Hells Angels Raid Raises Questions About Media/Law Enforcement Tactics 


Denver HAMC 

Cristal M Clark 

Back in the early hours of November 7, 2019 several law enforcement agencies, including Denver Police, executed warrants at multiple locations. Among those raided was the Denver Charter Hells Angels ClubHouse located at 3257 Navajo St.


13 individuals were subsequently charged and arrested, one severely injured during the raid. 


Jason P. Sellers (age 44)

Michael J. Dire (age 74)

Jared B. Orland (age 47)

Clinton Williams (age 45)

William “Kelly” Henderson (age 42)

William “Curly” E. Whitney (age 81)

Justin A. Wright (age 35)

Peter M. Baron (age 30)

Dominic Robichaud (age 47)

Adam Mulcahy (age 27)

Jimmy D. Salazar (age 44)

Derek A. Beste (age 30)

*Dustin Ullerich (age 47)

Dusty was shot by a door buster round and ended up in serious condition in the hospital. As of a few days ago, he was still hospitalized. That’s a little something you are not seeing reported in the mainstream media, not from the start of the story and not as of today. Which calls into question of the tactics being employed during these 4am raids where man takes a round to the chest because law enforcement is afraid of raiding the victims house at 4AM when they know it’s going freak an individual out?

Dusty’s loved one’s have set up a GoFundMe to help with the medical care costs because we all know that the state is not going to pay for causing bodily injury during the raid: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-help-dusty?d=qj3DPQbgLgwhwSRqviWv27ryM64i2MiBobMvLAkyM6M%3D

According to the DA’s office, their arrest warrants are sealed and would only say that some of the accused face additional charges, including first-degree assault, second-degree kidnapping, robbery, theft greater than $100,000, aggravated motor vehicle theft and chop shop activity.

In addition to Denver, the charges stemmed from police action in cities and towns including Arvada, Brighton, Colorado Springs, Commerce City, Englewood, Erie, Golden, Lafayette, Lakewood, Littleton and Westminster. Local agencies partnered with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives to execute the warrants, as well as the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado State Patrol.

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It is widely known throughout the law enforcement community that the raids also include another MC yet not a soul is saying which one that is, it is all very hush, hush. Recent rumors on the street are tying this raid to a raid down in Boulder City, Nevada in which the Brotherhood Motorcycle Club’s Las Vegas chapter got caught up in a sting involving guns, drugs etc. During that raid 11 were arrested, including the Brotherhood club president. Again, it is only a rumor that the two busts are related but not unlikely.  It is important to note however that the Brotherhood is not a Denver area club. Another popular rumor has been that a prospect became embittered and enraged when denied entrance into the club so he turned on the club. 

Sons of Silence recently had its own issues as well involving over 250 law enforcement members leaving 3 local chapters of the Sons of Silence completely dismantled.  

Rumors aside it is well known that the ATF are going after the  “Big Five” motorcycle gangs in the country, those are, The Sons of Silence, Bandidos, Hells Angels, Outlaws and Pagans, they let this be known a few years back, they want the clubs shut down and gone. End of story.  

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The problem is the tactics they employ in an effort to accomplish that. Law enforcement is well known to infiltrate by becoming full fledged members, breaking the law themselves, all in an effort to “prevent” illegal activity, get the dirt on the club, then turn on said club. They have utilized this on international levels as well, in case anyone needs a reminder here, law enforcement agencies buy and sell arms to cartels/foreign militaries worldwide and have offered up weapons and bomb making supplies to would be terrorists who weren’t even plotting to blow up anything in the United States, all of which is very well documented. 

The whole idea of law enforcement breaking the law in order to arrest feels a lot like entrapment. There was a case a little over a year ago where it was pointed out that law enforcement attempted to sell bomb making materials to someone they suspected to be a terrorist, which he was not, he had been brainwashed but had no real desire to die or blow things up, the guy didn’t really want to make a bomb and they twisted him mentally enough to the point over the course of time, to where he actually attempted to buy the materials to make a bomb, then law enforcement swooped in and arrested him. I believe the government lost that case however due to the tactics it employs. It’s a military way, it’s a good mental fuck, we all have the ability with the right training to twist things about just enough to make people do whatever it is we want them to do without them realizing it, to get information out of them they never intended on providing to us, they don’t even realize they are doing it. 

It is widely known that law enforcement uses this tactic at every turn. How do any of us know some of the guns or drugs the MC was running didn’t come from big brother? We don’t but we do know for a fact that big brother is always all too willing to provide these items to a club, cartel, mafia in order to arrest them. Which lends to the idea had law enforcement not provided the material, would any of the above have ever had it to sell or use?

The point is, a simple question if you will, when will we stop allowing for law enforcement to utilize these tactics here at home, on our streets. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and it’s not right to infiltrate utilizing such tactics. Since when it is okay for law enforcement to become outlaws themselves rather than utilize good old fashioned investigative techniques, processes and procedures in an effort to bust anyone?

The other issue here is the public service the MC’s actually provide to the community when they go into hiding that goes away. All of the big 5 have a long standing history of standing up for the underdog in particular children, women, the disabled, contrary to what the media would sell you.  

They are protective, they have runs to raise money for good causes for the community, hold community events to raise money for good causes, they are not the worst of the worst nor are they the monsters you see or hear about on TV. 

The MC’s take care of the community they live in and honestly provide a bigger public service than any law enforcement agency ever can or will. 

For most every day individual’s we don’t really care about the drugs the MC’s run either. The bottom line is this, if someone wants to dump drugs into his/her body so be it, likewise if people are going to run a chop shop or run guns on our streets, most of us would rather it be these guys holding the puppet strings because the other option are those that are coming in from outside of the US and they are without a doubt more ruthless, brutal and bloodthirsty. 

If the MC’s get dismantled and taken down we’re fucked when MS-13 and the cartels start coming to town because our only protection from that, happens to be the MC’s – not law enforcement despite what it thinks. Who knows though, with any luck maybe we’ll be able to purchase back some of the US weapons that are in the hands of the cartels and MS-13 all thanks to big brother, right?

Cristal M Clark

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5 members of motorcycle gang slain


July 4th murder

The 5 members who were murdered were part of the Outlaws MC.

William “Water Head” Allen, 22

William “Mouse” Dronenburg, 32

Bridgette “Midget” Benfield, 17

“Terrible Terry” Henderson, 29

Randall Feazell, 28

They had been shot so many times the coroner gave up counting the bullet holes in each of the victims.

It’s been said that in the 70’s Charlotte was a biker haven for MC’s who ran girls and drugs, in fact it is widely reported that Charlotte was the southeastern hub for the Outlaws, Hells Angels, Tasmanian Devils and Tar Heel Stompers.

The suspects somehow made it over an 8 foot fence and around guard dogs unnoticed sometime in the wee hours of July 4th 1979, where they opened fire upon the group who were sleeping at the at 2500 Allen Road South, home.

The autopsies also revealed that the victims had no traces of alcohol or drugs in their systems, they were simply gunned down in cold blood where they slept.

Initially investigators assumed that the murders were a hit from a rival gang but after 36 years, investigators learned that it was not a hit by a rival MC.


The Suspects

Gregory Scott Lindaman, who died in Houston after a traffic accident in October of 1990

Randy Allen Pigg who died of liver disease in October of 2007

Neither were in any MC, in fact one of the two had a beef with someone who was in the Outlaw MC.

Someone it would seem confirmed what investigators long believed, both Lindaman and Pigg were suspects at the time of the murders but investigators never had enough of anything to tie the men to the crime.

After 36 years however, someone did come forward with a long held secret and confirmed to investigators what they already knew in that Lindaman and Pigg were in fact the men responsible for the murders.

The murders however did prompt the local police in the area to beef up investigations and surveillance into the MC’s at the time figuring that they had better wake and up and see the light that the gangs posed a degree of danger to the communities.

The worst part of this crime is that investigators and the community unfairly, initially assumed that the crime had been committed by a rival MC, the MC’s in the area had to live with that dark shadow following them around like a plague.

MC’s more often than not do get the blame, they are suspected of being bad boys, drug dealers, pimps, the reality of that is, most are not bad guys. They hold fundraisers that benefit the communities they live in, not just the MC itself, they support other clubs even though they are considered “rivals,” and they are some of the few people in this day and age, if they see you broken down on the side of a road where no one else is stopping to help, that will actually stop and help without expecting anything in return.

If the MC’s in the area were that dangerous that they would take hits out on each other, do you believe that Lindaman and Pigg would have really lived as long as they had after the murders given that neither were part of any MC?

It’s always worth knowing that IF the MC’s were as bad as law enforcement and the media still makes them out to be these days, the suspects in this case would have died long before they each had because it was very public knowledge back then, that both men were suspects of the murders of the Outlaw crew.

Cristal M Clark


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