Shooting Leaves Family/Friends Shocked and Surprised?

Lee Keltner of Denver, Colorado

Cristal M Clark

Local news is reporting that the family and friends of Lee Keltner who was shot and killed over the weekend in Denver, Colorado are shocked and surprised. Lee Keltner, a right-wing demonstrator, was shot and killed after he assaulted Matthew Dolloff, a reporter’s bodyguard, who retaliated for a blow to the head and a spray of Mace by firing a single gunshot from point-blank range.

Shocked and Surprised are what you are when an overzealous cop has his knee to your neck, using the full weight of his body to strangle you to death and you slowly die over the course of 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Or when an innocent black woman is shot eight times and that she was simply considered collateral damage, while a white woman in a neighboring apartment that had been caught in the crossfire was considered an innocent victim. 

How can anyone be surprised by this? Someone commented to the local media: “he had mace hardly a reason for him to get shot and killed.” Might I suggest then, that he should have not participated in an opposing rally aimed only to instigate violence through nothing more than the almighty “white power,” hate speech, hateful rhetoric, intolerance and zero empathy? Perhaps he should have simply stayed the fuck home. If he had, he’d still be with us today. 

No instead Lee Keltner decided his time would be best spent joining the Patriots Muster rally and again the rally was being held for the sole intent and purpose to disrupt peaceful protesters, antagonize them, harass them, show a force of hatred and disregard for anyone else.

Ladies and Gentlemen the instigators, the agitators- the Far-Right. 

As described by far-right Twitter personalities, within minutes of the shooting — which took place after a sparsely attended rally described as a “patriot muster” against “BLM, Antifa,” these personalities love to stir the pot. 


This is the bed that Mr. Keltner made himself, his son watched him get killed but that was his father’s choice, his father’s doing, hate and intolerance never get you anywhere other than in the bed you simply made for yourself. 

This hate group along with the Proud Boys and those that claim to be a militia which by the way they are not true militias are just a part of Trump’s overall propaganda. The only true authorized militia in the US would be the national guard these groups and even I fail to point this out a lot, are non-authorized militia, they are militant groups, whose sole purpose to exist is to spread fear, hate, discontent and discord, to agitate and to instigate. Nothing more or less.

Why the leader of the Proud Boys this past weekend made a simple enough threat, to the media and quite publicly, that should Trump lose the election a civil war will break out. He should be in jail for that, it is a threat to our nation, a threat of terrorism or is the FBI good to let our home-grown terrorists start a war in the country? That guy belongs in jail and today.

maGetting back to Mr. Keltner a friend who knows him was quoted as saying: “To my knowledge, in 20 years, I’ve never known him to be a racist. A proud American? Yes. But a racist? No.”

If he is a proud American, he should be supporting the peaceful protests and rallies of others who are simply asking for, if not begging for equality and fair treatment by law enforcement, if he is fighting that, he is a fucking coward racist. You don’t get to paint the picture any differently than it is plainly already painted. I find it funny, a lot of people who do not support the anti-racist movement, will try to give you a million reasons why not and when pushed eventually show their true colors as nothing more than racists. America was built on racism and it is sad that when it’s fought these far-right groups feel you are anti-american, anti-america. 

Pathetically uneducated and completely mis-guided. I will say this again, it is our FBI that should be doing more to shut these groups down, remember many of them are heavily armed, they show up to protests and rallies locked and loaded with just enough anger to start shooting for very little reason whatsoever. 

Cristal M Clark

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Reddit Roasts America 

Foreigners Share Their Unfiltered Thoughts About the State of America 

Cristal M Clark 

I suppose we should have expected something like this, it is 2020 and Donald Trump has turned the White House into a cesspool of White Trash the last 4 years, pretty much filling the swamp with well, white trash. Today on Reddit non-American’s shared their unfiltered opinions about the state of America as she stands as of today, and it’s actually really more true than most are willing to admit. 

Look folks it’s no secret Trump and his administration failed really eloquently when it came to Coronavirus, it is also no secret that he is the by far biggest offender of spreading misinformation, I mean today he announced that Portland is on fire every day due to the protests. Portland is not on fire, are the protests out of hand? Yes.

Donald Trump also turns into a whiny little bitch when he is losing, he blames, pouts, lies, spreads misinformation trying to play into his base – in fact, he is running an add about defunding the police, with video playing in the background depicting violent protests that have all happened during his watch. 

He also stirs the pot with regards to racism, he supports gun toting thugs showing up to a protest and shooting at protesters, killing people. Trump supports gun nuts who believe in and support vigilantism and those who want to become vigilantes. 

It’s like he is fighting Biden, defunding the police and the police all at the same bloody time. 

Tf? Hello Donald, you cannot have your cake and eat it too here. Trump will publicly praise these individuals and condemn protesters? Trump supports vigilantism, the act of violent, murderous behavior and yet can’t seem to educate himself enough to garner a shred of understanding for BLM? 

No, rioting and looting are not protesting, I agree with that and it is still a fact that the groups looting and rioting are agitators who stand apart from peaceful protesters. These are in fact individuals who want to see this country go to war with each other. Yet at the same time, Trump will support a vigilante over the police he also claims to support? I’m so confused. 

A simple question on Reddit today did really open a lot of eyes. The viral Reddit thread invited non-Americans on the internet to weigh in, asking them: “What is your genuine reaction to what’s going on in America right now?” 

And here are more than just a few highlights with regards to how the rest of the world is seeing America right now:

“It’s like watching Britney Spears go through that “shaved-head phase.”

“America amirite” replaced talking about the weather. Everyone is dumbfounded by what’s going on.”

“For me, the craziest (and sadly, most predicable) thing was how there were Americans protesting face mask mandates. You’d think the most patriotic thing they could’ve done for their fellow countrymen would be to protect them, but nah.”

“On the other hand it’s sad that we know more about US politics than local politics. People protest for BLM in Berlin, and nobody talks about other things going on elsewhere.”

“The US always appeared like an older, stronger brother – now it feels like this brother started using meth.”

That one stings right?

“Actually, this is bit kind of encapsulates us perfectly. Don’t look too closely or you’ll see all the flaws. And the people who live here pretend they don’t exist.”

“You’re so busy flinging shit at each other, you can’t see the mess you’ve made.”

“European That lived in india and now in the states.. when I look back at American coworkers being afraid to have to travel to our india office and this it’s all so bad there I chuckle.. the streets here have always been dirtier than what I saw in Bangalore.. ppl here just don’t learn anything about any other country and think every other country has so much less.. I mean I was asked how I coped living in india for 2 years with no toilets in the house.. like wtf my apartment in Bangalore was nicer than the one I have in San Francisco.. every country has good and bad sides to it but the arrogance in the US that every other country only has bad sides to them and only the US is free (so many more points here) that will always be mind boggling to me.”

“I knew there were lots of idiots, but the sheer quantity is mind-blowing. And how so many Americans just can’t handle a view that’s different to their own, or at least allow others to have a different view, is crazy.”

“I’m from Syria. Everybody knew some shit like this is gonna happen.”

“I live in the asshole of the world Bosnia,Balkan.And it seems to me America just hit puberty.”

“Still on their first constitution.”

“Living in another shithole country (Republic of Moldova, Eastern Europe) I can confirm that what happens in USA right now is what we are experiencing here for more than 30 years. Even before that, even before USSR, we were quite a polarized country (I can’t even call us a nation).”

Guess we have Trump to thank for making the “Shithole Country” thing take off, it’s quite a hit. 

“Kinda surprised cuz you guys actually have money can live well have acess to culture and just dont even bother to , not really surprised cuz my country is even worst so the fact that people go out of their way to do dumb shit is something im very aware.”

“For me, I feel like nothing in America can surprise me now, I’m just like, ‘Of course that’s happening now.’ I feel sorry for the sane people over there.”

“Being in the UK right now kind of feels like being in a little boat that has broken down and everyone’s too busy being mad at the captain to fix anything. But then you look to the left and there’s a big cruise ship burning as it sinks with people fighting on every deck, and the captain’s throwing gasoline on everything, and you feel a little bit better about the shitty boat you’re in.”

“Canadian here. Like others have said, it’s really all beyond comprehension. To see a once-great nation plunged into chaos and insanity, being ripped apart by a disease that is going unopposed, and is even supported by the country’s own president and many citizens. My country is going well, all things considered, but I’m a bit scared that it’s going to make its way to us. We’re protected by a thin border and border patrol really. The American tidal wave could be disastrous to us if we let them through. We need to keep the borders closed for non-commercial travel.”

“Honestly, it’s borderline beyond comprehension. It constantly feels a little more like a poorly written soap opera than real life.”

“I can’t believe how Americans can politicize EVERYTHING?! Wearing masks, postal service…and before these newer topics, universal healthcare, free (or at least vastly cheaper) university, higher taxation, etc. Those things are a reality in most developed countries, but in America it seems like you can just scream ‘socialism’ and people are against everything. From my German point of view, the two-party system and electoral votes are seriously fucked up, and even the moderate Democrats are pretty right-wing.”

“I don’t wanna talk about Trump, but wow, the anti-maskers piss me off. Like, dude, wear a fucking mask. How hard can it be?”

“This us also true in America. No one knows anything about their local politics. So many if these systemic issue would be better addressed if people focused their energy on their local communities.”

“It honestly just looks like a reality show. It’s really how you’d expect a country like america to be.”

It does not get any better the more you read and honestly, none of it is a lie or in any way, shape or form inaccurate. 

Both sides are to blame, both are stirring the pot, Trump is supporting a murderous teen who shot protesters, killing two and he is stirring the pot by painting the shooter as a victim? It isn’t getting any better, it in fact stands to get worse. This country very well could find herself at war by the new year. This young man not only set out to shoot people, he waltzed into a protest carrying a loaded weapon illegally, this young man had clear intent to kill all in the name of Donald J Trump. 

That isn’t just the only infraction here, we have adults having meltdowns over wearing a fucking mask. These people will literally inhale a bucket of KFC, wash it down with mashed potatoes and gravy without taking a single, solitary breath, and can’t wear a mask to run into the grocery store? And Trump supports that behavior. He managed to find some whack job doctor to go against the grain and agree with anything and everything Donald J Trump wants in an effort to sweep the truth under the rug while more American lives are lost? Are you kidding? I am utterly surprised the guy isn’t urging us to drink shots of bleach. 

The point is, Russia got precisely what she wanted here, manipulate, lie, throw a baboon into the oval office, rip America apart. And Russia is still meddling,  you see on social media all the time, in particular Facebook, so much misinformation is being shared through memes, fake news, groups that are not legitimate, it’s everywhere. 

I understand why the rest of the world views us the way they do, try be an American and watching your entire world fall apart all at the hands of some pretty piss poor leadership who could could give a shit less about even his supporters who are also dying of Covid, worse yet being charged criminally for pulling guns on people, calling the police on Blacks who are bird watching or strolling down the street, wrecking stores, hitting people, spitting on people, coughing on people, pulling guns on people all because they were asked to wear a mask into an establishment, the most patriotic thing you can do. Trump doesn’t like the all too real honesty of his own White House medical team with regards to Covid-19, so he brings some lackluster wannabe who just wants his name in a history book or two to go along with what Trump wants here because I’m sure somewhere Donald has a PHD right?  

On the other side, rioting and looting that isn’t helping, that too is making matters worse and that lends power to Trump’s cause, his base, his misinformation campaign. This is America and people shouldn’t fear living here, Blacks should not have to fear being stopped by a cop for any reason. Our president should be the loudest voice of all in support of Black lives, yet he prefers to stir the racial pot. 

And all of this is what Putin wanted. 

Congrats Putin. 

Cristal M Clark

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Criminal Justice Reform – How Do We Tackle That?

Broken Criminal Justice System of the United States of America 

Cristal M Clark 

As we face racial bias at the hands of the police we must also face Judicial Reform along with Criminal Justice reform. Both our Judicial System and  Criminal Justice System in the United States happens to be two of the most broken, outdated and lopsided systems in the world. 

In terms of Criminal Justice, in the past few months I have worked with prosecutors and victims of crime and continue to hear about DA’s offering deferred sentences as if they are candy to the wealthy, affluent and the white. On the flip side should someone be black, brown or poor well they are not afforded the same opportunity as their white counterpart who committed similar crimes. 

That is completely inexcusable, disgraceful, disgusting and highlights how those that working in the Criminal Justice System, make a mockery of it. I am not sure how many of you advocate for the rights of those who were punished to fullest extent but that maybe did not deserve that, victims or family members of victims, but if you do are not sick of hearing defense lawyers argue that defendants due to status, education or race deserve more of an opportunity than someone less fortunate or who is black or brown?

When you look at reforming the Criminal Justice System, you also have to look at Judicial reform as a whole which is part political, and that is a much more difficult feat to actually accomplish but it can be done. 

We need to take away the ability to offer plea deals based off of race, social standing, class and sex. That needs to be taken away right away. Deferred sentencing should only be allowed for minor infractions, deferred sentencing should never be allowed or offered when an act of criminal violence has been committed. 

Deferred sentencing in recent years has widely been abused by prosecutors nationwide, leaving victims, revictimized, disrespected and unheard through the process. What is deeply more concerning is the rate at which a deferred sentence is offered to white, affluent males as opposed to black or hispanic males who commit like crimes. What that ends up doing to an offender, if they finish the deferred sentence and comply with everything, that record vanishes from a public records search. I don’t need to tell what that does to someone’s chances of being employed, who was not offered the same grace.

We as a society need to push for reform and change within that system, one of our best opportunities to do that is to vote, Judges are voted for not appointed. Do your homework on Judges in your city or municipality and get out and vote. Another crucial step is having each other’s backs. Seek out victim advocates in your community that don’t work for the DA’s office, most of us will offer our services for free which I know a lot of people do not know about. Your assigned victims advocate through the Criminal Justice System works for the prosecution, the prosecution cares only for a guilty plea, not you, not what you want or what you need much less actually seeking justice as per the guidelines of the law. Seems like that is too quickly forgotten once an offender is in the Criminal Justice System. And, we can push to defund cities, counties and municipalities when the courts in each continually fail at upholding the law and continue to make a mockery of our Criminal Justice System.

Those of us that go into courtrooms are a strong reminder and a powerful one of precisely where the system abuses and misuses its power, how deals are being offered that should not be and how Judges just preside and go along with things forgetting just what our Criminal Justice System is here for. Advocates like myself also fight for those that are facing having the book thrown at them when that simply is not warranted or those that have been abused by the very system they are facing for some type of criminal activity.  

We also need to address DA’s and prosecutors who both abuse and misuse their power to offer a deal. We the people, have the right and the power to remove any DA or prosecutor who has a history of giving too many deals to one class or race, who offer deals just to get a conviction, and who are handing out deferred sentences like candy. One of the worst acts of a DA is to give a deferred sentence to someone who commits an act of violence whether it is beating up a neighbor or an act of domestic violence. Too many times later down the road the offender ends up murdering or severely hurting someone else. Yet DA’s in recent years are handing out deferred sentences left and right. DA’s are here to represent the law and it’s victims, not themselves. 

We also have to start looking at every law written on the books, many are antiquated and outdated, they make no sense when one looks at the sentencing phase. Laws need to be overhauled and rewritten along with sentencing guidelines. 

How deals are handed out and offered need to be handled with strict, constructive and fair guidelines. As Reverend Al Sharpton put it, we need a Criminal Justice System that is a Criminal Justice System for all – not just one race, not just the white race or just black race. Taking that a step further we need a system that no longer offers better deals to the wealthy and affluent over those that are not. No more holding down people just because of race or social and financial class. 

Protesting gets the cause noticed but we also need to follow that through with action and a strong commitment to be heard, to have conversations with those we need to, to show up and not put up with injustice and racial bias through our Criminal Justice System and to offer our help in making the necessary and long overdue changes this country needs, most importantly we need to advocate for each other through the process when needed. 

Together we are the best chance of making change happen but we have to fight for each other here too without any bias whatsoever. 

It’s now a time for action across the board here, we’ve talked on the news and in the streets long enough, now it’s time to start sitting with leaders, prosecutors, attorneys and Judges and make change happen. 

Cristal M Clark

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Black Lives Matter Movement is out of control


Was it ever in control?

This past weekend several media outlets reported on the Black Lives Matter protesters getting out of control during protests across the US. I just saw a news clip out of St, Paul telling viewers that an officer has suffered serious spinal injuries because protesters dropped a cinder block on the officer’s head?!?!?

Are you kidding me? Not even a week after 5 officers were gunned down and killed in Dallas, TX some folks thought it would be a good idea to drop a cinder block on an officer’s head?

The leaders of this movement need to reign it in before the message gets lost.

To be fair however, the day after the shooting in Dallas, I had the TV on while getting ready for work and sneaking in an 3 AM workout, 4 hours of nonstop news coverage was dedicated to the shooting in Dallas. 4 hours of no other news but the shooting in Dallas, I think even the weather was cut short that morning to continue live coverage about the shooting in Dallas.  

The media was camped out at the hospital while hospital workers made a line blocking the media from actually filming the bodies of the officers being removed from the hospital.

The media is so goddamned classless they can’t even give the fellow officers, families, loved one’s or hospital any breathing room, while they try to broadcast live on TV the dead, lifeless bodies of the officers being wheeled out on a gurney and loaded up for the morgue.

Is that what we American viewers want to see broadcast whilst eating breakfast? The bodies of dead police being wheeled out to an awaiting vehicle?

Wouldn’t mainstream media be happier if they were allowed into the morgue to film the autopsy for all of us to see on live TV?

I was horrified to see the news about Dallas, my heart sank.  I was also horrified by the coverage by our media industry and I was disgusted by the lack of decency. They reminded me rabid dogs in the wild. 

That’s classy!

Two men were shot and killed by police last week, two African American men which is why the Black Lives Matter movement was protesting at the time of the shooting in Dallas.

So getting back to being fair, I did not see 4 hours of solid coverage of either of those two shootings and quite frankly that is part of the problem.

The movement feels unheard so in order to get heard, they become destructive and out of control in some cases. It matters not that the movements leaders ask that protesters remain peaceful, the followers want to be heard and when they feel unheard, they get out of control.

Some members of the movement see that a black man just shot 5 officers as everyone saw on TV nonstop for 24 hours the day after. That member then gets an idea.. If we want to bring attention to our cause, I have to do something risky in order to get it otherwise the media is not going to cover it.

As we have seen with every mass shooting in this country, they get bigger, bolder and dirtier. The reason’s get crazier, the shooters get crazier, and the reason why they did it get’s lost thanks to every live news broadcast on TV.

The media is as equally out of control and out of hand with its thirst for violence. I mean nonstop man, 24/7 the Dallas shooter is in the news, his picture, his name, this headline from Business Insider “The Dallas shooter was ‘ostracized’ by black power groups before he opened fire on police officers in Dallas.”

“Black” power groups. Again, I’ve said this before too, why do we always feel the need to highlight “black”  rather than just “power” group? By using words that lean towards racial division, we instill it into the reader’s mind.

The media released details about his military service, an image of a social media account he had was online the day after the shooting as the media was so thirsty for anything they could find out about the guy.

I’ve said this before as well, it is not the media’s job to investigate these types of situations and bring us the details until law enforcement is ready to release it.

I’ve hinted at this in my past pieces about the Ferguson Effect, the media should be held accountable for some of this violence because of the way they report it.

Countless headlines keep popping up about why the guy did it and the media is bringing in experts, blaming the cops, blaming things like radicalization, the Black Lives Matter Movement…let’s be honest and call it like it is.

Maybe the man felt alone, he wanted to be part of something, he felt held down, held back, he wasn’t getting anywhere with his life, finding a job that’ll cover the bills is not easy these days for anyone.

Maybe he was discriminated against not only for being black but because maybe being in the military messed with him mentally a little bit and no one would hire him. Yes employers do that, they just choose not to report that they do. Maybe he had a run in with police and he was angry about that, maybe he had a fine that he was upset about…

Maybe he did try to join some type of group that had a propensity for violence…

The point is, the media should stop trying to suggest reasons why he did it and let law enforcement tell us when they finish with the investigation. The media should stop trying to “help” us understand the shooter, they are hindering the outcome.

A lot of times when someone get’s to a breaking point, they will try to be part of a group that will help provide basic necessities for them, or bring them much needed resources, such as living expenses, food, even if that group is a radical one. When even that doesn’t work, well this is exactly how it turns out.

The goal of law enforcement is always to understand why, to get to that goal investigators go through the person’s life very carefully not in the course of a newscast or two or just a quick look at his social media. Investigations take so long because investigators actually investigate not grasp at any meat on the bone they can get to.

At least investigators make the effort to the understand the person and the why so they can better prevent shootings like this in the future. I am not even sure what in the hell the media is trying to do. All I know is that by the time investigators usually release the details as to why no one is listening any longer because the media painted the picture for us, the way they wanted to.

Someone should reign those guys in…while we are at it. 

I have also seen countless headlines that are really divided about whether or not our country is divided by racism or even if we have a problem with racism.  Even social media is deeply divided.

Well, we do have a problem with racism, we also have a problem with sexism, we are divided over whether or not to treat those in the LGBT community as equal, women have to fight for the same pay a man gets for doing the same job…

So should BLM just get over it then?

The Black Lives Matter Movement provides a venue for those that are fed up, but because of the movements lack of control over its own protests, the movement provides a venue to those who are willing to behave violently just to get the point across. They are providing the perfect storm for those seeking to cause violence, kill or harm police and in general aren’t at the protest in an effort to make things better or so that they can be part of making sure the world hears the movements cause.

Things like blocking traffic on major roadways, impeding the passage of pedestrians trying to get somewhere safely, bringing guns to protests, dropping cinder blocks on the heads of our police, shooting our police, do not fall under the category of a peaceful protests.

Protesters are better served if they direct the protests to the appropriate parties, not interfering with the public’s right or ability to get to and from on major roadways or walkways.

By that I mean, a protest held at that cities capital, state building and the like, instead of interfering with the general public’s ability to travel by car or foot. That just makes the public decline to support your cause because you are causing problems.

So is the Black Lives Matter Movement out of control?

I’m not sure it ever was in control, it’s always been riddled with rioting and violent behavior. They seem to think that the general public has to hear their message and the message isn’t even clear.

Saying things like “Stop Shooting Unarmed African American Men” while some of those of those men were shot while committing a crime and failing to do as police instructed, well most people feel the shooting was justified and not racially motivated. That is because BLM has not provided any facts to say that it was.

So the message becomes lost because while BLM and it’s supporters want you to believe most police shootings of African American males are racially motivated, the statistics simply and undeniably never have supported that. To be honest, when you are asked to comply with orders from a police officer and fail to do that, you could potentially escalate the situation to the point where someone gets shot. Black, white, whatever race. 

Before anyone starts, we could argue that all day long because anyone can get google gun stats and police shooting stats all day until they find the one they want to use.

I get mine from the FBI because I enjoy things like drinking coffee, if I google searched the stats on officer involved shootings I’d have less time to make (I use a press) and then enjoy a delicious cup or two or more of coffee.

So in short no I do not believe that BLM ever had control, it’s message was never clear. They tried to raise awareness about officers shooting unarmed individuals and went about it by saying race had something to do with it. It didn’t. Cops shoot unarmed individuals of every race.

The leaders of BLM went about this whole idea the wrong way and lost complete control of it, which is exactly why no one listens to it. The point that they tried to get across is that black’s are more likely to get arrested, pulled over, serve longer sentences than whites. But clearly from the protests I have seen they centered the efforts around black males who were shot, some of which were shot while breaking the law, not complying with police orders, reaching for a gun or what appeared to be a gun after the situation had escalated. 

The point is, the reason people don’t respect or believe in BLM is because they have centered around individuals who were caught behaving badly. IF the individuals had not been, well the outcome would have been different.

All save for the media, they love reporting on the violence so that keeps the movement alive at least.

If it were me and thankfully it’s not, I’d scrap the movement or get my ass in gear and save it. Until then the police are now leary and untrusting of these large scale protests, who could blame them if they overreact then and whatever message, well it will get further lost.  

Again, I’ve said this before in my Ferguson pieces, cops are less racist than BLM makes them out to be. Racism in this country is being perpetuated by it’s citizens, the media and movements like Black Lives Matter.

While it racism is alive and well, so are other discrimination’s against others and they all deserve attention. 

I see this all over social media, “All Lives Matter.” Until we decide to understand that we will always be divided.
Cristal M Clark


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I know that many of you are wondering why I opted to put a picture of Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz up? Well, he was a not so good cop in that he stole money from the very program he helped to create and run. He didn’t beat anyone or shoot anyone, in fact, by all accounts as far as his job was concerned, the one where he worked the streets as a cop, he was rather exemplary at it.


As of today however, his own brothers and sisters in uniform, in turn upon learning of his crime have since dubbed him a disgrace and are now tossing around through media, accusations of additional indiscretions/misconduct, by this officer. News comments sections are lighting up already this morning over that headline.

Think about those of you who used Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz’s death as a way to parlay and insinuate that police are; bad, thugs, racists, gun toting mafia types, who protect each other, rape women and, who shoot to kill anything that moves especially unarmed, innocent African Americans.


Maybe Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz was a coward in the end, maybe he wasn’t. His death however opened a door and exposes us to how we really feel as a nation about police, most importantly about how we feel about each other. This is the real Ferguson Effect. It actually has a hell of a lot less to do with racial bias on the part of police than most people realize. The overall consensus is that cops are thugs, hired mob men, rapists, liars, bullies, thieves…the list just spirals down and out from then on.

Of course everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, just keep in mind however that, when shared publicly on forums or message boards if you speak hate, you breed it. If you continue to say things such as “and to think the police blamed blacks for this, now who is to blame, whites” you continue to breed racist views.

You continue to be the problem.

We, the public are keeping us divided by race, sexual orientation, age and gender. We speak it daily, we live it daily and we teach it to our children. The Ferguson Effect has more to do with how we feel about one another than how our police feel about us. Our policing issues are a way different beast altogether.

I actually took the time to read through countless articles, message boards, forums and the like and put together a rather interesting take on how the public in general feels. As much as I could, I tried to capture some of the more negative comments because, like the media chooses to do, I wanted to give you a one sided view.

NBC had a great start with: Video shows Cop Body Slamming High School Girl in SC Classroom.

The first paragraph:

“The FBI has been asked to investigate an incident at a South Carolina high school Monday in which a police officer appeared to body slam a female student and drag her across a classroom.”

Second Paragraph:

“The confrontation, captured on cellphone video at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C., has drawn intense criticism on social media, from the school district’s Black Parents Association — the student is African-American — and the American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina, which called the deputy’s actions ‘egregious.’”

“the student is African-American.” You know if the media stuck more to facts rather than race we wouldn’t have so much of the Ferguson Effect, i.e. racial bias on the part of police, going on and we could deal with the real issues with policing in America which I might add, no one has a clue about because we are too busy making those issues into race issues.

IF the media actually gave a shit they would have stuck to the story without having had to involve the race of the girl. What happened was they creatively, and with gross negligence, inserted race as if it mattered into the story. It didn’t matter, the article was fine the way it started and should have maintained that the entire way through. That would have been integrity at it’s fullest.

Making statements like “the school district’s Black Parents Association” hell even having a Black Parent’s Association speaks volumes to a kid. Do we not have PTA’s in all school districts in this country that are made up of all races of the parents or do blacks need to separate, as in to segregate themselves from the other races?   

Is everyone missing this or…when groups up and decide they need to create the same group but one for their own race they are only segregating themselves and by doing so they are breeding the very definition of racism.  

Every time race is inserted into a news story, commentary, or headline we create an atmosphere that indulges itself in those ideas. In turn, in our minds they become the real issue because it’s being shoved down our throats at every turn.


I agree with FBI director James B Comey in that we have an issue currently with policing in America, I don’t agree with him, the media and myself included,  calling it The Ferguson Effect.

I don’t agree with that because, that title, in and of itself further perpetuates the idea and notion that race is the underlying issue with policing in this country. It’s not!


What our government, community leaders, BLM and other groups should be looking at is what are the real issues and work on those. So people like Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be sitting with people like Michael Brown’s mother, Tamir Rice’s mother or Trayvon Martins mother and figuring out how to stop police from shooting innocent African-American Males, who happened to be breaking the fucking law at the time they got shot. three upstanding, shining examples of young American Men who were blatantly showing the entire world just how much someone else’s life mattered at the time they were each shot.  She does us all a disservice by once again turning this into a race issue. Doesn’t she have some damn Benghazi scandal to continue to cover up anyway?  


We have great police departments all over across this country, ones that seemingly do everything right, yet we have some where the very communities they police fear them. Why? Address that, without the benefit of using race as the reason the relationship between a community and its officers has broken down if you dig enough you’re going to find the truth. It’s not race at all.

It is a two way street, both sides need to stop using race as reasons, justification and excuses. Simply put, race needs to stop being used as a reason to behave badly, as an excuse as to why someone feels that they have been unjustly treated and/or seemingly held back from being able to live the life they feel that they deserve.

Every time race is used as a reason for something, a way to hurt or insult another, the very idea that we are divided as a nation and a people is further instilled into the young minds of all young American’s.


Below, are some of the many news articles I made it through with some of the comments posters made to further drive home the point that The Ferguson Effect is more about our misguided views, perpetuated by a media starved for any action because it sells advertising time. It does highlight though that the public is upset and angry at our police but why? Reading the comments I saw a lot of regurgitation of information but nothing that would indicate why someone hates cops so much…a real reason, something personal…

Anyway, if you make it all the way to end you might get a chuckle out of the last article, where I included my own personal comments. Admittedly, reading a lot of these can bring you down a little so the last article is a little on the fun side.  

*Note, I didn’t take the time to correct any grammar or spelling errors that posters made I just copied over the comments I found on each news site.*


The Washington Post, August 8, 2015 “Ferguson: The Police Still Killing Unarmed Black Men One Year Later”

Byron Allen

7:24 AM EST

the entire issue is fabricated in an effort to get black voters to the poles next year.

Steve Kiefer

10/27/2015 2:35 PM EDT

Since blacks commit 40% to 50% (depending of the year) of all voilent crimes it should be no surprise they are 40% of those shot while unarmed.

the “police are out to get black people” narrative is a media made myth.


10/30/2015 12:49 AM EDT

How about we try looking at the inverse scenario? Of 800,000 police officers in this country, an average of 23 are killed each year by African Americans. Of 41,700,000 African Americans in this country, an average of 238 are killed each year by police (regardless of justification). That means that police officers are generally at least 5 times more likely to be killed by an African American than an African-American is to be killed by the police.

Tim Ray

10/11/2015 10:25 PM EDT

“Anyone who doubts the vicious anti-white racism displayed by the controlled mass media in America need only consider the fact that they have ignored at least 9,000 nonwhite upon nonwhite murders which have occurred in the last year in favor of the Zimmerman/Martin case where they tried to show ‘white racism.’

According to the FBI’s own statistics, there were 14,548 homicides in 2011. Of this number, 5,486, or 53.7 percent, of the offenders were identified as black, and another 4.077 as “unknown.”…


10/8/2015 8:34 PM EDT

When 30% of your male population has been in jail at one time or another, and most of the murders committed in the 4 worst cities in the country are caused by black gangs and black drug dealing, then the cops are going to err on the side of caution. If 70% of black children grow up without fathers and then you blame society because your culture is uneducated, uncontrolled, and challenges authority, then you have only yourself to blame. Keep challenging the cops so they are hesitant to stop the real criminals so your cities and areas stay drug riddled toilets. Keep pushing rap and gansta lifestyles as things to achieve instead of education and hard work and eventually someone will take out the thugs either through legal or illegal means. Why do you think concealed carry permits are still on the rise?

Jack Burke

8/16/2015 10:19 PM EDT

Individuals (BLACK, WHITE, HISPANICS,ASIAN, ETC.) who do not respect authority and do not comply to Officers commands cause many of these tragic incidents by their own behavior resulting in DEATH. Believe the numbers or not, MORE WHITES ARE KILLED BY POLICE EVERY YEAR THAN BLACKS. Where are the PROTESTERS about the BLACK on BLACK CRIMES like MURDERS, ROBBERIES, HOME INVASIONS,ETC.???? This counry has been going down hill for past 7 years due the present Administration Policies.

Finally a really good response to the article….


8/14/2015 8:27 PM EDT

Admittedly, the disparity in the number of unarmed black men killed warrants an examination of what is happening, but it is only a starting point, and does not remotely justify any conclusion on its own. A lot of factors that have nothing to do with racial profiling could easily be the cause.

For example, after the Trayvon Martin shooting, the Tampa Bay Times built a database of killings in Florida where the killer claimed self-defense (supposedly a database of ‘Stand-Your-Ground” cases, but included cases, like Martin’s, where SYG was not a factor). Initially they reported that they had found that those who killed black men were significantly more likely to avoid charges or be acquitted than those who killed members of other races, a point played up in the media to attack self-defense laws as racially biased. However, the Tampa Bay Times gave no explanation for this fact that they reported out of context, and simply implied that it was due to racism.

But the very next day they reported *all* the statistics from the database, in a story largely ignored, including the fact that the reason why the killers of black men were convicted of a crime less often was because when black men were killed in cases where self-defense was claimed, they were significantly more likely than any other group to be armed and/or committing a violent crime when killed. And the people who killed them were overwhelmingly black victims of those violent crimes. That explained why their killers weren’t convicted of crimes, not racial bias.

The point is that while statistics like the one reported in this story, and the one cherry-picked and reported out of context initially by the Tampa Bay Times should cause one to ask for answers as to why there is such a difference, neither of them remotely justify jumping to the conclusion that the correct answer is racism. Each case needs to be evaluated individually, and factors that differ between cases, other than race, must also be considered.


Mother Jones, July 29, 2015 – Cincinnati Cop Charged With Murder in Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Black Man

Gene Starwind3 months ago

They’ll get an all-white jury that will acquit yet another murderer with a badge. Dexter would be so proud.

CatKinNY  Guest3 months ago

You seem to be under the misapprehension that the police are allowed to execute people who are attempting to flee after they stop them for something trivial. THEY ARE NOT, which is why Tensing has been arrested for murder, as was Michael Slager in Charleston.

Cops had better wake up to the fact that they are operating in a world transformed by video cameras, where their sworn statements that they feared for their lives won’t be accepted by prosecutors or jurors who can watch what they did with their own eyes and judge them on it.

FYI, Tennessee v Garner, which held that the police may only fire on fleeing FELONY suspects IF they have reasonable cause to think the suspect is an imminent danger to themselves or others, was decided in 1985; what Tensing did has been unambiguously against the law longer than he’s been alive. If they can’t shoot fleeing burglars, they REALLY can’t shoot you for a missing license plate.

Local Guy  LittleLion8U3 months ago

You think the cop wanted to kill that guy? He woke up that morning saying “Ima kill a black man today!” AND! I’m going to make sure my camera is working.

Seditious  Local Guy3 months ago

It must be nice to have the issue of Black people being executed over trivial offenses, at the end of the day, be Diversions From Work. I guess that comes from not having to worry about your child or your husband or your cousins or your co-workers or your sister every time we hop in the car. Must be nice.

Nikki Ramey  LittleLion8U3 months ago


aoeu  Local Guy3 months ago

so it wasn’t on purpose, someone just gave a retard a gun and a badge…

images (1)

The Washington Post November 4, 2015 Illinois police officer whose death prompted a manhunt was killed in ‘carefully staged suicide,’ officials say


10:33 AM EST

And now we know this guy had a long history of disciplinary problems, including threatening to put three bullets in a police dispatcher’s chest! And yet he was promoted into positions of authority! The PD was fully aware he was a rogue cop, yet they celebrated him as a “hero”, and tried to cover up his crimes!

Jae Anderson

11/5/2015 10:03 AM EST

How many innocent citizens were harassed and/or detained during the manhunt that ensued after this jackwad took his own life?

Val Hall

11/5/2015 7:49 AM EST

This should not be the end of the investigation. Those within the police department and city government who tried to pressure, muzzle and vilify the coroner, who must have known within a few days that this was a suicide, should pay with their jobs.

project honda

11/5/2015 7:06 AM EST

A non-thinker, a spectacle suicide to have every aspect of hie life examined!

He should of taken up sky diving and sabotaged the parachute!

Instead he was addicted to the Hollywood script of two Honkies and a Brother!


11/5/2015 5:27 AM EST

Funny how the leader of the fraternal order of murdering pigs is going off about Quentin Tarantino….

But not a word about this fake “fallen hero” scumbag.


11/5/2015 5:08 AM EST

Turns out the “hero” is just another scummy stinking pig…

At least this one shot the right person.


11/5/2015 4:17 AM EST

Isn’t this always the case? With almost 30 years as a Cop your telling me someone didn’t look the other way? And that’s the problem with law enforcement…the corruption is systemic. Whether it be bearing false witness on Police Reports or covering up the corruption of others, most Cops are crooked. I just can’t wrap my mind around what is worse. Actively being corrupt, or witnessing corruption and doing nothing about it…even lying to protect the other Cops from being held accountable. Time and time again, these guys attempt to join the FBI and are rejected after the lie detector test. Gee, I wonder why? Every Cop who ever worked with this guy probably has their life under a Microscope right now. I see a lot of “Early” retirements and lateral transfers on the Horizon. I’ll bet there are tons of Lawyers who had contact with him that would tell you the same thing. Some that I’ve talked to over the years have told me that a lot of Cops are compulsive liars when it comes to advancing their careers or explaining inconsistencies in their reports.


11/5/2015 12:21 AM EST

Oh and the right wing propaganda was blowing up after this happened with the right wing calling for a shoot-first approach to black men because they were certain, beyond any doubt, that it was “black thugs” from Chicago that had traveled to Fox Lake to assassinate this police officer. I was so appalled by what I was reading all over the place at that time and was truly fearful that many unsuspecting, innocent people would get roughed up or worse during the manhunt and investigation.  

I also am really confused how gunshot residue tests immediately done would not tell investigators what they now admit to…that the stippling showed this shooting was self-inflicted.  

I am so disgusted right now.

Kaspar Hauser

11/4/2015 11:26 PM EST

I guess Fox will have to look for a new poster boy for BlueLivesMatter.

Fox News November 4, 2015 – Illinois police officer’s shooting death called ‘carefully staged suicide

Kashmere2823 hours ago

Do you sheep believe there are some bad cops now? Or are you still in denial?

TellMeSomethingGood23 hours ago

So did this guy lie and say it was Black men who shot him? If true, what else is new?  Cops need to look at their own.  I don’t like Black Lives Matter and I don’t like the cop community turning a blind eye to the fact they have a LOT of bad cops.

Kashmere2823 hours ago

You don’t need a college degree to be a good cop. No wonder our country is going down hill. We value pieces of paper more than a person’s potential.

ChukUFarley1 day ago

Just another crooked cop

spqrome1 day ago

Contrary to what cons believe……some cops are criminals too.

For some strange reason, cons believe that the laws that apply to you and I should not apply to cops. And anything they do is above scrutiny and should never be questioned.

It’s very similar to the police states of Iran and NK

Kato30001 day ago

When they first announced this cop’s death, the blogs were filled with racism and blaming BLM. My oh my the conversation looks different now.

guestfornow1 day ago

@Kato3000 No, it’s still the same…… BLM SUCKS!

download (1)

ABC News November 4, 2015 – Fox Lake Officer Committed Suicide After Years of ‘Extensive Criminal Acts’

trompe l’oeil  Mhysaa day ago

Really setting an example of what to expect from that line of work though

trompe l’oeil  Abrona day ago

My grandfather was a captain of detectives, trained by the FBI.

He told me about corrupt politicians and police since I was very young, first hand. Denying that there are criminal police is seriously naive

Wastrel Way  Code of the West20 hours ago

Most of us do not have extensive contact with criminals, the ability to assist them with their problems, and we do not experience the temptations that arise. It’s quite likely that more police fall into corruption than ordinary citizens

me jackson  Code of the West11 hours ago

I think you’re seriously naive. The “Blue LIne” mentality among police officers keeps the truth about true police criminality from being revealed.

Police have a difficult job But no one forces them into the profession. They do so knowing the hardships and the privileges it provides, including the ability to retire at 55 years (for most LE agencies.

they are held above mere citizens because they are supposed to uphold the law. Officers who violate that position are therefore destructive to the rule of law and should be held accountable.

This officer’s suicide is a tragedy for his family-my sympathies go out to them. But he is nonetheless a police officer who violated his public trust.

me jackson  Code of the West3 hours ago

“Your opinion is meaningless” a typical law enforcement response-“who cares what those we are sworn to protect think.”

It will be the downfall of LE in this nation if such thinking continues. People are tired of police officers hiding the crimes of the minority of their numbers. In the past 20 years, I’ve seen a big difference in the way juries accept, or don’t accept, the testimony of LE officers.

“Meaningless” will be the status of respect for LE unless LE changes.

images (6)

Fox News November 5, 2015 – Widow and Son Under Investigation in Embezzlement Scheme –

JoseCalo46 minutes ago

Look at all the other 5000 cops attending his funeral despite knowing the facts about their crooked buddy ?. What does this tell us ? That they approve of his behavior and stick by him no matter what ? Only gangsters and Mafia types attend the funerals of their deceased fellow wrongdoers in good conscience, or lack of it. He didn’t deserve to have so many fellow cops at his funeral. I sincerely hope that traffic was not blocked and public resources – i.e. gas, motorcycles, cars, time, tax payer money, etc – were not used to honor this thief. This is why we need to be vigilant with respect to cops. Look at their behavior – sticking together even in the face of clear and proven wrongdoing by one of their own. That says a lot about our Police Forces and their dangerous brotherhood.

bharata37 minutes ago

@JoseCalo  If you look at the distributions of the psychological profiles of policemen and of convicted felons, they are almost identical.

bharata15 minutes ago

@ServedwithPride1973 @JoseCalo  We have reached the point where the police cause more harm than they prevent.  We would be better off with no cops than with the cops that we have.

JoseCalo1 hour ago

To think that this guy’s buddies and coworkers were angry at the Coroner’s release of these facts is abominable. It only indicates how dangerous this Blue Wall of Silence is. We need to keep an eye on our police officers, be suspicious of them, for often they turn out to be more ruthless than the bad people they supposedly protect us from.

northernpike257 minutes ago

@JoseCalo  Wake up amigo, the only people they protect are themselves.

JoseCalo1 hour ago

Crooked cop. I sincerely hope that all the testimony this guy gave in court that led to the arrest, imprisonment, or fining of citizens is thrown out and such sentences reversed and thrown out. No wonder people question cops and trust them less.

DaisyCutterGBU1 hour ago

@JoseCalo He embezzled money, he didn’t falsify his criminal cases. You do see the difference right?

JohnCPR1 hour ago

@DaisyCutterGBU @JoseCalo How do you know what he is/was capable of doing?

lockwoodj1 hour ago

Let’s hope the media covers this with all the vigor they expended, when they bought into the false “Black Lives Matter” narrative.  Bad cops are just that, bad cops.  And everyone thought this was one of the good ones.  No, there is no systemic problems within the LE community.  When will “good cops” stand up and demand accountability?  Perhaps this is indicative of what constitutes “good cops.”


Fox News November 6, 20158 – Crooked Illinois cop’s colleagues accused him of sexual harassment, threatening behavior

777211 24 minutes ago


fricsaid6 minutes ago

When this story first broke, Fox turned this guy in to a Martyr.

Shame on you Fox.

Shame on society for their rush to judgment.

SomeOneYouDontKnow11 minutes ago

Cops are a paid organized gang of th ugs and criminals.

aquarian15 minutes ago

How reassuring to see that local police promote trouble cops.

SomeOneYouDontKnow17 minutes ago

Only in America do we pay cops to be an organized gang of th ugs to harass it’s citizens.

777211222 minutes ago


abingdonitte23 minutes ago

This seems like the culture of police in general, not just one “bad apple”. They’re basically frat boys who think they can do whatever they want. They graduated high school and had no one left to pick on, so wearing a badge gives them back that power.

scribe3s30 minutes ago

The guy obviously had more than a few problems. Look at his desire to remain as close as possible to the military, paratrooper tats, and the haircut (high and tight doesn’t begin to describe it). He looked like a real piece of work, however I think he was very volatile and unpredictable, therefore people were afraid to get involved with him.

images (7)

The Hill May 22, 2015 – Why no outrage for other victims of police brutality?

avenger 3 5 months ago

Why no outrage that 12.8% blacks commit 65% of the crime in this country. The problem is not the police, it is the thugs.

Elbert Dempsey5 months ago

The reason is because blacks live for any controversy that can get them something for free. Blacks are a unique species of worthless people looking for something for nothing.

Zapp B.  Guest5 months ago

Black males between the ages of 15-34 comprise about 3% of the US population. That group is responsible for over half of the violent crimes in the US. Care to explain how the cops are targeting them again?


My Personal Favorites:

This joke of a news story:

CNN November 6, 2015 – Man almost arrested in officer’s death

Yes, he claims he was “almost” arrested, I believe what he meant was the police asked him to come in for questioning and provide proof that he was not in the area during the shooting. But yeah, I totally felt his fear and anxiety that resulted from his “Almost” arrest. Ladies and Gent’s don’t step outside because you too could “Almost” be arrested for just about anything these days. I mean the the options are limitless considering the insane police in this country will make up anything they can to “ALMOST” arrest you.

And this one that I have no words for:

Newser November 6, 2015Sources: Crooked Cop Had Son Marry His Mistress


Lastly, this news story, it hits home for someone like me. It strikes the most profound fear that I have ever experienced in my life.  I am now afraid to drink coffee and drive.

In fact, I am so terrified, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t drink my coffee without living in constant fear that some gun toting, lunatic, wayward cop is going to stop me, take my coffee away, rape me, shoot me, racially profile me, beat me, threaten me and worse yet, ALMOST arrest me. Then he and his out of control, mafia type, lying, cheating cop buddies will cover up the fact that they stole my coffee. Without reason, motive or cause. Just like that, they took it away.

I am forced to live in constant fear that because I am a coffee drinker the police will take my coffee away from me. I would put my hands up but I then I would have nowhere to put my coffee. October 20, 2015 – Minnesota woman pulled over for drinking coffee while driving

Cristal M Clark