Trump Walks Back Proud Boys Remarks 

Presidential Debate Complete Joke

Cristal M Clark

If you caught the Presidential Debate last night no doubt you were left feeling like WTF. It was disgraceful, hateful at times and an utter and complete joke. Trump all but had a meltdown, Biden told him at one point to “Shut Up,” and to be honest it reminded me of two teens who are sworn enemies although they really don’t have a reason to be. 

Trump showed every true color he could possibly show even the narcissistic part of himself where he knows he is losing control of someone and a situation so he starts to try to blame, deflect, boast, manipulate. 

In this case he is continuing his argument in that Americans cannot trust the election, hence he is attempting to cast election doubt. 

“Wallace: Will you urge your supporters to stay calm during this extended period, not to engage in any civil unrest? And will you pledge tonight that you will not declare victory until the election has been independently certified? President Trump, you go first.

Trump: I’m urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully. Because that’s what has to happen. I am urging them to do it. As you know, today, there was a big problem. In Philadelphia they went in to watch. They were called poll watchers — a very safe, very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren’t allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia, bad things. And I — I am urging — I am urging my people. I hope it’s going to be a fair election. If it’s a fair election…

Wallace: You’re urging them what?

Trump: … I am 100% on board. But if I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can’t go along with that. And I’ll tell you what. From a common-sense…”

What in the actual fuck? Is Trump really this stupid? 

Poll watching is not entirely legal, in particular because it is considered a form of harassment and intimidation. 

It’s also a Federal Crime to watch the polls, threaten, intimidate, harass or to try to sway the vote by your very presence to be bullying voters at the polls. 

So this dipshit is urging his supporters to commit Federal crimes, of course I can’t be too surprised he also urged his supporters to vote both by mail and in person. 

By far however is the fact that last night Trump refused to denounce racism and politely asked the Proud Boys to stand down and to Stand By but the idiot put his foot in his mouth and said someone has to say something about ANTIFA? 

Okay let’s set the record straight about ANTIFA, by our own Federal Government it is considered a movement not a group, not left, not right but a movement. Someone get Donald J Trump a dictionary or draw it out for him with crayons so he shuts the fuck up about it, clearly he doesn’t know what a movement is. . 

The Proud Boys are in fact a hate group, they are considered a hate group, they have time and time again been arrested throughout our nation for standing with white supremacists and causing harm to others. And I did see a report on CNN this AM where a female reporter was called names and while the group, note not movement but group is not exclusively white men, they did tout they like to get together at protests and drink beer. 

What a way to announce to the world not only are you uneducated trash, but you are uneducated weaponized trash going to protests because you’re on one side don’t have enough to do and want to cause trouble and the side you are on, well it happens to be the side of racism, police brutality and racial inequality. Colorado Proud Boys remain active, have protested with neo-Nazis after all and reports today are surfacing from other parts of the US indicating the same in other states with regards to the Proud Boys group. Note it’s not a movement they after all proudly told CNN today that they are like Biker Clubs without the Bikes. 

So in the words of the Feds, they would by default be classified as a gang, that is after all what MC’s are considered to be by the Feds. 

God Fucking morons, they don’t even realize they just got up on TV and compared themselves to groups that the Fed’s consider to be fucking criminals.  

Today Trump sort of walked his remarks back with regards to the Proud Boys, but he couldn’t quite form the words racism. It’s like he has a speech impediment surrounding the words “racist and/or racism.” 

Focus groups didn’t think a lot of Trump either, he was referred to as unhinged, a crackhead. 

And other Countries again looked on at our illustrious President in horror. 

Not that Biden did too much better, he did have some class though. 

It is clear Trump knows that he is losing in the polls, badly and he cannot afford to lose the election otherwise he and his inbred kin might lose everything soon enough and his only hope is to undermine the American peoples trust in the voting process. He is attempting to scare people away from voting and that would be how he wins. 

I wouldn’t be banking on winning though Donald J Trump, another 4 years in office also opens you up to actually being removed from office this time, due to your status as a liability in terms of National Security.

Vote him out or remove him by force, either way it’s highly doubtful he’ll successfully make it a full 2nd term, but he’s too blind to see that one. 

Cristal M Clark

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Black Lives Matter Movement – Gaining support from an unlikely source 


Young white American adults support The Black Lives Matter Movement and because of that, the movement is growing a recent poll showed.

In fact, the poll showed that not only are young white Americans supporting the movement so are young Hispanics who showed that 62% support the movement and young Asian’s who showed that 67% support the movement.

Some of you may scoff at that and think that it simply does not matter, or that it’s a fad and will pass as all fads do..the fact is, it does matter as confusing at may seem.

According to the poll that was conducted by GenForward, 51% of young white adults that are between 18-30 said they strongly or somewhat support The Black Lives Matter Movement.

That said, most young whites also tend to believe that the movement does in fact encourage violence against police while the young black Americans who support the movement disagree with that…

Here’s what it boils down to, many Americans not just the youth feel that police do in fact target black’s more often than not and cover for each other when things were not conducted let’s say, exactly by the book.

While conducting the poll, many that participated did feel rather strongly that the recent police shootings were part of a bigger problem with police in this country, that the shootings are part of a patterned behavior police have towards anyone who isn’t a cop.

Impressionable minds are easily shaped…

What many see on TV with regards to police targeting of young Black American’s is truly just a handful of incidents when compared to the number of police departments and police in this country.

Bias does exist however, yet it does also depend on where you are. Police in communities that are predominantly African American do tend to have some degree of bias because the criminals they typically encounter are from the very communities they police.

Police have also been known to be bias when dealing with poor white Americans as well. If you are dirty and appear to be poor and just hanging out, you are more likely to have a run in with a cop.

The perceived problem with police is exactly that, it is a perceived problem. It does not exist in every state, in every city or community in this country. The truth about every news story you see is that you truly do only get one side of it and it’s usually the side that will sell the most advertising.

It doesn’t make it the full truth of the matter.

In fact, the media has done a rather fine job of making cops look like a militant group of guerrillas waiting to wage war on us, when that really isn’t what police want to look like not to mention the vast majority are not like that at all.

Does something need to be done with police and departments that are running wild? Yes absolutely. When police are caught targeting more blacks than whites in communities that are pretty evenly mixed, then we need to address that and put an end to that.

Still the same, making it sound like all police and all police departments are a problem, that is not exactly honest, let alone the truth.

Part of the reason police are given things like tanks and are outfitted with things that are from the military is because they are our front line when shit goes down in this country like Mass Shootings and Bombings.

Love them or hate them, they are here to protect and serve and to ensure that we abide by the laws of our country.

The police don’t make the laws, they take an oath to enforce them

I am not so sure that I believe that police are entirely the reason movements like Black Lives Matter and their supporters are unhappy.

Overall Angst plays a large role in all of the unhappiness.

In the private industry, businesses have this saying about bad customer reviews, well they actually have more than just the one but, just one bad customer review will reach twice as many potential customers than customers who praise the business.

In today’s world of policing that is exactly what is happening.

Bias, oppression, abuse and discrimination all happen to many individuals regardless of race, everywhere, at shops, restaurants, gas stations, everywhere.

Women encounter oppression and targeted bias, abusive behaviors regardless of race, as do the poor, anyone who is LGBTQ, handicapped, anyone suffering a mental or physical illness, even the way you dress or the color of your hair can make one a target for targeted bias and oppressive, abusive behavior.

You do not have to be black to experience it. Yet this is one of the many reasons people are beginning to get on board with The Black Lives Matter Movement.

The movement means something to people who are tired of being treated with bias because of who they are on all fronts. Black Lives Matter helped shape Campaign Zero and speaks volumes to young impressionable minds, because campaign zero, didn’t make it’s list of demands an entirely black or white thing.

They made is more of a this makes sense to end type of thing.

It’s called conquering, you win one battle then you move on to the next.

The movement has potential and people are starting to see that and until our Government can find a bridge for the gap, they stand to be on the losing end because it is only a small matter of time before the citizens realize that asking for the DOJ’s help ended up costing them millions.

Cristal M Clark

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Texas police officer also a Drug Dealer

Julian Pesina - thecrimeshop

Leading a double life can sometimes get you killed


Julian Pesina sold drugs for the Mexican Mafia, also known as La Eme, while at the same time serving as a police officer for Balcones Heights, hiding his gang tattoos under the safety of the uniform he bore.

Julian was gunned down on May 4, 2014 by the gang whom he pledged allegiance to after having learned of his daytime job as a police officer from Facebook.

Even more problematic for Julian, the feds and the SAPD were investigating his involvement with the Mexican Mafia and were poised to arrest him but, the gang got to him first.

His sentence from the feds would have included prison time, his sentence from the gang he was affiliated with, well it was death.

On that fateful day Julian was outside of a tattoo shop that he owned. The FBI had set up surveillance of the shop and saw the entire murder play out.

Jerry “Spooks” Idrogo plead guilty to the murder last Friday, he also plead guilty to the murder of another man Texas Mexican Mafia member Billy Padilla, who Jerry killed in back in 2013 for not turning over the organization’s cut of drug money.

The gang’s Texas presence gained power in the 1980s, according to court documents and it’s still growing and going strong.

To gain membership into the gang, inductees have to commit a criminal act, which could include the murder of an enemy.

And according to the gang’s constitution, cooperation with law enforcement was punishable by death.

So Julian just being a cop was enough to seal his fate once the gang discovered that. What makes Julian’s murder interesting however is the fact that it is not unusual or uncommon according to author Tony Rafael, to find civil servants among the gang’s ranks.

Tony says that it the group is very good at the art of being able to coerce people into doing things for them or things that would benefit the gang. According to Tony, they have corrupted social workers for the gang and even police. They are from what Tony says quite capable and excellent manipulators.

As with any individual who has a manipulative personality, they seek out the weak, someone that has something to gain through the manipulation process. After all, regardless of victim or criminal, every relationship we choose to have, has some benefit for both parties, otherwise we wouldn’t have them.

But for a manipulative person, the benefit from searching out the weak and manipulating them is sometimes criminal intent. They get the weak to do their bidding thus shielding them from the law.

Just how it was that Julian ended up in uniform is a mystery, he was part of the gang prior to becoming a cop so it’s a valid question.

It’s clear that he somehow managed to keep his life as a gang member from surfacing when he accepted and took the job as a cop.

That question, well it has never really been answered, let alone addressed.

Did he want out, was it a past he couldn’t quite escape or did he enjoy the benefits of leading a life as a cop and a criminal?

We may never know now because Julian Pesina was murdered by one of his own for being a cop.

One thing that we do know for sure is that a member of the Mexican Mafia managed to become a cop in Texas.

Cristal M Clark

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National Police Reform coming soon to a city near you


Why is it so hard to prosecute cops?

Time and time again as with the Freddi Gray case, we blame in terms of how we see how things played out and we choose to ignore the realities of how it really did play out.

We are missing a key piece, we see it how we want to see it, we put our personal expectations onto police, through that we determine how cops should behave, how they could have reacted differently. We interject our personal beliefs and feelings into the situation which causes it to become clouded.

So why is it so hard to prosecute a cop?

First, we have to determine whether or not they actually broke any laws and in our most recent case on the books the answer was no. They didn’t even violate any civil rights. Things become so blurry to us because we are truly seeing them differently than a cop does.

Police are trained to view things differently than we do. They are trained to go into certain situations with a preconceived notion or to be on heightened alert. Domestic Violence calls are the best example. They roll to a domestic violence call already on heightened alert not knowing what to expect.

Most of the time they roll up to such calls prepared to mediate, care of the injured and/or take a man into custody because in general it is the man committing the crime. I believe most of you would agree.

And if most of you did agree with that, you just did what everyone assumes cops do all of the time the thing we are constantly condemning them for. It’s easy to do. We all assume that men are the aggressors, which by the way is not always true. But that is a preconceived notion or idea as to what to expect.

Doesn’t matter if the guy is white or black, in general whenever someone says the words Domestic Violence, we associate men to be the aggressors. We have a mental image of a man being the aggressor.  

We all judge others based off of our own beliefs and how we feel that we would personally handle a situation. IF you want to police the police we need to stop blaming, criticizing and pay attention.

Recently, I made an honest attempt to read the book “ Why it’s so tough to prosecute cops” by Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who I like and respect but honestly I laughed while trying to get through the book. I literally thought the book was a joke until a friend of mine pointed out it was supposed to be taken seriously.

The gist was that a lot of blame was going around from Police Unions being at fault, to white cops, cops protecting each other, a judicial system that protects bad cops and cops are always saying that they feared for their lives.

Yet at least as far as I read into it, no mention was made that in two of the cases that the book went over, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, the men were not innocent.  THEY WERE BREAKING THE LAW WHEN THEY WERE CONFRONTED BY POLICE!

And Grey wasn’t murdered, shot, run over, shot with a taser, he died in a freak accident. No one meant to cause him harm.

The reason it’s hard for some to take things like cops being racist seriously are that the cases used as examples are jokes. Bring us a case that shows clear racial bias on the part of the cops for instance, white cop always pulls over only African American men, or 3 out of 5 arrests are African American’s while the other 2 are other races or white.  Things like that show a pattern of racial bias.

So it is hard to prosecute a cop because while we all feel entitled to be able to point out how the cops actions were not appropriate we were never in the that cops shoes at the time the incident occurred, not to the mention the crucial key is whether or not a cop broke any laws. Not civil rights but laws.

Take the shooting in Miami a few weeks ago, yes you all know the one. The cop who shot an unarmed therapist who was lying on the ground with his hands up?

The issue I have with it,  we only see part of the video, part of the story. So it’s more convenient for us to sit around and say that he never should have fired his weapon. We too often judge others based off of how we ourselves would have handled things, you know in the perfect world.

The video doesn’t actually show the therapist being shot. The officer who shot the therapist has since then come out and admitted that it was an accident and according to one media outlet also made a statement that he did what he had to do. His union if that is true, should have walked away and left him in the dog house over that.

Still the same, proving that he broke any laws will be difficult because he most likely didn’t break any laws whatsoever. Did he have to shoot someone? We don’t know that answer, we’d like to say that he shouldn’t have shot anyone but we would be basing that off of our own personal beliefs.

Those beliefs do not mean that any laws were broken. Cops are trained to handle situations differently than you or I. We might pause in a situation because we want to better think it through where cops are not really afforded that opportunity, that pause could mean the cop ends up hurt or worse, dead.

Cops are trained to think and make a judgment call sometimes within the blink of an eye, if you or I were in the same situation we might be badly injured or dead ourselves because we handled the situation the way we normally would.

Prosecuting cops isn’t easy because it’s not meant to be. So in order to change that, we would have to lobby for changes in policing and policing policies. We’d have to lobby for change in how the judicial system is setup to hear cases involving police but well before that, you would have to lobby for changes in terms of who oversees police misconduct within the communities you want to see change in.

Some of what’s out and about throughout the US isn’t working, Oakland, CA and Portland, OR are two examples of oversight already not working, not to mention that when the DOJ becomes involved and departments are ordered to change and bring in oversight, it’s costly for the taxpayer who have to pay for the misdeeds of that department.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, lobby to have grants cut from police departments who are not playing well with the citizens of the community and you’ll see change a hell of a lot faster than you will if you are waiting on the Feds.

Cut the funding and you might just see a change in how police react to everyone’s cries for police reform.

We just have to be able to meet them halfway and work together for the changes everyone seeks.

Cristal M Clark


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