US Citizens to Lawmakers – Stop Sleeping At the Wheel


Gun Law Changes

Cristal M Clark  

Pomfret, Maryland, El Paso Texas, Dayton Ohio just to name a few of the more recent deadly mass shootings. Each and act of domestic terror, one driven as his manifesto shows by nothing more than our very own president’s words of racial hatred and intolerance.

It is completely heartbreaking.


It’s time for the leaders of this nation including Donald Trump to wake up and stop sleeping at the wheel here, it’s time for every American to finally grasp the idea that just because you are an American, it does not afford you the right to own or have access to a gun.

Not anymore.


Donald Trump is attempting to tie in gun legislation with immigration policy? Are you fucking kidding me? Trump’s ability to continually stir the pot of hatred in this country is precisely what enabled Russia to meddle, instills the ideology that it is okay to be a hatful racist, it clears the path to some of these shootings.

The government needs to take swift action and begin the process of implementing laws that are designed to protect our citizens, not laws aimed at rights to own guns, we need laws that allow for the government to obtain a court order and take guns away from those that they deem unstable. Sorry the but the facts are in front of us, and protecting the right to own a gun is an inbred, hillbilly inept way to look at things in this day and age.

Its time to stop voting for anyone who allows for the NRA to dump campaign money into a campaign so they can win, because those bed fellows are no longer tolerable.

Enough is enough, it’s time to do something.

Cristal M Clark

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NRA Losing Ground in Effort to Influence Gun Policy


#MarchForOurLives – Rises Above the NRA’s Effort to Silence the Message!


This weekend we witnessed the youth of America stand up with a clear message in the US, now is the time to end gun violence in this country.

We also witnessed the NRA stand up against the courageous youth in this country by, tossing insults at the youth who represent an increasing number of individuals who are deeply opposed to more gun ownership in our nation.


One such insult was from Colion Noir a pro gun host at NRATV who had a few choice words for the Parkland shooting survivors:

“No one would know your names if your classmates were alive today.”

I actually beg to differ with Colion here.


It makes no difference if anyone lives or dies when someone enters a heavily populated building, school, mall, airport, if they shoot any weapon in the attempt to take lives, everyone will be paying keen attention.

What’s more is that everyone is paying keen attention to the NRA and what it has had to say and do since the Parkland school shooting.


The NRA wants to silence the outspoken youth in this nation through insults and hurtful words because the reality is, that is pretty much all the NRA has left. We all know the why, because they would prefer to use these types of shootings in an attempt to continue to influence gun policy so that they can continue to line those fat juicy pockets they have, with hard cold cash.

The problem that they are currently having with the Parkland survivors is a fairly simple problem.


The survivors and the groups growing numbers represent a nation that is kind of tired of gun violence and a nation that feels we have better options and no longer have a need to arm individuals with guns.


That is called evolution, evolving, humans have been enjoying that privilege since the day we became human beings.

And that is meant to happen, and guns, they don’t help us evolve past being what we always were, violent beings.

The youth of today it would seem would like to help us grow past that need for violence while the NRA and pro-gun activists perpetuate it at every turn.

While some would argue the point with me until blue in the face, I am rather impervious to the argument that everyone has a right to be armed, to the contrary, they do not and no one really needs to be armed at any given moment.



What is even more interesting is that I continue to see pro gun statements all about social media, touting the second amendment which very few actually truly understand the meaning of.


The 2nd amendment does not exist so that the youth of this nation don’t have to run for their lives, as of today that 2nd amendment is what pro-gun groups and the NRA hide behind in order to influence gun policies that no longer fit, work for or suit a nation that is defying the odds when it comes to gun violence.


It is time to go about disarming the NRA and pro-gun activists all together, for those ideals no longer serve this nation or its people.

Rather than attempt to influence gun policy through exploiting these types of shootings the NRA and the politicians who allow the NRA to buy it’s way into congress should take a very hard look at what happened when the Tobacco industry fell.

By logic, all murderous industries may enjoy a degree of time living high off the hog, but eventually they will tumble and tumble hard they will.

That industry never came back fully and the cold hard reality is, that if the NRA doesn’t elect to take a back seat on its own, they will in fact be forced to, sooner rather than later.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump- Gun Control Debate Can Make or Break a US President


President Trump Hosts Ceremony Recognizing First Responders In The June 14 Congressional Baseball Shooting


Trump to Avoid – Gun Debate During Vegas Trip

It’s been widely rumored that Trump plans to avoid the gun debate during his Las Vegas, Nevada trip tomorrow.




The rumor floating around is that he plans to meet with victims of the Las Vegas shooting and visit an area hospital, according to a White House official of course. And on that note, he is not expected to weigh in on any policy solutions during the trip.

The White House official also added:

“With this investigation still in its early phases, we should avoid making sweeping policy decisions.”

The sad reality is that not even the White House may be able to stop the talk about gun control after the latest mass shooting because like it or not, those that want more gun control are already lining up at the front door to lobby for more.




The gun debate can really make or break a president and where Trump is concerned, it could end up breaking him in the event that he actually sides with any type policy that would put into place even more gun control.

Let’s not forget that one of the biggest backers of Trump was the NRA after all. Trump even went out on the limb during his campaign and informed the NRA that that they had a “true friend and champion in the White House.”

On the flip side of that, as Trump was hot on the campaign trail he was clear, in that he was all for certain types of gun control provided they were rational and limited.

Steve Bannon also added his take this morning by sending a clear message to Trump when asked: “Would Trump, in response to the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, consider a bipartisan approach on gun control?”

Steve’s response to Axios in a story published today: “Impossible: will be the end of everything.” In other words he could kiss his bulk of voters goodbye and by default not really have any supporters in America, that is left of whatever voters are actually left.

Another mass shooting here in America could vastly change his mind on what types of limited and rational gun control he would be willing to address however.

In this case however I would agree with the White House in terms of, it really is too soon for that conversation.

In the past at times, Presidents have rushed to judgement long before an investigation was completed which led to rash vows for more gun control in the wake of mass shootings.

It is more logical to actually wait and see what the investigation actually turns up prior to having any type of discussion whatsoever about gun control so as to avoid making decisions that do not really work out or in Trump’s case, lose him the voter base he has left.

Some media outlets and social media users are making comments that are clearly designed to bait Trump into a gun debate tweet storm, yet he has been pretty silent about the issue in the wake of the latest mass shooting, so far.

On that note however, if pushed Trump can be a fairly loose cannon and tends to be the type to allow his most heartfelt comments roll right off the cusp, so the reality is, that if the White House doesn’t shock collar the guy, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not he will actually touch on the gun debate as he visits Las Vegas tomorrow.

For everyone’s sake, let’s hope that Trump elects to keep silent on the issue for now.

Cristal M Clark

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