Creates New Utopia or is it a Dystopian Hellhole?

Cristal M Clark 

In case anyone missed it, Facebook is rebranding, morphine or rather attempting to change its image here. Mark Zuckerburg announced Facebook is now Meta this past week. The announcement caused quite the stir among those in the know. You see Facebook wants to become a strange and bizarre product presentation introducing the so-called metaverse.

That translates to the new metaverse is a dream of a future internet that we have only seen in films such as Demolition Man. To make matters much worse it seems that no one really has a set definition of what Meta will look like as of yet, simply because it’s a concept still and far from a reality. 

Facebook describes it as “a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you.” 

Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation showed a series of concept videos that highlighted Facebook’s Meta’s vision for a sort of augmented reality one where you can send a holographic image of yourself to a concert with a friend attending in real life, or sit at a virtual meeting table with colleagues.  

This caused some very loud alarm bells to start ringing. First, is this an attempt by Facebook to dodge its current public nightmare of leaks accusing the company of failing on purpose to stop false information, protect teenage girls or maybe how Facebook exploits its users without consent? 

Who knows really. If Facebook failed to stop the spread of misinformation on any of it’s platforms now, it’s a pretty certain bet that they will fail under the guise of Meta at stopping it, nor will they stop attempting to exploit users being more in favor of the almighty advertising dollar.

More pointedly, does any of that really matter? Users of any social media platform, online shoppers, gamblers, gamers, hell cell phone owners are blindly giving intel away as it is. We bleed out information anytime you shop online, play an online game, answer those ridiculous memes designed to obtain things like your mother’s maiden name, year you were born…

I get it, the government, media outlets want to protect us all right? They do right and they want to stop this Evil Mark Zuckerburg from doing what he does like exploit us, right? 

Isn’t that what the news does every single time they interview witnesses to let’s say a bank robbery where someone was shot and killed? What’s more, have you ever looked through the actual sponsored content on your local news outlets website, or CNN’s, FoxNews? You know those flashy ads that read more like they are actual news or advice from a well known doctor? Those sponsored content ads are created to exploit anyone who clicks on them, are they not? 

Anytime a major news anchor drops his or her personal, emotional and vile opinion into a news story, they taint the news, it becomes invalidated. Anytime a major network directs its reporters to be on one side or the other, it invalidates the news, by default. Anytime it runs unproven advertisements like they do when viewing the news online, they are exploiting the audience, filling them with false information too. 

So major broadcasters get to sound the alarm bell over social media, hence they are saying “Hey Mark, this is our goose egg and what is good for the Goose is, not good for the Gander!” 

Who really knows if Meta will work or not, how long it will take to get up and running or if society is even ready for that? Seeing everyone’s reaction to being locked down, I am not so sure it will work out at all. 

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook’s Newest Venture: Sex Trafficking  

Facebook Continues to Make Bad Headlines

Cristal M Clark 

Facebook hasn’t been one to really give a shit the past few years about any of its data leaks, tracking users without permission, allowing the spread of misinformation, and now not surprising sex trafficking. 

No, you didn’t read that wrong, facebook according to a newly released report published by the Human Trafficking Institute is the most commonly used social media platform for human sex trafficking recruitment in the US. 

Bravo Mark Zuckerberg, bra-fucking-vo, Mark. 

Facebook was the most common platform for child recruitment, with the report noting that “65% of child victims recruited on social media were recruited through Facebook.” That is over half of the online recruitment effort, over half!

Facebook, by the way, is not really all that popular with teens, while roughly 70% of American adults frequent the site, it is not the favored platform among teens. Roughly  51% of teems used the network, while YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat took the top spots in a 2018 survey. Yet, the report says, “Despite Facebook’s reputation as a less popular platform among teenagers, it was a more common platform for recruiting child victims than adult victims in 2020 active sex trafficking cases.” 

Why is that? Because Facebook has some frighteningly lax rules, allows for rampant stalking, does very little to thwart obvious scams, phishing attempts, bots and the like. And, Facebook encourages users to share detailed intel about one’s life. I am sure you have all seen the posts, the shitty memes that ask seemingly innocent questions. 

These bulishit memes are designed to obtain even more information about you, scammers and even sex traffickers utilize that information to steal your identity for the purpose of scamming banks and credit card companies out of money, some use it to stalk people and others, to sex traffic. 

The problem is not the users, the problem is the platform itself. 

If the platform really cared at all about users it would in fact not allow for so much personal information to be shared and would in fact stop these bogus memes, questions tossed out to readers and the like. 

The point is, users of the platform are simply and only the almighty dollar sign to Mark Zuckerberg and to the platform’s advertisers. 

The clear and obvious answer here is that the platform should face strict regulation. I know people don’t like that, but none of you want your daughters sex trafficked so choose one or the other here. Telling kids not to do something is like trying to wrangle feral cats. 

The platform either needs to be taken offline or it needs to be heavily regulated and held accountable for a change. 

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook to Users – Fuck You 

Data Breach Exposes 530 Million Facebook Users

Cristal M Clark 

The hits keep coming for Facebook users, over 530 million users information has yet again been exposed and this time Facebook is refusing to tell which users were affected by the massive data breach. Basically, Facebook is giving every user on it’s site the middle finger on this one. 

Users whose personal data was lifted in a breach sometime before August 2019 and was recently made available in a public database. Phone numbers, full names, locations, some email addresses, and other details from user profiles were posted to an amateur hacking forum. 

In response to the reporting, Facebook said in a blog post on Tuesday that “malicious actors” had scraped the data by exploiting a vulnerability in a now-defunct feature on the platform that allowed users to find each other by phone number. Get this, those fucks actually found the vulnerability back in 2019 and didn’t say a word to anyone. Hoping I am sure that no one would have ever figured it out. 

It’s time to call out Facebook for what it really is, a bad actor. While Facebook touts itself as a safe, family friendly social media site, the truth is that it is in fact, not that. Not that at all. They allow for users to name call and harass one another, choosing to single out specific users that they would like to silence. Not to mention the site panhandles so much fake news and misinformation at an alarming rate that quite frankly it should be shut down and banned on the internet. 

Facebook and instagram both also allow for the illegal sales of controlled substances and willingly turn a blind eye to the prevalent issues. 

The simple truth is, Facebook is a dying breed and should face severe consequences for its continual misrepresentations of what the site really is, the continued data breaches and for the way in which is mismanages misinformation campaigns, infiltration by hate groups and for allowing on multiple occasions, live video of suicides and mass shootings. Not to mention the way that users are stalked and messaged by scam artists, it’s deplorable. 

Overall, Facebook should get a thumbs down. It’s time the United States Government did more in an effort to shut this bad actor site down than just offer up hearings that serve as nothing more than lip service. 

Facebook is nothing but a toxic waste dump.

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook’s Days Are Numbered

Facebook Might Not Make its Own Pandemic

Cristal M Clark 

Facebook has always been known for not stopping hate speech, fake news and hammering down on users who didn’t really post anything offensive, just facebook bots flagged something, users get suspended for three days, but lately Facebook has allowed for hateful, racist content posted non-stop and fake news about BLM, while not paying much attention to it. The one group that has paid attention to it, advertisers. 

Facebook just so happens to be the world’s largest social media network and it is facing a massive, and by massive, I mean massive advertiser backlash over claims it’s failed to remove racist and hateful content from its platform.

Microsoft, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Unilever are among the major corporates that have halted advertising on Facebook, wiping some $60 billion worth of value from the company’s stock and piling pressure on Facebook’s already scandal-weary investors.

The funny thing is Facebook even allows Trump to post hate speech, yet for instance today I posted a comment on a private group that I am part of we were joking about the gun toting St. Louis couple, the Karen and Ken couple, the post was something like “Name this Band” my comment was “White Trash?” Earned me a three day suspension but I am white, and two posts later I saw the word “nigger” used in someone’s post in very hurtful way towards blacks, a fake news story claiming BLM is plotting to destroy America, multiple posts referring to whites as “Cracker,” several with nudity, multiple with clearly graphic sexual content that depicts intercourse, blow jobs, oral sex on women and the like, the list goes on and on. 

But why flag the term white trash? It seems to me the platform has or should have far worse posts and words they need to and should be concerned with. What about calling mask wearers sheep? Or Words like Whore, Slut, cock eating monster? I find that not only stupid but also offensive and I keep seeing that bullshit on Facebook. I mean if you are going to have your nose in the air and be self righteous shouldn’t you be stopping all of the hateful or derogatory posts or is it just a race thing because last time I was flagged it was over a meme I found that was sexual in nature but did not depict nudity, copulation or oral sex? Facebook honestly has no idea what it’s doing. 

And Facebook has been under fire from everyone from Congress, to advertisers, to its users for flagging users who post to private groups and not content that is posted and shared outside of private groups and is seen by far more users on the more public side of the platform. Policing the right users rather than the harmful users is wrong and that is leaving users eager for a new platform to move on to.  

So, amid the growing Facebook ad boycott, Dfinity, a blockchain-based cloud computing platform that was valued at nearly $2 billion in 2018, has opened up its network to third party developers that it hopes will be able to “reboot the internet” and end big tech’s “monopolization.”

The idea is rather than a single tech giant owning the personal information of its users, platforms like Dfinity could be used to build apps where the users own their own information and can truly profit from it unlike with Facebook and Twitter.

And that is gaining support and interest. Dominic Williams, founder of Dfinity: “Open versions of the most popular mega-applications will replace the most popular applications of today.” 

Dfinity has also built an open alternative to video sharing app TikTok called CanCan that it claims has been built with less than 1,000 lines of code, compared to Facebook’s 62 million lines of code to highlight what it calls the “simplicity of building the next generation of mega-applications” on its blockchain-based network.

Dfinity, is aiming to make its network available to the public in the fourth quarter of 2020 and if you are like me, tired of FaceBook and looking for a new social media platform, keep your eyes open for Dfinity to roll out later this year. 

Cristal M Clark

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DOJ Investigation of Facebook Heating Up


Facebook’s Antitrust Woes 

Cristal M Clark 

Facebook you either love it or you loath it and sometimes your in the middle of loving and hating it. Not that the DOJ dislikes Facebook, they just don’t feel that the social media giant plays fair when it comes to it’s acquisitions. 


The Justice Department has an antitrust investigation into Facebook open currently and they are leaving no stone unturned. Reports are surfacing stating that the DOJ has reportedly been setting up interviews with Facebook’s rivals and is actively looking at the competitive nature of the industry as a whole in an effort to gain a better understanding of it, all in the name of nailing Facebook with antitrust charges. 


One of the competitors of Facebook is Snap, Snap reportedly kept a dossier of documents that outlined Facebook’s “aggressive tactics” to thwart competition and had been talking to the FTC about them. Great another dossier in the news, I am sure every detail in it is accurate and note made up. 


To be clear, the DOJ is looking at a different issue from the probes by the Federal Trade Commission, the House antitrust committee and a group of state attorneys general. Back in July, Facebook got hit with a $5 billion fine for its privacy issues.  

It’s not looking like Facebook is going to slide by without some form of charges over antitrust issues because the DOJ is being pretty relentless here. 

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook Heads into Christmas With New Leak


Facebook – Issues Crappie Apology to Users

Cristal M Clark


On Friday, Facebook announced a new data leak. One that is a wee bit frightening in that a bug that made photos of 6.8 million users accessible to third-party developers, before users even hit publish.


The company offered its typical shitty apology regarding the new data breach, explaining that up to 1,500 apps built by 876 developers had access to user photos between September 13 to September 25 and that many of these photos were not even published to the website, just uploaded for a post users never decided to actually publish.


Yes, round of applause for Facebook!


To add insult to injury here, in all fairness, Facebook still insists that users ultimately control their own data; “anything that you upload, you can also delete.”

This has consistently been proven to be absolutely misleading, in fact it is simply just a lie a ruse in an attempt to quell user distrust.

However, this does prove a point. your user data is gone quite literally long before you even hit publish.

Quite a few websites are equipped with code that extracts your personal info as quickly as you enter it in an online forum and sold to the highest bidder or those willing to pay the most for it.  Mortgage companies, healthcare firms, credit card companies, retail websites, customer service chats, yes even your favorite porn sites are riddled with such code, malware and viruses used to steal user data, in real time these days.


As for Facebook, well this latest data breach is simply more proof of the company’s reluctance to share how it really treats user data, not to mention it’s unwillingness to make it clear when our data irrevocably falls into the hands of others.

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook and it’s public image problems


While I was on vacation I began seeing headlines with regards to a new Facebook scandal, in that Cambridge Analytica which had deep ties to the Trump campaign back in 2016, had somehow inadvertently obtained access to what is assumed to be over 50 million users personal data, without user approval or knowledge, through the beloved social media giant.

Facebook has a public image problem.

The blowback has been fairly bad, through it, the campaign #deletefacebook was born, users are suing facebook, companies panicked and Mark Zuckerberg failed to respond until today.

Mark Zuckerberg Delivers Keynote Address At Facebook F8 Conference

Facebook, much like other social media giants are so far from in touch with the end user it is comparable to watching a relationship thrive and flourish then completely fall apart years later.

They have no idea what end users even want to be honest, if they did they’d be making more drastic changes to give us what we really want, which for most would be zero invasion of privacy and zero advertising.


While Zuckerberg made some pretty big promises in terms of change today, it does not negate the real issue at hand and that issue is fairly obvious yet overlooked.

Don’t kid yourself into believing that Facebook had no prior knowledge of what Cambridge Analytica was doing let alone that it had so much access to user data. The problem with social media providers is that they are not going to stop such abuses of user data until it is fully discovered and exposed.

Just like with the Russian fake social media accounts. Most of the social media giants could have stopped all of those fake accounts.

But because the public and congress allow for them to play stupid and turn a blind eye on to the issues they continue to get away with such atrocities.

Social Media giants like facebook are in it for money, not the protection of users data and personal information, that would require preemptively stopping the issue which costs money these platforms do not want to spend until they have no other option but to spend the time, effort and money to stop such abuse of end users.

The reality is that it is up to the end users to protect themselves and try as hard as we might, that may not become an achievable goal, ever really.

Cristal M Clark

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Russia to America – We Know Your Citizens Better Than Your Government Does


Mark Zuckerberg & his Facebook Russian Troll Farm Woes


Does anyone remember last year when Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg vowed to put an end to fake news on Facebook? I do, but as a woman one might expect that, always bringing up the good old days to toss it back in your face, at just the right moment.

Vladimir Putin


Perhaps Mark should have been more focused on all of those accounts that they identified on 9/6/17, that appeared to have had $100,000 in ad spending (the number could be much higher) from June of 2015 to May of 2017 that in fact, violated its policies, and were found to be linked to a Russian trolling farm…that was backed by the Russian Government.



Bravo Mark…bravo.

So now Mark seems a wee bit lost here, he went from full on denial to being open to “reviewing” proposed legislation should it pique his subtle interest.

Overall, Facebook had several opportunities to catch this and deal with it, long before it made headline news, like back in 2015.

The problems were:

Blatant Denial

Lack of Staff

Searching for any type of related ads

Taking our then President a bit more seriously

Having the ability to suck it up and take the blame gracefully

Stop blaming automated algorithms (Facebook’s favorite scapegoat), and just suck it up and take responsibility




Many are wondering and asking how Russia figured out who to target with these ads?


Social Media Logotype Background


Well, that is actually a pretty easy one. Russia, they knew what the average american dreamed of and wanted in terms of the perfect balance of its government and it’s people.


crimeshop_Social Media.jpg


We could spend all day and night trying to guess as to how they knew that, but the honest truth is, has anyone taken a walk through social media lately?

It’s an open book into what american’s think, feel, how we live, what we want, what we desire, our hopes, dreams, information about our interpersonal relationships, how we feel about our jobs, and how we feel about our government, what we would like to see it doing.

What we dislike about the government, a candidate, what we speculate, the rumor mill…you name it, I could go all day with this list.

The point is, that if I can see that within the first 5 minutes of being on any social media account that I have, so can everyone else, and it matters very little who you friend, block, unfriend. Things are shared whether you like it or not.

And let us not forget our own media here in the US, they tend to spread as much misinformation as they possibly can, rarely do a correction story, bring on “experts” to talk about what they think is going on and in general, report speculation and opinion as if they were facts.

It would not have taken much or long for the Russian’s to figure out just what type of fake news or ad’s it sponsored much less who to target.

All of that said, it does not negate the fact that people do not buy into what they do not believe or want to believe.

So many bought into the fake news and all of those fake ad’s because deep down, it was truly something they wanted to believe in.

You cannot package it any better than Russia did here.

They knew the American people better than our own government did at the time and I am willing to bet, that they still do.

Cristal M Clark

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