Election 2016 – The Countdown


United States Presidential Election

On the eve the of 2016 Presidential Election, I would like to extend my warmest wishes towards my readers who have had to endure a brutal and sometimes rather embarrassing presidential election.


Forget breaking the internet, the election season and the Hillary Clinton email scandal seemed to have broken the FBI, at least according to the media.

Watching the debates was at times a lot like watching an episode of survivor with a brutal almost cannibalistic twist of the Saw movies.

The twists, turns and plots. It’s almost over, thankfully.

While this election will undoubtedly and unfortunately be forever burned into many american minds, may you rest your weary heads tonight with the knowledge that it is almost over…at least that is the hope.

The american people deserve an award for having made it through this 2016 Presidential Election.

Here is to the hope that media doesn’t turn the outcome of the election into a circus.

Here is also to the hope that hackers leave this election alone, out of nothing more than pity for the voters who really and truly want this year’s election to just come to an end.



To our friends up north in Canada, who recently sent all of us in america a message of hope and love, may you open your hearts and your borders to those that have vowed to head your way should the opposing candidate win.

And finally to each of our candidates, may the best man or woman win.


I hope that both realize and know what this country has had to endure throughout this Presidential Election.

Cristal M Clark

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Brace yourselves – the Last Presidential Debate


Will we see a knockout finally or maybe something for civilized?


Well it’s about that time, for yet another and final presidential debate. As we draw closer to the debate tonight I am wondering if the Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have stepped off the hate train and realize that an entire world is watching them?

Maybe they have considered actually acting like they are each someone who wants to represent an entire country and lead a nation or…then again, maybe I am hoping for too much.

Trump is not doing well with the public right now either.


He’ll need to do one hell of a job if he is to come out of this debate with any hope left. His comments with regards to women, accusing his fellow Republican’s of rigging the system against him, and accusing Hillary Clinton of being on drugs during the last campaign and his penchant for going completely off topic and off onto rants, have left him minus long time supporters.

He is heading into this debate tarnished and so he is heading into this debate already on the losing end.

It’s time for Trump to pull off the ultimate feat and become a human being, more than just the wealthy, non-politician running for president. Relate to voters as a human being.

All of the recent WikiLeaks info that has been released about Hillary Clinton, even the news reports where Senior FBI Agent’s have come forward stating that Director James Comey basically let Hillary and her staff slide through an investigation that most likely if she were anyone else, would have landed her in prison, hasn’t tarnished her as much.

In fact, she is up in the polls.

She has gone by unscathed by this for the most part.

A very good reason for that exists.

The question is, does Donald Trump see that enough to know what it is and step up?

I guess we’ll see tonight as the debate unfolds.

Cristal M Clark

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United States Presidential Election hits a major snag


It’s looking like people are swaying towards a write-in?

According to Google the search for “write-in” had a pretty significant uptick within the last week.

Seems like people are starting to show more displeasure with both parties than anyone realized.


Back in 2012 the number of write in votes was around something like 0.11%…not a huge number but it enough to be noticed and also make a dent.

Within the last week Google Search recorded that over 2,800% of its searches were for “write-in.” Google hasn’t seen a jump like this happen since 2004.

Of course Google can’t tell us why people are choosing to google the words “write-in,” but…given last week’s drama concerning Donald Trump plus the WikiLeaks drama concerning Hillary Clinton, that might just = why people are searching for “write-in.”

What’s more is that seemingly overnight for Donald Trump things have gotten even worse. Women are now coming forward with claims that Donald Trump has been in the past sexually inappropriate as well as sexually harassed them.

Hillary Clinton is not getting by unscathed either, WikiLeaks is hitting her campaign pretty hard as well with more email leaks. Add in the fact that FBI agent’s have come forward with scathing details about how the investigation into her was handled and it’s just bad all the way around.

To top it off, the last debate we witnessed if anyone watched it, well it seemed more rather like the newest U.S. reality TV show instead of a presidential debate.

Donald Trump even made a threat the day after to Hillary’s campaign that if they kept releasing tapes, he’d keep bringing women to the forefront from Bill Clinton’s past….who by the way is not running for president.

With less than a month to go before the vote, people are looking for an alternative. It really is no wonder that Vladmir Putin won over Trump and Clinton in the KimDotcom Twitter poll this week.


Voters are clearly growing weary of the nonsense, the failure of the FBI with regards to Hillary Clinton, her dishonesty and Donald Trump’s treatment of the presidential election like it’s a TV show.

The presidential election was never about high ratings and classless smear campaigns, it’s about what they can do for us and it’s starting to look like voters are leaning towards the idea that neither Trump or Clinton can do anything for us.  

This leave us with one question that has yet to be answered, is the electoral college paying attention to voter displeasure?

Could the electoral college finally, swing the election in the right direction by voting in another candidate?

Cristal M Clark

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