Donald Trump – Still no New Chief of Staff


Why Not a Soul Wants to be Chief of Staff

I could run the list of obvious reasons as to why no one really wants to be Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, the reality is pretty simple and much more honest.


The Chief of Staff is not a doormat nor is he or she a dog who lives to serves his or her master. And that is what Trump fails to understand about the position.

To be even more honest, it could very well be that Trump is simply seeking out the wrong individuals for the position.

Here are a few well thought out suggestions:


Vladimir Putin


He did overwhelmingly help Trump secure the office of the US Presidency, after all.


Ivana Trump


Something tells me that woman is not going to be having any of Donald’s normal BS and she quite possibly just may be the only individual in the entire world who could wrangle the mans twitter account away from him.


Kim Jong un


Because watching the romantic power play between the two would be akin to watching a couple who simply should not be married, just imagine the on-air arguments from the oval office we’d witness.


Hillary Clinton aka: Crooked Hillary


Obviously, they both like to hide the truth, i.e. lie, play stupid, then get angry, and finally just blame everyone but themselves.


CNN’s very own Alisyn Lane Camerota


Who doesn’t love a woman with some balls on her? Alisyn, much like Ivana would not be having any of Donald’s shit at all. Alisyn would question and grill Donald at every turn making Donald so confused and upset that he’d end up in the fetal position in the corner of the oval office leaving Alisyn to run the affaires of the country.

And Finally…


Melania Trump


I have not clue what our current first lady does other than stand around and look really, really pissed off all of the time and well, lets be honest. If Donald wants a dog to do his bidding, he has no need to look any further for one because he is already married to one.

Cristal M Clark

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CDC Greets Plane Full of Ill Passengers


Dubia – New York – The Walking Dead Maybe?


Did any other Walking Dead fans see a headline yesterday about Emirates Flight EK 203 and feel that fluttering of hope from deep within?


How many of you thought to yourselves “Thank God the Zombie apocalypse is finally here, Trump is gong to be eaten by a staffer.”


It would be a welcome relief for thousands of Americans because a zombie apocalypse is a step up from the presidency in this country.


Of course, knowing our illustrious President, he would find a way to capitalize on a zombie apocalypse and pat himself on the back through Twitter.


Trump tweeting prior to acknowledging a zombie apocalypse;

Trump: “My fellow Americans, trust me when I say this, no plane full of sick passengers and crew ever came to America, there is no zombie apocalypse.’

‘That is fake news, which I think we can all agree on, has to go. It is clear collusion between Robert Mueller, some anonymous source within the White House, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, pretty much a lot of the Middle East like that ISIS. Others involved, North Korea, Colin Kaepernick, Nike, James Comey, Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are all people that are out to get me as I have proven many times before. They are trying to cause chaos and fear in America to divide us, to try to distract us all from what’s really happening, real news, like how I am making America great again.”

Trump: “Yes a plane full of sick passengers did arrive from the Emirates, but it is fake news that the CDC does not know the cause. Folks trust me, I mean really trust me when I say this, the entire flight, all of the crew and passengers became violently ill upon learning that Jeff Sessions has not done his job since day one of heading the department of Justice.”


Trump’s tweets after deciding to capitalize on the zombie apocalypse;

Trump: “I know some of you think Zombies are a bad thing but I gotta tell you this my fellow American’s, they all agree that I am the best president that the United States has ever had, I am doing more for the zombies and non zombies than any president has previously done for anyone, ever.”

Trump: “Speaking of fake news, the zombies believe that any news about Russian collusion and the 2016 election, Bob Woodward’s book, all those Omarosa recordings are fake news and I think we can all agree that fake news needs to go away, it just has to go we need to start directing the zombies to all fake news media outlets like CNN and let them send a clear message that America will not stand for any more fake news.”

Trump: “Make America Great Again and folks that is just what I have done here. This zombie apocalypse is just what America needed. I have created more jobs in America than any president previously has by creating jobs for the zombies.”

Trump: “Zombies don’t even ask for paychecks, we just toss them a journalist or someone who doesn’t support me, like Jeff Sessions and they eat them. I have created more jobs for the zombies than any other president ever could, and these zombies’ folks don’t even want housing so because of me the cost of housing is going to go down in record number and because of all of that, I have made America great again! No other president can say that, they just cannot say that!”

Trump: “At least the zombies have a real excuse for not kneeling for the National Anthem, like a rotting limb could become detached from the body and also because of the zombie apocalypse the zombies and I agree that they don’t need shoes so for all those folks planning to burn your Nike gear, you no longer have to because of zombies and me Nike sales are going to drop drastically.”


All joking aside Emirates Flight EK 203 from Dubai landed in New York yesterday and was in fact greeted by health officials along with local authorities because passengers and the crew had fallen ill during the flight.

Basically, a plane full of sick people is cause for national concern and it is treated as such, except for, well I guess those guys over at the CDC don’t watch much of the Walking Dead.


11 out of 549 individuals went to the hospital and those 11 are still in the hospital. The remaining passengers and crew were allowed to carry on to their respective destinations.

The CDC is still investigating at the time of writing this to see what made everyone sick but as it were have determined that it is not communicable at this juncture.

Rest assured my Walking Dead Fellow Fans/And Fellow Anti Trump fans, we may still see a zombie apocalypse given that the CDC has not yet determined what is going on if anything. So, we may yet get a break from the likes of Donald Trump.

Fingers crossed.

Cristal M Clark

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Russia Donates to the 2016 Election?


Donald Trump Win’s With Russia’s Help – Some Love Stories Never Die.


In the latest news to break the wire it would appear that the FBI is now seeking to learn more about just why Russia wired close to $400K to its embassies around the world in August and September of last year with a memo subtly titled “to finance election campaign of 2016.”


Did they really go that far in an attempt to get Trump elected? I mean if you’re going to call a spade a spade you might as well do it so let’s be completely honest here.


The way Russia meddled in the election was by far more superior than just wiring money not to mention that anyone can just toss money at an election and walk away with it. I almost want to ask how stupid anyone could be for thinking they’d make a fatal error such as wiring money anywhere in an attempt to get Trump elected.

And to be fair, Russia also had an election back in September of 2016 so I am honestly a little shocked that the FBI would even want to touch this.

I supposed their is something to be said for leaving no stone unturned however.

My guess is that this will turn up very little if not just nothing.

Vladimir Putin

Not to mention that Russia was already winning the US election by August of last year so really they would have had no need to add funding to it.


I give Putin a lot of credit for how ingenious Russia was in it’s meddling with the US election last year, I doubt very much he and the Kremlin found any need to send money to it, not to mention that the transfer of any funds is actually pretty traceable when one is wiring them.

I almost want to laugh at the FBI for wanting to look into these transfers but I also want to laugh at the mainstream media who ran with the headlines that seemed to sell the story as if Russia funded the entire Trump campaign.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions looks on during a news conference announcing the takedown of the dark web marketplace AlphaBay, at the Justice Department in Washington

Then on the other side of the table we have Jeff Sessions wanting to open up an investigation into Clinton and the uranium deal, where some cash sort of flowed from the Clinton foundation towards the deal.


All of that said, the aim on that is to kill two birds with one stone, take down Hillary Clinton and then to discredit any findindings that Robert S Mueller III and his team find that might actually tie Trump to any Russian Collusion.

Basically, Trump and his dream team are shitting themselves as Mueller’s investigations winds its way so much closer to each one of them.

All in all it’s a lot like a Novella the only difference is that in this Novella, it’s a the expense of taxpayers.

Cristal M Clark

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Election 2016 – The Countdown


United States Presidential Election

On the eve the of 2016 Presidential Election, I would like to extend my warmest wishes towards my readers who have had to endure a brutal and sometimes rather embarrassing presidential election.


Forget breaking the internet, the election season and the Hillary Clinton email scandal seemed to have broken the FBI, at least according to the media.

Watching the debates was at times a lot like watching an episode of survivor with a brutal almost cannibalistic twist of the Saw movies.

The twists, turns and plots. It’s almost over, thankfully.

While this election will undoubtedly and unfortunately be forever burned into many american minds, may you rest your weary heads tonight with the knowledge that it is almost over…at least that is the hope.

The american people deserve an award for having made it through this 2016 Presidential Election.

Here is to the hope that media doesn’t turn the outcome of the election into a circus.

Here is also to the hope that hackers leave this election alone, out of nothing more than pity for the voters who really and truly want this year’s election to just come to an end.



To our friends up north in Canada, who recently sent all of us in america a message of hope and love, may you open your hearts and your borders to those that have vowed to head your way should the opposing candidate win.

And finally to each of our candidates, may the best man or woman win.


I hope that both realize and know what this country has had to endure throughout this Presidential Election.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Presidents who made it without the popular vote


Becoming president of the United States

Only 4 US Presidents throughout history made it into the oval office without the benefit of having the popular vote. Normally, whoever makes it does have that vote.

Sometimes however, the fate of the next president has been decided in other ways.

John Quincy Adams, whose presidential fate was ultimately decided by the US House of Representatives, February, 8 1925.

It has been said that neither candidate was able to secure a majority of the votes, but Andrew Jackson by all rights, had received the most electoral votes, yet he still did not become President.

It’s been said that the presidential election of 1876 was the most contentious and controversial presidential election in American history, with the results of that election being the most disputed ever.

Undoubtedly, Samuel J Tilden outpolled Rutherford B Hayes in the popular vote, in fact Samuel J Tilden won 184 electoral votes while Rutherford B Hayes only had 165 of the votes, that left 20 votes open as unresolved.  

The unresolved votes were in dispute. 3 of the states where the votes were in dispute reported that each party’s candidate had won. Those states were Louisiana, Florida and South Carolina.

In Oregon, oddly 1 elector was declared illegal and therefore replaced.

The dispute was resolved via the Compromise of 1877 which awarded the disputed 20 votes to Rutherford B Hayes.

In 1888 Benjamin Harrison made it, beating out Grover Cleveland who won plurality of the popular vote by a narrow margin.

In 2000, George W Bush made it into the oval office but only after the US Supreme Court put a stop to recounts in Florida and awarded Florida’s votes to George W Bush.

This years presidential election is no exception to the rule, it has been bitter, contentious, spiteful and full of wild and crazy accusations from both sides.

I believe that most of us are ready for this years presidential soap opera to be done and over with, sadly if history has taught us anything, we may not get our wish so easily.


Will either candidate be willing to accept the outcome without turning it into yet another major scandal?

Better yet, will the media?

Cristal M Clark

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Brace yourselves – the Last Presidential Debate


Will we see a knockout finally or maybe something for civilized?


Well it’s about that time, for yet another and final presidential debate. As we draw closer to the debate tonight I am wondering if the Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have stepped off the hate train and realize that an entire world is watching them?

Maybe they have considered actually acting like they are each someone who wants to represent an entire country and lead a nation or…then again, maybe I am hoping for too much.

Trump is not doing well with the public right now either.


He’ll need to do one hell of a job if he is to come out of this debate with any hope left. His comments with regards to women, accusing his fellow Republican’s of rigging the system against him, and accusing Hillary Clinton of being on drugs during the last campaign and his penchant for going completely off topic and off onto rants, have left him minus long time supporters.

He is heading into this debate tarnished and so he is heading into this debate already on the losing end.

It’s time for Trump to pull off the ultimate feat and become a human being, more than just the wealthy, non-politician running for president. Relate to voters as a human being.

All of the recent WikiLeaks info that has been released about Hillary Clinton, even the news reports where Senior FBI Agent’s have come forward stating that Director James Comey basically let Hillary and her staff slide through an investigation that most likely if she were anyone else, would have landed her in prison, hasn’t tarnished her as much.

In fact, she is up in the polls.

She has gone by unscathed by this for the most part.

A very good reason for that exists.

The question is, does Donald Trump see that enough to know what it is and step up?

I guess we’ll see tonight as the debate unfolds.

Cristal M Clark

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United States Presidential Election hits a major snag


It’s looking like people are swaying towards a write-in?

According to Google the search for “write-in” had a pretty significant uptick within the last week.

Seems like people are starting to show more displeasure with both parties than anyone realized.


Back in 2012 the number of write in votes was around something like 0.11%…not a huge number but it enough to be noticed and also make a dent.

Within the last week Google Search recorded that over 2,800% of its searches were for “write-in.” Google hasn’t seen a jump like this happen since 2004.

Of course Google can’t tell us why people are choosing to google the words “write-in,” but…given last week’s drama concerning Donald Trump plus the WikiLeaks drama concerning Hillary Clinton, that might just = why people are searching for “write-in.”

What’s more is that seemingly overnight for Donald Trump things have gotten even worse. Women are now coming forward with claims that Donald Trump has been in the past sexually inappropriate as well as sexually harassed them.

Hillary Clinton is not getting by unscathed either, WikiLeaks is hitting her campaign pretty hard as well with more email leaks. Add in the fact that FBI agent’s have come forward with scathing details about how the investigation into her was handled and it’s just bad all the way around.

To top it off, the last debate we witnessed if anyone watched it, well it seemed more rather like the newest U.S. reality TV show instead of a presidential debate.

Donald Trump even made a threat the day after to Hillary’s campaign that if they kept releasing tapes, he’d keep bringing women to the forefront from Bill Clinton’s past….who by the way is not running for president.

With less than a month to go before the vote, people are looking for an alternative. It really is no wonder that Vladmir Putin won over Trump and Clinton in the KimDotcom Twitter poll this week.


Voters are clearly growing weary of the nonsense, the failure of the FBI with regards to Hillary Clinton, her dishonesty and Donald Trump’s treatment of the presidential election like it’s a TV show.

The presidential election was never about high ratings and classless smear campaigns, it’s about what they can do for us and it’s starting to look like voters are leaning towards the idea that neither Trump or Clinton can do anything for us.  

This leave us with one question that has yet to be answered, is the electoral college paying attention to voter displeasure?

Could the electoral college finally, swing the election in the right direction by voting in another candidate?

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump to drop bid for U.S. President?


When sorry isn’t good enough

If you want a woman all you have to do is “grab ’em by the pussy.” I’d be lying if I said that I was shocked by Donald Trump’s comments. Quite frankly, I wasn’t.

Many are calling on him to drop out of the race…and this is not a time when a simple sorry is good enough.

The question is, will he give up his bid or stay in the race?

While his words were both vulgar and disgusting it is still no worse than what women hear and deal with on a daily basis at work, at a store, a gas station, the coffee shop…

We’ve had presidents in the oval office who had extramarital affairs and we accepted it. Their view on women was no better than Trump’s, while they did not verbally state it in such a vulgar way like Trump did, their actions showed that they view us as objects to be had, used and tossed aside when they are finished with us.

Not only that but his words were so very true, when you are a star, rich and/or famous as well as male, you can in fact get away with just about anything. The reality is that wealthy white men can get away with more than average, middle to low class white males and if you are black, forget about it.

I also had to laugh when I saw on the news male after male swear that he was no longer a supporter of Trump because they have daughters?!?!? So it’s okay to talk about your wives or girlfriends that way?

Many, many men sext girlfriends or wives utilizing the very same vulgar suggestions thinking that it’s a turn on for a woman to hear a man tell her that he is going to grab her by the pussy. And as a woman who has dated men who did just that, if you show any type of displeasure by them talking like that, it causes an argument because you are supposed to shut the fuck up and accept that it is okay for a man to talk to you like that.

The simple fact is, men have always been able to treat women in sexually inappropriate ways and it has widely been accepted, it makes no difference if the man is someone we work with, a stranger, a neighbor, family friend, a boyfriend or husband or if he happens to be running for president.

The sad part is, this election is important and what the world see’s from the U.S. is dysfunction.

trump -vs-clinton-the crime shop.jpg

We have one candidate who is dishonest, a liar, and who has no clue as to how the cyber world works, she is prone to temper tantrums and then we have another who is well known for running his mouth, going off half cocked, then coming back and saying that isn’t what he meant and if he wants a woman, seems to think that it is okay to just grab them by the pussy.

These two individuals so clearly hit the nail on the head when you look at life in America it’s not even funny and they couldn’t be further removed from the changes that American’s are asking for in terms of leadership for our country.

America, the land of the Dysfunctional…

It is truly a sad day in America when you look at two candidates, throw your hands in the air and say “well we are totally screwed, neither is qualified, they are both horrible, hateful people…who do I vote for now?”

Do either of these two people really represent Americans, the American Dream let alone what we want or where our country needs to be in order to grow and thrive?

Cristal M Clark

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The Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Health?


The Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Health?
She feels better and that is good.

As it turns out Hillary Clinton is pretty much like most women worldwide after all.

Are we making way too much about Hillary Clinton being sick? I have to go with a yes here.

Is this a cause for concern? I’m going to go with a no on that one.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not Hillary’s biggest fan, but her having pneumonia and working the campaign trail didn’t phase me in the least because like most women, instead of take a sick day or two she continued to work.

I myself have been sent home sick from work only to go to the doctor and have to take antibiotics, my female coworkers have done it, as have many, many other women worldwide. 

We are women, we do not have time to be sick and we were born that way.

Dr. Drew has weighed in, another website is promoting a video that suggests Hillary has 1 year left to live…you can find that at, while others are suggesting she is going to have a stroke and die, some sites are saying she has Parkinson’s disease, this list is growing rapidly…

In all honesty,  all the speculation, the concern which amounts to nothing more than extra advertising dollars, it’s absurd.

Can’t we just let the woman be sick, get some rest and the people can stop speculating that she is near the point she is going to roll over on to her death bed and suddenly die?

She in all reality is doing what All Women Do, continuing to work while sick. It is not a big deal.

Have we as a nation lost our ability to show some empathy even if we don’t like or agree with the person?

We all at one time or another have opened our mouth and inserted our foot…

Her comments that Trump supporters are “deplorables” which she expressed regret for saying might have been caused by nothing more than being ill and feeling bitchy which most of us feel like when we are sick ourselves.

It is not unusual for people who are under stress, duress and who are ill with a cold, the flu, pneumonia, to be irritable and say something that they normally wouldn’t.

Everyone in his or her life has had those “Oh Shit” moments where they wanted to take back each and every word that just flew out of their mouth sick or not.

It happens and to be honest, Trump has had quite a few more instances where he’s said something insanely crazy and taken it back or back tracked, or said that isn’t what he meant.

But her comments did come at a bad time.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have such a deeply divided following that each would do well to consider that, at some point every President does like it or not, need a nation that fully stands behind him or her during his/her presidency.

This is the one key element that President Obama never had, never at one point did he have the entire nation on his side through one single decision that he has made.

That has been noticed, worldwide.

No matter who makes it into office, they will still need the support of our entire nation at one point, sooner or later, so it does matter what each says openly about the other’s supporters.

Cristal M Clark

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