Coronavirus Arrives in the United States

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United States Not Ready to Handle Coronavirus?

Cristal M Clark 

Well, we all knew it would show up eventually, Coronavirus is finally here in the US and according to multiple mainstream media outlets, the US is not ready much less prepared to test for it or to handle it. 


A woman in California is infected and she did not travel outside the US and had no contact with anyone who has traveled outside of the US, to her knowledge of course. Hence, no one knows how she became infected or at least that is the story as of now. 


It was going to spread globally everyone knew that so this is not a surprise. Admittedly I am more surprised that no one has actually blamed Donald Trump for the virus showing up in the US, the guy gets blamed for a lot whether he deserves it or not.  

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Currently I just saw a headline that says California is monitoring 8400 who may or may not be infected, Chris Cuomo is upset about that one currently and reporting on it tonight, another that the CDC keeps changing things, states are not allowed to test for it, or can’t test for it, rumors are hitting the wire that the test doesn’t work, CNN is currently reporting that states are not being allowed to test because of the Federal Government, the CDC is only allowed to test and CNN is blaming Donald Trump for not being transparent. Which is a bit unfair. 


This morning all I saw on CNN was that the Don lied about a vaccine, he did stretch the truth, then yesterday he was attempting to quash panic and sugar coated things. 

I am sure hands down that the Don was told to keep the public from widespread panic and to feed the public just enough but not all of the details. 


I get that, but history shows that is less than the smart thing to do. I would urge the Don to be completely transparent here, people are going to panic and freak out anyway, the difference is between being transparent and not being transparent is that fear of the unknown causes worse widespread panic and chaos and can sometimes reach dangerous levels. 


Currently online people are advising all sorts of cures and preventative measures, everything from chugging bleach, to taking doses of vitamins high enough that they could kill you, to drinking alcohol, why not add a few lines of coke and some meth right? Because of the media and the internet, things are falling way out of perspective. 

I say rip off the band-aid and tell the truth, sugar coat nothing and let the chips fall where they fall. Reasonable adults will take precautions and not panic, less reasonable adults will drink some bleach, pop mass quantities of vitamins and go into hiding in some underground bunker and we’ll see them in around 30 years or so when they resurface. 


The last thing we want or need is the mainstream media spreading misinformation and fueling the fear with some of the headlines I am seeing they are reporting mostly speculation and rumors. They are taking an inch and running a mile with it, the only question Trump and his advisers should be thinking about is this, do you really want the media and internet speculating and informing the public on what the president isn’t saying?

Cristal M Clark

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Border Agents Nab Bag of Dead Birds Headed to Virginia from China 


U.S. Customs – Dulles International Airport

Cristal M Clark 

Customs does score some pretty interesting things at airports throughout the US, Cooper action figures, A whole brisket, Live lobsters, Vaccines and immunizations, a Seal’s head, just to name a few of the delights customs has seen. 


In true zombie comic fashion recently, border agents caught someone from China heading into the US with a bag full of tiny dead little itty bitty birds, in what the passenger told agents was cat food. Well that is plausible actually and the packaging after all did appear to look like pet treats of some sort so it does make even more sense. 


U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted the package at Dulles International Airport after the passenger landed on a flight from China on January 27. They describe the dead birds as roughly 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches long and of course all dead. 

Imagine the initial scary moment at the sight of that since Coronavirus is spreading globally. The agents more than likely had to take a moment mentally to absorb what they were seeing. 

The birds are barred from importation to the U.S. to prevent the spread of avian flu. And the package of pet treats was incinerated promptly after being discovered, according to Customs agents. 

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That of course has hopefuls of a zombie apocalypse sitting back and waiting for something to happen because in some of the zombie comics, the virus is in fact airborne, like smoke in the air. 

At any rate, I’ll continue feeding my furry feline cooked chicken over dead birds. 

Cristal M Clark

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