104 Shot, 14 Killed Over Father’s Day Weekend in Chicago

GenZ – Enough is Enough

Cristal M Clark 

Of all of our living generations the one that grew up truly seeing a world full of violence happens to be GenZ and they are starting to speak up, out loud and in our faces, they have had enough.

Over Father’s day weekend 104 people were shot in Chicago, 14 were killed, including a 3-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl killed.

Mass shootings or just gun violence in general is what Generation Z grew up knowing, but what’s more is that they grew up in the most diverse generation humans have ever known, which is something GenZ has embraced and accepted. 

Our differences are not something that GenZ has ever looked down their noses at, black, white, brown, sex, sexual orientation or partner preference does not matter to GenZ, they accept it and they are expressing that they are simply tired of those that are unwilling to accept all human beings as just that and, they are equally tired of the gun violence that they have grown up seeing unfold around them on a daily basis. GenZ, is the generation that grew up having to be part of mass shooter drills at school. 

What’s more is that as Trump took office, GenZ stepped into one of the most politically divided worlds of our time. 

Born between 1996 and 2010, GenZ has grown up in an era where gun violence is frequent, immigration is a very debated topic and the deteriorating climate is acknowledged as a crisis. They are now coming of age during a global pandemic that is disproportionately affecting black and brown communities, and as protesters take to the streets to call out racism and police brutality as well as selfish protests demanding states re-open for no other reason than to go to a salon, get a coffee etc. 

They are watching us attack each other over basic human decency like wearing masks so as to protect each other, they also keep watching black and brown American’s gunned down at the hands of cops who do not view black or brown American’s as equals to white American’s. They have also fallen witness to a criminal justice system that punishes black or brown american’s more severely than whites. 

They have also grown up in a world that if it does not change, they will be highly unlikely to become homeowners, get out of college debt, and will witness continued violence and injustice.  

1 in 10 voters this November will be GenZ. 

They are ready to start a revolution in an effort to make this world a better place for us all. Boomers are less likely to embrace change, especially if it threatens their beliefs, comfort and is different from the 40’s and 50’s ideology.

Boomers are not an overwhelming majority, nor are racists and bigots, the one thing GenZ has on their side are the generations that came after the boomers, our majority stands right along with GenZ and those numbers at the polls are looking a lot like the revolution GenZ wants is in fact going to come to fruition. 

Let’s be clear, they are not seeking a revolution that urges violent behavior, they want a revolution that works with leaders, governments and each other to promote healthy change in this country. GenZ is very, very uniquely positioned to affect change because of social media and the way that it unites them. 

John Della Volpe, director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics: “This generation has grown up in a world that is considerably different from GenX, even Millennials. They’ve had friends, families, relationships with people who have been different than you based on whatever the difference is: socioeconomic, gender identity, and therefore, they’ve noticed that those friends and family members, even acquaintances are really no different than you as a generation. That is part of the reason they’ve been filled with so much empathy.” 

This generation truly does understand the world around them better than most of the other generations, they have opened their eyes to it where others refuse and continue to believe in things that are no longer healthy for this world, or simply because they are too selfish to care about the other human beings that happen to inhabit this planet. 

GenZ across this country have expressed their dismay with a culture that tolerates violence and are committed to learning how to combat injustice at every level, from violence to the way companies pay and take care of employees, to the way that we protest, what we protest, and how we combat injustice. 

If you are not willing to stand with GenZ to promote change in this country, you might want to step out of the way, like it or not change is and will be coming. 

Cristal M Clark


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US Citizens to Lawmakers – Stop Sleeping At the Wheel


Gun Law Changes

Cristal M Clark  

Pomfret, Maryland, El Paso Texas, Dayton Ohio just to name a few of the more recent deadly mass shootings. Each and act of domestic terror, one driven as his manifesto shows by nothing more than our very own president’s words of racial hatred and intolerance.

It is completely heartbreaking.


It’s time for the leaders of this nation including Donald Trump to wake up and stop sleeping at the wheel here, it’s time for every American to finally grasp the idea that just because you are an American, it does not afford you the right to own or have access to a gun.

Not anymore.


Donald Trump is attempting to tie in gun legislation with immigration policy? Are you fucking kidding me? Trump’s ability to continually stir the pot of hatred in this country is precisely what enabled Russia to meddle, instills the ideology that it is okay to be a hatful racist, it clears the path to some of these shootings.

The government needs to take swift action and begin the process of implementing laws that are designed to protect our citizens, not laws aimed at rights to own guns, we need laws that allow for the government to obtain a court order and take guns away from those that they deem unstable. Sorry the but the facts are in front of us, and protecting the right to own a gun is an inbred, hillbilly inept way to look at things in this day and age.

Its time to stop voting for anyone who allows for the NRA to dump campaign money into a campaign so they can win, because those bed fellows are no longer tolerable.

Enough is enough, it’s time to do something.

Cristal M Clark

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Chicago,  IL 17 dead, 42 wounded

chicago-halloween weekend-crimeshop.jpg

 Halloween Weekend Violence

Year long hunting season in Chicago

Halloween weekend did not start or end well for Chicago. At least 17 people were killed and 42 were wounded as of early Monday morning. While on the rest of Monday (Halloween) another 17 were shot and wounded, while 2 were shot and killed.

So far a total of 3,695 people have been shot in Chicago. This past weekends shootings came after police had shifted resources and scheduled OT for officers. While they had additional officers on schedules in the areas affected by the violence, it seemingly didn’t come close to putting a dent in the weekends shootings.


Clearly, nothing the Chicago Police have implemented this year is curbing the violence and let’s not forget that the relationships between police and citizens is already strained pretty badly in some parts of Chicago.

Many are wondering, what will it take to curb the escalating violence in Chicago?

We are looking at three more major holidays this year, with that, we are looking at more violence ringing out throughout Chicago.

What is driving the crime in Chicago?

One of the biggest reasons for the shootings in Chicago, as reported by shooters who have been jailed, lack of jobs and lack of jobs that pay a wage someone can live on.

Jobs and pay can drive people to the brink believe it or not. Lack of jobs can drive people to commit crime because they have to live, provide for themselves and/or a family.

Jobs that don’t pay enough to cover the bills can also drive people to a life of crime which sometimes provides more than holding down a low paying job would.

It becomes less a matter of choice and more a matter of, crime was the only option available.

We can’t really ignore what is going on in Chicago because those issues will at some point in time happen in other cities throughout the US.

Whether it’s lack of jobs, or jobs that just don’t pay enough, in many cities throughout the US we are already seeing the cost of living outpacing the wages earned. Which makes things like housing, transportation and basic necessities unattainable.

Lack of jobs or jobs that pay enough to support the cost of living for an individual let alone a family can be both demoralizing and dehumanizing and that can drive people to extraordinary extremes, the good and the bad.

It’s not a model that withstands the march of time.

The Chicago Police have done just about everything that they can aside from ask the President to declare martial law in an effort to curb the violence this year.

It would be in our nation’s best interest to sit down as a nation and help find ways to make Chicago a livable, thriving city again, rather than the human hunting ground that it has become.

Cristal M Clark

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