Turns Out Yes – You Can Get Covid -19 More Than Once

Confirmed Nevada Man Was Infected Twice With Covid-19

Cristal M Clark 

Just today news hit the wire that it has been confirmed that a man in Nevada has been infected twice with Coronavirus, hence you are not immune to it once you have had it, which is what just about every health expert and scientist have been saying since the start, contrary to what Trump falsely claims. 

In theory one’s body should build antibodies once you have had a virus, which is why we get flu shots each year, to help ward off the seasonal flu, but with Covid-19 we really do not fully understand how the virus works yet. How long after having it, we may or may not be immune to it, if we are immune how long are we immune. We also know that Covid-19 has mutated from that of the first discovered cases. 

Seeing a quick recurring infection is indicative of a virus that is still in it’s youth and one that hasn’t quite finished its evolutionary growth. As difficult as this is for some to believe, @realDonaldTrump, a virus is a living organism it can and will evolve and learn it’s environment or in this case, hosts. The human body. 

Covid-19 could very well be on a path to another mutation after hitting so many once and quite more probable than we realized, twice already. 

This winter could really be a do-over of the Spanish flu.  

The man in Nevada is 25 years old and is now the 5th individual who has been recorded worldwide as having caught the virus twice, and reports indicate that it is much worse the second time around than the first time. 

In all likelihood that number is more likely to be a much larger number than we realize because from what I understand at least here in the US, many who are studying the virus now believe it might have hit the US in the mid-late fall or early winter of 2019. 

That’s right, people describe being really sick starting right before Thanksgiving of last year all the way through December and January, many of which also state they have never been so ill in their lives and of having to have fallen to almost back to back illness. The first infection, more like the flu, the second time however, was extremely severe for many, all upper respiratory, breathing issues, memory loss, vision changes, hallucinations, headaches, high fever for days, confusion, the list goes on and on and we were not testing back then for the virus. Most of the symptoms people describe are also almost identical to that of the Coronavirus. 

To support that fact, the man in Nevada got the virus twice over the course of about 6 weeks in between the first and second time. Do you know how many US citizens fell ill in late November-December, who then subsequently fell ill again only much worse in January-February? 

I personally believe that the virus has been infecting us since around this time last year, quietly learning how to perfect the fine art of its reason for being (for someone like Trump, that means it’s mutating so as to be even more deadly).

That makes even more sense when you have two of the world’s largest pharma companies shutting down their trials as of today because of safety concerns. One of which was a vaccine, the other a therapy. That is how trials should work anyway, rather than try to rush them through again @realDonaldTrump

 We should be focused on the recommendations of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC and basic science, socially distance, wear a face covering, wash hands frequently, avoid large gatherings/crowds. Like many I do not believe that this virus is done with us, heading into winter it will be much worse. What we have failed to study, understand and address is the probability that we more likely than not met the end of 2019 riding the first wave of the virus, with March being the start of our second wave and this winter being our third and most deadly wave. 

If anything, sometimes the simplest of history lessons has taught us this painful lesson already. Shutting down an entire country does not work, but we know other things that do in fact work. Like it or not, none of us is going to outrun this, so we need to learn to live with it until a time comes when we have the upper hand. That time is not now. 

Our president does not care much less have the upper hand if anything he has mismanaged this, he lied the whole way through this, he is still lying and not doing anything to protect this nation or it’s people, like mass produce testing, much less clear mass producing these magical treatments he is touting cured him…none of you have access to them now do you? Was he ever really sick other than mentally ill?

Cristal M Clark


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CDC Issues Order To Halt Some Evictions Due to Covid-19

No One Knows What That Means, Who Qualifies and What About The Banks?

Cristal M Clark 

Today the CDC issued a mandate halting evictions for some who have been affected by the Covid-19 Crisis which left many feeling a chill at the back of the neck. 

In order to get assistance, renters earning less than $99,000 per year must report they are unable to pay their rent or are likely to become homeless if evicted, White House officials said.

They must also show that they tried to obtain all government assistance currently available for rent or housing and that they are unable to make payments due to loss of household income, a layoff or extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Yet it is unclear how effective the moratorium will be without any extra funding behind the plan.

What it didn’t over was the banks, nothing is stopping the banks from foreclosing on a property where the property owner is no longer able to make payments because of the renter’s who are unable to pay the rent. What’s more is that could destabilize the housing market in a very, very bad way. Landlords in many places have been behind on payments because of the virus as well and it isn’t getting any better with millions still out of work or working a job that doesn’t cover the bills. As states opened, they did so with massive restrictions which meant not all laid off or furloughed workers were able to go back to the jobs they had and for others, where they worked didn’t make it through the country shutting down. 

It is not as easy to solve as many think, for renters this basically does nothing to cover any back rent, and for landlords they need that money in order to keep the banks from foreclosing which might not be the worst thing to happen. The cost of living has grossly outpaced wages, this might be something of a lesson learned type of situation. We need to address the cost of living across the US and make some sacrificial adjustments and banks, well they are going to end up holding a lot of bags that are worth more on their books than they truly are. 

It’s truly sad to see that within the Trump administration they can’t seem to figure out the economic crisis on all of it’s levels while the rest of us are watching it all  and see it so very clearly. The Trump administration haphazardly wants to put a used bandaid on the problem without noticing the other four sides of the equation.

I thought Trump as he likes to brag employs the best of the best, this is a clear indication of how inaccurate that is. They just keep digging the US and her out of work citizens into a deeper hole as the virus rages on rather than look at what other countries have done, countries that opened fully and who are not having issues. You see for some, they realized this is in fact something we must learn to live with and adjust how we live. Here in America Trump and his goons as well as his idiotic supporters can’t seem to grasp the simplicity of learning to live every day life with a virus that could kill them at the drop of a pin. 

Cristal M Clark


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Covid-19 in US Long Before March?


What the US Government Did Wrong

Cristal M Clark 

An increasing number of news reports are spreading the growing theory that Covid-19 was already in the United States back in late December-early January and if any of you had what I did, you would in fact be in total agreement with that theory. 

Symptoms of Covid-19:




difficulty breathing (severe cases)

Some reports circulating indicate it was here as early as November however experts agree that is simply not possible. 

Show of hands, who fell ill back in January? I had H1N1 years ago and thought that was bad, but this past January, I became so ill I was told I looked like death. It hit hard and fast over a weekend, fever, I thought I had the stomach flu because I was unable to eat or drink anything, I cannot recall my sense of smell but I did not exhibit the typical body aches and pains one normally has when getting the seasonal flu, then by Monday I was struggling to breath, in the end I had a cough that took forever to clear. I felt as if something was on or in my chest, in my lungs and it was not moving out, and the cough was dry and the feeling took roughly two weeks to get through. 

I have spoken to several individuals here in Colorado who describe a similar experience back in late December and early January. None of us were tested for Covid-19, which begs the question, why not? 

Everyone I know pulled through without having to be hospitalized as well. 

A few of us however were in fact just recently off of antibiotic treatment for more traditional seasonable cold and flu complications. I usually get an acute sinus infection when I get hit with a seasonal cold, which requires antibiotic treatment. I finished my antibiotic treatment roughly 3 weeks before I got hit with what I got in January and that was worse than what I had in December. 

So what did the United States Government get wrong? Well, everyone knew about the virus back in early December, perhaps for some in our Government we knew before then, we should have been getting ready for it then. We also should have been testing for it a long time ago and getting ready for it a long time ago as well. 

Today, we should be testing individuals who were suspected of already having the virus to better determine how long it’s really been here in the US and what the actual survival rate is. That testing could in fact prove key in finding ways to better treat it before it becomes life threatening because most of us that got it were either treating it at home or had been given antibiotics because it was thought to be an acute upper respiratory illness. 

When we become reactionary we make knee jerk decisions rather than taking just one step back and looking at the situation in its totality. 

My gut tells me that in fact Covid-19 was in the US long before March hit and we were silently treating it as an entirely different illness. Isn’t it time we learned the truth about that rather than coming up with excuses so as to avoid that truth?

Cristal M Clark

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Coronavirus Causes Change in Behaviors? 


100 Confirmed Cases in the United States With More to Follow

Cristal M Clark 

Here in the US hand soap, bleach, hand sanitizer and face masks are flying off of store shelves, worldwide people are now talking about going out less, which means spending less on fun things, traveling less, companies and corporations are putting together plans for how they will deal with the spread of the virus, some schools are closed this week in affected states for a cleaning and in turn all of this causes a slowdown in consumer spending which will eventually affect stocks regardless of the rebound they saw today. 

hand soap-coronavirus-crimeshop

What is Covid-19, Coronavuris the illness that started in Wuhan?

It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family one that has never been seen nor encountered before. Bur just as with other coronaviruses, it comes from animals. Many of those initially infected either worked or frequently shopped in the Huanan seafood wholesale market in the center of the Chinese city.


Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people.  SARS-CoV was transmitted from civet cats to humans and MERS-CoV from dromedary camels to humans. Several known coronaviruses are circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans. Yes that is right, that have not Yet, infected humans, until they mutate and other coronaviruses will eventually mutate and infect human hosts. 


Currently we are sitting at 100 confirmed cases in the US, sadly we can also confirm 6 deaths associated with the Coronavirus. So far, 11 states are affected: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, New York, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. 

The symptoms could appear 2-14 days after exposure: Signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and death. 


That is just the tip of what we know, it is widely assumed that the number of infected is far greater than what we have seen confirmed because we are also still in the midst of the flu season here in the US, and the spread of the virus is happening a lot faster than anyone anticipated, very rapid, so naturally people are a bit on edge. 


Honestly both the Vice President and the President have done a pretty decent job of trying to be honest and to urge the public not to panic. 

So should we panic? 

No we shouldn’t, the reality is that we cannot stop the spread of the virus so rather than panic, we should be vigilant. It’s important to know that not everyone who gets it dies and follow the instructions we hear from the CDC. 

We are being urged to keep nonperishable foods on hand, plenty of drinking water enough for a week or two, to wash our hands often, not touch our faces, stay away from sick people and if you are sick, stay home and yes, going out less to places that could be heavily populated. Stores, concerts, sporting events, malls, parks, pools, etc. Some of these things we should already be doing. 

The best hope we have to prevent devastatingly large numbers of infected individuals is to slow the advance of the virus by not offering up new hosts.  

mainstreammedia-lies-about-coronavirus-crimeshop - Edited

Overall, here in the US at least we are seeing changes in behavior, citizens are in fact being more vigilant. While we have no vaccine for the virus as of yet, we can help prevent its spread through basic hygiene and simply by staying home when sick, not giving into fear mongering which is one thing the mainstream media all to often not to mention they tend to argue everything the president and his administration say about the virus while reporting pure speculation about it in an attempt to undermine the president and the administration. Now is not the time for that childish behavior, quite simply put right now would be a good time to bury that bloody hatchet.

Cristal M Clark

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Coronavirus Arrives in the United States

Umbrella-Corporation-Resident-Evil-Netfix-Crimeshop - Edited

United States Not Ready to Handle Coronavirus?

Cristal M Clark 

Well, we all knew it would show up eventually, Coronavirus is finally here in the US and according to multiple mainstream media outlets, the US is not ready much less prepared to test for it or to handle it. 


A woman in California is infected and she did not travel outside the US and had no contact with anyone who has traveled outside of the US, to her knowledge of course. Hence, no one knows how she became infected or at least that is the story as of now. 


It was going to spread globally everyone knew that so this is not a surprise. Admittedly I am more surprised that no one has actually blamed Donald Trump for the virus showing up in the US, the guy gets blamed for a lot whether he deserves it or not.  

coronavirus-2-crimeshop - Edited

Currently I just saw a headline that says California is monitoring 8400 who may or may not be infected, Chris Cuomo is upset about that one currently and reporting on it tonight, another that the CDC keeps changing things, states are not allowed to test for it, or can’t test for it, rumors are hitting the wire that the test doesn’t work, CNN is currently reporting that states are not being allowed to test because of the Federal Government, the CDC is only allowed to test and CNN is blaming Donald Trump for not being transparent. Which is a bit unfair. 


This morning all I saw on CNN was that the Don lied about a vaccine, he did stretch the truth, then yesterday he was attempting to quash panic and sugar coated things. 

I am sure hands down that the Don was told to keep the public from widespread panic and to feed the public just enough but not all of the details. 


I get that, but history shows that is less than the smart thing to do. I would urge the Don to be completely transparent here, people are going to panic and freak out anyway, the difference is between being transparent and not being transparent is that fear of the unknown causes worse widespread panic and chaos and can sometimes reach dangerous levels. 


Currently online people are advising all sorts of cures and preventative measures, everything from chugging bleach, to taking doses of vitamins high enough that they could kill you, to drinking alcohol, why not add a few lines of coke and some meth right? Because of the media and the internet, things are falling way out of perspective. 

I say rip off the band-aid and tell the truth, sugar coat nothing and let the chips fall where they fall. Reasonable adults will take precautions and not panic, less reasonable adults will drink some bleach, pop mass quantities of vitamins and go into hiding in some underground bunker and we’ll see them in around 30 years or so when they resurface. 


The last thing we want or need is the mainstream media spreading misinformation and fueling the fear with some of the headlines I am seeing they are reporting mostly speculation and rumors. They are taking an inch and running a mile with it, the only question Trump and his advisers should be thinking about is this, do you really want the media and internet speculating and informing the public on what the president isn’t saying?

Cristal M Clark

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CDC Greets Plane Full of Ill Passengers


Dubia – New York – The Walking Dead Maybe?


Did any other Walking Dead fans see a headline yesterday about Emirates Flight EK 203 and feel that fluttering of hope from deep within?


How many of you thought to yourselves “Thank God the Zombie apocalypse is finally here, Trump is gong to be eaten by a staffer.”


It would be a welcome relief for thousands of Americans because a zombie apocalypse is a step up from the presidency in this country.


Of course, knowing our illustrious President, he would find a way to capitalize on a zombie apocalypse and pat himself on the back through Twitter.


Trump tweeting prior to acknowledging a zombie apocalypse;

Trump: “My fellow Americans, trust me when I say this, no plane full of sick passengers and crew ever came to America, there is no zombie apocalypse.’

‘That is fake news, which I think we can all agree on, has to go. It is clear collusion between Robert Mueller, some anonymous source within the White House, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, pretty much a lot of the Middle East like that ISIS. Others involved, North Korea, Colin Kaepernick, Nike, James Comey, Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are all people that are out to get me as I have proven many times before. They are trying to cause chaos and fear in America to divide us, to try to distract us all from what’s really happening, real news, like how I am making America great again.”

Trump: “Yes a plane full of sick passengers did arrive from the Emirates, but it is fake news that the CDC does not know the cause. Folks trust me, I mean really trust me when I say this, the entire flight, all of the crew and passengers became violently ill upon learning that Jeff Sessions has not done his job since day one of heading the department of Justice.”


Trump’s tweets after deciding to capitalize on the zombie apocalypse;

Trump: “I know some of you think Zombies are a bad thing but I gotta tell you this my fellow American’s, they all agree that I am the best president that the United States has ever had, I am doing more for the zombies and non zombies than any president has previously done for anyone, ever.”

Trump: “Speaking of fake news, the zombies believe that any news about Russian collusion and the 2016 election, Bob Woodward’s book, all those Omarosa recordings are fake news and I think we can all agree that fake news needs to go away, it just has to go we need to start directing the zombies to all fake news media outlets like CNN and let them send a clear message that America will not stand for any more fake news.”

Trump: “Make America Great Again and folks that is just what I have done here. This zombie apocalypse is just what America needed. I have created more jobs in America than any president previously has by creating jobs for the zombies.”

Trump: “Zombies don’t even ask for paychecks, we just toss them a journalist or someone who doesn’t support me, like Jeff Sessions and they eat them. I have created more jobs for the zombies than any other president ever could, and these zombies’ folks don’t even want housing so because of me the cost of housing is going to go down in record number and because of all of that, I have made America great again! No other president can say that, they just cannot say that!”

Trump: “At least the zombies have a real excuse for not kneeling for the National Anthem, like a rotting limb could become detached from the body and also because of the zombie apocalypse the zombies and I agree that they don’t need shoes so for all those folks planning to burn your Nike gear, you no longer have to because of zombies and me Nike sales are going to drop drastically.”


All joking aside Emirates Flight EK 203 from Dubai landed in New York yesterday and was in fact greeted by health officials along with local authorities because passengers and the crew had fallen ill during the flight.

Basically, a plane full of sick people is cause for national concern and it is treated as such, except for, well I guess those guys over at the CDC don’t watch much of the Walking Dead.


11 out of 549 individuals went to the hospital and those 11 are still in the hospital. The remaining passengers and crew were allowed to carry on to their respective destinations.

The CDC is still investigating at the time of writing this to see what made everyone sick but as it were have determined that it is not communicable at this juncture.

Rest assured my Walking Dead Fellow Fans/And Fellow Anti Trump fans, we may still see a zombie apocalypse given that the CDC has not yet determined what is going on if anything. So, we may yet get a break from the likes of Donald Trump.

Fingers crossed.

Cristal M Clark

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