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Leading a double life can sometimes get you killed


Julian Pesina sold drugs for the Mexican Mafia, also known as La Eme, while at the same time serving as a police officer for Balcones Heights, hiding his gang tattoos under the safety of the uniform he bore.

Julian was gunned down on May 4, 2014 by the gang whom he pledged allegiance to after having learned of his daytime job as a police officer from Facebook.

Even more problematic for Julian, the feds and the SAPD were investigating his involvement with the Mexican Mafia and were poised to arrest him but, the gang got to him first.

His sentence from the feds would have included prison time, his sentence from the gang he was affiliated with, well it was death.

On that fateful day Julian was outside of a tattoo shop that he owned. The FBI had set up surveillance of the shop and saw the entire murder play out.

Jerry “Spooks” Idrogo plead guilty to the murder last Friday, he also plead guilty to the murder of another man Texas Mexican Mafia member Billy Padilla, who Jerry killed in back in 2013 for not turning over the organization’s cut of drug money.

The gang’s Texas presence gained power in the 1980s, according to court documents and it’s still growing and going strong.

To gain membership into the gang, inductees have to commit a criminal act, which could include the murder of an enemy.

And according to the gang’s constitution, cooperation with law enforcement was punishable by death.

So Julian just being a cop was enough to seal his fate once the gang discovered that. What makes Julian’s murder interesting however is the fact that it is not unusual or uncommon according to author Tony Rafael, to find civil servants among the gang’s ranks.

Tony says that it the group is very good at the art of being able to coerce people into doing things for them or things that would benefit the gang. According to Tony, they have corrupted social workers for the gang and even police. They are from what Tony says quite capable and excellent manipulators.

As with any individual who has a manipulative personality, they seek out the weak, someone that has something to gain through the manipulation process. After all, regardless of victim or criminal, every relationship we choose to have, has some benefit for both parties, otherwise we wouldn’t have them.

But for a manipulative person, the benefit from searching out the weak and manipulating them is sometimes criminal intent. They get the weak to do their bidding thus shielding them from the law.

Just how it was that Julian ended up in uniform is a mystery, he was part of the gang prior to becoming a cop so it’s a valid question.

It’s clear that he somehow managed to keep his life as a gang member from surfacing when he accepted and took the job as a cop.

That question, well it has never really been answered, let alone addressed.

Did he want out, was it a past he couldn’t quite escape or did he enjoy the benefits of leading a life as a cop and a criminal?

We may never know now because Julian Pesina was murdered by one of his own for being a cop.

One thing that we do know for sure is that a member of the Mexican Mafia managed to become a cop in Texas.

Cristal M Clark

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Oakland Police officer commits suicide



Live together, Die Alone

In the wake of Brendan O’Brien’s suicide the Oakland Police bureau has been rocked by multiple scandals involving its police officers. His death seems to have lifted that long dark curtain of police corruption that has been allowed to run rampant and out of control.

Brendan O’Brien took his life 9/25/2015. He was found by his mother, he had shot himself in the head. The inside of his right arm bore the tattoo “Live Together, Die Alone.” Something he clearly lived by until the end.

It was never a question to investigators as to whether or not Brendan committed suicide, it was more a matter of why. That why was because he had been having an affair with a young woman, who at the time the affair began would have been underage.

The young woman who was 18 at the time of his death, met him while underage working the streets as a prostitute and that by legal definition, in and of itself made her a victim of child sex trafficking.

Brendan saved her from a pimp when she was just 17 and they began a relationship, one that was sexual in a nature and it was no longer a secret at the time of his death. He stood to lose his job over it should the accusations be proven true, additionally, it also would mean that he broke the very laws he was to have been enforcing during his time employed as a police officer.

Investigators did find proof of this young woman’s sexual relationship with Brendan, they also found insurmountable proof that she had relationships with 28 other officers. Over a dozen from Oakland, the rest are from Richmond, Alameda County, Livermore and Contra Costa County.

Interestingly, a year and 3 months prior to Brendan’s suicide police were at his home to investigate the death of his wife. She was found with a gunshot wound to the right side of her head.

Her death was ruled a suicide, however some of the evidence paints a much different picture and her family does not believe that she committed suicide.

In fact it has been reported that after Brendan’s suicide, someone pushed the federal monitor and the compliance director to investigate and examine everything further so as to ensure that Brendan’s wife did in fact commit suicide and that the police were not guilty of some sort of cover up.

A US district Judge was notified by Compliance director Robert Warshaw that he found irregularities and potential violations with regards to an old negotiation settlement agreement that the Oakland police were supposed to have been following because of an entirely different case involving the department. He discovered this while he was investigating the death of Brendan’s wife.

That agreement required the department to report to the monitor in what is reported to be, “a matter of days” any matter involving an internal investigation. The monitor was never notified of any sexual misconduct allegations involving the now 18 year old female and 28 officers. The department’s internal investigation had been going on for 6 months before the monitor got wind of it.

This sex scandal however, it goes from the top brass, down the through the ranks of the Oakland Police department.

When a Federal Judge ordered that the internal investigation be taken over by the Federal Monitor on 3/23/16, one could see a huge difference in how things were being handled.

It was at that point that officers were being walked out of the building. Several suspensions have occurred and a couple of resignations came about.

In the 6 months that Oakland handled the investigation, not a damn thing happened.

And that, is the mob mentality that the public refers to when calling out police departments as a whole. The inability to be accountable, hold your fellow officer accountable and do something when something needs to be done. The cops who are breaking the law both on and off duty while the department ignores it, well it’s never a good thing to be doing in this day and age…

While police departments don’t much care for federal oversight, it is a necessary evil at times. Sometimes, the cop mentality runs through the entire department and it can truly be thicker than blood and water.

All cops see each other as family, like the rest of us might, we would do anything to protect our own.

They live it, breath it and are it.

And in the case of this young woman, multiple cops from several agencies exploited her, they acted in inappropriate ways, they became predictors, they became the very thing they spend every day at work trying to get off of the streets.

Together, many covered it up by ignoring it, not investigating it and kicking it under a carpet of lies and deceit.

Live Together, Die Alone.

The error most often made:

Police are built up mentally, they are made to believe that they are above us somehow, they cannot and do not make the mistakes the rest of us do, they cannot and will not behave like the rest of us because of the profession they have chosen. Some of you refer to it as the “cop mentality.”

Whatever you choose to call it, it is unfortunately, virtually impossible to be factual because one critical factor still remains, they are human beings and human nature after all, is so very predictable.

It cannot be changed, no matter who you are or what your profession is.

Hence, the police are no different than the rest of us. They just do a better job of hiding it than most of us and when they fall, they tend to fall much harder than the rest of us.

The fall from grace for a cop is much harder than a fall from grace is for the rest of us. By default that is because of the very pedestal we choose to put them on. 

The mental trauma is overwhelming for them which can bring about even worse behavior, breaking the law, lying, cheating, murder and of course suicide.

They will go to incredible lengths to break that fall. Which they can’t, because it is always inevitable.

Whenever we look back at cases where good cops fell from grace so publicly, you can always see them when they begin to slip and it all starts with a lie, something they have done and the lie they tried to tell in an effort to cover it up.

In the case of officer Brendan O’Brien, his fall began when he started his affair with a 17 year old girl, he began to spiral with the death of his wife and it ended when he put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.


Cristal M Clark


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A few dads who might just deserve father of the year awards…


When justice isn’t enough.

Father’s day. A day set aside to thank dear old dad for all that he has done for us. Dad’s tend to be our hero’s in the family, the one who has both a soft and tough side.

Sometimes a father will go to some pretty incredible lengths to protect their kids.

These fathers went above and beyond for their kids. Some were named in the media and some were not, regardless the stories are worthy of fathers who just might deserve father of the year awards.

March 2015

“Those who do wrong have to pay for it.”  This vigilante father beat and killed the man who groomed his 11-year-old daughter.  He then went on to post the pedophile/victim begging for mercy online for the entire world to view.

Although both men were unidentified in local media reports, the 23 year old’s images from the beating surfaced in the internet.

As it turns out this guy got more than he was looking for.

The unidentified man, was said to have harassed the girl for several months leading up to the beating/murder.

It is also believed that he sent pictures to her via Whatsapp and arranged to meet her in the state of Goias, Brazil.

At some point the young girl’s father pretending to be her, began chatting with him and arranged to meet him.

This is when the 23 year old pedophile/victim ended up being beaten so severely that he in fact ended up dead.

The man pleads in Portuguese “Never again, never again, never again.”  The father answered with  “You will learn from this beating that you will now take you b*****d.”

The camera is then taken off the alleged predator’s face. He is heard screaming before it cuts out.


Sometimes one has to conduct his own version of “To Catch A Predator”


Retired Marine Brandon Moore took matters into his own hands when he discovered that his friend had been molesting his daughter.

It seems that Sean Foster went to the home of Brandon Moore on 6/24/2014 and molested his friend’s 14 year old daughter while Brandon had been in the ER for what doctors thought was an aneurysm.  

Two days after Brandon went to the hospital his daughter was working for Sean at his pool company.

At some point, Sean dropped her off at a doctor’s office for an annual physical and told the nurse that he wanted to go back with the girl for the exam, he threw what the doctors office staff described as a “tantrum” when he was told no.

Sean being a complete idiot didn’t realize that the girl’s mother was at the doctor’s office, waiting in the exam room for her daughter to arrive.

Well at this point, the nurse and the young girl were upset and eventually that day, the girl told her mother everything Sean had done to her.

Sadly, the sexual abuse for this young girl began at 9. It had gone on for 5 years before her parents knew about it.

The family did what any family would do they reported the abuse to law enforcement but were floored when the man who had been sexually abusing their daughter was not arrested the day they reported the abuse.

So, Brandon did what any loving father might consider doing. He sent a text to Sean pretending to be his daughter and set up a meeting.

Brandon locked the front door, turned on the shower,  texted Sean from his daughter’s phone, telling him that “she” would be in the shower and to pick “her” up for work in 15 minutes. Sean called Brandon to make sure he wasn’t at home, then drove over.

“If he wasn’t a creep or a jerk, he would’ve pulled into the driveway and honked or knocked on the door,” Brandon said.

Instead, Foster tried the front door and found it was locked, so he went in through the back.

Sean first approached the girls room before hearing the shower running in the bathroom.

Recorded on the phone:

“I thought you showered yesterday,” he said as he pulled the curtain back.

“What the fuck are you doing?! What have you done to her?!” Brandon howls.

“I haven’t done anything to her!” Sean screams.

“You fucking get down right now! You fucking touch a 14-year-old girl! While I’m in the fucking hospital! You’re lucky I don’t fucking kill you!”

Sean like any good coward did made a run for it and the phone picked up the ensuing fight.

“Oh my God, you broke my fucking glasses!” the scum bag child molester whined.

“It was between four and five minutes that I had to keep taking him down” until police arrived, Brandon told the local media. “He shoved me off of him and went running to the front door, so I tackled him from behind and choked him and kneed him in the face until police got there.

“I beat him up pretty bad,” Brandon remembered. “By the time police arrived, my foot was swelling up from kicking him.”

As you can guess once the police were called, Sean was promptly arrested.  A jury sentenced him to serve 55 years in prison on six charges, including burglary, three counts of indecency with a child by contact, and two counts of indecency with a child by exposure.

Brandon’s actions prompted changes in how Lorena Texas handles cases of suspected child sexual abuse, for the good. Thank you Brandon.


Chaos ensues in the courtroom as father attacks his three year old daughter’s killer during sentencing hearing.

When no words come to mind, let the fists fly

dad attack

Defendant 34 year old Clifford Thomas, was sitting in court waiting for a sentencing hearing when Dwayne Smith punched him from behind on August 28, 2015 in Detroit Michigan. Of course Clifford was found guilty of killing Dwayne’s 3 year old Daughter so…

Dwayne Smith’s daughter Jamila died in September 2014, after her mother Jasmine Gordon and Gordon’s husband Clifford Thomas took her to the hospital when she stopped breathing.

The couple claimed that the little girl hit her head and then fell unconscious, but experts later determined that the girl’s death was a homicide, after suffering physical abuse from Clifford.

Dwayne  was one of the victims in court set to address the couple, his ex and Clifford at the sentencing, but instead of speaking his frustrations he decided took matters into his own hands and  physically attack Clifford.

Video taken from inside the court shows the moment that Dwayne punched Clifford, as the convicted child abuser was sitting, facing the judge, dressed in a yellow jail uniform.

A fight then breaks out between the two men and sheriff’s deputies have to step in and separate them.

We may not condone violence but when someone kills your three year old it’s hard to find words to express the pain and anger one feels.


“Why yes, that is a gun in my pocket and no I am not happy to see you”

This father killed his son’s molester on live TV.


On Friday, March 16, 1984 Gary Plauche shot and killed Jeff Doucet, the man who had kidnapped and sexually assaulted his son which was captured on live TV.

In 1984, Gary’s 11-year-old son, Jody Plauche, was taking karate lesson and his instructor was none other than 25-year-old Jeffrey Doucet.

Jeffrey had been sexually abusing Jody for at least a year before he abducted the boy In February 1984. He took the boy to a motel in California where he sexually assaulted and molested him.

Jeffery and the boy were eventually found after Jeffrey made a phone call to his mother from the motel. California police raided the motel and arrested Jeffery without incident and the boy was finally reunited with his family on March 1.

It was 10 days later that on Friday, March 16, 1984, that Jeffery was flown back from California to Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, to face trial. Jeffrey arrived and was led in handcuffs by police officers through the airport at around 9:30 p.m.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, Gary  was waiting for Jeffery’s arrival… with a gun.

Jeffery was killed with a single shot to the right side of the head.  

Who can blame him? In the end Gary was charged with second degree murder but plead no contest to manslaughter. His sentence was 5 years probation and 300 hours of community service.


Finally, a father was stopped from killing his son’s molester by his very own son.


In July of 2014 Jason Browning, 35, admits that he would have killed Raymond Frolander, 18, if not for his son stopping him.

Jason, beat Raymond Frolander after  he allegedly caught him performing a sex act on his 11-year-old son  and Jason said he intended on stabbing Raymond to death after he beat him unconscious but that his son stood up and stopped him from killing the man.

Raymond admitted to Florida police that he has been molesting the boy for three years.

Jason admitted that he ‘just snapped’ when he walked in on Raymond naked with his son. Shortly after beating the teen into a coma, he went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, he said.

Jason was going to kill him.

Raymond was considered family by the family and often spent time with the 11 year old boy, Jason said.

Police defended Jason’s  actions at first, but then later criticized him for creating a Gofundme page asking for $1million in donations.

Either way, who can blame Jason for either. Do you know how much therapy costs these days?

To all of those dad’s who for sure put themselves on the line to defend their children, here’s to you. Happy Fathers Day!

Cristal M Clark


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