It’s Time for Donald Trump to Get With the Program and Support It

Or It’s Time for Donald Trump to Step Down

Cristal M Clark 

Now that the U.S. President has a warrant for his arrest you’d think he’d be more than willing to actually get with the program but no, he’s running around tweeting clips of his racist supporters yelling out racial slurs then claiming ignorance about knowing about the racial slurs before he sent the tweet. 

I call bullshit as I am sure many of the rest of you do, he loves stirring the race pot. 

But where he has totally lost and fallen flat is on the Coronavirus, his refusal to wear a mask or at the very least mandate it in all 50 states as well as rush to reopen has left experts shaking their heads. 

What’s more is that doctors and scientists are begging the public to listen to them rather than the President when it comes to health and public safety. 

Here we have 8 recent incidents of people in the public refusing to wear a mask who had complete temper tantrums like our president does, honestly 2 year olds behave better. 

We had the lady from Trader Joes in Hollywood, CA who was caught screaming on video at employees who asked her to put on a mask, she claimed a medical condition but in the end on the video she is heard screaming “Democratic pigs.” So much for her medical condition, this is an argument that simply has no truth to it, Coronavirus and the precautions needed to slow the spread are neither Republican nor Democratic. 

Next, A vile woman in New York was spotted in a bagel shop not wearing a mask, when a concerned customer mentioned it to an employee the vile woman overheard and walked right up to the customer who was concerned and coughed on her. Thankfully an onlooker got it on video and has shared it on facebook. Honestly, I would have decked the disgusting bitch. 

Over in Dallas, Texas at a fiesta Market a woman was asked to put on a mask, her response was to start throwing the food from her cart onto the supermarket floor whilst she belittled and screamed at anyone she could. Yes a grown ass woman. 

Down in Florida, which by the way has more cases currently than they can even handle counting accurately, because they refused to adhere to social distancing, wearing facemasks, and opened too quickly. A man was spotted in a WalMart not wearing a mask when he was asked to put one on, he began to charge and shove employees, then took off running through the store whilst dodging store employees. 

While over in Jacksonville, Florida a woman went into a Pier 1 Store without a mask, a cancer patient who happened to be in the store shot video of the woman being asked to wear a mask the woman was seen being defensive, gave the cancer patient the finger and walked over to her and coughed directly on her. These folks really truly capture the sickening, selfish behavior of many American’s. 

Then in an unnamed gas station a woman spat on an employee who enforced the mask rule. 

Shelley Lewis, a true American idiot, actually recorded herself going off on employees in a Gelson’s Market in Dana Point, California because she was asked to wear a mask. Shelley then asked to speak to the store manager, who also informed her that without a mask, she would have to shop elsewhere, then Shelley asked for a corporate number. Nice entitlement Shelley. 

Last for now as I am sure many, many more cases of refusal to wear a mask are happening by the minute, Amber Lynn Gilles posted a rage filled rant on FaceBook about a barista at a Starbucks in San Diego, California who had insisted Amber wear a face mask before entering the shop, this dipshit threatened to call the cops on the Barista. Well that plan also backfired because a man Named Matt Cowan started a GoFundMe page for the Barista and raised over $93,000 so far for Lenin Gutierrez, the barista. 

The one thing all of these cases have in common is that people are too stupid to realize it’s everyone’s personal responsibility to wear a face mask, to protect not only yourselves but others. 

It is not a right to expose me or anyone else to your germs, likewise it is not an infringement on your rights to be told to wear a fucking face mask. And the number one offender is our President, it’s monkey see – monkey do with that one. His staunch followers refuse to wear a face mask because he refuses, he also refuses to back the science up every time he talks about the virus. In fact, Donald Trump tells his following that the president who represents our freedom, choice, the right to choose to wear a mask and who cares for anyone’s health. His following claim they can’t breathe in them, forcing them to wear them is taking away rights or infringes on their rights, because these individuals are not educated enough to determine the difference between rights and inconvenience.

And the numbers folks, they don’t lie. The hospital numbers are going up in Florida, Texas, California, Arizona so it’s not an increase in testing driving the numbers, it’s an increase in opening states too soon and haphazardly, without regard for a virus that still has proven to be more powerful than even the President of the United States or his following who refuse to wear a mask out of nothing more than selfish and pathetically stupid ideals, no morals and zero ethics. 

Entitlement. It’s the worst. 

Florida is now refusing to release the numbers of newly hospitalized from the virus. That is without a doubt the most irresponsible move a state could make. Therefore all states should stop allowing visitors from Florida, period. Florida is also a Trump state so this does not surprise me. What was it Trump said, if we stopped testing the numbers would go way down, the virus would just go away? 

But let’s bring even closer to home on that subject, is that not the very same thing China did, the thing we and the entire world accused them of? Not being honest, not accurately reporting the numbers, do kudos Florida, you’re about to endanger every other American in every other state, if not outright knowingly killing your own just by default over your dishonesty and unwillingness to share the numbers. 

It’s time for Trump to step up, get with the program or simply step down, because those that refuse to wear masks are learning painfully so those that are not living in fear of losing perceived rights, actually care about others and wear masks and we outnumber those that refuse to, so maybe they should stay home since they are behaving like sheep right? 

As for you Mr. President, you should be paying attention to that because those that are doing the outnumbering here are also registered voters and you might be out in November, in the cold. 

Cristal M Clark

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The Diamond Knot Killer – The Original Night Stalker

Original Night Stalker-CrimeShop.jpg


Investigators in California estimate that 50 rapes which occurred in Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Yolo were committed by the Original Night Stalker, also known as; The East Area Rapist, The Diamond Knot Killer and the Golden State Killer.

DNA evidence also just so happened to conclusively link him to 8 murders which occurred in Dana Point, Goleta, Ventura, and Irvine, California although it is believed that he committed up to at least 12 murders in all.

2 other murders in Goleta were linked by MO but, not DNA. Additionally, investigators believe that the same perpetrator either The Original Night Stalker or his copycat committed 3 other murders, 2 in Rancho Cordova and 1 in Visalia.

The Original Night Stalker struck in both  Northern California and in Southern California from 1979 all the way through 1986.

His last crime and the only one after 1981 was in 1986.


Between 6/18/76 to 10/1/79 The Original Night Stalker struck at least 22 times before taking a 3 month break. In all of his attacks during this time he was only raping women.

By his 30th attack, he was ready to kill and he murdered Brian and Katie Maggiore.

At his 37th attack he took another 3 month break.

In a case such as this it is not surprising to see a copycat, what is surprising is the copycat’s accuracy when it comes to being able to mimic The Original Night Stalkers crimes, save for the inability to copy the DNA.  

Investigators found evidence that he would watch his victims, specifically watch them engaging in sexual activity shortly before killing them.

And with couples, initially, he would watch a couple, he would then gain entry into the couple’s home, tie them up, using what investigators dubbed a “very specific” type of knot known as the diamond knot, he would rape the female then bludgeon the couple to death.

By the 2nd murder, the killer began to cover the heads of his victims prior to bludgeoning them to death. It is commonly believed the reason that the killer began covering the heads of his victims was due to the fact that when you bludgeon someone to death it can be quite messy.

By the 3rd murder, the original night stalker killed his first female victim who was alone.

He liked the same area’s and felt comfortable in them. He was also one of those fellows that I refer to as the commoners.

Someone you might see so often that you hardly notice when they are around meaning he had the ability to blend in, making it appear that he belonged in and around the area’s he killed in.

What makes this killer interesting is that some profilers believe that the original night stalker had a hate for women. I disagree with that.

This killer likes women, but his view of them is a bit off. He views women as property to be used for sexual gratification then discarded in any manner he wished. If he had or has a partner the partner is the sub in the relationship, to the killer the sub is his and he can do anything that he wants with her.

It is far from hate and very much about the ability to gain complete and total control over another. He is driven by sex and sexual fantasies which are more about complete control. It is a far cry from hating women.

His sexual taste would follow the lines of Sadism in that he derives a great deal of sexual pleasure from the ability to inflict pain and suffering upon another individual that is what gets him off. The ability see his partner suffer is what does it for him.

Sadism is part of Paraphilias which are of the behaviors in a group of sexual problems associated with sexual arousal in response to being stimulated in ways not associated with normal sexual behavior patterns.

His sexual tastes however, unless caught red handed are not something many other than a willing partner would know about outside of the bedroom.

He engaged in sexual deviant behaviors yet I would not go as far as to say that he engaged in sexual activity with ladies of the night, it simply would not have been something that he would do.

Although he would have been a fan of dom/sub porn. Always viewing women as property, things to be used for his sexual pleasure.

He was well mannered, he was friendly, very friendly with people. He is a narcissistic type of person and very manipulative.

He also would lie or play mind games for lack of better words with individuals for his mere enjoyment.

Through the years letters and poems have been written by those claiming to the have been The Original Night Stalker to local papers however, I doubt very much that they were from him. It isn’t his style, it isn’t something he would have done.

More often than not he would tell tall tales about his life in order to make himself appear better or more than he actually was.

Maybe faking family, education, military or work backgrounds.  

He had an income yet he could afford to carry out his attacks in the late night to early morning hours.

I believe that he was in good shape, would have been well groomed, a charming individual, someone who would not have been seen as a threat.

Investigators believed at one time that the diamond knot the killer used might have been enough to lead them right to him because it was such a specific type of knot.

Sadly, it was never quite enough and because of the media broadcasting that detail so much after the first murder, it allowed for copycats to learn and then mimic the knot.

Investigators also feared that he ended up in jail or dead before being caught. I doubt jail for anything major.

He may very well have died or found a willing partner to carry out his fantasies with or simply moved out of the US, or decided that the risk was too high should he carry on any further.

It is difficult to say for certain if he would have had a troubled childhood in that he might have had a record. Men like this are usually really adept at making sure they don’t get caught, even at an early age.

It would be more likely that he engaged in deviant sexual behavior, perhaps raped as a teen and was able to manipulate his way out of the situation.

I would actually start with that and work my way back with it, it is amazing how a woman will open up years after what she felt was a crime that had been committed against her.

It is my belief that to find out who The Original Night Stalker was, investigators and the FBI would do well to work it from the teen years forward.

Too many copycats may have been committing like crimes during this time and have complicated things.

The key is finding that one guy who was able to fly under the radar for so long, as a teen he would have raped someone without a doubt.

Someone who has yet to tell.

Cristal M Clark

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Anaheim, California woman vanishes

crime-scene - murder- dorothy jane scott-crimeshop.jpg

Who kidnapped and murdered Dorothy Jane Scott?

Through the years investigators who have looked at the case have been stumped trying to figure out who exactly kidnapped and then murdered Dorothy Jane Scott.


It would seem that someone had been stalking her in the days leading up to her death and that individual seemed to stalk her family for a time after her disappearance.

Dorothy disappeared on May 28, 1980, her body was found roughly 4 years later, her disappearance has been touted as one of the strangest disappearances ever,  and to date no one has been arrested for her murder.

Living in Stanton, California with her aunt and 4-year-old son Dorothy, was a 32-year-old single mother.

She was a secretary for a store that sold psychedelic stuff. Co-workers and friends said she preferred staying at home, had been a devout Christian, and she did not drink or do drugs.

According to her father, Jacob, his daughter may have dated on occasion but had no steady boyfriend that the family knew of at the time of her disappearance.

Dorothy started receiving disturbing calls months prior to her disappearance from a man whose voice she said she recognized yet could not recall who he was exactly.

The calls ranged from him describing how he loved her to how would get her alone so that he could dismember and kill her.

She knew that he had been stalking her because he would describe details of her day to day to her in some of the calls that were chillingly accurate and true.

Back in the 80’s stalking laws were not like today’s so Dorothy did her best to ignore the details of each chilling call she had received.

The day of her disappearance she had taken a male co-worker to UC Irvine Medical Center due to a black widow bite. Another co-worker who was female had accompanied them and according to Dorothy’s female friend, she told investigators that Dorothy remained in the E.R. waiting room the entire time and never left at any time.

At around 11pm when her friend had been discharged Dorothy left her two co-workers waiting while she went to get her car.

After what seemed like a rather long time when her friends didn’t see her pull up they went out to the E.R.’s parking lot.

They told investigators that they saw Dorothy’s car speeding toward them and that its headlights blinded them so they could not see who was behind the wheel driving the car.

They were shocked but figured that maybe she had heard from her aunt and had some sort of emergency to attend to at home.

She was never seen alive again.

Her car a 1973 Toyota station wagon, had been found about 10 miles away, in an alley burning.

It wasn’t until August of 1984 that her body was discovered by a construction worker who found her on Santa Ana Canyon Road.

The bones were identified as Dorothy Scott’s. As were the watch and ring and according to Dorothy’s mother, she said that the watch had stopped at 12:30 a.m. on May 29.

The autopsy could not determine the cause of death.

An unidentified man would call Vera Scott, Dorothy’s mother every Wednesday until sometime around late spring or early summer of 1984.

He would tell Dorothy’s mother that he simply just had her daughter with him on some calls while during others he would tell her mother that he had killed her daughter.  

The calls were always kept short and oddly only usually occurred when Vera was home alone.

The calls stopped when Jacob Scott, answered one of them.

The only lead that investigators ever had other than the calls, which were too short to trace was that on June 12, 1980  an unidentified man called the front desk at the Orange County Register who had run a story about Dorothy’s unsolved murder that day.

A managing editor told police that the caller claimed to have killed Dorothy; “I killed her. I killed Dorothy Scott. She was my love. I caught her cheating with another man. She denied having someone else. I killed her.”

The editor went on to say that the caller knew a co-worker of Dorothy’s had suffered from a spider bite the night of May 28.

He also knew that Dorothy had been wearing a red scarf.

Neither of these details had been published in the article the paper ran.  

Lastly, the caller also claimed Dorothy had phoned him from the hospital that night.

Investigators believe the caller was the killer. I too believe this and I believe that the caller made up two parts to his strange call to the paper.

The killer was obviously obsessed with Dorothy, but she was not dating him and she did not call him from the hospital the night of her disappearance.

He was someone that Dorothy knew of but did not know well yet, in his mind he loved her.

Stalkers usually tend to be casual acquaintances, disgruntled employees or business associates, vengeful neighbors, total strangers, and of course, former boyfriends or girlfriends and husbands or wives.

What’s terrifying about stalkers is that the underlying problems of stalkers run the complete range and/or scope of both psychiatric and personality disorders, which makes them difficult to predict let alone figure out.

The reality here is that no single profile of a stalker fits into box very neatly if at all and literally anything can potentially put them into motion.

Stalkers usually have both a mental illness and a personality disorder. Some of the psychiatric illnesses range from mild to severe depression, schizophrenia, erotomania, delusional beliefs and so on.

Stalkers who stalk strangers are usually psychotic. Many suffer from detachment disorders, borderline personality disorder and last but not least, good old fashioned narcissistic personality disorder.

Dorothy’s stalker/killer has a combination of both psychiatric and personality disorders. He had the delusion of loving Dorothy even though he would tell her how much he would like to dismember her.

He was not so much expecting for her to love him back, he did not need that because in his mind killing her would bring about that reciprocated love that which he felt towards her.

He most likely saw her with other men and that brought to surface a rage from deep within, regardless of whether or not she had been dating anyone in his mind if it wasn’t with him, she was with someone else.

In the mind of the man who had been stalking her, she was dating any man she spoke with or showed any interest in.

He enjoyed harassing her mother after he had killed Dorothy as it is unlikely that Dorothy lived long after he had abducted her.

He liked having the small measure of control over Dorothy’s mother by giving her false hope that her daughter might be alive.

He maintains control over his victims by instilling both fear and hope in them.  

Those that would have known him would have described some of his behaviors as off, unusual, awkward, inappropriate and uncomfortable at times.

But he was not considered a threat to anyone.  

Burning Dorothy’s car was for the typical reason, he murdered her in it and wanted to get rid of all traces of evidence of that crime.

He has not been heard of since his call to the paper, he experienced a major change in his life or he feared being caught and sought other ways to fulfill his fantasies.

People knew who the killer was yet they never quite figured out who he was. He is someone common enough that no one would have noticed his stalking of Dorothy.

I believe that he feared, had he kept calling Dorothy’s parent’s home, that her father would have discovered his identity if he kept answering.

Without DNA it is tough to say whether police can solve this case without a witness or confession.

However, it is my firm belief, that if the killer is still alive and well, he might be taunted by the media in the area enough, so as to expose who he is…

The trick is being who he is and get him to talk.

Cristal M Clark

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