US Border Agents on Cartel Payroll


Direct deposit or hard cold cash?

Last week the election overshadowed reports from a Mexican newspaper by a cartel member that stated that US Border Agents are on his payroll. In fact, he recruits them.

A mid-level cartel boss in La Línea reported to El Universal that US Border agents are bought left and right.

This translates to the cartels being able to move product with the cooperation of US Border Agents.

The cartel boss reportedly told the newspaper basically the loads of goods such as drugs will be arranged in a car that the agents are informed about prior to the car heading up through the checkpoint. The Agents are told what type and what color the vehicle is.

At the checkpoint they receive an envelope with hard cold cash in it as incentive so to speak, to allow for the car to pass through…which they then allow through.

It has been said that it would prove difficult to prove and verify just how many agents are owned by the cartels. Numerous investigations and convictions however have been handed down the last several years.


So yes that shows that US Border agents are being recruited into the folds, of the Mexican Cartels, our ability to catch them…well it leaves a lot to be desired. 

A study that was conducted by The Center for Investigative Reporting documented the majority of the corruption investigations against US border officers were around 153 cases, most of which involved US Customs and Border Protection.

Unfortunately, these guys are trained to catch criminals so it might be difficult to catch them once they cross that fine line between law enforcement and becoming a criminal. Even more worrisome is, it may not just be drugs they are helping to smuggle in.

This year the fed’s identified the Texas-Mexico border area as a focal point for corruption but the reality is, it really is not the only border having issues.

What’s more is that the incidents for this year and last are still being tallied or investigated rather.

The good news however, NPR reported a while back that since legalization of cannabis throughout the US, agents have seen a significant drop in cannabis being smuggled into the us and…US grown cannabis is making its way south of the border.

Bit of a role reversal here.

The problem is how to fix this and reign in the agents.

Again, it would not be an easy task since the agents are trained to find things that are being smuggled in, if they choose to miss a few things at the checkpoint, choose to refrain from properly checking a vehicle, how will the agents ever be caught?

The other issue that might come up is whether or not an agent is a willing recruit.

What we do know is that it takes twice as long to even begin to investigate a corrupt agent and then prosecute the agent or any member of law enforcement for that matter, than it does a civilian, and it shouldn’t.

Cristal M Clark

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North Carolina Superior Court judge attempts to bribe FBI agent


With some coldies

With all of the talk with regards to police corruption, I feel that it is just as equally important to mention others who are in a position of authority who feel that they too. are above the law.

Judges Gavel

You don’t always hear about judges breaking the law, more often than not it is not due to the fact that they lead these squeaky clean lives, it has more to do with the fact that in all reality people are reluctant to bust a judge, even when they have every right to.


It seems that NC Superior Court Judge, one Arnold O. Jones II tried to bribe an FBI agent but not with cash oddly, no the judge tried to bribe the FBI agent with some nice cold Bud Lights.


That’s right, not even the more expensive imports or micro-brews, but some Bud Light, and Budweiser is America’s Beer after all, well that’s according to a recent ad campaign by Budweiser.

According to reports, Judge Arnold Ogden Jones II thought that his wife was texting another man and might have been having an affair. Unlike most normal adults, instead of snoop himself or just ask her about it, he felt that he needed concrete, written in stone, proof of the affair.

So, he asked Agent Matthew Miller of the FBI to see what the agent can do without drawing attention to himself, in an effort to recover her text transcripts.

The law says that “No person holding a position of public trust in our legal system is permitted to subvert that system for his own personal objectives.”

Which is technically what Judge Arnold O. was doing, so at his arranged meeting with agent Miller, he was promptly arrested and subsequently charged.

Judge Arnold O. was found guilty as charged, his sentencing is scheduled for 1/23/2017, he faces up to 37 years in prison which we all know he won’t get.

I am sure that while agent Miller found the bribe almost laughable, and might have enjoyed a couple of coldies, he was not as willing to risk his career over a suspected extramarital affair.

But that isn’t the only judge recently to have been busted…

Former Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Judge David Bell was arrested for his involvement in an auto theft ring.

A New York State judge was arrested in February for DWI, after she crashed her car while driving a little buzzed on the way to court, as opposed to at the end of the day…after court.

While a Texas judge was recently arrested for his Illegal Speed Camera Contract.

A Phoenix judge last year landed herself in trouble for harboring a convicted sex offender who also happened to be a fugitive of justice.

The list here, well it could go on…and on.

Judges all over the U.S. have been arrested for holding side jobs as drug dealers, paying for sex and being involved in prostitution rings and bribery.

So no, they are not any more well behaved as the rest of society in general, they are more likely however to get off a little easier than the rest of society if they are charged at all.


It becomes an interesting question when the person who is going to sentence someone for a crime, just so happens to be just as willing to break the law as the person he/she is about to sentence.

Cristal M Clark

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