Donald Trump Unhinged 


Donald Trump’s Showing Mental Instability  

Cristal M Clark 

Like me, if you’ve seen the news and read Donald Trump’s Tweets the last couple of days you are seeing his delusional mental instability, his sense of grandeur, his obsession with being the hero, behaving like a narcissist because he has lost control over others. At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic Trump opted to take a back seat allowing state and local governments to decide how to handle things, which legally and constitutionally is the correct thing to do, but what Trump failed to do is, stand up and be a true leader, a leader takes his experts to state and local governments and they lead as partnerships, one fluid team. 


What Trump did was, refuse to listen to his own health experts, said it wasn’t real, said it was contained, said it would disappear, blamed Democrats, shared his own personal thoughts and feelings on the subject rather than scientific facts, at one point overruled his own scientists, and failed to lead with state and local governments.  

Donald Trump failed from the onset and went as far as to make a propaganda video depicting he’s handled this great so far but they left out an entire month, February in which he failed and ignored the issue at every turn, so why and how could we possibly trust his judgement right now? We simply cannot. 


State and local governments asked for Trump to help at the onset and he opted not to do give guidance and support, he was no part of state and local government action plans, now he is throwing one hell of a temper tantrum over the fact that states and local governments are stepping up to be the heroes here. 

Trump’s feelings of grandeur show in his comments claiming that the president, only he could lift state restrictions. I’m sorry but we didn’t elect a dictator nor a king, he may be the president but he’s never bothered to learn our constitution so…

What Trump should be doing is working with the Senate and Congress to ensure that while the economy slowly starts the citizens left out of work do not lose everything. Be a leader by actually working with state and local governments, be the cheerleader, assure american’s that team Trump is working with all of the players to make sure no citizen who lost income over this is left behind. They are making sure state and local governments have what they need from the administration, not going live on TV to tell us how popular you are on FaceBook, dumbass go look at FaceBook, you are popular on it but not in a good way. Stop patting yourself on the back, you earned an F on this already. 

Basically, lead the country in a classy way not a trashy way. Trump gets no credit, he is not the hero here and should be taking a lesson from the states that have elected to work together as one fluid team from each coast. The best way a leader can lead, is to work with his team not against them. 


In short, stop being a manchild and be an actual leader clearly some of your team doesn’t have the balls to stand up to you and guide you to make better fit throwing choices, they seem to enjoy seeing you Donald Trump go live on anything and humiliate yourself. 

Cristal M Clark

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What American’s Want Our Leaders to Know During Statewide Lockdowns

The-White-House-Crimeshop - Edited

American’s Wondering Where The Leader of The United States Is? 

Cristal M Clark 

It seems that since the start of the Covid-19 worldwide spread our leaders here in the US cannot seem to come up with a single, solid plan as a group of leaders. The President says one thing, sometimes Tweeting or going on and on in a news conference like a babbling idiot, whilst his own team moves off into an entirely different direction. State Governors and Mayors in most cases are stricken with a difference of opinion when it comes to lifting statewide stay at home orders. 

Two days ago, headline after headline claimed we hit the peak, then yesterday and this morning headlines varied depending on where you live. People were urged to wear a face mask and the media jumped on headline after headline to tattle on those that did not wear one, why half the population wearing them isn’t even bothering to wear them correctly. 

Accusations about where the virus actually originated are flying about and honestly, we don’t have the time to be worried about that when millions are wondering how to pay the bills. 

Stroll through social media and if you think we’ve seen our worst weeks, the longer the worldwide economy is shut down and people do not know what the plan for the US or world will be in order to get us back to working, the more likely public unrest will be unavoidable. 

mainstreammedia-lies-about-coronavirus-crimeshop - Edited

The media through all it’s efforts has made this worse, trying to pretend that they care when they don’t, it’s all advertising dollars to them. 

Donald-Trump-furious-coronavirus-patients-being-repatriated-crimeshop - Edited

The leadership in this country is absolutely deplorable, come together as a team, make a solid plan and walk us, the citizens to through that comprehensive plan about how we are getting people back to work rather than the completely useless daily news conferences that serve only as a reminder to stay at home. Start learning to work together for the good of our nation and worry about your agenda’s and political differences later.

Where is the leader of the United States? You cannot have direction from the President indicating one thing while his own team carries an entirely different opinion then have states and cities feel differently. Now is the time to lead us as one nation, not 50 different states and countless politicians doing whatever they want and  bickering over bullshit that simply does not matter right now.  

It’s called a well thought out game plan, the stimulus for employers did nothing to guarantee workers will still have jobs to actually return to and came too late in the game. So we will see the return to work workforce at least 50% less than what it was if not more because some small businesses will not make it through this while others who will make it, will be unable to hire back laid off workers for some time due to the economic shutdown while the cost of living is going to have to make adjustments so all of the new construction we are seeing is unlikely going to reap in the economic reward it was supposed to as the workforce that does return to work, will unlikely be hired back at what they had been making. 


American’s overwhelmingly want our leaders to come together and start addressing the issues caused by their failures with regards to addressing the virus what’s more we’d like to know where the fuck our president is? His leadership on this gets an F for failure, letting an entire country down, failing those that voted him into office. 

It is time for our President to bring every governor and mayor together and come up with a plan for what states are going to actually do. 

Cristal M Clark

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Car Plant Closures Causing Fatal Opioid Overdoses?

Closed General Motors Plant

U.S. Opioid Addiction – The Blame Game Rages On

Cristal M Clark

According to researchers, since US car plants started closing up shop it has caused a rise in opioid overdoses. The researchers collected data between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 2016 on 112 industrial counties mainly in the South and Midwest, using those figures from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, the team looked at how many adults aged between 18 to 65 years old died of opioid overdoses during this period.


Then blamed the closure of car manufacturing plants for the overdoses. So, am I to believe that these individuals are self-medicating through depression due to job losses? Doctors are prescribing opioids for depression now?

To be fair, manufacturing in the US has been hit pretty significantly over the past couple of decades which can cause a bout of depression in an otherwise healthy adult.  The study looked at 29 counties that had been affected by a plant closure. The data revealed plant closures were followed by a statistically significant increase in deaths due to opioids overdoses. After 5 years, mortality rates increased by 8.6 deaths per 100,000 in affected counties. White men aged between 18 to 34-years-old saw the biggest increases in opioid overdose deaths, followed by those of the same ethnicity in the 35 to 65 age group.


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 70,200 people who died of a drug overdose in 2017, around 68 percent had taken an opioid. That included prescription and illegal drugs like heroin and its stronger synthetic counterpart fentanyl.

For me, I am not sure the numbers quite add up. The Midwest and the south have a longer history than this research would indicate in terms of drug abuse issues and to be even more honest, I feel personally that the research is a bit misleading. It’s trying to say that in part in some regions a big reason the epidemic grew to the point that it did is because individuals lost jobs due to manufacturing plant closures.

So, car manufacturers are to blame?

I simply do not buy that. My mom was an addict, I know firsthand the many excuses and reasons people shoved down my throat for why that was and as it turned out, it was because of her and only her. If you dig deeper into these research numbers you see a more clear picture, for some that have been and were affected, they were in fact addicts long before the closure of plant and they were functioning much like that of someone who reaches for a drink upon waking, for others sure it could have been depression but then why would a doctor prescribe and opioid for depression?  That raises even bigger questions such as, how were the affected individuals able to afford the drugs, has anyone else seen the cost of prescription drugs skyrocket the past decade? So, were the users obtaining the drugs on the street, friends, family? No, these people found a way to self-medicate a bout of depression and became addicts.

Mental health seems to be the more underlying issue at hand along with a push by big pharma to take advantage of that and get these drugs into the hands of anyone they could have created an addict out of. That is in fact the plain and simple of it and if anyone wants to argue that point and try to tell me that I don’t understand, you are more than welcome to do that, trust me I had my own demons with addiction once, it’s an argument you’ll not likely win. You can blame, gangs, sex trafficking, guns, and drugs on the street on economic issues, you cannot blame addiction on economic issues, depression and addiction are both a mental illness if you will, economic issues are simply not the same, the end result of economic issues prey on the mentally ill/weak.

Cristal M Clark

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