Elite Border Agents Heading to a Sanctuary City Near You


Trump Administration Unleashes Bortac

Cristal M Clark 

If you are an illegal and hiding out in a sanctuary city, you might want to pack your bags, the Trump administration is releasing Bortac, the elite of border agents or so they say. This crew is the badass of badass specially trained in fugitive or in this case illegal immigrant apprehension and recovery. 


Rumor is that they are the swat team of border patrol and they are about to descend upon sanctuary cities to round up illegals. Some of those cities are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, New Jersey. 

The move is aimed at arresting and the removal of undocumented immigrants not to mention that it also comes as federal law enforcement officials are reporting significant increases in cross-border drug trafficking. 


Because ICE does not have the resources to actually manage the sustained increase in non-detained cases that has been exacerbated by the rise of sanctuary cities around 100 agents will be sent to assist the ICE deportation force.

Several states and cities refuse to assist the administration in its deportation efforts, in fact multiple cities and states are refusing to allow shared information like DMV records and the like, which is pitting local law enforcement against federal law enforcement. 

South Florida Students Gather To Protest Donald Trump

No matter which side you are on, it’s hard to ignore, advocates and supporters of immigration are at odds with the Trump and his Administration over this and eventually either something is going to give or the water is going to boil over. Whichever comes first, I hope someone has a plan that will actually work. It’s like the war on drugs, the war the US lost, trying to stop the unstoppable. 

Cristal M Clark

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Armed 8 Year-Olds Defend Against Violent Drug Cartels


Fighting Mexico Drug Cartels – Fuels Trump’s Anti Immigration Stance

Cristal M Clark 

Citizens in Mexico are taking drastic measures against cartels, villagers in southern Mexico are arming kids as young as 8 and recruiting them into the fold in order to defend against violent drug cartels that destroy, rape, pillage and kill those that live in the villages. 


Mexico if you didn’t know, seems to be losing the war with cartel-fueled violence, reporting 34,582 homicides last year despite President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s promise to bring the gangs under control

In Chilapa, 10 local musicians were gunned down last week returning from a party, so the community trained and armed a couple of dozen children to defend against Los Ardillos (the squirrels), the gang that had been preying on the region. 

It’s a drastic measure for sure but desperate times call for desperate measures. According to news reports children have also taken up arms in nearby Chilpancingo, about 220 miles south of Mexico City, and in the village of Ayahualtempa.


The communities are in Mexico’s most violent regions due to bloody turf wars between rival drug gangs. The villages and citizens of the region are caught in the middle and are now taking matters into their own hands, hence arming children and teaching them to kill. I get it, I do but this add’s fuel to the fire of Trump’s immigration argument. Arming children as young as 8 and teaching them to kill is not going to soften the President of the United States stance towards immigration. If anything this will only fuel his argument that we need to stop allowing immigrants from Mexico into the United States, and now especially those with children. 

Cristal M Clark

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America – The Land of The Free 


Not the Land of the Handouts 


Cristal M Clark 

The Trump administration has announced new immigration policy changes and the announcement has left some accusing the administration of reinterpreting US history and an 1882 law to exclude poor immigrants.


Whenever I agree with something Trump and his administration do, I like to preface it with I am not a supporter of Donald J Trump. Overall, I think he is a complete embarrassment and a double black eye to America. 

Today, Trump issued a new rule targeting legal immigrants who want to remain in the United States but whose lack of financial resources are judged likely to make them a burden on taxpayers. Which quite nicely hits the nail on the head. 

Surge Of Migrants Strain Border Patrol In El Paso

Poor immigrants will be denied permanent legal status, also known as a green card, if they are deemed likely to use government benefit programs such as food stamps and subsidized housing. Wealthier immigrants, who are designated as less likely to require public assistance, will be able to obtain a green card.

The new regulation is aimed at hundreds of thousands of immigrants who enter the country legally every year and then apply to become permanent residents but who also drain the public assistance system.

Starting in October, the government’s decision will be based on an aggressive wealth test to determine whether those immigrants have the means to support themselves. Other countries do this, already in case you did not know. 

I know a lot of people are upset at this new rule, the reality is that we can no longer afford to be the land of the free and also the land of the free handouts. So, what CNN as well as other mainstream media outlets are missing and not telling you, the immigrants that will be denied permanent legal status who come here and drain our public assistance systems, would still be allowed to obtain work visas to come and work for a limited amount of time, then they would have to return to their respective homeland, or have an employer sponsor the work visa for an extended amount of time. 

Other countries do this in terms of immigration. I can’t hop on a bloody plane and head on over to Canada, live off of her system and tell them I am running from my oppressive, deranged, dangerous and insane ruler here in the U.S., maybe they’ve heard of him? But, I cannot support myself so they have to support me. 

No, I have to obtain a work visa with an established employer in Canada, establish that I can support myself whilst in the country and abide by many other rules and regulations. So many countries handle immigration this way, why wouldn’t Trump consider this? 


Some are accusing Trump and his administration of trying to Make America White Again, (not calling anyone out, CNN), that they fail to see the whole point. The Trump administration is simply attempting to accomplish something just about every other wealthy country in the world is already doing. 

America cannot continue to take in or take on the world’s problems, we have our own and I agree, we cannot grant citizenship to those who cannot support themselves and who live off of our public assistance programs. That being said, we must also consider what happens when workers stop coming to America because they will no longer have the opportunity to become citizens? Will the administration take a look at the employers who take advantage of and exploit these low skilled, low paid foreign workers and start looking into why they are not paying them livable wages? 

Maybe even do something about that too? 

Overall, out of all of the policies Trump has tried to force with respects to immigration to the US, this one actually does make sense.

We have US born citizens living on our streets who have good paying jobs but who are unable to afford housing due to the rising costs of housing, food, fuel, and all of the other costs that go along with being a contributing working adult that we need to shift our focus and attention to. 

Cristal M Clark

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Us Cracks Down on undocumented Immigrants with Scheduled Raids


Mayors Disagree

Cristal M Clark

Does anyone recall that on June 16, 2019 Donald Trump made a vow to send ICE after all of the undocumented illegal immigrants hiding out in the United States? Well, he put that on hold initially and then last week announced that the raids would begin well yesterday. Trump supporters were left sitting on the very edge of their seats, palms sweating, hearts racing hoping to see footage on the evening news of illegals being led in cuffs unhappily into the custody of ICE.


CNN’s Alisyn Lane Camerota posed the very same question I and many others have this morning, “did the raids actually happen?”


We all know that while ICE will not disclose intel prior to a raid, they should at least after the fact be offering up something and well, we have nothing to show for the promise Donald Trump made back on June 16th, in fact almost all of the cities that were targeted in the raids came back to report a whole lot of nothing went on in each respective city other than a typical summer Sunday. According to a senior immigration official, the raids, or pretend raids if you will, were expected in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco.

It’s also important to know that many of these cities instructed local law enforcement basically refuse to share any type of immigration intel that they might have with ICE which is more or less like a kick in the junk.

In either case the story keeps changing, The New York Times said instead of one massive, simultaneous sweep, the operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be carried out as a series of smaller raids, spread out over several days. And, it is anyone’s guess as to whether or not the raids are actually going to happen.

To date, the threat of the raids has accomplished nothing more than to fearmonger, not only that it is a pathetic attempt for Trump to give the illusion that he is keeping his promise to his supporters to deport illegals. Again, it is all just an illusion.

As to the highly trumped up raids, a lot remains to be seen.

Cristal M Clark

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Ice Getting a Little Help from IC Thanks to Donald Trump


United States Intelligence Community Helping Bust Illegals

Cristal M Clark

It appears that the White House made a pretty quiet move last year at some point according to David Glawe, DHS’ undersecretary for intelligence and analysis, who wrote a letter to Congress late last year. In his letter to Congress, David sheds new light on ICE’s relationship with the 17 U.S. government organizations that collect and analyze intelligence, known collectively as the Intelligence Community or IC.


Now some are voicing serious concerns over the matter after David detailed his work to reorganize the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), the component of DHS that belongs to the IC. David has prioritized this effort which has frustrated some career officials in the office. As part of that reorganization, the branch of the office that focused on domestic terrorism was eliminated. David said this change has not hindered DHS’ ability to prevent domestic terror attacks but multiple sources at DHS told The Daily Beast the change does in fact concern them.


In the letter, David writes that cooperation between I&A and ICE has grown; “As a result of this realignment, as well as our ongoing efforts to integrate DHS field and functional intelligence activities into a fully synchronized and cohesive enterprise; I&A is providing improved and enhanced intelligence capabilities to DHS components, including ICE and CBP, as well as the interagency. These capabilities include collection, reporting, and analysis to support a DHS enterprise that fuses intelligence into operational functions, disciplines, and activities to inform actions that neutralize threats to the homeland. The cumulative impact of these efforts are more focused and integrated intelligence capabilities and products which meet customer requirements.”

We all know that when you read the word “Collection” that given our past history in this country with collection methods, that the word tends to generate concern among civil liberties advocates as well as others.

Still the same, in the world we live in today our information is collected, stolen and/or sold by ill-gotten groups and individuals at a rate much faster than the NSA can obtain then subsequently lose it. So, I am not entirely sure why anyone would be concerned over our own Government working together to collect intel on individuals seeking entry into the United States as well as those that are known to help those individuals.

The entire argument against it is quite frankly absurd, unless you live completely off the grid, a plethora of intel is readily available to just about anyone willing to pay for it.

Cristal M Clark

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US Military Will Be Asked to Babysit Migrant Children

US Military-CrimeShop

Wait, What?

Cristal M Clark

News is breaking through the wire that the Trump Administration will be asking the US Military to house up to 5,000 migrant children? Yes, that is precisely what our military should be spending time doing rather than things such as training exercises. Which as one federal official puts it, is an expansion of the Defense Department’s role in the Trump Administration’s hardline policy toward undocumented immigrants.

US-Seperate_Migrant Children_crimeshop

The news comes on the heels of a recent NPR report that the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more than 66,000 migrants at the Southern border in February, the highest total for a single month in almost a decade.

And most of those immigrants, well they are families with migrant children. So, looks like family separations are going to continue and the US Military is going to become babysitters.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen-crimeshop.jpg

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told a House committee today “Our capacity is already severely strained, but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely.”

“This is not a manufactured crisis. This is truly an emergency.”

The agency expects even more unaccompanied minors to arrive in coming months, reflecting historical patterns in which migration increases during the summer.


Just to give you an idea, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the federal agency who is responsible for migrant children until they can be given to an adult relative. The agency currently holds roughly 11,500 (it’s unclear how much of this number actually accounts for illegal crossings), migrant toddlers, children and teens at U.S. government detention and processing centers across the country. A child’s average length of stay under the agency’s custody was 89 days whilst also being molested, as recent news pointed out, during the first four months of this year, compared to 60 days in fiscal year 2018.

And I get it, the agency is at its capacity however asking the US Military to house the children, well that is completely out of line at every single turn.

So what is the answer? Stop beating a dead horse and tackle the issue with some oh I don’t know forethought.

Shut the border down until we can regroup and come up with a long term solution, it’s time to be proactive not reactive here and a wall is not going to solve the issue at hand and, I know that is not a popular answer at all but the reality is some other countries problems are not ours, we cannot take on any more immigrants no matter what the situation they are trying to escape is.

Round up everyone that has put us over capacity and send them back. It sounds cold hearted and cruel but creating a bigger problem in an effort to handle an already growing problem, well that is not the answer.

Shut the border down, do not allow anyone else to get in, deploy the military to manage that and we’ll start to see things getting handled in a more proper way. Anyone caught trying to enter illegally, shoot them, a bullet is a really good deterrent.

The US Military are not babysitters nor are they an orphanage the Trump administrations plan is absolutely preposterous.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Border Patrol restricted by policy from doing it’s job


Now serving as the new and improved glorified Walmart greeter


Last Friday the VP of the National Border Patrol Council, Shawn Moran told Fox Business Network’s “Risk & Reward” that “The Border Patrol has been turned into glorified Walmart greeters, and unfortunately, we are not being allowed to do our job.”


He explained that the Department of Homeland Security likes to mess with the numbers by using complicated metrics and that the truth is they sometimes, maybe catch 1 out of 3 individuals who are trying to enter the country illegally.

But that isn’t all that he had to say. He went on to tell “Risk & Reward” that “the vast majority of the people that we encounter now end up walking out the front door of Border Patrol stations or even worse, they’re given money and bus tickets to go into the interior of the United States, and most of them will never show up for any type of immigration hearing.”

The show stopper however was that he compared being a border patrol agent to being a glorified Walmart greeter. In fact, his exact words were “The Border Patrol has been turned into glorified Walmart greeters…”

Shawn explained that agents are being restricted because of policy from doing their jobs effectively if at all.

But that didn’t stop these upstanding agents from breaking the law…so how can an agent follow policy if he can’t even begin to follow the law?


In South Padre Island, Texas what looked like a crab trap turned out to be a headless body. As it turned out Border Patrol Agent who Joel Luna, a 6 year Border Patrol veteran, was supposed to protect the country from drug trafficking and violence but his plan was to become a part of it.

Head over to Las Cruces, NM where you might find now former Border Patrol Agent Orlando Gomez who had sexual relationship with a girl that began when she was 15 years old. That “relationship” lasted a little over 2 years.

How about the Chicago Bound Border Patrol Agent who was arrested with 110 Pounds of Cocaine by the Arizona state police?

And Border Patrol Agent Martin Rene Duran who was charged with creating false alerts to repeatedly detain a lawful U.S. citizen who frequently crossed the Mexican border.

Agent Michael Roscover was arrested after he pulled out a gun and pointed it at a fellow motorist.

The list can go on for days, sadly.


I guess if you are going to go around and call border patrol agents nothing more than Glorified Walmart Greeters, you can’t very well expect them to act like more than just that…Right?

Cristal M Clark

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