Denver Traffic Nightmare About To Get Worse 


Denver, Colorado-Texting and Driving Through The Mile High City

Cristal M Clark 

I know everyone thinks our issues with driving in Denver are those getting high, actually that is just a small fraction of our issues. 

Did anyone catch the news reports last week stating that by 2040 Denver traffic will have increased over 40%? The news is leaving the Mile High city scrambling looking for ways to help relieve our already terrible congestion. 


Overall, because the population has grown, so has traffic, that’s a given, what amazes me are the rude, inconsiderate, aggressive drivers, the individuals who are playing about on their cell instead of bloody well driving down the road, then we have the bicyclists who blow through stop signs and lights, cyclists and motorcyclists who ride in between cars in traffic(which by the way is technically not legal in Colorado), skateboarders doing the same thing down both Colfax and Broadway, now we have scooters doing the same thing, pedestrians who refrain from utilizing the crosswalk and who just pop out in front of you and RTD. 

Yes RTD. Who in the hell decided it would be smart to allow for RTD to pick up and drop off passengers right after the stop light thus holding up traffic (these stops need to be before the traffic light), not to mention RTD is out on roads like Alameda, Federal, parts of Sheridan where the lanes are already so narrow not all cars, trucks or trailers can even fit into a single lane, and here’s RTD. 


The reality is that this is all a normal day in just about every Americans life who drives to and from work in and out of any major city. Today while I was driving home, I noticed the woman in front of me was playing about on her cell, she would fail to move at every single green light, then would snap her head up and gun it. We all know what’s going on when we see the individual in traffic whose head is pointed at their lap. We are rolling along up this bridge in Stapleton/Northfield when I notice the traffic in front of her is, for lack of better words, not moving. I slow down noticing that she is not slowing down. As you might have guessed, she did ass end the gentleman in front of her. Idiot. She was too busy texting on her phone. 

Nothing and I mean nothing is that important that you should be texting and driving, what’s more is that with hands-free your Google Assistant or Siri will read and respond to those super important texts, emails and dial a number for you should you need to call someone. 

The rest of the way home I made it a point to look around and count how many people were fucking about on their cell phones instead of paying attention. I counted 55 individuals driving through the city of Denver, right through the city, playing on their phone. Every stop light, coming up to every light, moving forward after the light changed. It was truly both amazing and sickening. 

When you think about all of the other variables I listed above, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, aggressive drivers, why would anyone text and drive? 

All of the individuals I saw tonight are all adults, you know the same people who complain about those careless teen/irresponsible younger drivers? The adults who tell these younger individuals that they cannot text and drive? The adults who will pay for an app to put on their child’s cell that prevent that child from texting and driving? 

Is that not truly disgusting? Not one of the people I counted on the way home was a teenager or individual who was over 21. IT was all older working adults, 30 and over for the most part. Some of the younger individuals I saw driving where just careless, rude or inconsiderate.

I would wager a bet, if the police had the ability to watch for every driver texting and driving they could net 3x’s as many offenders to that of drunk drivers. 

That leads to one fact and that is distracted driving causes more headache and accidents than we realize. Why pay some app developers to stop our kids from texting and driving when the problem seems to be the adults failing to practice what they preach?


Why don’t Apple and Android make a fix that will not allow you to disable bluetooth when you are in any car and blocks all texts and emails for instance you see nothing until you get to your destination and turn the car off. Yes I am talking about a dick move here, all phones automatically pair with all car bluetooth even if you don’t own the car and you do not have the ability or option to shut that off, that way you can’t drive your friends or rental car into a crowd, someone’s home or the back of another person’s motorized transport. 


They could create it so you have 5 minutes once it pairs with the car to get your music going, get your map set and then that’s it. If you need to know about your text or email, you tell Google Assistant or Siri to read it to you, you can verbally respond and that’s all you get. 

We clearly as a society cannot seem to follow the rules, be safe when we drive, we cannot decide on our own not to text and drive, so Android and Apple should take our ability to endanger the lives of others away. 

Having this technology is not a right, someone created it and now we are abusing it. By taking away our ability to hold our phone and physically text and drive rather than verbally it would help some of our traffic woes and it would force people to learn how to use our voice assistants. Even maps now do not need us to really type things in, we can tell Waze, Google and Apple what we are trying to find and our voice assisted apps will guide us to that destination.  

Yes before anyone points this out, this an aggressive and bold suggestion, the reality is, society is not willing to change its behavior, so we need a solution that will make our roads somewhat safer by removing a distraction that is abused every minute of every day. 

Texting and Driving Laws Don’t Work!

Or we can keep this up and insurance companies can just sue Apple and Android for not opting to disable our ability to surf the web, play Pokemon, text, read emails all while we drive…I mean shouldn’t Apple and Android be forcing us to use our voice assistants when we drive?

It’s a lot like when a bar continues to serve someone who shouldn’t be served, these companies know society is abusing certain elements of their software, it still does not excuse them from being held accountable negligence is not at least last time I checked an excuse to ignore the problem. 

Cristal M Clark

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Denver Police to Encrypt Scanner Traffic


Denver, Colorado

Cristal M Clark

For years people have been able to listen to scanner traffic using police scanners and now mobile app’s, likewise for many years, the individuals who listened in did not mis-use the privilege, these days that is much different story however.


Now, the Denver Police Department could encrypt its radio traffic at any time which in turn has caused quite a bit of controversy. In today’s world one really does need to play devils advocate on this one. Some in the community feel that should the Denver Police Department go through with encrypting scanner traffic; they will become less transparent and therefor less accountable.


Then you have others like myself, who feel that this should have been done a couple of years ago. Around a year or so ago, some of us were listening to the Denver Police attempt to find an armed robbery suspect on the scanner, what we learned from that was, we were not the only 5 listening to the scanner chatter, that armed suspect was possibly also listening in and skipped off happily away because he or she would have been able to know precisely where the police were looking for them.

The police later found a ditched phone that had a police scanner app on it.

In today’s world, individuals do abuse the ability to listen in on police radio traffic in an effort to commit crimes and/or elude the police. I am not really a fan of that personally.


By not encrypting the radio traffic, our officers and public are put at greater risk of being in harm’s way as well, I am even less of a fan of that.

Because some are abusing the privilege, I don’t really believe we have a right to listen in on the police scanners anymore. Does anyone recall being a kid in class, when little Johnny broke the rules, the entire class lost a privilege over it? This is the exact same concept someone breaks the rules the whole lot loses the privilege.

In short, the Denver Police Department has the Crime Shops support on this one, the world has changed and even they need to become more vigilant and aware of what is happening, and clearly, they are.

This move will better our officer’s ability to catch criminals rather than better the criminal’s ability to get away.

Cristal M Clark

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Government Employees Did Not Work for A Year – Still Collected Paychecks

department of veterans affairs-denver-crimeshop

Denver, Colorado & A Town Near You

If you haven’t eaten your breakfast yet, you may want to hold off because this is truly sickening news.

Government waste here in the US is far reaching and wide, we all already know this and here is yet another example of how tax payers are basically paying for absolutely nothing.


It seems that in Denver, Colorado if you’re working for the Office of the Inspector General for Veterans Affairs, you can go to work for a year with a base salary between $47,000-$100,000 and do absolutely nothing and still get paid, to do nothing.


Umm, where do I apply because I happen to adore drinking coffee and doing nothing.

Turns out some whistleblowers in Denver had quite a story to tell some local media outlets and it’s really not a shock to be completely honest here.

Whistleblowers said that the office was grossly over staffed leaving many with nothing to do but work on homework for school, read books that were not work related, Netflix and chill all day, take extremely extended lunches, play games, you could probably throw some sex while on the clock into the mix, I mean it is a given, you name it, this office did it all while getting paid, with our tax dollars.

That is by definition both fraud and abuse, something this very office is tasked with finding, holding entities and companies accountable for, thus wiping it out.

Hahaha, what a bloody joke!

The reality is that we already know that fraud and abuse exist within each and every United States Government agency though.

According to the whistleblowers this went on from April of 2017 all the way through April of 2018, although the Office of Special Council acknowledged it only for 9 months not a year.

Who do they think the public is going to believe?

The answer would be, the whistleblowers who admitted to collecting paychecks while doing nothing to earn them.

Whistleblowers also pointed out that part of the reason that they did not come forward sooner was because the office had previously been reported for other issues and they saw no corrective action, which left the whistleblowers feeling as if it didn’t matter really.

What’s really disgusting here is that most of us are paying taxes, we are forced to do that, those tax dollars go to agencies like this and those agencies do nothing to earn the money we all work so hard to, actually earn.

They are basically stealing our hard-earned cash that is supposed to pay for things like oversight of abuse and fraud, turning our hard-earned money into paychecks for themselves while doing no oversight or anything really.

But if you think this agency and Denver are the only problems, think again because this issue is in fact, a nationwide issue.

The individuals involved and the agencies themselves are never held accountable, they never have to pay the money back and they move on with a clean slate. Many get to gleefully keep high paying government jobs.

Those of us in the real world, we would be held accountable by our employers if any of us pulled something like this, not to mention face having to face a mountain of legal issues.

But not those that are employed by any branch of the United States Government.

This is just one of the many reasons anyone who isn’t a boomer has lost faith in, and no longer supports an aging, poorly run government, its systems, divisions and agencies.

Even our crime and punishment laws are so poorly written, outdated and interpreted whatever way a judge feels like, that people no longer support our failing judicial systems that are designed to take advantage of the poor and reward those that make money who have committed crimes.

I worked for the system before, I know all too well of the abuse and fraud that exists within it.

The United States has one of the most inefficient and most poorly run governments and judicial systems in the entire world.

And that is precisely what the entire world is watching for. It allows countries like Russia to expose and exploit those very flaws, that broken-down system and use it to their advantage.

It gives people like Putin power and leverage over world leaders such as one, Donald Trump.

Outdated and completely out of touch with the realities of the world in which we live in today and the people that our system should be serving.

Instead of tweeting crap all day Trump should focus his attention on our problems here at home internally and start swinging the ax because I have yet to see him start running our government and all of its agencies like an actual business.

He was known as a great businessman, right?

Isn’t it time to really drain the swamp in its entirety, do something like oh I don’t know, start swinging the ax. Our Government is too top heavy, employees too many individuals to do a single job and our laws are out of touch and date.


Cristal M Clark

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Police Officers on Duty High AF – Have to Call Police For Help


Toronto Police Sampling the Goods


I would just like to point out that for those of you who find it funny to make references to Denver as the ‘Mile High’ city, this is not something you see happening here in Denver, Colorado.


Our police tend to refrain from getting stupid high whilst on duty. Not to mention, we do not see too many stories about them sampling any type of edible after a raid of a dispensary because I believe that is highly, frowned upon here, for whatever reason.

In Toronto however, that was not the case for two officers who ate edibles and ended up so utterly stoned that they had to call other officers for assistance this past Sunday evening.

I am not sure if they failed to consult with the dispensary or read the label, much less google eating edibles before eating some but, after not feeling the high, they decided to eat some more.

Yes eating an edible does work a lot differently than smoking some weed as luck would have it. The high is different, may hit later than expected and sometimes a lot harder than one might expect.

For these two officers, things did not go quite as enjoyable and laid back as planned.


After raiding a local dispensary, these two officers whom the Toronto police have yet to name, decided to try out some of the product, I’m sure just so as to ensure that they actually had pot laced edibles instead of something like catnip laced edibles.

As it turned out, they sampled so much of it that they began to hallucinate and then freaked out, which then led them to call fellow officers for help.


When help did arrive, one of the stoned officers panicked and became so paranoid that he actually took off running.

The only thing that would have made this even better in all honesty would have been if he had disrobed whilst running away…

The officers are doing well according to reports, they were taken to a local hospital where they were treated for their highness, which correct me if I am wrong here, isn’t the prescription for that some Cheetos or nachos and a video game or something?

Cristal M Clark

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Denver Police to Fight Violent Extremism


Denver Police Department – Colorado

So, last week I read somewhere that the Denver Police Department was given a grant of $240K in an effort to fight violent extremism.

Extremism is defined as – the holding of extreme political or religious views; fanaticism.

And it is not always easy to see at first glance.

I like many others started thinking what the justification is behind the grant?

Well here’s your answer, the funding was provided by the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to help officers “root” out extremists and to combat terrorism.

Something Denver has yet to have had any major type of issue with what so ever, right? At least on the surface right because when applying for the grant the Denver Police Department stated that in the year 2016 they had to investigate 5 cases of “potential” homegrown terrorists.


I could not find the specifics for those 5 cases and that might be due to ongoing investigations still or it could be that they were unfounded or that the department had to turn intel over to the FBI or another agency.

The application also just so happened cite previous domestic terrorism cases, which were the Columbine High School shooting, the Aurora movie theater shooting, and the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting.

With a grand finale of 2, 2014 cases of local girls being recruited by ISIS in an effort to support this grant request.

To be completely honest, those were acts of extremism, most of which were violent. Not to mention that the reality is simply that violent extremists are more often than not, home grown for one reason or another. 

The issue that many take with the department being awarded the grant however is that many in the community fear more militarization of police. I completely understand the fear yet, on the other hand in today’s world I am not sure police departments have much choice.

It’s buck up or potentially get slaughtered.

At some point personally, I would expect police to be properly trained in an effort to spot and handle any potential of violent extremism, not stand on the sidelines helpless to help people like you and I.

I am excited to learn how the Denver Police Department plans to use the funds and what the training will look like.

What’s more is that I am curious to see if it will be of any help to thwart acts of violent extremism.

Violent extremism seems to be moving in an upward direction these days and it’s anyone’s guess, not if, but when the next violent mass event will take place in America.

Cristal M Clark

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Denver Detective busted for being high while on the job


Denver, Colorado Police Department 

I know you all see the words Denver and Colorado and you might be thinking “well it is the mile high city so this story makes sense.”

Sadly though, it has nothing to do with that little green herb.

Denver Detective Daniel Wiley-crimeshop.jpeg

Denver Police Detective Daniel Wiley found himself under investigation by Internal affairs in May of this year because he decided to show up to a Fugitive Task Force meeting while under the influence.

Other officers felt that something was up with Daniel after noticing that his speech was slow and slurred.

Since obvious signs of a stroke were out, they figured that just maybe he might be under the influence of something.

In the mile high city the police department has a policy that says if other officers notice that a fellow officer’s appears to be inebriated they must report it immediately to a superior.

After he was reported and tested, it turned out that Daniel was under the influence of opiates. Not an infraction that he could fired for in the event he was prescribed the drugs, legitimately. 

Remember – if he had been prescribed the narcotics because that will come into play soon.

He could have been written up and faced disciplinary actions for not informing his superiors that he was on Hydrocodone, Percocet and Xanax and one other little pill that was not reported to the local media.

At any rate, he admitted to taking percocet daily although he denied that was an addict.

The good detective announced that he would resign from the force this week. I am guessing that is because of this one little fact that he eventually admitted to internal affairs.

It seems that Daniel did not have a prescription for the pills, he was getting them illegally from a family member, a niece I believe.  

He claimed to still be suffering pain from a year old bicep injury and also hinted that a recent divorce may have had something to do with the need for the pills.

I am not sure about the rest of you but the pain management issue I get but when you throw things in like a divorce into the mix, it sounds a lot like an addict.

Someone who has issues with the ability to cope with things that happen that cause stress not psychical pain. 

Daniel happened to resign before internal affairs could bring any disciplinary action against him and no charges have been filed….yet.

The department has not said one way or another if Daniel or his drug supplier will be charged.


Some of the pills Daniel had at the time he was suspended from driving and admitted to taking daily, happen fall under Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act.

Schedule II drugs on the Controlled Substances Act are defined as:

High Risk of Abuse

High Risk of Physical and Psychological addiction.

Examples of those drugs are: oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet), fentanyl, meperidine (Demerol), methadone (Dolophine), hydromorphone (Dilaudid)

In Colorado, the criminal penalties depend on the type and amount of Controlled Substances involved.

Controlled Substance possession crimes are classified as petty offenses, misdemeanors, or felonies again depending on the amount and use of the drugs found on the suspect. 

Just because he resigned does not mean that he should not still be charged just like your average addicted citizen would be, had he or she been caught abusing prescription medication they obtained illegally.

His niece should also be charged just the same as anyone else’s supplier would be if they too were caught or known to investigators.

Remember, cops are not above the law and when they too break the law they should face the same consequences anyone else would.

Besides how would it look if they were openly, selectively enforcing the law?

Cristal M Clark

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Denver, Colorado – Where its a crime to be homeless

denver police take homeless blankets-crimeshop.jpeg

Denver, Colorado

homeless sweeps-denver-Crimeshop.jpg

So, in Denver in case you haven’t heard, the City outlawed “Urban Camping” which resulted in multiple sweeps to remove the homeless camps throughout the city.

Meaning, the police would swoop in and confiscate things like, tents, tarps, blankets, clothing, sleeping bags, etc from the homeless in an effort to force them to…stop being homeless of course.   

According to the Urban Dictionary, Urban Camping is defined as: “camping in an urban setting by sleeping on rooftops, under bushes, and in public parks.”

According to a Medical Dictionary Urban Camping is defined as (and I truly love this one): “A flippant term for homelessness.”

The National Health Care for The Homeless, defines homeless as: “an individual who lacks housing (without regard to whether the individual is a member of a family), including an individual whose primary residence during the night is a supervised public or private facility (e.g., shelters) that provides temporary living accommodations, and an individual who is a resident in transitional housing.”

“A homeless person is an individual without permanent housing who may live on the streets; stay in a shelter, mission, single room occupancy facilities, abandoned building or vehicle; or in any other unstable or non-permanent situation.”

So while the definition of Urban Camping is a play on words, the definition of homeless is not, it is the reality of the situation.

Being homeless and living on the streets is technically not the same thing as “urban camping,” yet cities across the nation have tried and failed to outlaw this thing called “Urban Camping” which is basically a passive-aggressive way to outlaw being homeless.

To get to that conclusion I just looked at the the definition of camping: “the activity spending a vacation living in a camp, tent, or camper.”


The last time I checked, being homeless was not a vacation.


On Saturday of last week Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced that police should not take blankets and other items from the homeless after video surfaced across the web showing Denver Police taking blankets and other items from the homeless camped out on Denver sidewalks during last weeks cold and snowy weather.

Out of the kindness of the Mayor’s heart, he suggested that police allow the homeless to keep blankets, sleeping bags, tents, tarps and the like during the cold, wet months.

Well, we cannot rob the poor because the wealthy don’t want to look at them, because the wealthy don’t like what they see.

If we don’t like human suffering, we need to find a way to end it, without causing and inflicting shame, harm and mental trauma.

Start by asking some of the homeless if they want to be homeless, find productive ways to help those that don’t want to be homeless and find ways to better assist those that want to continue to be homeless because quite a few do want to be homeless like it or not.

9News in Denver did a story a few weeks ago about a homeless man who wanted to continue to be homeless, he liked it even though he got arrested a lot.

We cannot make the choice for this man to change his wayward ways if it’s not what he wants to do, it’s his choice.

We cannot force anyone who wants to be homeless to stop being homeless or into shelters that are unclean, filthy and unsafe.

Encampment enforcement

Build better shelters, ones that replace all bedding every night and day so they are cleaner and bedbug free.

Arm those shelters with police or armed guards so that they are safe and so as to ensure the personal belongings of each homeless person is not stolen by another.

Better yet, build outdoor shelters so that the homeless can take their own personal belongings with them, equip them with portable outdoor heaters for colder months and supply armed officers to keep those that utilize the space safe.

Employ the city cleaning crews to go clean the outdoor shelters daily.

Work with local business owners and encourage them to stop selling alcohol to the homeless in the area.

The point is, we cannot force someone off of the streets, we cannot bus them away, so it’s time to start to better address the issues of the homeless in Denver without causing them undue harm.

If the residents and business owners really want something done about the homeless in the area, make them pay for better ways to assist the homeless.

Something that is not a passive-aggressive way of outlawing being homeless.

I use this one a lot “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.”

And that perfectly sums up the City of Denver’s idea’s about addressing and then solving the city’s homeless problem.


We cannot and should not punish the homeless for being homeless regardless of whether or not we try to dress it up by calling it “Urban Camping.”

Being homeless is not the same as as a vacation, living on the streets is not camping, urban or otherwise no matter how you try to dress it up.

It’s time that the City of Denver learn to address the homeless problem by addressing it as exactly what it is, instead of what it is not.

Cristal M Clark

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