Border Wall Materials Being Stolen?


U.S.-Mexico Border Materials Vanish

Cristal M Clark

What’s a president do when his dream of a hideous border wall ends in the theft of said, border wall? As the border wall is being built in certain areas, according to Mexican officials, who told San Diego’s KUSI-TV 15 to 20 people have been arrested for stealing concertina wire from the U.S.-Mexico border wall, then turning around and selling it to homeowners in Tijuana who were looking to upgrade their homes security.

Donald Trump

You have to hand it to these folks honestly, they will steal and capitalize on the stolen goods in the most creative of ways.


Because Donald Trump was concerned about a “caravan” of migrants, he ever so politely asked the US military to install some fencing back in November, because well, our military does not have anything better to do after all. They put up said fencing and that was that.

No one really noticed anything amis until recently when Mexican officials, not American officials, Mexican officials, it would seem that somehow in some way, probably just simply by looking, they noticed that the barbed wire that was once upon a time installed in the border area was just no longer there.


Mexican authorities told the Union-Tribune that those arrested were “mostly” Mexican citizens, but one Tijuana resident who had the wire installed said the man who sold it to her sure didn’t seem Mexican, he had blonde hair and blue eyes and odd for a someone from Tijuana, the man did not speak Spanish very well, at all.

Those that purchased the stolen US border wall materials were paying around $2.10 to have the sharp razor wire put up thus adding much wanted and needed home security. Wonder what our US bill was for that fencing because I am sure we paid well over $2.10 for the fencing and installation. Then again this a really good example of one getting what one has paid for, cheap labor for material that was borrowed from the United States.

Sadly, more thefts will more than likely occur because apparently the materials being used to build Trump’s border walls, are high quality therefore making the materials highly sought after materials that Mexican’s can use over in Tijuana for home security for pennies on the dollar.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Back-Peddles?


Doesn’t Really Win – Cannot Admit Defeat

By: Cristal M Clark

You would think by now that Trump would pick a battle, that he could actually win then again, all of those rather ill thought out campaign promises were never really things that were attainable. Yesterday an agreement was reached in Washington so as to avert another shutdown but, for only $1.375 billion for barriers and NO WALL.


He had been asking for $5.7 billion for his illusionary wall to “protect” the citizens of the United States from all of those MS-13 gang members heading here to rape, pillage and murder, radicals, terrorists and evil doers who flood our “unprotected and under-protected,” southern border. A crisis that Trump and his goons concocted or if you prefer the more accepted term “manufactured,” dreamed up so as to make it appear that he was in fact, able to keep at least one of his campaign promises.

During his rally last night, he seemed to back-peddle just ever so slightly by casually mentioning that a lot of the wall has already been built, which indicates he already knew he had lost that battle.


The funniest part is, that $1.375 billion he is getting is even less than what was originally proposed and agreed to, so he is walking away here with even less than he could have had if, he had not thrown a temper tantrum and held the Government hostage.

What’s more is that Trump also included untrue facts such as the majority of the drugs that are coming into the US are entering the US at illegal border crossings while the truth is that they are making their way in at legal border crossings.

The question now as we all hold our breath, what is Trump going to do? Shred the deal or suck it up and take it? Maybe if he would forgo listening to some of his staunch supporters and actually hear what the rest of America is saying, he will suck it up and focus his attention on more important issues that hard working, red blooded American’s are actually facing each and every day, you know not manufactured hardships, threats and strife.

Cristal M Clark

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