Drones With Flamethrowers


FAA – Hey Back That Bus The F&*K Up!

Cristal M Clark

In case you have not heard, last month a flamethrower attachment for a drone was released, causing the FAA to ask citizens to refrain from utilizing it. Apparently, the flamethrower allows a drone to spit fire up to 25 feet.


Just when you thought all you had to worry about was being spied upon by drones, now we have to worry about fire.

Last Thursday the FAA made quite the statement regarding the newly designed weapon of mass destruction by releasing a notice that called weapons and drones “a dangerous mix.”

Really, you don’t say?

The warning reads: “Perhaps you’ve seen online photos and videos of drones with attached guns, bombs, fireworks, flamethrowers, and other dangerous items, do not consider attaching any items such as these to a drone because operating a drone with such an item may result in significant harm to a person and to your bank account.”

Harm to your bank account? How about arrest maybe!?!?


Putting a flamethrower, or any “dangerous weapon” on a drone and flying the device violates Section 363 of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act, and could lead to penalties of $25,000, according to the FAA. But if a drone operator really needs to operate a weaponized drone, for whatever the reason, they can try to obtain a “specific authorization from the Administrator of the FAA to conduct the operation.

Under the law, a “dangerous weapon” is something “that is used for, or is readily capable of, causing death or serious bodily injury with the exception of a pocket knife. So, you could take someone’s eye out with a drone but you can’t start a fire with it.   

In either case, keep your eyes on the sky for the new and improved, flamethrower drone and let us all hope that some gun rights nut, I mean enthusiast doesn’t figure out a way to mount an AR-15 to a drone and set that lose.  


Cristal M Clark

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FAA, Boeing and the United States Liable


Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 – Lion Air Flight 610

Cristal M Clark

If the latest news to hit the wire turns out to in fact, be the truth, the FAA, Boeing and the United States Government body all have one thing in common, the very essence of being hands down, with no doubt whatsoever, liable when it comes to Boeing’s doomed and faulty Max 737 planes.

The reason, well it’s rather deplorable and disgusting and speaks so very highly of the greed one finds lurking within our very own government and many, many corporations. Boeing was allowed to sell some of the safety features that might have prevented the crashes, as “extras.”


That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in ages, the FAA allowed for this? Regulators don’t require these safety features? Are you fucking kidding me?


Putting millions of lives at risk worldwide just so that Boeing could sell safety features as “extras,” as if they were a true extra like, more overhead room or extra leg room, more comfortable seats, no the features sold as extras in this care are more along the lines of features that involve communication, navigation or safety systems, and are fundamental to the plane’s operations, like its ability to keep the nose up, vs down, allowing the pilots to override the computer system which forced the plane’s nose down.…What’s worse is that they are now going to in turn, blame the airlines for not having the “extras” that would have saved lives which is preposterous.


Boeing is to blame, the FAA is to blame, the US Government who allowed the FAA to okay this idea is to blame, not the airlines because the truth of the matters is this, not a single individual at Boeing ever told anyone up until this point that not having those “extras” would result in the deaths of hundreds if not millions had these issues not started to come to light today.

So, a huge shout out to Boeing for being just greedy enough to sell something that could save lives vs ruin them in something like a plane crash as “extras.”

This proves, rather clear how truly disgusting Boeing really is.

Cristal M Clark

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FAA Admits it Gave Boeing Free Pass


Boeing: A Company That Bought its Way In

Cristal M Clark

In America being good enough sometimes just simply is not enough, big corporations tend to just purchase their way in and through the very systems that are designed to protect us, the average citizen from things that can cause cancer, like the carcinogens that are put into cigarettes, factories that dump chemicals into lakes and rivers, therefore poisoning water supplies and ruining needed ecological systems, companies that are paid quite a bit of money are brought in to fix a cities water supply only to end up causing so much damage that they poisoned the entire system it was brought into fix. And, a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles worldwide, a corporation which has been allowed to have more than just too much influence on decisions regarding the safety of its new planes.


No, you do not have to take my word for it because it’s the FAA that has had the more powerful voice here. FAA employees actually voiced concerns years ago, according to reports, 7 years ago, that Boeing had too much influence if you will, over safety approvals of new aircraft, prompting an investigation, now by Department of Transportation auditors who confirmed the agency hadn’t done enough to “hold Boeing accountable.”

But how accountable is Boeing actually going to be held? I mean in today’s America, money tends to purchase one’s way out of or into virtually everything, now doesn’t it?

A recent report shows that a 2012 investigation found much discord over Boeing’s treatment and that it had created a “negative work environment” among Federal Aviation Administration employees who approve new and modified aircraft designs, with many of them saying they’d faced retaliation for speaking up should they, not really want to approve a new aircraft design, or if they had any sort of concerns and, those concerns pre-dated the 737 Max development.

The FAA has shifted more authority over the approval of new aircraft to the actual manufacturer itself, even allowing Boeing to choose many of the personnel who oversee tests and who vouch for the safety of its aircraft. As one might guess that is a huge mistake but the FAA’s take is surely something to the effect of you live and then you learn? But, not for the passengers of the recent plane crashes, right?

This speaks so very loudly of the way the American government is able to conveniently turn a blind eye to the very things they are tasked with overseeing, approving and being held accountable for itself, let alone the actual manufacturer.

Isn’t it about time that our government took accountability for being incapable of providing the oversite it’s paid to provide, especially when it comes to things that matter, such as the safety of the aircraft millions utilize worldwide?

Cristal M Clark

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The end of the TSA at US airports?

Its time for the TSA to go





So many of us are frustrated with the TSA right now. Frustrated is actually and in all honesty putting it rather lightly.

Airport security has become such a burden to travelers that the airlines are now getting involved and demanding change. In fact some are calling for an end to the TSA all together. Which if anyone has ever paid attention to any government run organization, is not such a bad idea.

The numbers depending on what you read or who you listen to show that the TSA has between a 80% – 95% failure rate, that’s right, they have yet to manage the ability to detect dangerous items and/or people at security checkpoints.  b88ae3151e0dcbedc7999f6d1c022162bc8d3577fc2af02d107498a5683dfb25

The airports that have used private airport security firms however have been largely successful so much so that now, everyone is looking to them for help alleviating the most recent mess the TSA has made of air travel.

The mess with air travel right now could have been prevented, it’s not new that travel picks up during the holidays and in the spring/summer months hell, it’s been that way for years. The agency, including its leadership have continued to do a really piss poor job of actually managing and planning. Things like a blizzard you can’t really prevent and travel tuns into a nightmare after, but this mess recently is a complete joke and speaks very loudly about the agencies lack of effectiveness.

This is nothing new however and sadly when it comes to government agencies this is pretty normal. To hire or get funding to pay workers to work overtime is like attempting to piss up a rope. So much red tape gets in the way that by the time things are approved, it’s too late.

il_570xN.193551269The TSA however, has behaved badly since the federalization of security. So many agents have been accused of fondling passengers, stealing, vying over screening the more attractive passengers, just to name a few things. The end result is a distrust of the TSA altogether and that should have been swiftly taken care of at the onset. The problem here is that the TSA is the oversight for security and it is also responsible for carrying out security.


To date, the TSA has never stopped one terrorist from boarding a plane. The agency runs rampant and catches no one. We don’t want perfect security, we don’t need it, and we do not expect it. What we do expect however, is minimal hassle and fair security wait times. Upwards of three hours to get through airport security is completely unacceptable.


By having the same agency responsible for setting screening standards and for carrying out that screening, it has created conflict and allowed for poor performance and zero accountability.

Why all this matters now other than everyone being upset over it? The TSA has managed to create a potentially deadly turn of events with long security lines and outrageous wait times. A large group of people in one central area that did not have to get through any security to get to that point, that in turn happens to be a prime target for anyone looking to cause the maximum amount of harm.  

The reality is, it is only a matter of time before something happens as a result…

The TSA said they need more money so that they can work agents overtime, however after Congress appropriated it, the TSA came back and said, it’s not enough. The TSA simply is not doing the job which it’s employed to do and while it screens passengers, it still has not done a stellar job of protecting anyone.

The TSA has simply managed to continue to give itself a black eye and create public mistrust of the agency. And that in turn has bummed out the agents that work for the agency. They should look to the leadership they have rather than blaming the public for the issue. By failing over and over again to make things better, weed out the bad apples and continue as if nothing has happened, all while wait times are at an all time high since 9/11, the agency itself failed in many ways to be accountable for anything other than the bad headlines it has received.

It is crucial to take a hard look at privatizing airport security. By splitting up oversight from the actual security, we’ll see safer airports, shorter wait times and some accountability. Anytime you have an oversight group also responsible for carrying out the job, you have a multitude of issues.

It’s time to put an end to that, it’s time to look at privatizing airport security.
Cristal M Clark


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