Chicago – Shot and killed, 286, shot and wounded 1335


Chicago – where it pays to either shoot or become a corrupt cop

I was reading an article over the weekend about the city of Chicago facing another lawsuit surrounding a police officer who is accused of framing 51 individuals.


What’s more is that the citizens of Chicago have been complaining about police corruption, abuse and of having been set up by the very men and women in uniform who have sworn to protect and serve them, for years.

The problem is that no one was listening until near the end of the Obama administration and by that time, the damage had already been done.

Jose Montanez, served 23 years for a murder that he did not commit.

He filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against former Det. Reynaldo Guevara, the city of Chicago, several other officers and prosecutors.

According to Jose, Det. Reynaldo Guevara and his partner, one Ernest Halvorsen, gave information about a 1993 murder of a factory worker to a jailhouse informant, who then made statements implicating Jose and two other men in the crime.

Jose also alleges that the then Prosecutors Matthew Coghlan and John Dillon knew the informant’s testimony was false but, didn’t really care, all they wanted was a conviction which is what any prosecutor wants. Enough sometimes to look the other way when investigators have oh, set someone up.

Jose is one of 51 individuals  who have lined up accusing detective Guevara of framing them for murders from the 1980s through the 2000s in the predominantly Latino neighborhood of Chicago’s Humboldt Park.

In looking at the number of shootings in Chicago, I had to sit back and wonder how does a city clean up the drug related shootings and sheer volume of violence when the city itself simply cannot employ police who are actually I don’t know, upstanding?

Like the uniform and oath says they should be?

We’ve all seen the stories about corrupt Chicago police who were taxing drug dealers back in 16 right, so this setting up individuals for murder is not really a huge surprise.

Another issue that society faces is that our younger generations have a much different way of both processing information and thinking altogether.

So cleaning up Chicago of it’s crime and corrupt police simply cannot be accomplished as easily using old techniques. We must now think things through and include plans beyond just a plan A.


In any case in looking at this years shooting across the fine city of Chicago the break down, year to date is:

286 individuals shot and killed

1335 individuals have been shot and wounded

1621 individuals have been shot in Chicago so far this year

And Chicago has seen 305 homicides so far this year

How do you stop the violence when the very police tasked with stopping it are just as corrupt?

Cristal M Clark

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Chicago holiday shooting -19 wounded – 1 dead, so far


Chicago, Thanksgiving weekend violence

At least 19 have been injured, 1 person has been killed at the start of this Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago.

As we near the close of 2016 and head into the busiest holidays of the year, it looks like Chicago is well on the way to reaching 4,000+ shooting victims for the entire year.

According to, year to date Chicago is sitting at a whopping 3,998 people shot so far, of that 645 have been shot and killed, 3,353 have been shot and wounded and Chicago has seen 720 homicides this year.

By the time this holiday weekend is over, Chicago will have hit that 4,000 shooting victim mark for the year, leaving just one month left to close out this violence filled year for the windy city.

Some within Chicago’s government are hoping that more gun laws might be the cure, while the reality is that ship sailed already and gun law’s, or the lack thereof rather, well they are not Chicago’s problem.

I and a pretty fair number of many experts across this nation have pointed out that you can put all the gun laws you’d like on the books and it’s still not going to resolve the issues in Chicago.

That whole background check thing by the way, just doesn’t seem to work for the modern criminal so they buy guns through this thing called “illegal means.”

At any rate, the root cause of the violence, for individuals looking to join gangs and kill each other just so happens to be lack of money and jobs, jobs that really pay the bills.

In fact, I saw over on Breibart news a story that said “One Chicago leader is pressing for a “declaration of a state of emergency” for the city, and state Representative Sonya Harper wants to require serial numbers on every bullet and bullet casing.”

Lawmakers and government officials are at best, so very out of touch with the public that they serve that it is truly disgusting. Rather than take the time to really learn what the real issues are then solve the core issues, the crux of the matter they reach for the easiest possible answer and it never will solve the problem with violence.

I talk about perception a lot because we will perceive a problem and come up with a solution to the problem that really doesn’t solve any problem at the end of the day.

Often times, we learn years later that our perception of the problem helped us to create a solution that really didn’t help matters much because what we thought was the problem really was not the problem at all.

the problem isn't the problem-crimeshop-GOFAST Sports & Beverage.jpg

To truly solve Chicago’s problem with Gun Violence, we must change our attitude about it and stop labeling it “Gun Violence.”

So here we have this perceived problem in Chicago and we’ve labeled that problem “gun violence,”  and we are beating a dead horse over and over again to come up with a solution to our perceived problem “gun violence.”

And we have yet to stop “gun violence” in Chicago despite Chicago PD’s best efforts, new gun laws and the like.

The reason we have yet to stop “gun violence” in Chicago is because we are looking at solving the wrong problem.

The idea that “gun violence” is the problem is a bit far fetched. The problem is people, the problem is the fact that those people, those individuals cannot find jobs and if they do they can’t find a job that will cover all of the bills we must cover in order to just survive.

As a direct result of that, they turn to crime because it is the only option that they have, the only way to put food on the table, make money, have a home, support a family and themselves.

Sure, we can take away guns or try to make it more difficult for a criminal to use a gun, historically speaking that has never turned out well, criminals just find other weapons of mass destruction…

Hopefully as we end 2016 and enter into 2017 we all begin to look at Chicago a little more closely and remove the label “Gun Violence” so that we can finally begin to really see clearly, what the problems are, take the steps to fix the real problems and stop labeling them something they are not. 

Can we finally see a call to some real action or are we still going to label what’s happening in Chicago something it never really was?

Cristal M Clark

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Chicago,  IL 17 dead, 42 wounded

chicago-halloween weekend-crimeshop.jpg

 Halloween Weekend Violence

Year long hunting season in Chicago

Halloween weekend did not start or end well for Chicago. At least 17 people were killed and 42 were wounded as of early Monday morning. While on the rest of Monday (Halloween) another 17 were shot and wounded, while 2 were shot and killed.

So far a total of 3,695 people have been shot in Chicago. This past weekends shootings came after police had shifted resources and scheduled OT for officers. While they had additional officers on schedules in the areas affected by the violence, it seemingly didn’t come close to putting a dent in the weekends shootings.


Clearly, nothing the Chicago Police have implemented this year is curbing the violence and let’s not forget that the relationships between police and citizens is already strained pretty badly in some parts of Chicago.

Many are wondering, what will it take to curb the escalating violence in Chicago?

We are looking at three more major holidays this year, with that, we are looking at more violence ringing out throughout Chicago.

What is driving the crime in Chicago?

One of the biggest reasons for the shootings in Chicago, as reported by shooters who have been jailed, lack of jobs and lack of jobs that pay a wage someone can live on.

Jobs and pay can drive people to the brink believe it or not. Lack of jobs can drive people to commit crime because they have to live, provide for themselves and/or a family.

Jobs that don’t pay enough to cover the bills can also drive people to a life of crime which sometimes provides more than holding down a low paying job would.

It becomes less a matter of choice and more a matter of, crime was the only option available.

We can’t really ignore what is going on in Chicago because those issues will at some point in time happen in other cities throughout the US.

Whether it’s lack of jobs, or jobs that just don’t pay enough, in many cities throughout the US we are already seeing the cost of living outpacing the wages earned. Which makes things like housing, transportation and basic necessities unattainable.

Lack of jobs or jobs that pay enough to support the cost of living for an individual let alone a family can be both demoralizing and dehumanizing and that can drive people to extraordinary extremes, the good and the bad.

It’s not a model that withstands the march of time.

The Chicago Police have done just about everything that they can aside from ask the President to declare martial law in an effort to curb the violence this year.

It would be in our nation’s best interest to sit down as a nation and help find ways to make Chicago a livable, thriving city again, rather than the human hunting ground that it has become.

Cristal M Clark

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An end to mass incarceration in the United States

mass- incarceration-the-crime-shop

When the call for an end to mass incarceration doesn’t make sense.

As of right now Chicago has experienced, 489 shootings for the month of August, 84 have been ruled homicides.

This brings the number of shootings in Chicago this year to 2,858.

This weekend just so happens to be a holiday weekend which tend to prove pretty deadly in Chicago. Chicago is 142 shootings away from hitting 3,000 shootings this year.

That’s not a lot when you look at the first 10 days of the year, Chicago experienced 120 shootings. That was winter and this is summer, more people and guns are out.

Dwyane Wade’s cousin, Nykea Aldridge was gunned down in cold blood on Friday afternoon while pushing her baby in a stroller. Dwyane Wade happens to be a guard for the Chicago Bulls, his dream come true was to play for the Chicago Bulls, he is from Chicago.

Now a beloved member of his family was murdered because she ended up in the crossfire of gang members who wanted to shoot someone else.

So forget gun laws, they are not working in Chicago, gang members don’t purchase guns legally anyway. What about the existing criminal laws on the books that are clearly not enforced?

Laws that could have prevented Nykea’s murder.

The two men arrested for Nykea’s murder were according to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, out on parole, not probation, parole, one of the two was out on parole on an existing gun charge.

Darwin and Darren Sorrells have multiple priors and don’t really seem to give a shit about things like the law, life, women, children, nothing.

Had Chicago’s judicial system actually enforced the current laws and sentenced each according to the crimes they had committed prior, neither of these men would have been out of prison and would never have had the opportunity to murder Nykea or anyone for that matter.

In a day and age where I hear non-stop talk about mass incarceration, I have to wonder are we honestly seeing the whole picture? Yes, great we get some stories where a petty marijuana dealer who received a rather long sentence, but is that the entire story?  Are we asking for the right thing clearly or is it to generalized?

In truth we do not truly have a mass incarceration issue within the prison system. Our prison systems are not loaded with your typical stoner, hippies or petty shoplifters, the mentally ill, and pretty much basically non-violent drug offenders.

Darwin Sorrells had been sentenced to 6 years in prison in back in January 2013 on a gun charge and he was released early on parole.

Derren Sorrells is a known gang member who also happens to be on parole for motor vehicle theft and escape. He absconded from justice, hence the escape charge?!?!?

Early release and parole for two men who more than showed the legal system they had absolutely no intention of abiding by the law let alone the rules of parole.

When are we going to learn that the while the judicial system is unfair to some, to others it is too lenient.

Repeat offenders and violent offenders should have no early release and no good time. In fact they should be sentenced more accordingly to the crimes they have committed. Violent offenders should never be afforded any graces.

I dated a former violent offender once, I didn’t know it at the time but I can tell you this firsthand, they are great at manipulating and telling counselors, therapists, parole officers, prison guards and family members just what they need too, so that they can fly right under the radar yet continue to commit crimes without the benefit of getting caught.

Don’t ever kid yourself into thinking the majority of these guys will reform, they won’t, they do not want to change. Given the opportunity to continue with the behavior that landed them in prison, they will continue to break the law.

For most violent offenders they have no regard for any law whatsoever.

Confusion comes into play when looking at the numbers for the so called mass incarcerated because people more often than not don’t truly understand the difference between jail and prison.

They are in fact, believe it or not different by definition. The two biggest differences are, length of stay and jail’s are typically run by local law enforcement agencies.

So you can have misdemeanor offenders, felons and federal prisoners all housed in the same jail at the same time for different types of charges. They can be already sentenced or awaiting bail or a court date.

Some states will keep a felon in jail rather than transport the prisoner to prison if the felon’s sentence is a year or less. Some might keep the them longer or for less time. It depends on the state.

In quite a few cases a prisoner in jail will be charged with a felony then the DA will bargain the charges down so someone just lost his job, his home etc while awaiting a court date because he couldn’t bond out. Which by the way happens to be a judicial system problem.

Because of the confusion of where a prisoner is housed and the type of crime committed, I believe that many individuals including the media are vastly confused over the idea of mass incarceration. I too often hear the media refer to jail as prison. It’s not and the media should not refer to a jail as a prison.

According to Fordham University School of Law, professor John Pfaff, who studied the 1980’s-2000’s, he learned that more than half of the extra or added prisoners were in fact violent offenders.

He says that of that “only about a 5th of prison inmates are incarcerated for drug offenses, only a sliver of those are in for marijuana. While many of these incarcerated drug offenders have prior convictions for violent crimes. The median state prisoner serves roughly 2 years before being released; 3 quarters are released within roughly 6 years.”

The other key issue is repeat offenders, sometimes while out on bail an offender will be charged with another crime and if the court does not see the newer crime they simply cannot sentence someone accordingly.

Sometimes a court will know about it and choose not to “deal” with it hoping another judge will see it and do something about, sometimes they don’t even care if the other judge will “deal” with it.

Mass incarceration though, the numbers that everyone continues to toss out, the stories, none of that speaks the truth.

When we talk about things like mass incarceration, we have to draw a distinctly clear line for our elected leaders so that they can understand what we are talking about.

Are we saying that we feel too many people are arrested for laws on the books that no longer make sense like laws with regards to marijuana or are we talking about crimes that are violent in nature?

Are we talking about Betty who didn’t pay her traffic fine, court costs or the like who was arrested and thrown in jail for a week or two and ended up losing her job and still can’t pay the fines?

Are we talking about someone who was arrested for the 4th time on a DUI charge in a state that doesn’t charge a 4th time offender as a felon and couldn’t post bail?

Are we talking about someone who was picked up for being a public nuisance while intoxicated, jailed for a few days because they couldn’t post bond then fined beyond their means, and sentenced to classes they really don’t need?

The point is, we need to clear up what it is we are asking for and expect in return, you can’t just toss something out like “end mass incarceration” and expect a result, it doesn’t work that way.

When I look at cases like the Sorrells brother’s who murdered an innocent bystander, her murder was absolutely preventable if they had been appropriately sentenced and not out on parole.

Mass incarceration means different things to different people, it means different things for different reasons and on different levels.

We must be clear about what it is we want from our Government.

Mass incarceration is not the bigger issue, judicial reform is. Holding non-violent offenders without bond for a charge that will be plea bargained down anyway is cruel and punishment enough.

Allowing two violent offenders out early without having had half a chance to pay for the crimes they committed is a call for Judicial Reform at all levels.

Cristal M Clark

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Son of Chicago Police Officer murdered

arshell-dennis - thecrimeshop

Chicago, where the killing never stops

On 8/15/16 – 7 activists joined together in an effort to protest the murder of innocent 19 year old Arshell Dennis, son of a Chicago police officer.

A young African American man who had a promising future, he had everything to live for and did nothing that warranted his murder on this past Sunday in Chicago.

He came home for a few days to surprise his sick mother for her birthday. It’s been reported by local media that at the news of her son’s death, her screams could be heard echoing down the block.


While this made the news all over, what didn’t make the news was the protest, except for local media outlets in Chicago, large networks failed to cover the story endlessly and with as much drama and gusto as they do when they cover a protest that involved a police officer shooting someone, moreover a white police officer who has shot an African American. Which shows just how  those networks truly practice in the art of fair and unbiased reporting.

I believe it is very much worth our attention because the 7 activists that gathered are activists who also protest police misconduct and brutality. Guess that’s what made it less of a newsworthy story to the more major national media outlets.


According to activist activist Ja’Mal Green “This young man was taken supposedly by our own, and we’re going to stand up for Arshell, we want this killer to be brought in so that we can have justice, because Arshell didn’t deserve this. Nineteen years old. Nineteen.”

Ja’Mal was arrested last month by the way, during a protest about recent police shootings, he was charged with hitting an officer.

Ja’Mal and the other 6 protesters get it, they truly get that all black lives matter, regardless of who pulled the trigger.

The activists met at the corner of where Arshell was murdered on Sunday morning. Arshell was heading back to college at St. Johns University in New York where he was in his junior year studying journalism.

A gunman approached Arshell and his friend as they sat on the front porch of a residence and opened fire, police officials said. The friend, who is 20, was shot in the arm and side.

On Monday, the activists expressed their support for the family of Arshell, and told reporters that they condemn violence against police officers and their families.

Michael Davis, the local block club president and member of the Wrightwood Improvement Association told local reporters “We want to let people know that this is not the new normal. That our community is not taking this lying down.”

He went on to say “In the wake of what’s going on today in Minneapolis and other cities where we see police shootings and riots, we want people to know that we protest peacefully, for both situations that involve police and that involve criminals. It doesn’t matter to us which.”

The Black Lives Matter Movement as a whole should be standing in solidarity with these 7 individuals who not only protest what they feel is police bias and brutality against black Americans, but also the murder, shooting and brutality by their own against each other.

The number of shootings in Chicago went up this week from last week by the way, we are sitting at 2,677 shootings for the year. 121 people have been shot in Chicago within the last 8 days.

Stand together against against the 2,677 people who have been shot in Chicago this year most of which were shot by their own or the White Supremacist who on Tuesday night, thought that it would a good idea to stab a black man in Olympia, Washington in some crusade against Black Lives Matter to avenge police…

So although these 7 individuals did not gain national, non-stop media coverage for their efforts.. I paid attention and I applaud these 7 individuals who are leading by example by not only protesting what they consider police bias and brutality but, also protesting the killing of an innocent young African American Man by one of his own.

Cristal M Clark

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2,556 people have been shot in Chicago


So far this year

Yes you read that right, 2,556 individuals have been shot in Chicago so far this year.

Out of that, 2,166 were shot and wounded, the other 390 individuals are dead.

Chicago crossed the 2,000 point back in June. The July 4th weekend started off with a bang, 62 wounded and 4 were killed.

On Monday of this week alone 9 were shot and killed while 13 others were wounded.

Police have stated over and over again the violence in Chicago is attributed to feuding gangs and sadly a lot of the violence is being brought about by the citizens of Chicago, not the police.

For the month of August alone, to date Chicago has had 137 shootings.

So while our Administration and the Black Lives Matter movement are calling for change because they seem to feel that police do not value “Black Lives,” they are ignoring the staggering amount of shootings in Chicago. Many of the victims by the way are not white.

Are we picking and choosing which Black Lives Matter or is it that the Black Lives in Chicago simply do not matter?

The President recently commented with regards to officer involved shootings of young black men “all Americans should be troubled…” He also said “To be concerned about these issues is not political correctness. It’s just being an American.”

Is Chicago no longer part of America because being an American, I am deeply concerned that our administration is turning a blind eye to the rising violence in Chicago.

Do Black Lives only matter if it’s a cop pulling the trigger?


Do Black Lives only matter when they can be labeled as racism or bias at the hands of white cops?

The impression that I am getting from Obama, Washington, Congress and the Black Lives Matter movement is that they are picking when and where black lives really matter and it’s not Chicago.

That translates pretty loudly to Black Lives Matter only if it’s a cop who pulled the trigger but not another black citizen, or gang member. And fuck Chicago.

The senseless crime committed against blacks in Chicago not to mention the loss of black lives in Chicago has been so blatantly ignored by the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as in Washington both by Congress and President Obama that it’s quite frankly, sickening.

Stop preaching about officer involved shootings of young black men while you sit back and watch them get killed every day in Chicago by individuals who aren’t cops.

Instead, take the time to help pull Chicago together again. You know the state that has encountered the 2,556 shootings this year…

Cristal M Clark


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If you want to see the stats daily with regards to shootings in Chicago check out these guys keep a great running toll of the situation.




Gunshots ring out in Chicago

A torn and tattered city

Chicago has outpaced last years numbers so far. From 1/1/2016 Chicago has had as of today a total of 1,898 shooting, in all of 2015 Chicago had 2,988 shootings according to the Chicago Tribune. 

This year, we already crossed the halfway point.

Yesterday The Chicago Tribune reported that this past weekend’s shootings left at least 50 wounded and 8 dead.

Father’s Day left 12 dead with a grand total of 54 shootings

Memorial day weekend 69 shootings, 8 dead

Mother’s Day yielded 49 shootings, with a reported 9 dead

Easter, 37 shootings in Chicago

2016 started with a bang for Chicago, it is widely reported that more than 100 people were shot within the first 10 days of the year.

Some media outlets have reported that the police are overwhelmed and outnumbered, in fact, Vice ran a headline yesterday that read “With killing on the rise in Chicago, police are putting their hands up.”

The department has been having a rough go of it and the increase in shootings is not making it any better. The question is how do the Chicago police take back the city and stop the violence without becoming a militant presence in the community?

Not a popular idea however the increase in violence in Chicago has shown no outward signs of slowing and I believe that we can all agree that something needs to be done in an effort to slow it.

What will this weekend bring to such a tattered and torn city?

Cristal M Clark


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Memorial day weekend ~ 69 shootings in Chicago, 2016

chicagomemorial day 2016

Deputy Superintendent John Escalante on Sunday promised to beef up patrols in response to the sheer volume of weekend shootings, only to have that promise answered with another 9 people shot by early Tuesday.

To be fair, early reports are indicating that 27 of the individuals that were shot, were shot in or near the Harrison district, one of Chicago’s most violent. It also happens to be one of Chicago’s most heavily patrolled districts.

The bad news; the number of shootings is up from last year

Ahhh but the good news is that over the mother’s day weekend according to one news report just 57 were shot in Chicago.

According to Chicago police, the shootings are being brought about by heated gang conflicts.

Add the warmer weather to those heated conflicts and we may be looking at one hell of a bloody Chicago by the end of the summer. The really bad news is that each month so far in 2016 across the US heat index records have been broken, each month we hear that the last was the hottest on record for the majority of the US.

Heat makes people angry, they are more apt to reach for a gun, and well hey let’s face the truth here, these rival gangs, they were never going to sit down over a coffee and “talk” things out.

The issue with Chicago according to police is weak gun law enforcement, access to guns and gangs. The department has also gone on to say that they have been able to pinpoint the majority of the violence on a group of roughly 1,300 individuals using “data analytics.” If that works, and they can eventually get it to the point of being able to pinpoint exactly when any violence may happen, things should be in relatively good shape right?

I’d give it 50/50 knowing that we human beings are pretty predictable except for criminals. The trick with them is to outthink them. You have to realize that criminals especially those who are any part of organized crime groups are like entrepreneurs, just when you think you have them or the next move they are going to make figured out, they change it up. They spend a lot of time trying to find ways to outsmart and outrun the long arm of the law. 

That is a history lesson we can’t afford to forget here.

While it’s great to be able to know why, the bigger issue and questions are, how are the Chicago police planning on putting a stop to it? I know a lot of people are thinking why not just roll up those 1,300 problem children?

That is far easier said than done. Sure they can try to round them all up, but these guys have #2 and #3 guys, someone to take the place of the fearless leaders who got put into jail. Those fearless leaders are also capable of running the organization from inside jails sometimes. Of course you also have to take into account, they don’t plan on getting caught.

Cracking down on that weak gun law enforcement is another great idea, it’s also another idea that is easier spoken about than it is accomplished. Sometimes these guys are not willing to get caught and they are less than willing to go to jail, so they have no problem shooting at a cop, let alone any innocent bystander who happened to walk across that mess. It’s kill or die to them.

The bottom line is this, guns are on the street and individuals who don’t fear death are very willing to use those weapons. It’s clear that threatening them into submission is not working and neither are increased police patrols.

Locking an entire community down is also not easy to accomplish either so locking the daycare overnight is out…

The Chicago Tribune was able to compile the following data:

“So far this year around 1,500 individuals have been shot in Chicago,  with at least 250 deaths

While, last year by this time the count was 957 shot with 164 individuals who had been killed.

60 homicides this month have outpaced those in each of the previous three years in Chicago, according to Tribune data. By May 30, 2015, there had been 45 homicides, with 41 by the same date in 2014 and 47 in 2013”

It’s early though, the numbers are still rolling in from the weekend and could be adjusted up or down as police wrap up investigations. For an ongoing as close as one can get count if you are interested, check out the website heyjackass, they keep a pretty close eye on the number of shootings in Chicago if you want a weekly birdseye view of them.

Growing violence can only be contained in a bottle for so long before it begins to spill over. In Chicago’s case that could mean escalating outside of just the most violent part of town.

It’s sad really, Memorial Day Weekend is for remembering and cherishing those who died while serving in active military service.

I wonder how many service men and women are serving anywhere in the world right now who may have seen the news reports about Chicago over the weekend, today or maybe not yet, but who soon will? Out of that how many of those men and women are from or know someone, family or loved ones who are from those parts of Chicago that were hit with violence this past weekend?

It’s a sad twist of fate really, we are supposed to worry about our military members while they are serving, they shouldn’t have to worry about things like this back home.

Cristal M Clark


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