Republican’s Who Fear Trump Should Take Note 

Once You Get Past The Spin, Reality is Going to Hit Much Harder Than Expected 

Cristal M Clark 

Now that Trump has lost the election, we’ve seen his supporters fall victim to denial, learning the full extent of mental health in this country as we’ve witnessed for months meltdowns by Trump supporters over trivial things, now his campaign loss.

We laughed hysterically as Rudolph William Louis Giuliani held a news conference at Four Seasons Total Landscape, in between a crematorium and a dildo shop. I literally just can’t, that one takes the cake, or dick if you will. We saw countless callers who pranked the Trump voter fraud hotline with wacky, hilarious calls which come on, I know hundreds of people who participated. That was just asking for it. 

But now we are also falling witness to Republican’s who fear Trump, so they are supporting his effort to rally, refuse to concede, withhold funds, fire people and have a proverbial mental breakdown on his way out and do as much damage as humanly possible along the way. And perhaps they are under the misguided illusion that Trump will continue to be powerful well after he leaves the White House he turned into a trailer park.

The truth is, it’s hard to have a lot of sway from a prison cell which he still might yet find himself in. It’s also hard to have much sway when you are flat broke, poor, homeless or in a mental institution, the Democrats do have an insurance policy so we might yet get to see that one play out, Trump. Deutsche Bank announced before the election of its intent to cut all ties with Trump and his organization and it could seek to sell or demand repayment of about $340 million in outstanding loans to the Trump Organization, almost as if they could feel it. 

But perhaps what has caused and done the most damage to the party all thanks to Trump, is the disaster we find ourselves in today as America faces a new rapidly growing surge in the number of Coronavirus cases, as hardworking average citizens face the all to real possibility of more shutdowns, another round of staggering unemployment, continued unemployment with no stimulus package prior to the election, no Trump elected to dangle the idea of a new stimulus once he won the US presidential election as if it were a carrot over the heads of voters. Now come on is that not a form of an outright attempt at voter fraud here? Trump basically all but admitted to refuse to force a new stimulus package ahead of the election in the vain hope it would garner him desperate votes.

He also wants you to believe that our election system is broken,  full of fraud, rigged, against him of course. The truth is, it’s not. But he sees an opportunity to build on something people have long since really never had much faith in. People from Trump’s generation will lambaste you for not voting yet in the same breath urge you to vote in person because you cannot trust mail in ballots or they will believe any story where a particular candidate blames his loss on voter fraud, i.e. the dead are voting. Just like the Caravan from Mexico, still waiting on them to show up here.

By planting a seed of distrust, his hope is to build on it, like with the racism, the defunding of police campaign, the caravan full of illegals coming to rape your daughters, the blacks moving into white suburbia, to rape your women, steal your homes, dirty your pristine white neighborhoods. And ladies let’s not forget his claim to getting not you but your husbands back to work. It all starts with a seed, a lie, misinformation, a twisting of words, building on a system where we were always taught to doubt it or mistrust it.

He has laughed off wearing a face mask, social distancing, made a mockery of getting the virus, if he ever had it, the reality is, I call it bullshit. He has to prove that he ever had it and if his campaign can accuse the Biden campaign of pulling up in a van marked Biden/Harris to deliver fraudulent ballots to a polling center, I can most certainly claim that I believe Donald Trump never had Coronavirus. I mean, come on if anyone in the democratic party committed voter fraud, what in the fuck, a van marked with the Biden/Harris logo? I mean if you are going to make shit up, you might want to do it in such a way that it does not seem like a 5-year old came up with the storyline here. 

The point is his mishandling of the pandemic, his making it a joke, not a serious matter is what has gotten the United States to where we are today. More restrictions, further shutdowns, more job loss. He encourages his supporters to not take the pandemic seriously, which caused a deeper rift in this nation of its citizens, if you’re not seeing the situation allow for me to spell it out plain and clear. 

Trump did what Russia is well known for, they took our weaknesses and played us against each other with them. Russia knew and effectively taught Trump to use our weakness of racism and play to a part of this nation that still believes in that sort of thing or who believe that it is not real. From that Trump saw how deeply divided the US was over something so simple and the most patriotic thing you can do as an American Citizen and wear a face mask. Many see it as- big brother trying to take away rights, freedoms, the right to choose. Which I don’t get really as many of those same individuals seek to abolish abortion in this country too and many of Trump’s supporters are the same people who brought us, “All Lives Matter,” not just black lives. But when it comes to votes, guess they don’t all matter, and when it comes to saving your neighbors life since they are not in a womans womb, guess fuck em right, because no one can tell you what you can do with your body. 

Trump played a nation, his own party and his own supporters and if you fear him because he was able to play you? Think about that one really clearly now, Donald J Trump does not give fuck about you, the party who took it in the ass supporting him even when he was wrong, his supporters whom he so eloquently showed were less than the sane, educated or of sound mind, racist, sexist and he was able to bring them forward into the public spotlight for everyone to see, he opened the wounds of this nation and now he is hell bent on bleeding those wounds out. He will fuck every supporter, anyone in his party and the rest of us over on his way out, he will fire people who only want to ensure that the nation and it’s people are taken care of and safe, he will drag out conceding and releasing the funds for the Biden team to beggin the process of Biden taking office, so as to attempt to set Biden up to fail or the very least falter badly at the start, he will destroy, create chaos and havoc and laugh on his way out. Even as his own supporters are becoming sick and dying from the virus after attending rallies, going to protests. He hasn’t reached out to any of the surviving families and offered a shred of decency has he? No empathy, no sorries, no feelings of human warmth, caring, sadness. 

The voice of America spoke and we are about to take swift steps to rid this nation of racism, intolerance, meaningless protests because someone wants to get their hair done or they refuse to wear a face mask to save a life. 

So if his own party fears him, they might want to reconsider that. If Trump continues to cause damage, the entire Republican party will pay for that and, for many years to come, my gut says they will not be able to count on Trump’s supporters to bring them back. 

Cristal M Clark

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President-Elect Joe Biden, Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris – a Nation Saved

Trump’s Refusal to Concede – Does it Matter Really?

Cristal M Clark 

To concede is but a formal affair, it is not necessary and speaks volumes to the level of Donald J Trump’s mental health, in that it more than without effort shines the spotlight on Trump’s narcissism. His inability to accept reality, to accept facts, to accept that he lost. Forgive me here but was it not Trump and his supporters that laughed at the Democrats losing back in 2016? Did they not take to the streets, the air and everywhere they could to inform everyone having issues with Trump winning that they needed “get over it, stop acting like babies?” Yes I recall it all very well. 

Joe Biden will take office still the same regardless of whether or not Trump concedes here. Some in Trump’s circle have said that we just need to give Trump time, while others published a fake newspaper front page, and the rest are running loose like cannon balls rolling about on a ship in a storm and spreading disinformation, lies and complete false information all about social media and in the news in an attempt to discredit the results of the election.  In fact, some staunch supporters in the GOP insist that even with the Trump loss he will still be a huge influence within the GOP after he leaves office. Words I would highly recommend they reconsider here, for the people have spoke, and if you doubt for one second that we will not send anyone who supports the rhetoric of Trump into hiding, think again. We asked for a change, a more tolerant and kinder change. Take that to heart. 

But perhaps what most likely stings Trump even more here is the realization that he is not beloved as much as he sells it off as. The cherry on top has been the sheer amount of world leaders who came forward with gratitude and happily congratulated President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris. In fact in some parts of the world, people took to the streets as American’s did in celebration of our newly elected President and Vice President, headlines splashed papers stating that a sigh of relief was heard throughout the world at the announcement, here in the US people took to the streets in celebration, dancing, crying in relief, Trump supporters took to the same streets in an attempt to goad Biden supporters into a row of some sort and were met with quite the opposite. Again, that speaks very loud volumes. 

For those in the GOP who insist that if Trump concedes without a fight the Republican party will never see another president in office, I highly beg to differ. The rhetoric, the hatred, the racism and intolerance, those ill advised sentiments are fleeting, and will continue to do so in epic proportions. The point is, those views are no longer tolerable, Trump is what has damaged your party so. The republican party used to stand for the working class, used to fight tooth and nail for us, Trump made a mockery of that and a laughing stalk of the US presidency. All for what? Personal greed and gain. Should he continue the petty squabble and fail to concede, it will in fact cause irreversible damage to the republican party.

Those that support Trump, did so because they effectively wanted change, those changes were to better to be to the good of the nation, what Trump did was turn the tables and highlight the racist sentiments that run deep through this country and he exposed that to the entire world. He opened a wound that leaves every single person in this nation vulnerable.

Trump is in complete denial now that the cat is out of the bag in that the majority in the US showed up in record numbers to oust him from office, knowing that he is not, was not, nor will ever be, qualified nor fit to be the president of the United States of America. Pelosi might want to ready that insurance policy should Trump attempt to take his rage out in ways that would damage our country and/or cause further damage to our already tattered relationships with world leaders. Trump and his brood should start packing instead of trying to stir up trouble. 

And for President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris, I have no doubt that we will see great success as they take office, however 4 years is far from enough time to heal and mend a nation that is so deeply divided and damaged. Let us hope that they start the job of that off right by doing us right, being good to our nation, respecting everyone, being good to other nations and world leaders instead of playing games, lying, living in their own reality, ignoring science in the face of a pandemic, ruining our thriving economy and, simply not hearing or caring about the voice of the people in this nation. In other words, don’t try to sell us out for your own selfish reasons like Donald J Trump has done.   

Cristal M Clark

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