What American’s Want Our Leaders to Know During Statewide Lockdowns

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American’s Wondering Where The Leader of The United States Is? 

Cristal M Clark 

It seems that since the start of the Covid-19 worldwide spread our leaders here in the US cannot seem to come up with a single, solid plan as a group of leaders. The President says one thing, sometimes Tweeting or going on and on in a news conference like a babbling idiot, whilst his own team moves off into an entirely different direction. State Governors and Mayors in most cases are stricken with a difference of opinion when it comes to lifting statewide stay at home orders. 

Two days ago, headline after headline claimed we hit the peak, then yesterday and this morning headlines varied depending on where you live. People were urged to wear a face mask and the media jumped on headline after headline to tattle on those that did not wear one, why half the population wearing them isn’t even bothering to wear them correctly. 

Accusations about where the virus actually originated are flying about and honestly, we don’t have the time to be worried about that when millions are wondering how to pay the bills. 

Stroll through social media and if you think we’ve seen our worst weeks, the longer the worldwide economy is shut down and people do not know what the plan for the US or world will be in order to get us back to working, the more likely public unrest will be unavoidable. 

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The media through all it’s efforts has made this worse, trying to pretend that they care when they don’t, it’s all advertising dollars to them. 

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The leadership in this country is absolutely deplorable, come together as a team, make a solid plan and walk us, the citizens to through that comprehensive plan about how we are getting people back to work rather than the completely useless daily news conferences that serve only as a reminder to stay at home. Start learning to work together for the good of our nation and worry about your agenda’s and political differences later.

Where is the leader of the United States? You cannot have direction from the President indicating one thing while his own team carries an entirely different opinion then have states and cities feel differently. Now is the time to lead us as one nation, not 50 different states and countless politicians doing whatever they want and  bickering over bullshit that simply does not matter right now.  

It’s called a well thought out game plan, the stimulus for employers did nothing to guarantee workers will still have jobs to actually return to and came too late in the game. So we will see the return to work workforce at least 50% less than what it was if not more because some small businesses will not make it through this while others who will make it, will be unable to hire back laid off workers for some time due to the economic shutdown while the cost of living is going to have to make adjustments so all of the new construction we are seeing is unlikely going to reap in the economic reward it was supposed to as the workforce that does return to work, will unlikely be hired back at what they had been making. 


American’s overwhelmingly want our leaders to come together and start addressing the issues caused by their failures with regards to addressing the virus what’s more we’d like to know where the fuck our president is? His leadership on this gets an F for failure, letting an entire country down, failing those that voted him into office. 

It is time for our President to bring every governor and mayor together and come up with a plan for what states are going to actually do. 

Cristal M Clark

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Empty Hospital Video’s Flood Social Media 


Conspiracy Theorists Hit Social Media Claiming Virus is Fake

Cristal M Clark 

I have a love/hate relationship with  conspiracy theories because they are either amusing or are just bat shit crazy theories that I just can’t pay much mind to them. 

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Has anyone seen some of the videos flooding social media showing empty hospitals? Yesterday while scrolling through Facebook I saw several of them show up in my feed, one from someone here in Denver who went to Saint Joseph’s hospital showing a video of an empty parking lot. The individual who shot the video stated that he went into the hospital and that it was fairly empty. Which, I would argue because if you are wandering around any hospital someone is going to stop you and ask if you need help and you can’t get into the ER without going through security so I am skeptical of the videos. 

Yesterday Colorado had under 200 confirmed dead, we are under 5k infected as of right now, and our population in Colorado is roughly 5.76 million. So no, not all hospitals will be overrun with patients, especially when you consider not everyone who gets the virus will need to go to the hospital, I didn’t. 

The videos are an attempt to show us, the viewer, that we are being lied to. But not every state reports that they are treating millions in the hospital hence the stay at home orders. That is precisely what states are trying to avoid. 

What I am learning from them however is it’s a growing movement, people are feeling held down by the man and are wanting to fight it, posting conspiracy theories in the hopes that more and more individuals will become part of some attempt to break the rules, overrun the government and then what no one knows really. 

Some of us believe we already had Covid-19 when studying all the symptoms and how ill we became but not everyone is or has been tested for it so let me assure you, it is not fake. Besides what government wants to collectively cause its own country’s economic collapse not to mention it’s a worldwide pandemic so are these conspiracies somehow tied to the supposed New World Order?

Other theories are that the virus was man made either by China or someone else and released in China in an attempt to rid itself from its aging population or released worldwide by China as an act of war which shocks me, coronaviruses have been around for ages really and from time to time do jump from animal to human, that’s called evolution. 

Another popular conspiracy theory is that the virus was released by the democratic party here in the US after having lost its bid to remove Donald Trump from the Oval Office. I almost spat out my coffee upon seeing that one. 

Then we have the flu, the seasonal flu folks, more people died last year of the just the seasonal flu, this is not a real pandemic it’s about control, taking our rights away. This is not the seasonal flu, maybe it has not killed as many yet, the problem with the way the seasonal flu folks think is that they fail to look at the science. 

Another popular theory going around social media doesn’t give a lot of information but leaves it the reader to interpret in a very anti-government type of way. That theory states, the numbers don’t add up, something more is going on here. Hmmm okay. 


Social media is a breeding ground for conspiracy to grow and breed and right now it’s spreading like a wildfire and the longer we fail, our leaders fail to come up with a long term game plan, the more restless society will become and that increases the likelihood some of these far fetched theories will gain believers. Dr. Anthony Fauci has said we may need to look at Covid-19 as seasonal, without a vaccine against it he is right about that. 

So to our leadership in this country, we need to find a reasonable long term game plan, how are we going to protect ourselves and each other and still have a thriving economy? 

The longer businesses stay closed or short staffed the less likely they will reopen or bring back the staff they laid off due to lost revenue from this. 

While I love seeing the daily press conferences all over the nation from our leaders, they need to start by coming up with a game plan instead of reiterating the same thing over and over again. 

Life isn’t getting back to the old normal, we need to figure out what the new normal will be. 

Cristal M Clark 

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Covid-19 – America’s Grade


American’s Feeling Unsafe, Uncertain, Letdown

Cristal M Clark 

Overall Grade: F+

This past week put thousands of American’s out of work, many of which are now worried about paying bills. To date our Government has done very little to calm those growing fears. As those fears swell, so will the already angry environment we have become. 

In America our answer to job loss is a meger unemployment, which does not meet any basic needs. Unlike in the UK where the structure put into place actually pays the out of work individual his or her salary they had been making so that they can continue to sustain the economy and people can still pay their bills. 

Here in the US we receive a huge fuck you, go into debt, lose all your shit and welcome back to a workforce that will no longer pay livable wages, yet we are not going to force the economy to alighn itself with anything other than greed, driven by both the corporate world and our very own government. 

Right before everything collapsed, 4 members of congress sold off their stocks making huge profits, which they did illegally because they utilized details from a briefing, which you, I or Martha Stewart would go to prison for. 

All of our lowest paid, lowest skilled workers, the ones no one wants to pay more than a meger $15 per hour are all stepping forward to help keep grocery stores, fast food, gas stations, open and running for the rest of us most of which are in fact panic shopping. Consumers freaked out so much due to a media driven panic, that the elderly and disabled are left empty handed when trying to buy food or basic necessities, our first responders are lacking basic necessities while they care for those hospitalized with Covid-19. 


Our country, our infrastructure, our current systems in place, they do not work to bring an established society back from something like this. 

That said, when will we get back to normal? We don’t because the real question should be, what will our new normal be?

Financially, people are ruined, companies closed within a week, laid off workers in masses, are claiming they cannot afford to stay open. Many of the smaller companies may never be able to reopen and those that do will not be able to afford to bring back all of their laid off staff much less pay the wages they had been after taking such a huge financial hit. That’s the thing no one is talking about right? How many companies are going to just be gone, will people go back to the wages they had? The answer to that can be found in the aftermath of 2008. 

People have been slowly rebuilding their lives since 08, we have rent, house payments, car payments, credit card debt, student loans, and all of the other payments that go along with being an adult who lives, works and contributes to society. Companies who provide all of those things need to also step up here and help the society who gave them our business. I am not saying that car loans and mortgages should not be paid, what I am saying is that payments should be forgiven now and tacked on at the end so that people can survive this crisis. 

Utilities should not be shut off, cell phone providers should also allow a grace period. We as a society, we need to help each other, too. If anything this has taught us just how unprepared for a real human crisis we really are and how we need to bring manufacturing back to our own country, corporate owners must pay people livable wages to do that but it must be brought back so that we are not waiting on shipments of foods, medical devices and drugs because they are tied up at ports due to tariffs, wars, and utter bullshit. Our Government alone can and need to make that happen. 

So this go around before the United States Government agrees to bail out big corporations, banks and airlines, they need to consider long term, it’s the workers here that actually need the the bailout, we are the ones that made those big companies and small companies what they were before Covid-19, we drove the profits they lived off of. Likewise, I hope WalMart takes a look at their employees who have been working their asses off, while being yelled at, told off and who keep going during this mess, and pay those individuals better. Treat them like human beings for once. 

Until society gets some type of solid honest answers from our leaders, this swelling movement of anger that I am seeing on social media will get out of control. Cities and states who are just shutting down, that is not going to help calm the already fearful public. Sometimes local governments need to start looking at what is being talked about on social media. The vibe isn’t good and people are already talking about acts of crime, posting images of troops in cities that are from movies and telling people it’s happening in their cities, basically attempting to incite violence, that is how desperation works. That is what peple are feeling, hopelessness and desperation. On the flip-side of that, the United States Government needs to, it must take swift action against the mainstream media. Most of the layoffs and panic we saw last week, were a direct and clearly driven result of the utter and sometimes fantastic bullshit streaming from the mainstream media. I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump personally but he’s done a lot for this country, he sucks at public speaking we can all agree, when it is not in relation to business, the media has lowered the confidence the public felt in his economic plan to the point that if things get much worse, the public is going to deliver much worse. 

Cristal M Clark

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Recession May Be Closer Than We Think


Bond Trends are Nearing Concerning Levels

Cristal M Clark

 As much as no one wants to think about this, several indicators are in fact pointing to our next recession and two very important trends are showing clear signs that a recession is looming. Known as the yield curve, the spread between the 2-year and 10-year US treasury bonds, has narrowed to just 17 basis points, its lowest level since June 2007.


This means simply that if the gap narrows much further it would cause an inverted yield curve, which is a result that traders believe there is more uncertainty in the two-year time frame than there is over a 10-year time frame. While some really do not care about the possibility of an inverted yield curve, the reason we all should is because an inverted yield curve has preceded every recession in the past 60 years.

Making matters worse, European 10-year bond yields are actually hitting the negative. According to Reuters, the volume of eurozone government bonds with negative yields reached a nine-month high in January of nearly $3.4 trillion, or close to 40% of the total value of all European government bonds on the Tradeweb platform.

Respectively, German and French 10-year bond yields have sunk below 0.07% and 0.5%, while Danish and Spanish yields have also shrunk to about 0.2% and 1.2% each, all reaching two-year lows. Then we have Italian 2-year and 10-year bond yields that have fallen to their lowest levels since the middle of last year. And finally, Portugal’s 10-year bonds yield just 1.35%, at least a 20-year low.


Investors do not like these sorts of numbers, the last time the world hit a recession they more or less took shelter in bonds and central banks cut interest rates to boost growth and printed money to buy bonds, pushing up bond prices and lowering yields.

Many individuals are still catching up from the likes of the last recession where million’s spent months without work, lost homes, cars, everything. Quite frankly the world including the US needs to get its shit together in terms of economics and stop bringing us all to the brink of economic ruin.

Cristal M Clark

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