all around.  

And Judge Gina Groh should be getting a round of applause for not accepting this plea agreement. 

Cristal M Clark

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Beirut Man Holds up Bank

(AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Just To Get His Own Money

Cristal M Clark

When I first happened across this story I was completely horrified, this is such horrific and traumatic human suffering at the hands of a Government and it’s leaders that I was left in utter and complete shock.  

When we think about human suffering we tend to think about things like assault, accidents, robbery, I know most of my long time readers know that I was an abused child, which carried over into adulthood where, I almost died at the hands of a man I was to marry years ago. 

Because of that, many of my coworkers who know about my past have this running joke about me, I never truly try to date because these poor men are just one text message away from setting me off. Which is quite true about me, I never tell that to the men that I am about to date at the onset so I never have to tell them about my torrid past and suffering and am able to just walk away. 

Prolonged human suffering is what that is. A defence mechanism against men if you will. But what happens when a Government is the perpetrator of that?

We do not often think about the things that Governments do to their people that can cause such suffering, anguish and pain. 

But this story paints quite a different picture from that of my own, for how could these citizens of Lebanon trust any Government anywhere in the world?

And the world, well we know and see their suffering and have done nothing to help them. 

Some are hailing this man in Beirut a local hero for, holding up a bank and taking hostages all so that he could withdraw his own, yes his very own money.

Before we play out the situation, allow for me to explain how on earth this could be happening.

Apparently, in Lebanon back in 2019 the government put into place some horrific limits on withdrawals of foreign currency assets which effectively freezes them. This poor man had around $210K that is being held hostage by his government and bank.

The way the World Bank is describing the situation over in Lebanon is: ” a deliberate depression that was orchestrated by the country’s elite,” which is true and fair. They are basically forcing the citizens of that nation into poverty which is really quite fucked up.

 42-year old Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein held 10 people hostage inside a Beirut bank in an attempt to get access to his own savings and he is being hailed as a hero in Lebanon, which is suffering from its worst economic crisis in modern history.

An economic crisis that was brought about its very own Government and its leaders. 

The situation ended up in a 7, yes 7 hour standoff and all this man wanted was to access to his savings and to withdraw some of his own savings. 

According to officials he entered the Federal Bank last Thursday with a shotgun and a canister of petrol, he proceeded to fire three warning shots, locked himself in with several bank employees along with customers and threatened to set himself on fire unless, he was allowed to withdraw his savings. Savings which he explained he needed so as to pay for his father’s medical bills.

What makes this all the worse is that Hussein was arrested and was only able to get about $35K of his own rightfully earned, monies.  Which in turn has angered bystanders who watched the whole situation unfold.

Who can blame anyone who is angry at the Lebanon Government, bystanders gathered at the scene to show support for Hussein and to rally against Lebanon’s political and financial leaders, who of course are being blamed for the situation in addition to forcing the majority of the country into poverty.

All in all, what Lebanon is doing is quite inhuman, it is causing human suffering, prolonged trauma, pain, misery, starvation, choosing between seeking out and paying for medical attention and in some cases, untimely death due to not being able to access funds that the citizens of that nation have rightfully earned.

This is truly, Government and Leadership overreach, where would these  citizens ever go if they do not die first and be able to trust a Government again much less a bank? 

Not America, the world is still watching our shit show over here where we whine about Government Overreach that simply does not truly exist to the extent that we cannot go about living our lives each and every day. 

We still so far, enjoy freedoms that many around the world simply cannot. 

Cristal M Clark

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