Operation Legend – Coming to a Democratic Controlled City Near You

Trump’s Secret Police Snatching Up Private Citizens

Cristal M Clark 

Listen up, if you live in a Democratic Controlled City and you’ve got protesters and rioters parading about, Trump is sending in his Secret Police in an operation dubbed “Operation Legend.”

Federal law enforcement officers, deployed under the Trump administration’s new executive order to protect federal monuments and buildings, face off with protesters against racial inequality and police violence in Portland, Oregon, U.S., July 21, 2020. REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs

What is concerning about this move is that he is only sending the secret police to Democratic controlled cities in a political ploy that is bordering on both insane and dangerous. It stokes the fire of hate and it is inciting violence. What is more concerning is people took to social media to post videos of these secret police snatching us citizens from the streets. They eventually let them go but that sent a shock across the world. That is something a country that is controlled by its deranged leader would order, no one ever thought in their wildest dreams they would see this happening in the United States.   

Protests over the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis have taken place in downtown Portland for more than 50 consecutive days, drawing at times more than 10,000 mostly peaceful demonstrators. 

Just a relatively small number of activists have vandalized downtown buildings, including the federal courthouse, and attacked police and federal agents. Which I think just about every city has seen, have you all seen what the State Capital looks like in Denver? 

Federal officers and protesters naturally clashed outside the federal courthouse. Demonstrators broke windows and did other damage, hurled rocks at the officers and shined lasers in their eyes. Agents have fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators and arrested about 43 people since July 4, mostly for minor offenses. 

The thing that tipped the scale and when the matter escalated was after an officer with the Marshals Service fired a less-lethal round at a protester’s head back on July 11, which critically injured the protester. 

Things got even more heated when agents in unmarked vehicles with generic “police” patches on their camouflage uniforms arrested people at night without identifying themselves.

Currently on social media users are threatening a campaign where they basically do the same thing, wear camouflage, show up all over cities in unmarked motorized transports with generic police badges and grab people off the streets. I saw several posts today about that. If that starts happening nationwide, chaos will ensue and this whole ploy will fall apart and fail in spectacular fashion. 

Trump and Bill Barr said they are planning to send the secret police to Chicago, who is currently enjoying a rather sad uptick in gun violence among other things. 

To date as of this very minute in Chicago thanks to our friends at https://heyjackass.com/:

Year to Date

Shot & Killed: 387

Shot & Wounded: 1774

Total Shot: 2161

Total Homicides: 430

I see both sides in all honesty. We have a “fuck the police” movement sweep the nation, a cry to defund the police and to demilitarize them which I get but do you enjoying watching those tax dollars pay to fix damage caused by less peaceful protesters? Okay we defund the police but then we in turn are forced to utilize those funds to repair damage caused by violent protesters who should in no way be confused with peaceful protesters, additionally, it’s time for action through legal steps now, over 50 days of protesting is a drain on police agencies and a financial strain to the cities this is happening in. 

On the flip side this move is a clear political one in that Trump knows this will incite enough violence in some cities that he will then use that, twist and turn it like he does and claim that he and only he can fix what is happening in these Democratic controlled cities, which translates to vote Republican because in Democratic cities, they don’t care to control the violence. 

The worry is that this is a dangerous game to play given the current sentiment towards law enforcement and could potentially blow up in Trump’s face. What’s more is that when it does, some innocent individual or individual’s will get caught in the crosshairs and end up dead and if that happens, Trump will go down in a landslide loss.

Michael Dorf, a professional of constitutional law at Cornell University, told The Associated Press, “The idea that there’s a threat to a federal courthouse and the federal authorities are going to swoop in and do whatever they want to do without any cooperation and coordination with state and local authorities is extraordinary outside the context of a civil war.”

Hence, what Trump and Willam Barr are doing here is borderline illegal. Federal authorities can enforce federal laws on federal property, like the courthouse in downtown Portland. But state and local officials say that the federal agents have in fact operated beyond their jurisdiction, and that has raised constitutional issues that are now being challenged in court.

Trump likes to create a monster but he never likes the monsters he creates when he can no longer control them.  It will happen here and that is an inevitable fact. 

Cristal M Clark


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People Living in Portland Sewers?


Portland, Oregon

Cristal M Clark

I am sure you’ve all heard the slogan “Keep Portland Weird,” if you have ever been to Portland you understand the slogan in its entirety this past week however things in Portland took an even more weird turn when a store manager was checking out some surveillance video and noticed someone popping out of a manhole from the sewer, maybe with the intent on doing a little midnight shopping?


The manager of the Chown Hardware store first looked at the video because he noticed a shoe was just sort of oddly out of place, yes you see it was in the street as opposed to being one someone’s foot. According to Kris Lake the store manager; “The manhole cover opens up and it’s like a clown car. Three people pop out, start undressing, swapping shirts around, trying to get whatever muck off of them.”


The Video shows an empty street at 10:44 p.m. then with no warning at all a manhole cover is pushed open from below and moved to the side. One person climbs out and is then followed by two additional individuals, each with flashlights. Two of them then close the manhole and then the trio is seen hanging around the area for another minute, during which one of them changes pants. All three of them then walk away and in true Disney Cinderella fashion, one of the three left a shoe behind.

Here’s where things get a little stranger, the manager of the store starts checking more video from prior nights and finds on 6/2, 5 individuals came out of the very same manhole to hang out and do a little midnight shopping.

Diane Dulken with the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services saw pictures from one of the videos and said what the people did was dangerous. According to Diane; “they would have been exposed to untreated sewage as well as low levels of oxygen. In addition to the safety hazards, and it’s against city code for them to be down there.” Which I doubt if they are actually living the city sewer they care about.

Diane said when crews from environmental services go into the sewers, they first send a sensor down to determine the oxygen levels and see if it’s safe for people. Then, they go down in a harness, so they can be pulled up if they get into trouble. Workers are also supplied fresh air through a scuba-type hose or with air exchanges.

Diane ended it by saying that the bureau now plans to send crews into that area to see if there’s any damage or vandalism.


Damage or vandalism? I see, I suppose that checking for any type of vandalism or damage in the sewer is much m or important than checking for oh, I don’t know any signs of actual people living in the bloody sewer?

Cristal M Clark

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Portland – Hangry Patrons Revolt Over Failed Taco Fest


Portland, Oregon First Annual Taco Fest – Features No Tacos

Apparently the organizers of Portland, Oregon’s first ever two day Taco Fest forgot that actually having Taco’s at the festival was pretty important.


The event promised entertainment, fun and many, many beloved taco’s but…the food trucks ran out of taco’s within the first 90 minutes which was met with a hangry crowd of patrons who had paid to get into the event.


The Portland police actually had to show up because the a crowd of angry patrons elected to around the on-site organizer and demanded a refund of $17.50 the cost of each ticket.  

Attendee’s were also upset by the lack of Taco options at the event, some took to social media to inform the world that the event only had 3 possibly 4 trucks that offered taco’s the rest of the food trucks were your typical, Asian Foods, BBQ, Burgers, etc.

The event organizers did offer an apology on its website, stating  “technical issues”  compromised the food vendors ability to prep the food before the event started, which led to long wait times and frustrated customers.

The patrons of the event however would certainly still beg to differ, the issue it seems was a complete lack of beloved tacos.


Because the event was a complete and utter failure within the first 90 minutes, resulting in a hangry crowd, it was canceled on Sunday.

This should be a lesson learned, you do not come between people and the promise of tacos, at least not in Portland.

Cristal M Clark

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Portland, Oregon – the first city to do something about CEO pay


Portland, Oregon

I have watched this story since last October and was pleased to see that by December Portland, Oregon decided to even the playing field in terms of employee vs CEO pay.

Portland took a very bold step forward and while some worry that businesses will be less likely to relocate or stay in Portland, at some point perhaps other states will start to look at doing the same thing.

It seems that Portland is really tired like the rest of us, of seeing these insane CEO salaries when the average employee doesn’t even see a cost of living adjustment each year, much less a bonus.


On average a CEO’s pay happens to be right around roughly 248 times more than his or her employee.

CEO’s also tend to give themselves really, really big bonuses on top of those huge salaries most of the time.

This is a subject by the way that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did agree on during the campaign.

During her campaign Hillary said;

“Middle class paychecks haven’t increased even though corporate profits and CEO pay keeps rising.”

Donald Trump expressed pretty much the same;

“And you see these guys making these enormous amounts of money. It’s a total and complete joke.”

So Portland City Council decided that they needed to do something in an effort to help the average worker.

Increase taxes on businesses with those monstrous gaps; 10 percent on companies whose CEO’s make 100 times the average worker, and 25 percent on CEO’s who make 250 times that.

The new law takes effect this month.


“It’s socially destabilizing, it’s economically destabilizing, it’s politically destabilizing. It is true that in the 50s and 60s, we had an economy that worked for everybody, and that made people feel better about society, it made people feel better about government, and we’ve lost that.”  – Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick, an attorney and former U.S. Senate candidate

Steve is also the man behind the push to level that playing field just a little.

Early on in the draft of the ordinance it cited research from Thomas Piketty, who happens to be a really smart guy.

He has studied the issue of rising income inequality and it’s effects on society.

In his 2014 book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century,  he argued that rising executive pay is a pretty big contributor to a now widening and destabilizing riff that exits between the rich and the rest of us.

Research also shows overwhelmingly that huge salaries to CEO’s does inhibit productivity and morale in companies that are paying record amounts to CEO’s and 74% of american’s believe CEO’s are overpaid according to a survey conducted last year.

Clearly the fight against income inequality is expanding beyond the calls for higher minimum wages and paid sick leave and now, some are paying special attention to executives’ ballooning incomes.


Sadly this is just one small step, nationwide we’ll still be seeing that huge pay gap for the time being.

Unfortunately in today’s world we face the me, me, me society and many businesses have gotten very used to large officer salaries while treating hard working employees as disposable things.

Cristal M Clark

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Federal Appeals Court – Clears domestic spying of a would be bomber


Portland, Oregon

Surveillance to initially identify the suspect did not actually require a warrant in this case according to a US Appeals Court.


Would be Christmas Tree bomber Mohamed Osman Mohamud lost his bid to have his case overturned because of the lack of a warrant, the one that was used to identify him, before he actually blew anything up.

During today’s ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals the Court also rejected an entrapment argument that had been raised by Mohamed’s lawyers.

Somali Teenager Arrested Over Attempted Car Bombing

Mohamed is a Somali-American who was accused of trying to blow up a 2010 lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon.

As luck would have it, undercover FBI agents posed as jihadis and gave Mohamud the means to conduct the operation or so Mohamed thought, the FBI had the forethought to give him bogus stuff.

Mohamed was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

It is believed that Mohamed who came to America when he was just 3, was radicalized over an incident back in 2008 where he felt that he was racially profiled at London Heathrow airport.

As Mohamed’s bad luck turned out, he had made friends with Amro Al-Ali, a Saudi national whom he had met at a Portland Mosque. Amro was being watched by the FBI, which of course Mohamed did not know.

Mohamed’s own father expressed concerns about his son to the FBI and confirmed the email address they had obtained by going over Amro’s emails, as being Mohamed’s.

So with the email address the FBI was able to initiate contact with Mohamed.

From that point on, he gave them everything unbeknownst to him of course.

The FBI was able to pull this off utilizing the little heard about Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act.

Mohamed really didn’t have a leg to stand on here because his email was only intercepted incidentally, which meant that the FBI did not require a warrant at the time.

Not to mention that Amro, was not a US citizen therefore he and any communications in and out of his email were not protected under the Fourth Amendment Right.

Mohomed and his legal team could, if they wanted to ask the 9th Circuit re-hear the appeal with a full panel of judges or take it to the Supreme Court.

This is a super touchy subject for quite a few people these days.

But this is the perfect example of the Government using domestic spying/surveillance powers the right way.

I’ve often asked my readers if they would change the overall opinion each has towards the Government’s use of domestic spying/ mass surveillance if the Government was able to stop a mass shooting/bombing or other type of attack that threatened the lives of innocent Americans.

I have often posed the argument that in today’s world, domestic spying and mass surveillance are both a necessary evil.

In the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the FBI was able to stop this would be bomber and saved the lives of innocent Americans.

Cristal M Clark

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