Donald Trump finally pays the piper for his campaign rhetoric


Trump condemns neo nazi/alt right wing statements.

In a bold statement President Elect Donald Trump said that he disavowed and condemned the neo-nazi and alt-right wing groups.

CNN did sort of put out a blurb about it, but I did not see them marching in experts to analyze what trump said….over and over again. Which is pretty sad considering that they usually march in multiple panels and experts to analyze what our President Elect says or does.  

While Donald Trump condemns these groups, he needs to realize that what he said during his campaign days actually does, in fact matter.

That is because, it was read and heard, by like minded individuals who support him and his spoken beliefs. The one’s that he dramatically stated while running for President of the United States.

Trump’s campaign rhetoric, the choices he has made with some of his top cabinet picks, well it sort of more or less completes the picture for these groups.

I do believe that he is learning that he can no longer play the “yes I said it but, that isn’t really what I meant,” card. The brutal reality is, he said and behaved like a racist, sexist, bigot throughout his campaign and as a direct result of that, he attracted like minded individuals, those individuals and groups, they backed him, endorsed him and voted for him.

They heard and read every single word he both wrote and said, every word. Those words have power, it showed these individuals and groups that the dream of being a white supremacist, a racist, a sexist and a bigot is in fact not dead and they no longer have to closet those beliefs up.

Every word Donald Trump spoke struck a profound chord in so many people and groups.

Those words can’t be taken back nor brushed under the carpet of “I didn’t mean it that way.” For instance another issue social media is having a hay day with is that many seem to feel that Donald Trump vowed and promised to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

First thing is first, he told her that he would but he didn’t really technically make that part of his overall plan while on the campaign trail, it was more or less something that he said in the heat of the moment.

 Both the media and the public ran with what he said as if he swore up and down that he would in fact prosecute her.

Words matter, what we say matters, they can be taken quite literal and they can be taken as a rock solid promise regardless of whether or not you truly made a promise.
The prosecute Hillary thing, that is not at all the way it played out in real life, that was however more or less what you saw as reported by mainstream media.

Besides, I said this before, the FBI destroyed evidence, without it, you really don’t have a case. Point blank.
Trump was warned, many reported to him about things he said and urged him to be more mindful of what he spoke while on the campaign trail and he refused to do that.

So now, it’s time to pay the piper and sow what he has reaped.

I usually find that when the words that come out all to easily, when rolled off of someone’s tongue or off of the fingertips in a heated, passionate moment are usually words that they truly do believe in deep down inside both heart and soul.

When Donald Trump get’s angry or tries to be a show off or gets excited, sexist, racist or bigoted words seem to roll off of both his tongue and/or from his fingertips so very easily.

These are words that he deep down he himself truly believes because they are spoken so easily and passionately by him right off the cuff with no effort whatsoever. 

My old boss Troy over at GOFAST Sports & Beverage, who is a great speaker by the way, is the one who taught me the difference between saying what you, yourself truly believe and what you would want others to believe.

So now it is time to pay the piper for President Elect Donald Trump.

Hopefully this holiday, he will take the time to truly be thankful but also reflect and grow past that racist, temper tantrum throwing bigot, sexist and into someone who can garner respect, grow some dignity.

If he cannot do those things, he’ll never be able to truly disavow or condemn the very alt-right/neo-nazi groups who heard and/or read every word that fell from his lips and fingertips during his campaign.

Words do matter, they have the power to heal, the power to hurt and worst of all the power to bring about unrest and war.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump and his dream team


Are they just yes men or tyrants?

A yes man:

“A weak person who always agrees with their political leader or their superior at work.”

A tyrant:

“a cruel and oppressive ruler”

A lot of talk hitting the newswire this past week and over the weekend with regards to President Elect Donald Trump’s top picks:


Head of the CIA – Mike Pompeo

Lt. Gen Mike Flynn-crimeshop.jpg

National Security Adviser – retired Lt. Gen Mike Flynn


Attorney General – Jeff Sessons


Head of DHS possibly – Kris Kobach


Stephen K. Bannon to Headline New Morning Show “Breitbart News Daily” Exclusively on SiriusXM. (PRNewsFoto/Sirius XM Holdings Inc.)

Chief Strategist – Stephen K Bannon

In looking at each pick outwardly they seem like very intelligent well thought out choices, each one of these men in fact, have shown that they care deeply for America.

Whether you agree with how they might accomplish that, is another story. Some backed idea’s in the past that are no longer acceptable and in some cases legal. But if you wanted a team that truly cares about our nation, Trump seems to be picking them.

The downside of all of this:

While President Elect Donald Trump’s team seems to be well put together, the question remains can they serve this nation as just men, yes men or tyrants?

Each has some pretty straight forward thoughts on how to handle things, in fact Pompeo supports waterboarding still. Sessions has been slated to undo decades of progress according to CNN and he was denied a federal judgeship for making racist comments, Bannon is said to be a racist and the good Gen. Flynn was fired from his job at the pentagon because he can be a wee bit combative and is also highly critical of muslims.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of issues the media and public have with this dream team…

Trump’s FCC team dislikes net neutrality and broadband subsidies for low income Americans while, Jason Miller a spokesman for Trump will not back FBI director James Comey who I believe Trump will need in the long run because right now, he is highly viewed as balance. He is not a tyrant or a yes man.

“Power is a dangerous thing. Be careful that you don’t abuse it or let it make a tyrant of you.” – Louisa May Alcott

The problem:

Trump has already begun the process of distancing himself from a public that voted him into office. His team lacks the human being factor, the ability to read, listen and hear the public that it will now serve.

Trump’s team is lacking that key figure that will tell he and his team just what they don’t want to hear and that is needed. They don’t have to like it but in order to relate to the public they serve, they need that key figure who can look each in the eye and tell them how this nation will feel as changes are made and then implemented.

Trump would do well to remember, to take into account and to understand a big part of the reason he was voted in is because the nation felt unheard by our leaders. Leaders, elected officials, congressmen, etc, were just doing what they wanted and we as a nation, wanted to see that changed.

Now is not the time to stop listening.

Trump’s team lacks any and all empathy for the good of man, the powerful voice of empathy and understanding is missing.

Sure, you can tell people that you hear them repeat what they said but you cannot fake the empathy that goes along with that.

Don’t get me wrong, President Elect Donald Trump is a great actor, learned from his reality show no doubt, but empathy cannot be taught.

If you cannot feel empathy, the nation will see that and that will cause unrest among the nation he will soon serve.

This is a key element many leaders throughout history simply did not have and ultimately it ended up being part of the reason they failed.

I had a boss once who could tell you that the sky was falling and you’d walk away pretty okay with it.

Trump and his team lack that ability currently.

Trump and his team are missing that powerful voice. The one person who can help them tell a nation both the good and the bad.

So the question remains, now that President Donald Trump is moving forward with his top pick’s will President Donald Trump and his men be men or monsters?

Cristal M Clark

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