North Korea Back to Building New Missiles

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Kim Jong-un Takes a New Stab at Donald Trump

Oh, how time does fly. One-week Kim Jong-un and Trump are ‘negotiating’ and getting along, the next Kim is back to building weapons of mass destruction.

No doubt, Kim is most surely watching Trump spread hate, threats and insults at other world leaders which will eventually end up being hurled at Kim, again.

So, what’s a world leader to do other than build some new and improved ICBM’s.

And that is precisely what North Korea is doing according to reports.

The new ICBM’s are being built at the same factory that the country used to produce the first round of ICBM’s that could potentially reach the US.

Great, and all we thought we had to worry about now was Russia’s ability to disrupt our electrical grids and meddle in elections.


But this does go to prove a point and that is Trump is not entirely honest when it comes to facts. He reaches, stretches and flat out lies.

Usually when he tells you all went well it is the very same as a dream which means, that it is more often than not completely opposite of what actually did in fact, take place.

I believe after the summit between the US and North Korea was it not Trump who tweeted:

“Everybody can now feel much safer than the day that I took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat From North Korea.”

Is it just me here and forgive me, but does Donald Trump spew about as much fake news, facts and details as he suggests all news outlets of doing? I mean this guy is tweeting this garbage by the minute.

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I think it’s fair to say that in a dog eat dog world, Donald Trump might very well be being fed his very own crow.

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Russia to Mediate US – North Korea Peace Talks?




Kremlin to Save the Day and Stop World War 3


Some news outlets are reporting an interesting rumor buzzing around these days.


It’s been reported that Kim Jong-un’s regime is insisting that the Kremlin send in representatives to mediate talks between North Korea and the US.

Is anyone surprised by this?

I have always said that Russia has her hands in just about every worldly pot that they can have that hand in.

What does make this interesting however is that Newsweek reported that Russia and China both appear to be making some type of “Space Weapons” that will be capable of targeting the US.

Worse yet, Trump is not being enforced by many foreign powers here, those powers seem to be lining up behind the Kremlin these days.

So no, it’s not surprising that Russia has been called upon to mediate talks between the US and North Korea.


If anyone has missed the all none to subtle hint here, Russia appears to be stepping forward as an actual world leader, taking the place of the US since Trump just tossed that title out of a White House window several months back.

To take this a step even further, Vladimir Putin has urged the US to handle North Korea with diplomacy and peace talks. Something Trump and his ridiculous joke of an administration don’t seem to fully grasp.

Then again they don’t seem to fully grasp the idea that the world doesn’t really want or need nuclear war.


The Kremlin has been very upfront with its concern over the continued and increased tensions between the US and North Korea. Earlier this week after having had visited North Korea, the Russian delegation reported that the situation has escalated so far past what it should have, that it could really lead to World War 3.

If North Korea wants Russia to mediate talks with the US, someone call Russia because after the US under Trump’s rule left center stage, it certainly appears that Russia has stepped up to take that lead and do some good with it.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Officially Declares War – Of Words with North Korea


Donald Trump and his verbal war with North Korea

North Korea’s foreign minister announced today that Donald Trump has declared war on North Korea and that, Pyongyang reserved the right to take countermeasures, up to and including shooting down U.S. bombers even if they are not in its air space.


This all stems from, as you might have guessed, Trump running his mouth against the advice of his advisers and tweeting…again.

Regardless, he still did not declare war on North Korea.


Trump may be a complete imbecile and a mouthy one at that, in terms of declaring actual war, he did not do that.

One thing I am pretty sure Trump knows for sure, it’s how to declare a war, in the official presidential capacity that is.  


As I stated last week, North Korea is simply attempting to get the US to strike first, in terms of starting a war.

Currently all we have is a war of words because neither side is quite ready just yet to actually go to war.

Part of the reason the US will not just start an actual war beyond just mere insults and poorly thought out tweets, happens to be because US intelligence officials know for a fact that North Korea does have nuclearized ICBM’S.

An ICBM by the way is a intercontinental ballistic missile, in the case of North Korea’s they have miniaturized nuclear warheads mounted to them.

Those missiles could potentially reach the US mainland and that is precisely why the US will not just strike first.

Not to mention we are also looking out for Japan and South Korea here, if not the entire world. A nuclear Missile landing and going off anywhere carries catastrophic and deadly consequences that would be felt worldwide.


Kim Jong-Un seems to think that Trump should just accept that North Korea has nuclearized ICBM’S, while Trump naturally, quite disagrees with that very idea.

Kim also has a few other demands that have yet to be met, of course asking for a seat at the table and then calling the US President names (not that I am excusing Trump here), doesn’t make Kim look adult enough to garner that sought after seat at the big kids table…aside from that, Kim does want to prove that he is both powerful and important.

Part of the reason North Korea just doesn’t strike first is because it would be a suicide mission for that nation and they know that.

Watching this all unfold is like watching a couple arguing. They just pick at one another until someone can get so far under the other person’s skin that it provokes a response that could never be taken back.

With tensions running pretty high between the two nations, I’d say both should take a step back for a little breather before making any rash decisions, insulting one another and insulting the leaders of each nation any further.

It’s time for cooler heads to prevail because these two world leaders behave like unruly children who just need a time out.

Cristal M Clark

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