Jeff Sessions Sued by 12-Year Old Colorado Girl


Marijuana the Schedule I drug – That shouldn’t be a Schedule I Drug

I would love to be sitting here telling you that Jeff Sessions is being sued simply because he is a complete idiot but that’s not why he is being sued.


As it turns out a 12-year old girl here in Colorado is suing him over the drug policy here in America.

The drug in particular that Alexis Bortell is upset about just so happens to be cannabis.

Declassify Marijuana-Bernie Sanders-Crimeshop

So, Alexis Bortell has filed a lawsuit claiming that the federal prohibition on marijuana is unconstitutional.

Alexis Bortell-Crimeshop

Alexis just so happens to use a strain of cannabis oil called Haleigh’s Hope which helps with seizures. Alexis was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was younger and this should come as no shock to anyone, traditional medicine was not helping so she and her family moved to Colorado from Texas so that they could legally obtain cannabis oils to treat her.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee

The very sad truth is, the government is completely blind to the medical benefits from cannabis and that blindness just so happens to be on purpose.


Big Pharma is sleeping with quite a few folks in the political arena so…we have that and they do line quite a few pockets along the way.

Additionally, big pharma actually throws more money at trying to trick voters into not legalizing cannabis than most people know about. That’s because they would rather poison us all with that shit they make and try to shove down our throats, that does very little to resolve health problems, in fact more often than not they tend to create other, more debilitating health problems.

Cannabis helps resolve a plethora of health issues with more positive results and it’s not destroying internal organs along the way.

It’s a plant that’s been around since the beginning of time, with more medical benefits than any pill big pharma could ever dream of making. They are just pissed that the cannabis industry as a whole keeps shutting big pharma out of the industry.

Which is the smartest move anyone could make.  

Some of the health problems it’s known to help with are and certainly not limited to:





Nightmares (for those of us who suffer from severe nightmares)


Some forms of Depression

Some forms of Bipolar Disorder


Alzheimer and dementia patients, marijuana can reduce feelings of confusion and agitation

It was found that THC, blocks inflammation in the brain and “stimulates the removal of toxic plaque”.

Marijuana has also been used to help dementia patients

For stroke victims, marijuana can, quite literally, shrink the damage away

Marijuana can reduce tremors and slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease

A recent study in the journal Cerebral Cortex showed possibilities that marijuana can help heal the brain after a concussion, or other traumatic injury



Eating disorders

Crohn’s disease

Cancer, It was found in the study, published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, that Cannabidiol has the ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1

Eczema, Psoriasis, Atopic and Contact Dermatitis

Pain management

Helps reverse the carcinogen effects of tobacco, and improve lung health according to a study back in January of 2012, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

That’s a pretty decent sized list, yes? It’s not even complete, that is a partial list folks. 

Alexis has a huge following on her side right now which includes me.


Jeff Sessions might want to consider backing way off on his stance with regards to marijuana because he has an entire nation of people who do in fact believe in the medical benefits of cannabis because we’ve tried “traditional” medicine before and are fully and acutely aware of the dangers and damage traditional medicine causes to the human body and mind. 

Jeff Sessions is going to lose this battle eventually and it’s not going to be pretty for him at all.

Cristal M Clark

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Jeff Sessions – Continues to Operate with Ineptitude

Jeff Sessions-War on Marijuana-CrimeShop.jpg

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – Can we just give him a job that he can actually do?

Other countries are starting to take some pretty big notice of Trump and his Administration’s desire to keep America locked in a time that no longer exists. They are seeing, Trump and his Administration’s efforts to keep, forbade and prohibit America from moving forward in a progressive and well thought out manner, thus keeping America at the top of the food chain.

The Administration and policies it suggests at most turns seem to be a step at rolling back instead of forward. Which is the wrong direction as most of you would agree.

Jeff Sessions-Crime_Shop

One big todo has to do with how U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions feels about legal marijuana. Setting aside his announcement today to increase civil forfeiture and going with something simple. His take is that it (pot) is really no better than heroin although the yearly death rate of those that have OD’d on Marijuana has oddly and rather shockingly remained at zero, since oh the beginning of time. Shocking because Jeff seems so concerned that it is somehow a dangerous drug or a gateway drug of some type.


Yes, Marijuana is a gateway drug…to nacho’s, cheetos, and just about any junk food one could think of.

Of Marijuana users, if you were to actually take the time and look at those who are just using Marijuana, not mixing it with other drugs, legal or otherwise and alcohol you’ll note the users are typically non-violent, they just want to chill out for some reason.

Seems like really odd behavior for such a dangerous drug, right?

Well not according to our good friend Jeff Sessions who has vowed to lead this administration into all out war with states that have legalized. See, back in February, Donald Trump’s Department of Justice announced plans to aggressively go after states that have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana while good old Sean Spicer promised that Trump actually sees “a big difference” between the two.

I mean the guy (Jeff) is clearly just not qualified to do the job, he lacks any knowledge whatsoever about what is really going on here or even in the world, refuses to become educated and just wants things his way, because he can’t get past the fact that it just isn’t the 60’s anymore.   

A perfect example of Jeff’s ineptitude is that he once upon a time  made an ill fated joke that he thought the violent white supremacists of the KKK were and I believe it went a lot like, “okay until I found out they smoked pot.”  Then went on to establish a task force to investigate the connection between marijuana and violent crime. If actually done, you will find the report will be useless because cannabis users are typically non-violent until and unless you look at other contributing factors such as, other drugs used, alcohol and mental issues that may or may not be treated with other types of drugs. Again, to get a really good idea of cannabis users and so called violent crime, you’d have to look at just the pool of users who are strictly only using cannabis otherwise any task-force, study or numbers tossed out would be useless because they would not be factual but simply, just what this Jeff wants because he has a bone if you catch my drift. For no other reason that he wants it his way.

In rolling back states attempts at a much more sensible drug policy, Jeff is actually seeking to take America back to a time when misinformation and hysteria beat out science and reason.

Which also pretty much sums up the entire Trump Administration.

Let’s just look at a few facts:

Putin-Trolls-Donald-Trump-Crime- Shop

Trump’s approval rating is currently sitting at an all time low, in fact the majority of U.S. Presidents have never had the privilege of such a low approval rating. So quite frankly I am shocked that he is putting up that Napoleon Complex that just seeps from Jeff Sessions anytime the man enters a room, opens his mouth spatting out inept thoughts that are ill formed with the the sole desire to hold us back instead of move us forward.  

In fact, world wide Trump’s approval rating is even lower, and it continues to fall. Other Nations have an overall sense that Trump is in fact, destroying the United States, peice, by piece.

But here is the juice:

A recent Gallup poll found that 1 in 8 US adults admits to using cannabis and more than half have tried it. (I’m sure it’s a lot higher but you know people don’t want everyone knowing they use pot)

The US has 29 legal medical marijuana states

8 states have gone a step further and legalized cannabis for recreational use, allowing people over the age of 21 to enjoy it responsibly, like alcohol but without that pesky violent behavior that sometimes follows the use of heavy drinking.  

Another 14 states are looking to legalize marijuana


Here in Colorado, we topped a cool $1 Billion in cannabis sales last year alone, which in turn offered an even cooler $2 million in tax revenue for the state.

So why is this news now?

It’s not so much new news however, back in April Jeff called for a Justice Department task force to review policies in a number of areas, including marijuana. He requested recommendations “no later than July 27.”

Jeff Sessions is just an angry little man who just wants it his way and whose use is comparable to decaf coffee, it has no use and it belongs in the garbage.

Cristal M Clark

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Denver, CO where the homeless are the gift that keeps on giving.


Denver, Colorado

In downtown Denver it seems that the homeless come in never ending waves. Once a sweep is done, another wave shows up eventually. 

Earlier this year the City of Denver conducted a sweep of homeless camps, forcing or so they thought the homeless off of the streets and into shelters and the like.

What really happened was the majority just found a new place to camp, along near the south Platte, some in neighboring residential areas where one resident reported to local media recently that she had, witnessed two homeless individuals having sex right out in the open, in her neighborhood…which by the way is nothing new for those who actually live right off of the mall area and in and around 13th, 14th, 16th and 17th avenues.

The point is, after the sweep earlier this year, the homeless numbers in particular areas dropped off, but they didn’t just stop being homeless or disappear. They camped out elsewhere.

Some blame it on the legalization of cannabis which I am sure brought some to Denver but it did not create the homeless issues that they face. Those very same issues have been plaguing the city for quite some time, for years in fact, prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Now it seems the homeless have flocked right back to familiar territory. Drive down Lawrence by the shelter…you’ll find homeless hanging out, camped out and waiting…

The city has come out and said “we firmly believe people are best served indoors.” To some extent I agree with that idea, the intent is very well meant. But the idea itself is not one that will be successful at this juncture.

So here are the issues currently, residents, the city, business owners, visitors to the city, they all want the homeless out of sight and out of mind so to speak. So they came up with a solution designed to provide them shelter and a place to go, programs that are intended to help them become productive members of society.

But are the well wishers and planners truly understanding the issues that the homeless face?

Do they get it?

What is causing the homeless individuals to become homeless?

For some it is job loss or that the jobs they have simply do not pay enough for them to afford rent along with other housing costs.

Some suffer from mild to severe mental health issues that are under-treated, not treated at all or they are self treating through substance abuse.

Some are addicted to alcohol or drugs

Some suffer from a physical disability

Some have no family or friends that they can rely upon to help them so they all end up living on the streets.

A huge issue that the homeless complain about is the violence, assaults, filth and conditions at the shelters. The vast majority of the homeless will tell you that they would rather sleep on the street than in a shelter because the shelters are filthy, they have bed bugs, some are assaulted at shelters, hurt, and if you have ever walked through a shelter at night, it is pretty dehumanizing to say the least. 

A lot of the programs so as to help them are designed specifically for helping the homeless obtain housing and jobs. Some of the specialized housing for the homeless have rules, the programs are more in line with transitional housing. 

But to qualify certain conditions have to be met or the homeless is denied the housing or kicked out.

They cannot have priors for most of the transitional housing or if they do it cannot be sex assault and or violent priors, then the issue of substance abuse always comes up. While in most if not all of the transitional housing, they cannot drink or do drugs.

Well, that is a huge part of the homeless population. A lot do in fact suffer from some form of substance abuse, some have prior’s and some have priors that are due to mental illnesses that were never treated properly.

You cannot demand that the homeless give up whatever substance they abuse just so that they can have housing. I’ve heard people say, that if the homeless want off the streets bad enough they’ll give up drinking or doing drugs.

That is not a fair expectation to be honest. You don’t just expect a long time heavy drinker or drug user to give up something they are addicted to. It’s not instantaneous or easy and depending on the level of abuse, could potentially be dangerous to just give up cold turkey.

Then you have those that do want off the street but can’t afford housing. It’s easy to tell them to move to a suburb that may be more affordable, which then usually leaves them facing the hard cold reality of lack of transportation.

And some homeless, for them that is all that they know. If you have ever seen Shawshank Redemption, when Red gets out of prison, he struggles to adapt to life on the outside.

Think about a long term homeless individual, perhaps one that wasn’t ever really good at holding down a job, not drinking or using drugs, the family gig…it would not be easy for them.

So what we are left with is this really ugly circle that just doesn’t stop. We can’t force someone to seek help when they are unwilling to seek it out. We cannot force someone to seek a better life if they are content with the life that they have or if a better life is simply out of reach for various reasons and we cannot force someone to seek shelter if they do not want it.

The fact is, we cannot force them to head to any of the resources offered if they do not want them or if it, in the long run is not truly a long term solution.

Denver homeless-crimeshop.jpg 

The problem that the city faces is, legally just because the homeless aren’t pretty to look at they can’t really stop them from being homeless.

The fantasy, the expectation and desire in this case are simply not in line with the realities of why the homeless are homeless and the solutions are far from long term.

Cristal M Clark

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Denver, Colorado Police Department – changing use force policy

Denver Colorado Police-crimeshop.jpg

Denver, Colorado

In a move that I don’t often make, I am going to praise the efforts of the Denver, Colorado Police Department, in fact, I commend them for taking this very huge step forward.

They announced this week that they plan to rewrite the department’s use of force policy. I’ve said this so many times before, in all reality police departments across the US don’t really need the DOJ to step in and fix everything if a police department is willing and ready for change.

As it turns out, one of the departments that I often praise has paid attention to what has been happening with other police departments across the nation and has taken it upon themselves to change the way they react.


Instead of telling officers what is legally allowed in terms of using force, they will now be encouraged and allowed to use the minimum amount of force necessary.
That translates to not shooting first and asking questions later, which DPD never really had an issue with but why wait until one surfaces?

They will be provided special training and models to help guide them on how to better react to different situations, according to DPD Chief Robert White.  

“I’m of the opinion it’s just not good enough for officers to take legal actions, but they also need to make sure those actions are absolutely necessary that’s where we are going.”

What citizens don’t often see or realize is that some police departments across the country have been watching the violence, the actions of both officers and citizens and they have listened to how citizens feel and they are now taking steps to change different aspects of policing.

That’s pretty important.

The Denver police department has already included a section to its operations manual that requires officers to de-escalate situations when reasonable and of course practical.

They included a section that says that officers now have a duty to render aid after they have shot a suspect or if they used physical force on a suspect if the situation is deemed safe to do so.

Chief White has also vowed to listen to input and idea’s which shows. What’s more is that the department did not take this process lightly. They consulted with something like 14 other departments, some of which were, Seattle, San Diego, Kansas City, Mo, a board of directors.

They even looked at input from from the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing and the Police Executive Research Forum.

The Denver Police Department is proving that they can lead by example. They watch, listen and actually choose to hear what is said by citizens, not just in Denver but nationwide and step forward to make the changes that are needed.

I commend them for the dedication they have for the community that they serve.

Success is not about being the best. It’s about always getting better.

Clearly the Denver Police Department gets that.

Cristal M Clark

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Denver, Colorado Police in another spy-file situation


Colorado ACLU questions the Denver Police Department

ACLU-WARRANT-the crime shop.jpg

The Colorado ACLU is now questioning the Denver, Colorado Police department over its use of Geofeedia software. And in case you were not aware, the Denver Police Department has been using Geofeedia to monitor activities in the city, more specifically what residents are saying on social medial.

Geofeedia allows police to target specific neighborhoods or areas of the city and capture all posts to social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and international social media sites, and can even hone in on keyword searches.

The ACLU seems to feel that the police may be violating a 2003 agreement over how and when the department monitors city residents’ activities so naturally they are requesting to know who is is using it, what search terms they are using, when and why.

You know to make sure the police are following proper protocol when they use it.

According to Mark Silverstein, legal director of the ACLU, “There’s a risk if we know the police department is watching and listening to tweets and posts on certain subjects, people may be afraid to say something for instance, I’m not going to say something about a police shooting because the police might put me in a file. The issue is it has a chilling effect on our First Amendment rights.”

Well Mark, I believe the police are not going to put someone on file that isn’t advocating violence against police. If you are all for police getting shot and killed and support and advocate it, entice people to go through with thoughts or idea’s with regards to harming police, then you deserve to be in a file…

At some point we all need to realize that fine line between what we say and support openly and publicly isn’t always a protected right nor should it be.

The concern the ACLU has concerns a 14 year old issue that Denver had that was once dubbed “spy-files.”


So the story goes like this, back in 2002, the ACLU sued the Denver Police Department over intelligence files that it kept on its residents.

The lawsuit claimed that the police department spied on people who were exercising their First Amendment rights by attending community meetings and protests even though many of the individuals as it later turned out, never made any specific threats or acted in any way violently so as to cause or inflict harm to others.

That was then and this is now. One of the first things I hear from people who have lived through a mass shooting where the shooter made threats through social media, is why didn’t the police see the posts and stop it. Or is it the job of the public to see them and report them.

Again, it’s a fine and delicate line that we walk on these days, what’s more is that, when posting on social media, yes we all do have a right to freedom of speech but is it really that out of line for police to have the ability to view it openly with or without software?

If you say it in a public forum, it means you want to be heard, you want it seen, you want to be seen by as many people as possible.

It is the same as being on stage. It does not fall under the idea of someone getting off of his or her couch and attending a protest.

Speaking on social media is making the choice to take it public, the police didn’t technically have to pry the details out of someone or send in secret spies to find it out.

What the police shouldn’t do however is keep a file on the individual if they are not leaning towards any radical thinking such as supporting, enticing or suggesting acts of violence against police or anyone for that matter.

Hate speech is hate speech and believe it or not, it sometimes has consequences including unintended ones.

Police should be allowed to see whatever whenever they wish, just not allowed to keep files on people who pose no credible threats.

Part of being an adult is realizing that sometimes we do need to be careful of what we say, where we say it and to whom we are saying it to, social media provides a very large audience, you never know who just might be listening.

We have no legal right to protections under freedom of speech if what we are saying suggests an act which would cause harm to another. Cop or otherwise.

Cristal M Clark

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Colorado – Police forget to file domestic violence charges against suspect


The good news is, they offered the victim free movie tickets instead.

The Westminster, Colorado Police it seems failed to file domestic abuse charges against against a woman’s violent ex due to a clerical error. The detective oddly enough failed to follow up on it in 2012 so it was missed until 2015.

The victim in this case Elizabeth Steadman, reported the abuse to police in back in 2012, the detective handling the case informed her that he would file an arrest warrant affidavit for felony menacing, third-degree assault, and harassment and then forward it to the Adams County DA’s Office for review.

As it turned out however, a police supervisor closed the case instead, by mistake of course. They didn’t discover the error until 2015.

The victim says that she called and called to get updates about her case until the detective that was handling the case told her that he would call when the DA reached a decision.

She waited until 2015 to reach out again, this time she was told by the detective that he had dropped the ball and that the case had fallen through the cracks and that it was never filed with the DA.

Which was really noble of the detective to own up to. I am also pretty sure that he was reprimanded for admitting to dropping the ball.

After that, around 6 weeks later the victim was called to a meeting and this is where things in her mind go even further south than they should have. It was in this meeting that she felt attacked and blamed.

She goes on to say that state documents show that police admitted to discussing challenges in the case that may have ultimately prevented prosecution. She was asked why she waited so long to check up on the case.

And she took issue with being asked why she waited so long to check up on the case.

Which is a really good question but before we get to that, it was what happened in the parking lot that left her feeling insulted. A commanding officer walked up to her and said “You deserve a day to yourself. Here’s a pair of movie tickets.”

I can understand mistakes, issues with filing charges, even dropping the ball, but movie tickets as a way to apologize for one of your officers dropping the ball on filing charges against a domestic violence suspect?

Really? Does the Westminster Police Department give all it’s victims movie tickets when they fail to actually file charges?

I bring this subject up because it covers two very real issues in today’s world. We have two sides, the police and the victims. Sometimes victims will over dramatize aspects of the crime or the events that followed, even interaction with police.

And then we have the police…

I’ve seen and met cops who tend to take a Laissez-faire attitude towards domestic violence, they show up with an attitude that clearly shows, “I have better shit to do than deal with a DV,” or they are sick of dealing with DV’s, sometimes if one or both parties have been drinking they have an attitude about that…and the biggest issue is that they become desensitized to it and treat victims like it’s not a huge deal, whatever, basically in a disrespectful, demeaning manner.

Sadly, those issues are all too common. Victims report it all the time and to be fair, if anyone bothered to look, officers who carry that crap attitude towards domestic violence victims or who are desensitized to it do in fact show clear and distinct signs of it.

Then, sometimes a detective will get so bogged down with other work that he or she fails to follow up on the charges they filed. They don’t have “time” to keep being bothered with calls from a victim awaiting word about a case being filed or not…and they let things slide.

Whatever the case, the bottom line is that there is no excuse for it.

To insult a victim with an offer of something free such as movie tickets for some “you time” is completely inappropriate when your department failed to do it’s job.

The victim in this case was not treated with respect or dignity, she was basically ignored and filed away in some drawer and forgotten about.

Now let’s look at the other side because in this case we have to. 

The victim waited 3 years to learn if charges had been filed in her case and for a trial date? This was not a murder investigation, police were not searching for a body, a head, a foot or a hand, this was not a bank robbery investigation, a drive by investigation, it was a domestic violence case where neither party had been hospitalized, severely beaten or killed.

If it was that important to her that she have her day in court and that the suspect paid for the abuse then…

Being an adult victim is not the same as being a 5 year old child victim, ignorance is not an excuse.

If you are a capable and able minded adult, who is no one else’s legal responsibility to care for, legally you can make your own decisions, then you too carry some level of burden.

As a victim it is up to you to find resources, the police out of habit do give out victim resource information, in that stack of paperwork that they give to you, you can find resources to housing, work, funds for things like medical bills, funds for therapy, legal resources and helpful tips about staying safe and seeking help.

The police don’t do that for you and neither will the court or the DA.

If a victim is concerned that his or her case is not moving, all they have to do is pick up a phone because point blank if you were smart enough to report this to the Victim Rights Act subcommittee, and also agree to an interview with the local media, roughly 3 years after the fact, then you knew full well you could have gone above the detective’s head a very long time ago.

If a victim wants justice sometimes it is up to you to keep things going. Know your rights, push for answers and don’t let someone shut you out because they are too busy to take your call, move up the ladder yourself, don’t wait for someone to notice you waiting. 

To wait even 6 months to see if your case is even going to get a trial date? That’s on the victim.

You will get no argument from me that the Westminster, Colorado Police Department added insult to injury.

I have to add however that the victim in this case bears some of the responsibility for the ball being dropped.

Cristal M Clark

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