Big Pharma Sends Over 20M Pain Pills to Town of Only 3,200

Docs and Big Pharma

Pharmaceutical Industry Sending Some Love

From 2006-2016 two drug wholesalers happened to ship 10.2 million hydrocodone pills and a rather exessive 10.6 million oxycodone pills to two pharmacies in W. Virginia.

In a joint statement:

“These numbers are outrageous and we will get to the bottom of how this destruction was able to be unleashed across West Virginia.” Greg Walden, R-Ore who serves as the House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman, along with ranking member Frank Pallone Jr, D, NJ.


West Virginia suffered the highest drug overdose death rate of any state for the year 2016 by the way.  

A congressional committee that is tasked with investigating the opioid crisis discovered the rather large amount of opioids being sent to the such a small rural area and began to look into what might have been the root causes of it.

The panel set out letters to drug wholesalers Miami-Luke’s and H.D. Smith asking what the hell?


The committees investigations tend to look at identifying systemic issues like the mass amounts of opioids that are sent to small town pharmacies and one of the red flags is when the number of opioids exceed the towns actual number of residents.

In this case, it clearly shows abuse of the drugs because that averages out to more than 6,500 painkillers per person but…who is to blame for that, really?


Is it the patients who should be blamed for abusing the drugs?

Is it the wholesalers who are shipping them out?

Is it the pharmacies who are simply tasked with filling prescriptions?

The doctors who are handing out the opioid prescriptions like candy?

While I understand going after the wholesalers, let’s be completely and brutally honest here, this is still the US government going after the little guys instead of going for the mob bosses.

You know, the ones that just so happen to line the pockets of most of the politicians who are in the political arena.


Jeffrey Sessions and his crew can continue to go after these small time pushers, the reality is that the nation is starting to really see who is responsible for pushing the drugs and getting them out on the streets and sooner or later, big pharma is going to have to pay the price for creating addiction for the sole purpose of lining its pockets, rather than create cures.

Which is what it is advertised as, creating cures, and the ‘temporary’ relief of pain, and correct me if I am wrong, technically speaking of course, that is in fact, very false and misleading advertising now isn’t it?

Cristal M Clark

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Pill Mill Scheme Leaves 700 Dead – 7 Arrested


Opioid Trafficking – Knoxville, Tennessee, Florida and Rome


Pill mill scheme ends with 700 deaths, not 7, but 700 dead individuals.

5 american’s, two Italians arrested and subsequently charged with fraud and a pretty significant drug trafficking conspiracy to distribute opioids in both Florida and Tennessee.

Four of the defendants were from Knoxville, one from Florida, and two were arrested by authorities in Rome, the US is seeking to extradite those two.

The indictments that were handed down allege that each of the defendants were involved in a scheme to operate pill mills in the United States.

The defendants in this particular case just so happened to run The Urgent Care & Surgery Center Enterprise.


The profit that these 7 turned from the distribution of oxycodone, oxymorphone and morphine stands at the very least around $21 million, the pill mill scheme also involved kickbacks and of course money laundering.

As for the $700 dead patients, all of the deaths were a result of overdosing on the narcotics that were prescribed by the center. I’d be willing to bet that the narcotics were also being over prescribed.

These lovely defendants hired medical providers with DEA registration numbers, allowing the defendants to actually prescribe the drugs and worse, the clinics did not accept insurance and ordered drug screenings in order to defraud Medicare.

Drug dealers would send “patients” in droves to the clinics just to get drugs prescribed to the mules for resale purposes on the streets while the pretend patients would receive some of the narcotics in lue of pay for getting the prescriptions.


In all honesty it is time to take a hard look at opioids and consider taking them off of the table rather than cannabis.

They are the most abused and used drugs in the US, that just so happen to be some of the most deadly drugs that are in fact legal here in the US.

Of course the best and easiest way to do away with opioids and opioid abuse is to begin doing away with big pharma, who more often than not buys its way out of regulation, responsibility and accountability.

Cristal M Clark

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Jeff Sessions Sued by 12-Year Old Colorado Girl


Marijuana the Schedule I drug – That shouldn’t be a Schedule I Drug

I would love to be sitting here telling you that Jeff Sessions is being sued simply because he is a complete idiot but that’s not why he is being sued.


As it turns out a 12-year old girl here in Colorado is suing him over the drug policy here in America.

The drug in particular that Alexis Bortell is upset about just so happens to be cannabis.

Declassify Marijuana-Bernie Sanders-Crimeshop

So, Alexis Bortell has filed a lawsuit claiming that the federal prohibition on marijuana is unconstitutional.

Alexis Bortell-Crimeshop

Alexis just so happens to use a strain of cannabis oil called Haleigh’s Hope which helps with seizures. Alexis was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was younger and this should come as no shock to anyone, traditional medicine was not helping so she and her family moved to Colorado from Texas so that they could legally obtain cannabis oils to treat her.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee

The very sad truth is, the government is completely blind to the medical benefits from cannabis and that blindness just so happens to be on purpose.


Big Pharma is sleeping with quite a few folks in the political arena so…we have that and they do line quite a few pockets along the way.

Additionally, big pharma actually throws more money at trying to trick voters into not legalizing cannabis than most people know about. That’s because they would rather poison us all with that shit they make and try to shove down our throats, that does very little to resolve health problems, in fact more often than not they tend to create other, more debilitating health problems.

Cannabis helps resolve a plethora of health issues with more positive results and it’s not destroying internal organs along the way.

It’s a plant that’s been around since the beginning of time, with more medical benefits than any pill big pharma could ever dream of making. They are just pissed that the cannabis industry as a whole keeps shutting big pharma out of the industry.

Which is the smartest move anyone could make.  

Some of the health problems it’s known to help with are and certainly not limited to:





Nightmares (for those of us who suffer from severe nightmares)


Some forms of Depression

Some forms of Bipolar Disorder


Alzheimer and dementia patients, marijuana can reduce feelings of confusion and agitation

It was found that THC, blocks inflammation in the brain and “stimulates the removal of toxic plaque”.

Marijuana has also been used to help dementia patients

For stroke victims, marijuana can, quite literally, shrink the damage away

Marijuana can reduce tremors and slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease

A recent study in the journal Cerebral Cortex showed possibilities that marijuana can help heal the brain after a concussion, or other traumatic injury



Eating disorders

Crohn’s disease

Cancer, It was found in the study, published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, that Cannabidiol has the ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1

Eczema, Psoriasis, Atopic and Contact Dermatitis

Pain management

Helps reverse the carcinogen effects of tobacco, and improve lung health according to a study back in January of 2012, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

That’s a pretty decent sized list, yes? It’s not even complete, that is a partial list folks. 

Alexis has a huge following on her side right now which includes me.


Jeff Sessions might want to consider backing way off on his stance with regards to marijuana because he has an entire nation of people who do in fact believe in the medical benefits of cannabis because we’ve tried “traditional” medicine before and are fully and acutely aware of the dangers and damage traditional medicine causes to the human body and mind. 

Jeff Sessions is going to lose this battle eventually and it’s not going to be pretty for him at all.

Cristal M Clark

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Martin Shkreli sucker punches Big Pharma


Martin Shkreli vs Big Pharma

In a very strange turn of events Martin Shkreli has turned on big pharma and is now airing big pharma’s dirty secrets.

If you don’t recall just who Martin Shkreli is, well he just so happens to be the disgraced ex-CEO of multiple drug companies who became headline news when Martin decided to slightly increase some drug prices and then he faced an indictment for securities fraud.

In a very natural turn of events, big pharma decided to pull away from Martin and try to distance itself from Martin. They have even made bold steps in the form of commercials that aim to leave viewers feeling that big pharma is not like that greedy little Martin Shkreli.


Martin it seems has taken exception to the big pharma distancing itself from him, so Martin has created a brand new website that aims to air all of big pharma’s dirty little secrets so that the world can see, just how greedy and rotten big pharma really is.

Currently, Martin has roughly 26 companies listed in which he has provided some dirt on. He explains how some of the companies are built around price hiking.

The companies typically use price increasing to keen certain drugs profitable, in one case Martin tells about Biogen increasing the price of one drug 21 times and then subsequently pocketing billions yearly.

The biggest shocker is that he outright gave credit to Ovation Pharmaceuticals for having taught him the fine art of price hiking tactics.

Initially I was totally against Martin over what he had done but now, I have to give the guy some credit.

He worked in an industry to groomed him to become a greedy hog, they are doing all that they can to distance themselves from him, yet they are being allowed to continue to price increase certain drugs and then pocket billions.

That dirty little detail is the one thing that big pharma doesn’t want you to know about.

The biggest question in my mind is actually relatively simple:

Will the government start going after big pharma now or will they continue to sit by and allow the abuse?

Cristal M Clark

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Social Media Giants – to finally bed with Big Pharma?


Facebook – Twitter

Guess who wants to get into bed with social media giants Facebook and Twitter and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Russian hackers.


Big Pharma would like for you to start seeing ads for medications appear in your news feeds on Twitter and Facebook.  Or should I use the term “drug therapies” which is how big pharma is trying to re-brand itself.

Big Pharma spent over $6 billion on marketing and promotions for the year 2015 and they want us to believe they are about anything else other than creating disease, addiction and dependents?


Has Big Pharma not been on Facebook or Twitter, do the employees of Big Pharma not have these social media accounts?

I ask because overwhelmingly users of the social media giants are statistically more anti-big pharma than pro big pharma.

Big Pharma is also eyeing Pinterest, because as the Ad agency AbelsonTaylor puts it, “its users are mostly women, and women make most health care decisions in their households.”

So women are easily deceived is the message I get from that. More likely to buy into the BS…the list could go on and on here.

The issues that Big Pharma faces are number one, using ad agencies, stop using them, because they obviously have not paid attention to what Tweets, posts and pins have to say about how users really feel about Big Pharma and two, as it turns out, the FDA may not be too keen on the idea of Big Pharma appearing in a feed near you.

The reason being is that not all of the appropriate warning information would be available for users to read.

Social media is not the place for Big Pharma, I don’t even believe that TV, Radio or Print is the place for Big Pharma.

It says loudly and clearly that truly it’s about the money and not patient care. I am all for having options and knowing about different prescription meds, but I don’t want to see commercials about them.

I can find the information about “treatment” options all on my own.

Commercials glorify the outcome of each drug they advertise.

Rarely in looking at long term issues do the commercials address the destruction of the heart, liver kidneys and lungs which were caused by the use of the said prescription drugs.  

You take one pill then you have to take another to address the issues caused by the first pill, then you’ll find yourself having to take yet another to address more issues and so on.

Besides Big Pharma is very much in the business to create the need for users to continue to take the medications that they offer, not cure whatever affliction it is that one might have.

I know that Big Pharma has deep pockets and would pay top dollar to our beloved social media giants just to have shot at the chance to appear in our feeds.

I just hope that social media giants understand the users better than Big Pharma does and no matter how tempting the $$$ sounds, respectively decline allowing for Big Pharma to advertise using social media.

Even if they don’t, we as users still have the option to block the content like we currently have. I do it with all ads on all of my social media and I do use ABP for everything else.

The brain is like a sponge, the public craves information, sometimes yes to the point of overload, the point is, in today’s world the public is becoming more and more educated…

Soon, gone will be the days of pulling the wool over the sheep’s eyes…

Cristal M Clark

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