Chief of Interpol Missing


Meng Hongwei – MIA


So it is said the wife of our beloved interpol Chief is missing and she,his adulterous wife,  has received word that his absence is due to the Chinese Communist Party who, announced late Sunday that the missing president of Interpol, was under investigation on “suspicion of violating the law” and was “under the supervision” of an anticorruption watchdog tied to the party.

A few hours later, Interpol said it had received Mr. Meng’s resignation “with immediate effect.”


I call for a an investigation!

The said charges against Meng are unwarranted and unfounded not to mention, just a use of words and nothing more.

Tell us precisely what you are charging Meng with rather than dance around the subject with pretty words.

I’ve heard rumors about interpol.

Waging a war on interpol is the last move one would want to make.

That is akin to bringing the world’s deadliest out.

Interpol employs the best of the best from everywhere.

Do not  dare us to come out.

Be wery your next move.

Give our boss back or we go trump tweet live.

Cristal M Clark

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Tim Cook – Apple


Tim Cook Calls Out Big Tech


Normally as most of you know, I do an idiot of the week on Wednesday, today I want to personally thank Tim Cook and Apple.


Tim Cook called out big tech over sharing user data, the equivalent for anyone who does not understand marketing 101 or advertising, as basically selling out ones customer.

For anyone who is not an Apple customer, we Apple customers will find a way to get our beloved tech from Apple, and only Apple for a multitude of reasons.

The media tells us that Apple is attempting to only sell to the elite. For many of us who happen to own Apple products, that is the furthest from the truth that any story can be.

We pay for up to date tech, and we also expect that tech to protect us. Be for the most part, hacker proof, not sell our data because what a lot people do not realize, hackers are so easily able to hack us because our user data is sold like one might drink water on a minute, by minute basis. Or in my case, coffee.

Apple, for those of us who have been loyal to Apple, does not subscribe to the selling of user data to anyone.

I love that.


Tim Cook went public and countered claims that firms need to siphon user data to improve product.


And any Apple product is a testament to that.


While the tech might be more expensive, it also understands its customers on a level, Google, FaceBook, Oracle, AdSence, Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc or any other company simply do not. 

Don’t sell us out by selling out user data.


Tim Cook:

‘The narrative that some companies will try to get you to believe is: ‘I’ve got to take all of your data to make any service better…’ ‘Well, I don’t believe them. Whoever’s telling you that, it’s a bunch of bunk.”

Earlier this year, Apple began requiring developers to clearly communicate how their users’ personal data would be used in apps, while Facebook and Google have repeatedly come under fire for how they treat customer data, Facebook being at the forefront of that delima recently.

Just last week, Facebook  begrudgingly revealed that it had been hit by a data breach that gave hackers complete access to 50 million users’ profiles.

In addition to that, Facebook logged an additional 40 million users out of their accounts as a security measure, which brought the total number of users who were possibly affected to 90 million.

And that kind of breach would never hit Apple because they know what customers want, and are very protective of that.

Advertisers and marketing is all about stealing user data, Apple clearly gets that customers are actually not okay with that and are quite frankly tired of it.

Maybe it’s time for the door to door salesman again because tech and AI are allowing me, with the help of Apple to stop advertisers and marketers from obtaining my user data.

So this week, instead of a loser, I present a winner.

Apple and Tim Cook.


Thank you.


Cristal M Clark

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Trump – Very Scary Time for Young Men?


Trump Cries Foul Over Treatment of Brett Kavanaugh

Has anyone noticed the commercials with regards to Brett Kavanaugh lately.


Touting him as a fair and dedicated Judge, all around great guy?

Since when did we ever have Supreme Court Justice Nominee commercials?

It’s not as if we the public get to vote on the man or woman.


Trump’s thoughts with regards to everything going on with Brett Kavanaugh:

Brett  has been treated unfairly and because of that, it is a very scary time for young men in America.

Add yourself to that list Mr. President, you dirty old perv who eluded once upon a time to being sexually attracted to your own daughter.

So men are scared because they can no longer hide inappropriate behavior behind being drunk, high, just being a man, he can’t remember the night before?

Also, does Trump think that we had forgotten that so far, 19 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct or said they’ve had an extramarital affair with him?

Allegations that Trump has denied but let’s be honest, he is lying so…

Speaking of a scary time, try being a woman.

We’ve been putting up with being mistreated, treated as nothing more than objects of sexual desire, raped, abused and gropped, verbally sexually harassed as we walk to a store, school, in the park  by men of all ages for decades.

Back in the 80’s sexual misconduct was simply swept under the carpet furthermore when you are told as a young woman that you are overreacting to such treatment, you just stay quiet.

“It’s a very scary situation where you’re guilty until proven innocent,” the president said. “That is a very, very difficult standard.”

Not sure where Trump has been,  but that is pretty much how our entire legal system currently works unless you can buy your way out of it.

By the way, Trump was asked if he had a statement for young women.

“Women are doing great.”

Okay, fair enough, he is right. We can no longer have men like Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and the like lead this country.

We cannot tolerate this type of behavior by allowing a free pass to anyone using the excuse that he might have been drunk at the time.

The behavior is sexually exploitative, abusive and simply no okay at all.

It matters not if the perpetrator was drunk, in high school, college, what matters, is that we cannot let these men lead our nation, in any capacity.

They felt they were above the law then and clearly still do.

It would be a grave mistake for our entire judicial system to allow Brett Kavanaugh to serve as a supreme court justice.

Cristal M Clark

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Russia’s Infamous Election Hackers Are at it Again


Russia Election Meddling



Yesterday, Trump went on and on with accusations that are completely baseless against China, claiming that they are attempting to meddle in our latest round of elections.


What’s really true however is that reports are beginning to surface implying that Russia’s GRU, better known as Fancy Bear (U.S. intelligence agencies have identified Fancy Bear as two units within Russia’s military intelligence directorate), has secretly developed and deployed new malware that seems to be impossible to eradicate, capable of surviving a complete wipe of a target computer’s hard drive, and will allow the hackers to return as many times as they would like.

The European security company ESET discovered the new malware and reported that It works by rewriting the code that is flashed into a computer’s UEFI chip that controls the boot and reboot process.

The code is designed to maintain access to a high-value target in the event the operating system gets reinstalled or the hard drive replaced, which under normal circumstances would eradicate the malware.

This not the first code to hide in the UEFI chip and Russia’s new malware works only on PCs with security weaknesses in the existing UEFI configuration.

Not in this case, the new malware does seem to prove that Fancy Bear is more robust, powerful and potentially dangerous than the world previously thought.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump – UN Speech


United Nations – Laughs at Trump


The U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, well they actually laughed at Donald Trump during his speech, where he touted himself as the best president the US has ever had.

Once again making grossly inaccurate statements of having done more for this country than any other president ever has.

Case in point, North and South Korea, Russia, Iran and China.

Outwardly it may appear that Trump has won with his threats, tantrums and sanctions but if one were to take a step back, it is pretty clear that they are working together as a united team.

Something Trump is really too stupid to see.


So, after yesterday’s ill thought out speech, that the UN laughed at, this week’s award goes to none other than Donald Trump himself.

Congrats our leader in chief.

Cristal M Clark

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WhatsApp Video Provoke Villages to Lynch Mobbing?


WhatsApp – Telangana, India


In the southern state of Telangana, India people pay more attention to the news circulating on WhatsApp than from any other source and this past summer, the news created panic, mayhem and some disturbing crime.

One a particularly warm night something unusual began to take place. Something the local police had not ever seen before.

The streets emptied early and every resident shuttered themselves behind locked and bolted doors just after dusk – in more than 400 villages.

Authorities were puzzled by the unusual behavior, it was summer after all and very hot and dry. Children usually played until much later in the night, villagers would sit outside enjoying the night breeze.


Turns out, some disturbing video was circulating on WhatsApp. Some of the disturbing video’s depicted adults being disemboweled, others showed children being abducted. Each video came with messages that were meant to be a warning, one of such messages was that tribespeople were killing villagers to steal human organs.

Each of the villages has roughly over 2 dozen WhatsApp users where it is said that media literacy is low.

During the investigation, police learned the disturbing and frightening videos actually started circulation way back in March, possibly even earlier.

In April two women who missed a bus after performing at a religious function decided to stay in the village overnight. Around midnight that night a drunken fool saw them and woke his village informing them that “child kidnappers” were in town.

That of course sent a lynch mob after the women who were saved in the end but not after being beaten.

From April to May it was reported that at least 13 similar incidents had occurred, in just one village.

In April mobs across India attempted to mob at least 25 individuals.

This proves just how powerful social media in this decade have become worldwide.

Some have turned to the sites for news and in some areas because that is the only way they can really get news.


While these sites fight any form of regulation, the honest truth is perhaps we might need to look at strict regulation that would hold the site itself responsible for allowing content to spread panic which then results in a lynch mob or two or a dozen or more.

Or we could simply wait until people just start killing one another.

Cristal M Clark

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Dive Team Finds Body Instead of Mannequin


Warwick, RI


When you poll the workforce you generally find out that people really do not much care to do those forced trainings we more often than not have to do.

I would imagine that would be the case especially for a dive team training from Warwick, RI.

warwick - ri- dive team-crimeshop

On Wednesday a police dive team was tasked with training, they were to search for a mannequin hidden in the Pawtuxet River as part of a body-recovery drill, when they recovered an actual body instead.

The officer who spotted the body under a bridge said he at first believed it to be the dummy they were looking for.

Police believe the corpse had been in the water for about a day before being discovered.

So, the training session turned into a recovery operation leaving one diver patrolling the river area for an extended period of time.

News of the discovery broke when the Cranston police said they were assisting the Warwick police with a report of a body found in the Pawtuxet River near Narragansett Parkway.

The body is thought to belong to a 55-year-old man, with his identity being kept under wraps until his next-of-kin have been notified. No cause of death has been released, but it is not being treated as suspicious.

No word on whether or not they ever located the mannequin they were to search for.

Cristal M Clark

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NYPD Cop Ran Gambling and Prostitution Racket




For the most part, police in our nation are great, every now and again though you run across one or two that simply want no part in actually upholding the law, particularly when it comes to themselves.

Ludwig Paz, a respected and highly decorated NYPD officer, as it turns out became the ring leader of an illegal gambling and prostitution ring in New York.


Ludwig is a retired vice detective who used his knowledge of policing to run the rackets while evading the detection of law enforcement for a time.

He was caught naturally, but not after reaping the financial benefits.

His excuses are:

A Costly Divorce

Child Support

The recession of 2008

He and his new wife were earning roughly $2 million between August 2016 and September 2017 running the illegal prostitution and gambling outfits.

Which they were happily blowing on fancy and pricey new cars, clothing as well as other expensive luxury items.

Take note that he and his new wife were not happily spending the funds on his children.

So, this week’s award goes out to Ludwig Paz, thanks for all of your years of service as a cop with the NYPD and in turn taking your knowledge of evading the law and legal system to break the law.


Kudos Ludwig.

Cristal M Clark

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Elon Musk’s Wish to be Sued – Granted?



Thailand Cave Rescuer Vernon Unsworth

This is a rather bit odd for a tiff between two adult men but here we go.


It seems that Elon Musk did not much care for Thailand Cave Rescuer, Vernon Unsworth’s comments with regards to a mini sub that Elon built in an effort to help with the Thailand cave rescue in July.

The buzz is that Vernon negatively criticized a mini sub that Elon had built which Elon took offense to.

Elon’s response to that was to accuse Vernon of being a pedophile.

He kept referring to Vernon as the “pedo guy” on Twitter of all places. To make matters worse it seems that Elon sent a rather odd tangent based email to Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed in turn actually released excerpts of the email that Elon sent.


At one fatal point Elon stated “I fucking hope he sues me.”

In it he continually accuses the cave diver of being a child rapist while providing no evidence to support the odd and unusual claim.

In the end, Vernon decided he was sick of it and gave Elon precisely what he wanted and is now suing him for around $75K and a court order that prevents Elon from making false accusations with regards to Vernon being a pedophile.

Vernon is a British citizen who was directly involved with saving a boys’ soccer team and their coach from a flooded cave they had become trapped in.

As Brilliant as Elon is, at times he like many brilliant individuals tend to go off on a senseless tangent that turns out to be rather regrettable in the end.

But hey $75k is just a drop in the bucket for a guy like Elon so I say he just agree to hand it over to Vernon and sing a legal document stating that he will never mention the man’s name again and walk away with some shred of pride and dignity.

Cristal M Clark

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