Watchdog Finds DHS & The FBI Not Doing Their Jobs

Or Rather Failing Gloriously at it

Cristal M Clark 

In completely not surprising news, this past week independent watchdog groups reported that both the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have seemingly been failing at doing their jobs. 

No Shite, if the increase in violence running rampant across this country didn’t spell that out for you, I do not what else would. 

Let us start with the FBI, who likes to join in these joint operations targeting certain groups yet seems completely incapable from stopping anyone who should not have weapons from having weapons. 

Within the past two years alone, gun sales have more than tripled and the FBI is tasked with running background checks upon individuals who desire to obtain a gun. 

According to the FBI, their own words between 2020 and 2021 they had the opportunity to run well over 1 million background checks. I believe the here key words are “had the opportunity.” Because of course they were unable to keep up.

You see, 4.2% of those background checks took longer than 3 business days, which means that after the 3rd business day, federal law allows dealers to sell weapons whilst the background check is still pending, which potentially could and did put weapons into the hands of people who cannot legally own a gun because of mental illness or their criminal history. 

So, the FBI ultimately completed about 1/4th of those delayed background checks and discovered that 11,564 people were able to buy guns in 2020 and 2021 before the check showed that they should not have been allowed to actually purchase a gun. 

Now some dealers and states today have rules about that sort of thing however, sometimes it is the dealers choice so the reality is that we have way of knowing just how many individuals are walking around with a gun who might not have passed the FBI’s background check. 

That is quite lovely is it not?

As to the DHS, it would seem that they are doing no better of a job, according to a new 29, page report by the DHS watchdog group, they found that yes, the Department of Homeland Security could be doing more to thwart to address the threats of domestic terrorism.

The report comes on the heels of an uptick in mass shootings that have been shaking the country and prompting questions about the federal law enforcement response or rather, the lack thereof. 

The reasons to name a few are but certainly not limited to:

Not surprising it was revealed that the DHS has absolutely no long term approach to countering domestic terrorism.

According to the DHS Inspector General, both classified and public advisories issued by the Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis “may not be timely to help them take steps to protect themselves from threats.”

That couldn’t be because law enforcement agencies fail, over and over again to actually work together, could it?

Now they could have and should have: the DHS National Terrorism Advisory System did not issue any terrorism alerts from December 2015 – February 2022.

That’s right, these blokes issued not one and how many mass shootings did we see where law enforcement had been given warnings about the shooter prior to the mass shooting?

DHS also sites having “Limited access” to information necessary to identify domestic terrorism threats. Officials in DHS’ intelligence known as the Office of Intelligence and Analysis told auditors that they simply “cannot access some types of information that is not publicly available, such as private social media groups and encrypted messaging applications.” 

Really? Hackers seem to be able to do that all of the time, by the way individuals report threats could help if you ask and what you are somehow unable to utilise a concerned citizen to gain access to such information. Is that somehow uneheard of?

This sounds a rather bit like utter bullshit to me. 

Whats worse is that the very group dedicated to implementing the DHS strategic plan to combat terrorism has no decision authority, no separate funding and no dedicated staff. Cry me a river, lower your hiring standards and you’ll soon find a dedicated staff. The excuses here are astounding. 

They are also utilising the excuse of having an inconsistent focus on domestic terrorism. Well, that much is crystal clear. 

Between the FBI and the DHS it is very clear that they have done very little in the way of thwarting domestic attacks, very little in the way of actually trying. Why did take a watchdog group to come forward with this information and not those at the top both the FBI and DHS? Oh right, they like those fat pay checks and having zero accountability. 

So who is really going to protect this nation? It is clear that policing is out the window since they don’t seem to want to do it, but then the FBI does’t and now DHS? Who do the men and women of this nation turn to for protection now that the three major law enforcement groups have basically been called out for failing at each and every turn to do that? It would seem to me that both groups would rather lay blame at others than be held accountable and ask for help when needed.

What tends to make this all the worse is that reports are surfacing that predict a rise in even more violence as inflation remains so very high and we are heading into a recession. The two combined will in fact, make individuals behave erratically and at times with violence. 

And the other assuring tidbit we have, DHS and the FBI have managed to fail rather gloriously. 

Cristal M Clark

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Protests, Pride Fest, The Avs Win the Stanley Cup

Whilst American Flags are Flown Upside down

Cristal M Clark 

What a weekend, Pride was celebrated nationwide, the Avs are bringing the cup home, and our nation saw protests with regard to Gun Control and Roe vs Wade. 

Out in force were men and women standing in solidarity to protest the Supreme Court Jesters decision to overturn Roe vs Wade, likewise many are protesting a decision the court made on Thursday with regard to state and local governments restricting guns outside the home. 

Quite a lot of activity. 

What I noticed as I was out and about were that several individuals were running around with the American flag, upside-down. 

According to the US Flag Code, flying the American flag shouldn’t be flown upside down — with the stars at the bottom — “except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

So to a watching world we are putting out a distress signal indicating that our country is pretty much a dumpster fire and that we are in dire need of assistance. 

That call is not likely to be ignored. 

Some call this move disrespectful while others see it as a call for help. Our entire system is a runaway train, on fire and creating chaos, hatred, discord and unnecessary suffering. 

To be rather honest, the overall consensus of society here is that the Church should not influence our laws, constitution, courts or judges, and that church should very much be separate from state. 

Our entire White House, Congress, the US Senate, courts, legal/judicial system are in complete shambles and tend to make less and less sense every day. The sheer number of homeless individuals and those that are being forced into roommate situations just to survive in this country can alone tell you that our economy is an absolute wreck. Social Security is going to run out long before many of us are even close to retirement age, and we are doing very little in an effort to stave off a climate crisis and on top of all of that we are seeing a record number of hate filled mass shootings and violence across every major city in this nation. 

So yes, people are flying the American Flag upside-down begging for help, help that our leaders cannot seem to be able to provide. 

America is no longer the land of the free, unless you are an old white man. 

With this much angst in today’s society it does very much leave the door wide open for bad actors to come along and begin to influence, for the sole purpose of creating animosity, hate, separation, violence and war. 

Cristal M Clark

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Armed Person on Campus Reported


Hillsborough County, Florida

By: Cristal M Clark


Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida where 17 students and 3 staff members were killed. Some are looking back and reviewing what has changed since the deadly shooting, some are looking forward to push for more changes in an effort to both prevent and stop school shootings, and one young lady decided that it would be a good idea to call in a report of an armed individual on campus forcing the lockdown of two Hillsborough County, Florida schools.


Which of course as one might imagine drew a fairly large police response. According to deputies the schools were placed on lockdown on Wednesday while the Sheriff’s Office investigated a report made by a teacher about hearing a rumor of a weapon being on campus.

Deputies say the threat at Farnell Middle School, which also affected Bryant Elementary School, was unfounded and that the 12-year-old student who made up the story will be charged with a felony. She is a sixth grader at Farnell Middle School, according to deputies.

Not a good idea to report seeing someone on any campus, a mall, a movie theater, pretty much anywhere these days, yet one has to question the motive and thought process behind a 12-year old female making such a false claim before rushing to charge her with a felony.

What is going on in her life to have made her think it wise or okay to report such a hoax? Is something going on at school or at home that would warrant some type of investigation or does she have behavior issues, is she simply mentally unstable?

Sometimes, rather all of the time, failing to conduct a proper investigation as to the why is a disservice to both the community and to the individual who will be charged, particularly juveniles and anyone who is abused, suffering mental trauma resulting in mental health issues, including PTSD.

Cristal M Clark

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The New Serial Killer –


Mass Shooters


Since the 1980’s it appears that the number of serial killers has dwindled somewhat. No more Ted Bundy, Zodiac, Paul John Knowels and the like.


Yet the reality is, haven’t the serial killers just simply evolved into a new more fierce serial killer?


No longer do they need to hide in the shadows, because the one serial killers and mass shooters have in common is that they want to Control.

They have a deeply driven motive to kill, causing fear, pain, seeing people suffer and die, that motive is simple, it is the ability to control the emotions of another and has never had anything to do with sexual gratification. Although, in the past serial killers have been known to masturbate quite often over images and videos of sexual deprivation (a hiccup in the human brain), so as to feed the need while not actually killing, they like seeing someone being harmed and controlled.

Now they have no need for that when all one has to do is simply purchase a firearm and head to the nearest crowded establishment and walk in causing fear and panic, murdering the innocent. Yes, the killer is very much in control.  

Serial killers have a history of hiding the shadows and taunting law enforcement however, the reality is that have always wanted the glory for the killings, hence they want to go down in history.

Why go down nameless after putting so much effort in after all?

For every mass shooting, everyone wants an answer, why?

As with the Vegas mass shooting, police could find no motive, nor could they ever figure out what caused the killer to snap.

Recently, the California mass shooter was posting to social media that he was sane, during the attack.

Ian David Long, left a taunting message on social media stating that he knew very well that the state of mental health would be debated for years to come.

While the media immediately went about interviewing witnesses, parents of witnesses, actually reported that this killer was a veteran, in fact the way most of the headlines seemed to attempt to draw some form of implications that lead many viewers and readers to initially believe that because this killer was a veteran he must be suffering from some for of PTSD which lead to the killing.  

The media as it most often does whilst jumping in for the highest ratings, missed the point.


Ian David Long, just informed the world who the new serial killers would be.

They know that they cannot stop killing and they know that they can only fight the urge to kill again for only so long.

It is much simpler and efficient to get in in, get it done and die by copper or suicide.

This new killer will be very difficult for the FBI to catch before they kill. The FBI will have nothing to go on in an effort to seek them out before they strike.

Because of evolution, we do have a new serial killer, Mass Shooters who by the way are not domestic terrorists as the media labels every mass shooter.

The distinction is a very fine indeed.  

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Says Yes to More AR-15’s on The Streets

Armed America.jpg

Gun Rights in America


So Trump decided to sort of talk about the mass shooting issues here in America. In doing so he did happen to address one key element to the problem and that is mental health.

I know that I have suggested quite a few times before on ways to deal with mental health and gun ownership, sadly Obama would not once acknowledge my carefully thought out questions during his time in office let alone answer them whenever he was on Twitter taking questions from everyone a couple of times.

What Trump failed to address however is that goddamn 2nd Amendment which unfortunately is so completely lost in the mix. Rights, what are rights here in America, really?

Just because one is born here does not necessarily mean they are owed a damn thing let alone a right to have guns.

What’s more is that the 2nd Amendment never in anyway shape or form was created with the idea or notion that a more powerful weapon than the single shot muzzle loading pistols of the times would ever be created.

So, that 2nd Amendment right clearly does not fit in the world we currently live in not to mention let’s just point out the obvious, it’s clearly outdated.

Our mass shooting issues are two fold, mental health, and weapons. The types of weapons available today are not what they are used to be and if you are like me, someone who actually goes out into the real world, experiences people, places and things, you know full well that the mental health, ideas and, conspiracy theories of others are not always sane.

I love to have this debate with my dad, who is a gun owner and feels strongly that individuals should be allowed to own whatever weapon because as he informs me, it is a Goddamned American Right, it’s called the 2nd Amendment, and my argument back is simply that it should not be a right in today’s world until the 2nd Amendment is amended to better fit today’s world.

My dad even feels that doctors should not have a right to know if someone owns weapons, and to me that is completely so very wrong.

As I have said many times before, an individuals mental health status can change rather dramatically without warning due to hormones, drugs, age etc. So while someone may have legally purchased any type of gun, that individual may not always be mentally healthy enough to continue to own a gun at any-one time in his or her life.

By the same token, why would anyone be allowed to own any type of semi-automatic weapon? That is so completely insane that I at times have issues with just wrapping my head around it.

To be completely honest, that is just flat out stupid.

What’s next, me purchasing a nuke at my nearest 7-11 because of the 2nd Amendment?

Completely absurd no?

Well that’s pretty much where we are with the 2nd Amendment today, AR-15’s today, nukes tomorrow because every god fearing American should have the right to bear whatever arms he so desires.

Cristal M Clark

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America needs more gun control in wake of recent shootings?


Or is is that we are looking at the situation wrong?

Do we really need a map showing us all over the US where one can purchase a gun? NPR had one up today.

Do we really need to know how many gun shops vs pizza joints, burger joints and coffee shops are in America? That was all over Facebook yesterday.

Quite simply:

“The problem isn’t the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.”

That more than anything sums up rather perfectly “gun control” here in America.

It works both ways, on the side of gun rights activists and on the side of those who want more gun control.

History lessons tell us that human beings have been enjoying the privilege of killing each other since we evolved and grew arms and legs, whether it was one at a time or we achieved mass killings and even without the benefit of guns quite a few times throughout history.

In today’s world however, we have guns.


President Obama took the time yesterday to vow more gun control during his time in Orlando.

Allow for me to just say, that is a rather ignorant thing to say, think or try to do. It is completely ignorant all the way around.

Why take rights away from law abiding, responsible gun owners who are not planning on killing anyone?

I know this pisses off those who support more gun control but how would you feel if someone walked in one day and told you that they were going to take away your right to own a particular cell phone because suddenly the government couldn’t access it’s data due to encryption and they feel that’s dangerous and poses a serious threat to the US all because some individuals recently went on a shooting spree for whatever reason?

We don’t have to use cell phones for this example, think about the Government taking away your right to eat your favorite foods all because millions of individuals ate too much of it and became obese and died as a result?

Watching gun control debates reminds me a of kindergarten, we all had that one kid in class who screwed up and we all paid the price for it. Well, we are not children anymore are we? Most gun owners are not either and we should not treat them like that.

You don’t punish the entire class over the Government’s fuck up here. And I am not anti-government at all, I do however call it like I see and this is pretty black and white.

Just because you don’t agree with it or like, just remember this, that gun owner might one day be the guy that saves your life, with his evil gun that shoots and kills.

In the same breath, makers of semi-automatic weapons should consider making the mags smaller so a potential killer can’t shoot as many rounds into his intended victims.

It’s all called compromise. Find one and work it that way.

Yet, none of that resolves the problem or problems if you will.

We have mass shooters who kill for revenge, some do it in the name of whatever God they believe in, some do it simply because they are batshit crazy, part of the mafia or some street gang and some do it because they are radicalized or are truly part of a terrorist organization.

The point is, guns are not the problem, the problem is how the guns got into the hands of these killers in the first place.

I did not see the President go to Chicago and comfort any of the families of the 69 individuals who were shot over this past memorial day weekend, in fact I didn’t see him vowing for gun law changes after that bloody weekend.

Or did the media just not blow it out of proportion and cover it 24/7 and I somehow missed it one newscast?

Even more frightening, how many of the shooters from Chicago’s bloody Memorial day weekend possessed those guns legally?

Some of our recent mass killers have owned the weapons they used LEGALLY and/or guns that were in a home where the owner purchased them LEGALLY! Let that sink in for a moment.

I have personally asked President Obama to address situations like this and you know the response I received was utter bullshit. A lot like a bag of chips, over half air…

When I say a lot of the mass shootings are a direct result of the Government’s own fuck ups I am dead serious and more laws are not going to fix it! The problem is clearly on the part of our Government, not those law abiding, non-mass shooting type of individuals, who are purchasing guns, making new laws are not going to fix it when it’s broken on the inside.

Again, I am far from Anti-Establishment, I am on the side of law enforcement, just not always in agreement with congress and policy makers.

Just looking at a few, let’s look at it realistically.

Who cleared Omar Mateen to own guns? Not the gun dealer, not the gun maker and most certainly not one of the 49 individuals he murdered.

Adam Lanza was known to have mental issues, yet he had access to weapons because his mother owned them legally.

Robert Dear didn’t have anything quite official on record that would have disqualified him from owning an AK-47 even though he had issues with law enforcement and behaved erratically.

The Weapons in used San Bernardino were also purchased legally.  

So again, who is responsible for that oversight, who is responsible for ensuring guns do not make it into the hands of whack jobs and if they own guns who then is responsible for taking them away when someone begins to have issues even though they haven’t hurt someone?

So what is the answer?

To find the answer, we need to address the problems. To accomplish that we need to go back to the source.

The number one source of each mass shooting is the person who is doing the shooting.

In all reality I look at someone like Robert Dear and I get it, the police if I reported him for being an Ahole, they’d look at me and ask me to be on my way and do nothing.

My dad and I have this conversation a lot, well I take that back it’s not really a conversation. He will tell me that his doctors have no and I quote “goddamn right to know if I own guns.” and I will in turn correct him and say that they have every right to know.

You can visibly see both his blood pressure rise and him shutting down ignoring my every word. My stance is simple, sometimes the medications a doctor puts you on can affect someone psychologically, hence make someone lose his/her mind. Mixing meds, sometimes taking herbal remedies, imbalances and so on.

If you really want to have a good time, pull out a few drinks, make some popcorn and watch my dad and  I “discuss” mental health issues and the rights of law enforcement to remove weapons from a home based off of medical professionals just simply suspecting a person might be in need of a little time away from access to a weapon.

The point is, more laws are not going to resolve the issues until we understand the issues, until we change our attitudes about the problem.

The number one mistake is thinking that problem is guns and lack of gun laws. The problem is background checks and ensuring owners of guns are still on the up and up mentally after legally obtaining a gun.

We should never kid ourselves into thinking that gun ownership is a right. We have a right to die and pay taxes and that’s about it. In America we tend to have this attitude that we have a “right” to things.

Gun ownership is a privilege based off of one’s ability to show his or her level of responsibility. If you keep a loaded gun where a two year old or you’re mentally disturbed housemate, husband, wife, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend etc. can get to it, you are not a responsible gun owner and shouldn’t own one.

A lot has to go into changes. Right now after every mass shooting (but not Chicago and Memorial Day Weekend) we hear the President vow for more gun laws without ever addressing the actual issues.

Each shooting is different, how the weapons were accessed is different, the individuals doing the killing are different. We need to focus on where the breaks happened so as to allow those individuals to kill before we change or make more gun laws.

The background check system works but also doesn’t work.

The “if you see something, say something,” isn’t working…clearly

Anyone the FBI looks into as a suspected terrorist can still own a gun

The no fly list is the ugly stepsister of a bad joke

My list could go on and on here…

In order for gun laws to work, they have be effective and they have to benefit the greater good of society. While at the same time, we need to sit down and finally address how in the hell guns are still ending up on the street that shouldn’t be. Hence the shootings in Chicago??!?!? Guns that I’m pretty sure, were not purchased legally.

The problem is:

“Another mass shooting”

Our attitude about the problem:

“We need more gun laws”

The problem, that isn’t really the problem?

“Our attitude is that we are going to throw more laws on the books without analyzing the actual problem, the why, when and how.  We are going to ignore the chinks in the chain”

We have laws on the books with regards to guns that simply aren’t working right now…but hey why not toss a few more logs into that fire…let’s see how that works.

If we are not going to make the effort to fix the actual problems, address them, maybe start to take a look at them, well then that is just ignorance at it’s finest.

That is American Government 101 though…zero thought process, zero accountability.


Cristal M Clark


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Another mass shooting here in America

Is this the world we live in now?


My heart sinks just a little more each and every time I see another mass shooting in this country. For me this one is personal.

The LGBT community is very tight nit, they are all family and for some of them, that is the only family that they have. It’s not easy to be an outsider, as in a straight woman who is brought into the community with such open arms because many of these individuals have been so hurt and shunned by the straight community that it is sometimes difficult for them to trust us.

Some of my best friends whom I consider family are part of this very community, they have been here for me through some really rough times. They have lent support, shoulders to cry on, words of wisdom, some great shopping trips, sometimes just someone to sit with when no words come to mind as I faced the pain that I was going through, and someone to make me laugh hysterically and forget the pain. (that last one is for Carlos in Denver, he is and always will be a brother to me).

Right now, this community is hurting and they need our support in the right ways.

“Enough is enough!” I keep hearing that from my fellow American’s and while I couldn’t agree more I am always left wondering if they are referring to the endless hours our media has spent covering the story and the killer or the shootings themselves.

I have to say that I am personally, absolutely, hands down, disgusted with the media here in the US. I have heard and read so many headlines that are misleading, speculative, flat out lies reported as truth, half truths, the words “we are going to break it down for you and get into the head of this mass killer,”  and my now new personal favorite “gay night club,” as if that was the killer’s motive, an attack on gays?

The FBI said it would investigate whether or not this killer was conflicted about his own sexuality, given he had a LGBT dating app on his phone and was known to be at Pulse often enough to be remembered. This left the media to speculate that this was an attack on the gay community over that. But no one really knows that to be a fact as of today.

He also claimed loyalty to ISIS during the attack.

It’s really quite simple, this lunatic killer believed in a cause and wanted to be heard. In order to gain the desired attention that he needed toward his cause, he elected to go on a shooting rampage, in the process exposing a weakness, a weakness which allowed for him to go on said shooting rampage in the first place.

This is what mass killers do. They expose the weakness through the crimes that they commit while at the same time getting the audience they wanted so that they can be heard for the cause they are so willing to both kill and die for.  

It is nothing more or less than that at this very moment in time To him, it was logical, to the rest of us it is not. The point being, his motive is not for the world to understand because most of us would consider his belief wrong, therefore we lack the wherewithal to understand the why in the first place.

Again, we don’t truly know why, yet.

The cause could have been that he was radicalized, he was conflicted about his sexuality or that gay men are better dressers than straight men, the point is, we simply do not know and that is because the investigation is still “on-going.” Something the media tends to forget when it reports on open investigations that are HOT not COLD.

For the 49 murdered human beings, the best way to honor and remember them is to report the truth not speculation, not try to interview every traumatized loved one or witness to the crime and most importantly to stop covering these shootings every single minute of the news hour.

By giving these types of shootings so much attention, it instills the very idea of another situation like this in someone else’s head. It says “if I want to be heard, I need to hurt people and die in the process.” These types of killers relish in the very idea that they are going to go down in history for whatever the reason might be that they choose to kill.

Every mass shooter/bomber has had some sort of cause that he believed in and when you study those individuals, you start to see the pattern. They got the idea because it gets them the attention they want and they know that it garners them this attention because of the US media outlets.

It’s always, go big or go home. The more individuals they kill, the longer the story will be on the news, the better chance it is on the news all day, all night, on social media, etc.

In fact, right this very moment another potential mass shooter is already planning because he wants his rampage to be even bigger than this one.

At the end of the day, whatever the cause or reason that the killer had, the media needs to chill the F*&k out! Report on the victims but leave the damn shooter’s motives, reasons, job, ex wife, and name out of it.

The FBI released a few details  yesterday, yet immediately after the shooting the media was reporting that this shooter was a possible terrorist or possibly had terrorist ties.


The FBI and local authorities had not yet released any of those details to the media the day of the shooting, in fact, the FBI did not confirm anything until roughly 16 hours ago as I type this.

The media has taken so many leaps and bounds here that the public is up and arms, confused and focused on issues that are not of any importance at the moment.

I completely understand that everyone wants answers, the truth is, the media is in absolutely no position to provide those answers without the facts in hand. It is unethical, immoral and wrong.

Right now, the focus should be on helping the surviving victims and the families cope and move forward, not focus on this guy’s motives or what the media thinks they were. Stop focusing on his ex wife, or speculating that the FBI looked at him, mention that he purchased guns legally…

The media seems to be confused as to who is actually responsible for investigating mass shootings.

The media is not responsible for telling us who this man was or why he did what he did until they have the facts provided to them by authorities unless the media can prove that the authorities were wrong or lied it’s not the job of the media to investigate the crime or the criminal.

Trust me, the FBI does not need the help from the media on this one, I am pretty sure they’ve got this.

The media’s job is also not to subtly point fingers either, i.e. the guy purchased his guns legally, the FBI looked at him a few years ago, the club had no security etc.

That serves no purpose in any way shape or form, it’s only intent is to start a public outcry and debate and to create issues and problems.  

The media’s job is to report the facts, in a fair unbiased way. IF you have no facts to report, then again, focus the reporting on supporting the victims, the families and friends of the victims.

A minute by minute on the killer is the last thing anyone needs. We don’t need to know him right now, he is dead, let the authorities handle his side of the story for the time being.

Cristal M Clark


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