Defiant Judge Loses Election – Releases All of The Defendants in Court Today


Harris County, Texas – What’s a Losing Judge to Do?


I really can’t say that I am all that shocked by this at all really, after Trump landed in the Republican party, anything crazy that comes from any member of that party is simply just not a shock.


Today, in a defiant tantrum Juvenile Court Judge Glenn Devlin released just about all of the youth defendants that appeared in front him, just asking the kids whether they planned to kill anyone before letting them go.

When asked why his response was “it’s what the people want.”

Sort of mature right?

Is’t that the response one would receive from a testy teen who did not get his or her way when confronted because they did the opposite of what they should have done?

In all,  seven kids were released prosecutors said, including four that were facing aggravated robbery charges.


Chron reported: “that it is not unusual for Judge Devlin to release juveniles facing serious charges, as long as they’ve behaved in detention and have adequate supervision in place on the outside.

Yet he has never released a juvenile charged with aggravated robbery before.”

I guess these days with the Republican party, its monkey see, monkey do.

Exhibiting the bad childish and immature behaviors that one Donald Trump does when he loses or fails to get his way.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump to Slow his Roll?


Trump Ruins Bid for Re-Election in 2020 – Kills off Republican Party?


Some are suggesting that Trump might just be alienating himself of beloved supporters for his highly sought after bid on the 2020 election by tweeting some pretty vicious attacks on the likes of Amazon and a rumored trade war with China.

Oh but wait, he also has no advisors left in the Oval Office either, so that guy is pretty much running solo for now.

Look out world, Trump is about to go on a tangent and have a temper tantrum at some point here because he has no one around to tell him to stop before he tweets and/or opens his mouth in general.

Realistically, he loves to criminalize, insult and tell off anyone who goes against what he is for and what he tells himself to be true and/or factual, even when it’s total bullshit.

All we need now is for someone like Kim Jong-un or someone else to start tempting fate here and getting into a tweet altercation with Trump, then all hell breaks loose.


Trump’s idea of going to war with a giant like Amazon could be the start of a pretty big fall for Trump not to mention and this is important, his trade war with Asia is costing US farmers so he can count those votes out.


Overwhelmingly and rightfully so, Amazon has more supporters than does Trump and his entire administration both past and current combined, that includes his recently departed advisors.

To make matters even worse for Trump and the entire Republican Party, it was reported just today by Reuters that the older white Americans who once clamored for Trump are now leaving the party in troves.

Not just a few are leaving, it’s troves.

That is not good news for Trump and his party.


Factor in the fact that more and more Americans are taking to the streets to protest the Trump era and it’s beginning to look a lot like the Republican Party is about to obtain a pretty big and unwanted blackened eye.

The point is, yes while watching Trump has been a constant source of entertainment it looks a lot like people are tiring of his antics and not well thought out ways of handling things like healthcare, potential world war, trade and the like.

If Republicans lose major footing now it’s tough to say just how long it will take them to gain that back, if ever.

Then again, maybe Trump will slow his roll just a little and bring in some real experts to patch things over?

Cristal M Clark

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