Man Impersonating a Drug Enforcement Agent Pulls Over Real Federal Agent

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San Jose, California

Cristal M Clark

I have to admit that I love it when someone is blatantly breaking the law and gets caught doing so rather red handed. In all honesty it really is never a good idea to impersonate a member of law enforcement or military, never.

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One San Jose, California man apparently never received the memo on that however. 49-year-old Alex Taylor was arrested Saturday after an investigation into reports that a man driving a Volkswagen Jetta with police lights was making unauthorized traffic stops. Alex was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a federal officer because, well, he is not in fact a federal officer of any sort.

What tipped law enforcement off was the fact that Alex just so happened to actually pull over a federal agent back in December, on Christmas Eve to be exact and identified himself as a DEA agent. What an idiot.

During his arrest by real federal agents, they seized the Jetta, two firearms, an imitation gold DEA badge, a “concealed weapons badge,” a pair of handcuffs and a small amount of methamphetamine.

Wait, meth?


Court documents show that a U.S. Department of Transportation assistant special agent in charge was driving her personal vehicle in San Jose when Alex pulled up behind her with flashing lights on. Alex walked up to her window wearing a gold DEA badge around his neck, informed her that he was a DEA agent then asked her where she was going in such a hurry.

“DEA huh?” the woman asked Alex, according to court documents. “Since when does DEA make vehicle stops?”

“All the time,” Alex responded.

The woman asked which office he worked out of because she knew several DEA agents, according to the affidavit. Taylor said he “worked all over.” The woman then identified herself as a federal agent and told him he could not write her a ticket.

At that point, Alex told her to a have a nice day, returned to his car and drove away before the agent could write down his license plate number, according to court documents. But it would appear that he was on the radar prior to this incident because federal investigators learned in February that an off-duty Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputy had written down the Jetta’s license plate number after seeing Alex pull over a tow truck on a highway in Los Gatos in November. The tow truck driver later told federal investigators that Alex asked him, “Do you want to die today?” after he was pulled over.

Alex eventually left after a passing car almost struck him and the truck driver repeatedly asked to see his identification. Clearly this is a man that simply does not learn.

According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, they received reports on Feb. 27 and Feb. 28 about a Volkswagen Jetta with flashing red and blue lights being used to attempt traffic stops around Interstate 280 and Highway 85 near Cupertino.

A CHP officer pulled Alex over, saw several accessories, switches, buttons and cords “feeding into different apparatuses” throughout the car, including some plugged into a power source and instead of questioning the situation and actually utilizing probable cause, the officer just gave Alex a warning. Well, that is certainly ideal.

Eventually, Federal agents conducted surveillance of Taylor’s residence where they witnessed him leave wearing a gold badge around his neck and what appeared to be a firearm on his right hip concealed under his T-shirt, according to a DEA news release.

The next day, agents from the DEA, FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives searched Taylor’s home and promptly arrested him which, I am sure felt surreal to be arrested by real Federal Agents for Alex.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump – Right


Trump’s War on the Media


I write about the mainstream media not doing its job quite often, in fact I openly have said several times that the mainstream media is no longer journalism and I have been saying that publicly since long before Trump was ever elected to office.

For the most part, the mainstream media is immoral and unethical, straying from doing its actual job for which it is protected under freedom of press.

Not freedom of speech for those two things are vastly different by definition and for what each represents and for whom.

As everyone knows, I do not care for Donald Trump much, his idea’s the way he overreacts, behaves like a child, has tantrums and the like.

The one common ground that he and I have however, is the way that we feel about the mainstream media.

For the last two mornings I have watched the most deplorable newscasts.

CNN yesterday morning went on air and stated that they witnessed the president collude with Russia all throughout his campaign back in 2016 and as back up played a clip of Trump asking Russia to find and recover those Hillary Clinton Missing in Action emails.

That is not bloody collusion. It’s a guy on TV doing the same goddamn thing I do with Russia when I subtly suggest they hack my Starbuck’s card (which I do often) and up it’s limit or when I suggest they go after some known terrorist hack group.

Other news outlets are reporting that Trump is punishing those who are no longer serving the US as intelligence officers by removing their security clearances and while making that such a huge talking point, they are also saying Trump made that move now in an effort to downplay the Omarosa tapes and newest drama.

But they are not reporting much on Omarosa to be honest, everything the last two days has been all about John Breenan.

John Breenan and all of those former intelligence officials who have or might lose those security clearances?

That is not news, it is not even news worthy.

They are not current employees of the United States Government and have no rights, legally to any such clearances.

It makes no difference as to why Trump decided to strip it away from them it was a privilege that they had not a right yet you are not seeing the mainstream media report that well known fact.

It is still irrelevant as to why Trump removed the clearances like it or not it is, when it comes to reporting just the facts and the news for two days, interjecting one’s opinion into the report, over and over again is nauseating.

Speculating that Trump is somehow turning our country into something that it is not quite yet because he is taking the security clearance away from those that no longer serve the US in any capacity is absurd.

If any of that is actual journalism it’s a complete and utter joke.


The media more often than not will do this play on words and get your attention then dominate a news story with the very thing they accuse someone of trying to use in order to get your attention away from other things.

The media also tends to confuse freedom of press with freedom of speech.

The media has a job to do fair, honest and ethical reporting.

Which cannot be done logically when all we hear or read is nothing more than opinion.

I am protected under freedom of speech, not freedom of press.

The media is protected under freedom of press not freedom of speech due to the media’s long-standing moral and ethical obligation for which freedom of press was created.

Trump could if he wanted, do away with freedom of press, and I would support that.

The mainstream media is immoral, unethical, reports opinion as if it were actual news and completely fails to inform the public.

Which is exactly what the idea of free press was.

Inform the public without personal opinion into the matter.

It’s not that anymore.

It has turned into nothing more than what I would consider entertainment, made up no facts, sort of like watching Survivor or the Bachelor.

Trump is right about the media and what it represents currently, he is right to point that out as often as he would like.

This week I am going to give a shout out to our president for standing up to the mainstream media.

Nicely Done, Mr. President.

Cristal M Clark

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