Donald Trump Presidency – the criminal justice system doesn’t need fixing?

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington

Donald Trump – Judicial Reform – Police Reform

Some are already thinking that the Donald Trump Presidency will reinforce the idea the criminal justice system doesn’t need fixing.


When Trump won the election I believe police across the nation let out a heavy sigh of relief collectively.

Many departments felt that the Obama administration was hell bent on having an all out war with departments across the nation.

According to fears now, from those that support judicial reform overall, they seem to insist that Donald Trump’s presidency will reinforce the idea that the criminal justice system as a whole does not need to be fixed.

In fact some feel that if Donald Trump continues to act as if racism is not a real thing here in the US, that it could have some dire consequences for individuals of color.

Many also worry that the next administration will empower the Justice Department to be less willing to investigate civil rights violations by local police departments.

In looking back, the Obama administration did make heavy use of the Justice Department’s power to threaten lawsuits to force departments to reform themselves.

But did that really end up working?

I have posted articles about this before, it never worked. Nothing the Justice Department has done worked when you look at the long term.

When change was imposed it ended up costing communities more while departments did not lose the grants which they apply for each year.

The departments that were forced to change, never paid, the communities that they serve did.

Many also feel that police reform under the Obama administration initially started off by being more or less an iron fist against police departments that really bordered on being vengeful at times.

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So what will judicial reform look like after Trump and his team step up to the plate?

It is important to highlight, that a lot of fear does come directly from Donald Trump’s past verbal assaults, behaviors and actions.


For instance right off the top, you have Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for attorney general.

The guy was basically denied a federal judgeship in the 80’s because of accusations of racism.

And people do have grounds to fear him being attorney general based off of that fact.

Either way, presidents only have limited power over police departments as it is and in many states, cities and municipalities change is already underway with regards to police and judicial reform.

Many police departments understand the need to create a more cohesive relationships within the communities that they serve.

DA’s and judges with poor histories in terms of racism are being voted out.

I personally, have never thought that all police and all police departments are corrupt, racist or wayward and I also feel that some Judges, courts and the like are not all that bad either.

Despite Trump’s past indiscretions during the campaign, this is what I sense is coming in Trump’s America in terms of judicial reform.  

I believe that Trump and his administration actually do realize that need for reform is needed but not on the scale the media has led the public to believe.

Basically, the numbers do not back it up because we have yet to see any actual numbers.

I also believe that they will pull from departments, states, cities, and municipalities that have been successful at building solid relationships within the communities that each serves so they can help make departments in need of change, better.

Furthermore, I do believe that they will take a less heavy handed approach and sit down and work with problem departments, cities, municipalities and states to help create change when needed.

I base that off of the fact that, when push comes to shove Trump does take a realistic approach in terms of what would be successful and what would not be successful.

And in Trump’s world it has always been about striving for long term success, like him or not, agree with him or not, he has a pretty solid history of building long term success.

If Sessions works against that grain, Trump will, with no issue what so ever rid himself of that problem.

Trump and his team likewise will not cave to a media frenzy, making a mountain out of molehill philosophy.

Meaning, that they will base the decision of judicial reform off of numbers and in cases where it’s clearly misconduct, not off of being gorged and fattened with a media frenzy.

Judicial reform is an area if Trump and his team have time to deal with it, they could be quite successful at it by creating and fostering successful relationships with communities and the justice system as a whole.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump finally pays the piper for his campaign rhetoric


Trump condemns neo nazi/alt right wing statements.

In a bold statement President Elect Donald Trump said that he disavowed and condemned the neo-nazi and alt-right wing groups.

CNN did sort of put out a blurb about it, but I did not see them marching in experts to analyze what trump said….over and over again. Which is pretty sad considering that they usually march in multiple panels and experts to analyze what our President Elect says or does.  

While Donald Trump condemns these groups, he needs to realize that what he said during his campaign days actually does, in fact matter.

That is because, it was read and heard, by like minded individuals who support him and his spoken beliefs. The one’s that he dramatically stated while running for President of the United States.

Trump’s campaign rhetoric, the choices he has made with some of his top cabinet picks, well it sort of more or less completes the picture for these groups.

I do believe that he is learning that he can no longer play the “yes I said it but, that isn’t really what I meant,” card. The brutal reality is, he said and behaved like a racist, sexist, bigot throughout his campaign and as a direct result of that, he attracted like minded individuals, those individuals and groups, they backed him, endorsed him and voted for him.

They heard and read every single word he both wrote and said, every word. Those words have power, it showed these individuals and groups that the dream of being a white supremacist, a racist, a sexist and a bigot is in fact not dead and they no longer have to closet those beliefs up.

Every word Donald Trump spoke struck a profound chord in so many people and groups.

Those words can’t be taken back nor brushed under the carpet of “I didn’t mean it that way.” For instance another issue social media is having a hay day with is that many seem to feel that Donald Trump vowed and promised to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

First thing is first, he told her that he would but he didn’t really technically make that part of his overall plan while on the campaign trail, it was more or less something that he said in the heat of the moment.

 Both the media and the public ran with what he said as if he swore up and down that he would in fact prosecute her.

Words matter, what we say matters, they can be taken quite literal and they can be taken as a rock solid promise regardless of whether or not you truly made a promise.
The prosecute Hillary thing, that is not at all the way it played out in real life, that was however more or less what you saw as reported by mainstream media.

Besides, I said this before, the FBI destroyed evidence, without it, you really don’t have a case. Point blank.
Trump was warned, many reported to him about things he said and urged him to be more mindful of what he spoke while on the campaign trail and he refused to do that.

So now, it’s time to pay the piper and sow what he has reaped.

I usually find that when the words that come out all to easily, when rolled off of someone’s tongue or off of the fingertips in a heated, passionate moment are usually words that they truly do believe in deep down inside both heart and soul.

When Donald Trump get’s angry or tries to be a show off or gets excited, sexist, racist or bigoted words seem to roll off of both his tongue and/or from his fingertips so very easily.

These are words that he deep down he himself truly believes because they are spoken so easily and passionately by him right off the cuff with no effort whatsoever. 

My old boss Troy over at GOFAST Sports & Beverage, who is a great speaker by the way, is the one who taught me the difference between saying what you, yourself truly believe and what you would want others to believe.

So now it is time to pay the piper for President Elect Donald Trump.

Hopefully this holiday, he will take the time to truly be thankful but also reflect and grow past that racist, temper tantrum throwing bigot, sexist and into someone who can garner respect, grow some dignity.

If he cannot do those things, he’ll never be able to truly disavow or condemn the very alt-right/neo-nazi groups who heard and/or read every word that fell from his lips and fingertips during his campaign.

Words do matter, they have the power to heal, the power to hurt and worst of all the power to bring about unrest and war.

Cristal M Clark

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The Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Health?


The Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Health?
She feels better and that is good.

As it turns out Hillary Clinton is pretty much like most women worldwide after all.

Are we making way too much about Hillary Clinton being sick? I have to go with a yes here.

Is this a cause for concern? I’m going to go with a no on that one.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not Hillary’s biggest fan, but her having pneumonia and working the campaign trail didn’t phase me in the least because like most women, instead of take a sick day or two she continued to work.

I myself have been sent home sick from work only to go to the doctor and have to take antibiotics, my female coworkers have done it, as have many, many other women worldwide. 

We are women, we do not have time to be sick and we were born that way.

Dr. Drew has weighed in, another website is promoting a video that suggests Hillary has 1 year left to live…you can find that at, while others are suggesting she is going to have a stroke and die, some sites are saying she has Parkinson’s disease, this list is growing rapidly…

In all honesty,  all the speculation, the concern which amounts to nothing more than extra advertising dollars, it’s absurd.

Can’t we just let the woman be sick, get some rest and the people can stop speculating that she is near the point she is going to roll over on to her death bed and suddenly die?

She in all reality is doing what All Women Do, continuing to work while sick. It is not a big deal.

Have we as a nation lost our ability to show some empathy even if we don’t like or agree with the person?

We all at one time or another have opened our mouth and inserted our foot…

Her comments that Trump supporters are “deplorables” which she expressed regret for saying might have been caused by nothing more than being ill and feeling bitchy which most of us feel like when we are sick ourselves.

It is not unusual for people who are under stress, duress and who are ill with a cold, the flu, pneumonia, to be irritable and say something that they normally wouldn’t.

Everyone in his or her life has had those “Oh Shit” moments where they wanted to take back each and every word that just flew out of their mouth sick or not.

It happens and to be honest, Trump has had quite a few more instances where he’s said something insanely crazy and taken it back or back tracked, or said that isn’t what he meant.

But her comments did come at a bad time.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have such a deeply divided following that each would do well to consider that, at some point every President does like it or not, need a nation that fully stands behind him or her during his/her presidency.

This is the one key element that President Obama never had, never at one point did he have the entire nation on his side through one single decision that he has made.

That has been noticed, worldwide.

No matter who makes it into office, they will still need the support of our entire nation at one point, sooner or later, so it does matter what each says openly about the other’s supporters.

Cristal M Clark

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America needs more gun control in wake of recent shootings?


Or is is that we are looking at the situation wrong?

Do we really need a map showing us all over the US where one can purchase a gun? NPR had one up today.

Do we really need to know how many gun shops vs pizza joints, burger joints and coffee shops are in America? That was all over Facebook yesterday.

Quite simply:

“The problem isn’t the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.”

That more than anything sums up rather perfectly “gun control” here in America.

It works both ways, on the side of gun rights activists and on the side of those who want more gun control.

History lessons tell us that human beings have been enjoying the privilege of killing each other since we evolved and grew arms and legs, whether it was one at a time or we achieved mass killings and even without the benefit of guns quite a few times throughout history.

In today’s world however, we have guns.


President Obama took the time yesterday to vow more gun control during his time in Orlando.

Allow for me to just say, that is a rather ignorant thing to say, think or try to do. It is completely ignorant all the way around.

Why take rights away from law abiding, responsible gun owners who are not planning on killing anyone?

I know this pisses off those who support more gun control but how would you feel if someone walked in one day and told you that they were going to take away your right to own a particular cell phone because suddenly the government couldn’t access it’s data due to encryption and they feel that’s dangerous and poses a serious threat to the US all because some individuals recently went on a shooting spree for whatever reason?

We don’t have to use cell phones for this example, think about the Government taking away your right to eat your favorite foods all because millions of individuals ate too much of it and became obese and died as a result?

Watching gun control debates reminds me a of kindergarten, we all had that one kid in class who screwed up and we all paid the price for it. Well, we are not children anymore are we? Most gun owners are not either and we should not treat them like that.

You don’t punish the entire class over the Government’s fuck up here. And I am not anti-government at all, I do however call it like I see and this is pretty black and white.

Just because you don’t agree with it or like, just remember this, that gun owner might one day be the guy that saves your life, with his evil gun that shoots and kills.

In the same breath, makers of semi-automatic weapons should consider making the mags smaller so a potential killer can’t shoot as many rounds into his intended victims.

It’s all called compromise. Find one and work it that way.

Yet, none of that resolves the problem or problems if you will.

We have mass shooters who kill for revenge, some do it in the name of whatever God they believe in, some do it simply because they are batshit crazy, part of the mafia or some street gang and some do it because they are radicalized or are truly part of a terrorist organization.

The point is, guns are not the problem, the problem is how the guns got into the hands of these killers in the first place.

I did not see the President go to Chicago and comfort any of the families of the 69 individuals who were shot over this past memorial day weekend, in fact I didn’t see him vowing for gun law changes after that bloody weekend.

Or did the media just not blow it out of proportion and cover it 24/7 and I somehow missed it one newscast?

Even more frightening, how many of the shooters from Chicago’s bloody Memorial day weekend possessed those guns legally?

Some of our recent mass killers have owned the weapons they used LEGALLY and/or guns that were in a home where the owner purchased them LEGALLY! Let that sink in for a moment.

I have personally asked President Obama to address situations like this and you know the response I received was utter bullshit. A lot like a bag of chips, over half air…

When I say a lot of the mass shootings are a direct result of the Government’s own fuck ups I am dead serious and more laws are not going to fix it! The problem is clearly on the part of our Government, not those law abiding, non-mass shooting type of individuals, who are purchasing guns, making new laws are not going to fix it when it’s broken on the inside.

Again, I am far from Anti-Establishment, I am on the side of law enforcement, just not always in agreement with congress and policy makers.

Just looking at a few, let’s look at it realistically.

Who cleared Omar Mateen to own guns? Not the gun dealer, not the gun maker and most certainly not one of the 49 individuals he murdered.

Adam Lanza was known to have mental issues, yet he had access to weapons because his mother owned them legally.

Robert Dear didn’t have anything quite official on record that would have disqualified him from owning an AK-47 even though he had issues with law enforcement and behaved erratically.

The Weapons in used San Bernardino were also purchased legally.  

So again, who is responsible for that oversight, who is responsible for ensuring guns do not make it into the hands of whack jobs and if they own guns who then is responsible for taking them away when someone begins to have issues even though they haven’t hurt someone?

So what is the answer?

To find the answer, we need to address the problems. To accomplish that we need to go back to the source.

The number one source of each mass shooting is the person who is doing the shooting.

In all reality I look at someone like Robert Dear and I get it, the police if I reported him for being an Ahole, they’d look at me and ask me to be on my way and do nothing.

My dad and I have this conversation a lot, well I take that back it’s not really a conversation. He will tell me that his doctors have no and I quote “goddamn right to know if I own guns.” and I will in turn correct him and say that they have every right to know.

You can visibly see both his blood pressure rise and him shutting down ignoring my every word. My stance is simple, sometimes the medications a doctor puts you on can affect someone psychologically, hence make someone lose his/her mind. Mixing meds, sometimes taking herbal remedies, imbalances and so on.

If you really want to have a good time, pull out a few drinks, make some popcorn and watch my dad and  I “discuss” mental health issues and the rights of law enforcement to remove weapons from a home based off of medical professionals just simply suspecting a person might be in need of a little time away from access to a weapon.

The point is, more laws are not going to resolve the issues until we understand the issues, until we change our attitudes about the problem.

The number one mistake is thinking that problem is guns and lack of gun laws. The problem is background checks and ensuring owners of guns are still on the up and up mentally after legally obtaining a gun.

We should never kid ourselves into thinking that gun ownership is a right. We have a right to die and pay taxes and that’s about it. In America we tend to have this attitude that we have a “right” to things.

Gun ownership is a privilege based off of one’s ability to show his or her level of responsibility. If you keep a loaded gun where a two year old or you’re mentally disturbed housemate, husband, wife, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend etc. can get to it, you are not a responsible gun owner and shouldn’t own one.

A lot has to go into changes. Right now after every mass shooting (but not Chicago and Memorial Day Weekend) we hear the President vow for more gun laws without ever addressing the actual issues.

Each shooting is different, how the weapons were accessed is different, the individuals doing the killing are different. We need to focus on where the breaks happened so as to allow those individuals to kill before we change or make more gun laws.

The background check system works but also doesn’t work.

The “if you see something, say something,” isn’t working…clearly

Anyone the FBI looks into as a suspected terrorist can still own a gun

The no fly list is the ugly stepsister of a bad joke

My list could go on and on here…

In order for gun laws to work, they have be effective and they have to benefit the greater good of society. While at the same time, we need to sit down and finally address how in the hell guns are still ending up on the street that shouldn’t be. Hence the shootings in Chicago??!?!? Guns that I’m pretty sure, were not purchased legally.

The problem is:

“Another mass shooting”

Our attitude about the problem:

“We need more gun laws”

The problem, that isn’t really the problem?

“Our attitude is that we are going to throw more laws on the books without analyzing the actual problem, the why, when and how.  We are going to ignore the chinks in the chain”

We have laws on the books with regards to guns that simply aren’t working right now…but hey why not toss a few more logs into that fire…let’s see how that works.

If we are not going to make the effort to fix the actual problems, address them, maybe start to take a look at them, well then that is just ignorance at it’s finest.

That is American Government 101 though…zero thought process, zero accountability.


Cristal M Clark


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