U.S. Justice Department Appoints Special Counsel

Rober Muller investigation-crimeshop-russia

To oversee Probe into Trump Associates and Russian Officials

In a shocking twist of fate for Trump, Robert S. Mueller III has agreed to take over the investigation as special counsel.


For those of you who don’t know who Robert is, Robert served as the FBI director from 2001 to 2013, the move comes from overwhelming pressure after Trump promptly fired James Comey to investigate, independently the Trump/Russia connection.

Why Trump and his dream team should be afraid?

Robert has a pretty good track record of getting to the bottom of and then handling things quite sufficiently. In fact, very sufficiently.  

Of course we are all anticipating Trump’s rather disparaging tweets with regards to this move and/or the subsequent findings of Robert’s.

The worst news for Trump, he can’t fire Robert like he did James, that is the simplistic beauty of an an independent investigation.

I look forward to Robert’s findings and also the onslaught of spam emails coming from Robert’s former FBI, credentialed email address. Spammers loving using his credentials.

Just a side note –

A very, very special shout out to the two last night that sent me messages (from IP’s and, for fuck’s sake guys, put a little more effort into it).

If you are trying to hack someone and email them hoping, that they will respond or follow a link, so that you can hack them, try harder next time and by try harder I mean learning how to spell would do wonders for your hacking campaign.

Just off the top, simple spelling skills would really help, as well as learning time zones.

If you are trying to market your next hacking campaign pay attention to ‘time zone differences’

For instance, if you are sending a 10am spam email to someone in America, you might want to double check the time zone that selected target is in.

But in the short time if you want to hack me and you really do, contact the FBI, they have already been given granted access to anything of mine via this blog. 

Or ask the NSA, I am sure they could more easily assist you with your request for they already have access to everything.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump’s very bad idea – Dan Coats for director of intelligence


Donald Trump – US Director of National Intelligence

Trump staffers have said that director of national intelligence is really an unnecessary position to have let alone fill.

It’s rumored that Donald Trump is expected to name former senator (R-Ind.), Daniel Coats Director of National Intelligence.

An idea that comes at a pretty bad time.

Daniel Coats just so happens to be one of the members of Congress who had been banned from Russia back in 2014.

His response to the ban “While I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to go on vacation with my family in Siberia this summer, I am honored to be on this list.”

Daniel Coats is known to have a tough on Russia attitude due his past where he has generally pushed for tougher sanctions against Russia.


That may be the reason that Trump is eyeing him for this unneeded position because Trump has been viewed worldwide as someone that Vladimir Putin and Russia can push around.

This decision may be an attempt to head that off and send a clear message that, that is not going to happen.  

While on the other side, Daniel Coats has been known to support the idea, notion and all thoughts of NSA mass surveillance.


Back in 2013 he defended the NSA surveillance programs.

Recently Trump has been very critical and at times distrusting of intelligence reports indicating that Russia meddled in the the 2016 presidential election.

“Mr. President elect, when you listen to these people, they are the best among us and they are trying to protect us.” Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, said today in a rather interesting Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with regards to foreign cyber threats.

Which comes on the heels of Trump’s lack of interest in what our intelligence communities have been trying to convey to Trump and his team.

Worse yet is that lack of interest is a concern to other nations. Foreign state leaders have been expressing concern with regards to Trump and his rather laissez-faire attitude towards cyber threats among other issues.

Many are concerned that he simply just does not grasp or understand cyber threats and security.

His lack of respect for our intelligence community also impacts home turf…

Here at home it greatly affects members of the intelligence communities negatively, decreases morale and drives home the idea that our new leader and his team do not trust our current intelligence communities.

That in turn creates issues with regards to low morale within the intelligence communities and risks some of the best and brightest walking out the door.

What’s more is that the american people overall have always had this grey sort of distrust with regards to our intelligence communities, mostly because we don’t always know what they are up to and well the NSA who is one of the members of that community.

The NSA hasn’t really been known to be all that trustworthy as far as the public is concerned.

Right now the nation is deeply divided over whether or not we believe or trust the intelligence community with regards to Russian hacking during the 2016 election.

The push for Daniel Coats really does carry the potential to deepen the public’s distrust in our intelligence communities.

Basically, the move would be the equivalent of killing one bird instead of two, with that stone.

Yesterday Obama was leaving a press conference and was asked by someone what advise he had for the Democratic Party.

Cristal M Clark

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NSA – finally shows us what they are good at

Obama - Putin.jpg

US National Security Agency – Russian Hacking

So this week Obama decided to come down hard on Russia for its penchant for hacking of late. On Thursday, The United States expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland in response to cyber attacks.

So how could the US have proof of Russian hacking?


As it turns out, the NSA has tracked Russian hacking before.

The NSA is actually aside from being good at letting classified intel walk out the door with contracted employees, are also quite good at tracking Russian hacks.

They know the tell tail signs of Russian hacking.

They became good at it before the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, she had been gunned down back in 2006 in her Moscow home after having written articles that were rather critical of the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.

Prior to her murder however, she had been hacked by Russian intelligence who just so happened to be using malicious software. And naturally the NSA discovered that her email had been hacked and they did in fact, trace it back to Russian intelligence at the time.

So, if the US Government says they have proof of Russian hacking, well I am inclined to believe them now that they are backing it up by doing something about it.

But then again, this could all be part of the typical sore loser syndrome the Dems to be suffering of late.


This week’s move however comes after many have implored the US Government to either disclose proof of Russian hacking and do something about it or drop it.

In kind, the administration decided to move forward with punishing Russia for the hacks, which started well before 2016 and the campaign…of course.

What makes this interesting is that the public still does not feel that Russian hacking and leaked intel had any sway in terms of who won and who lost the 2016 presidential election and I really think that is only partially true.

With some of the leaks mind’s did change but…the leaks were designed to release intel that informed the public instead of to destroy a Government.

In the end, that actually matters. What matters more however is what information or intel they have that they haven’t leaked yet.

Many are wondering now however if the move wasn’t too late? Is it politically motivated in a way that it will make Trump’s start in office more difficult in terms of a relationship with Putin and Russia?

Will it thwart further attacks? Will it prevent more leaks, or leaks that would threaten national security?

Personally, I doubt that they can leak anything to threaten national security, those leaks typically come from contracted employees of the NSA.

As for Russia and Vladimir Putin, I doubt they will do much until Trump heads into office, all indications are that they very much want a good relationship with the United States, they have simply been awaiting a leader that is more capable of building a trusting relationship with them and other allies.

Either way, it is refreshing to see our Government do more than just give lip service for once. The next round of punishment will be less public I am sure, because in all reality the expulsion of these 35 diplomats is not really a new thing.

Nations do this to each other all of the time, over all sorts of different reasons.

This first move, well that was just for show, give the public something to feed off of more or less.

Everything else will be done way under the table.

As I’ve said before, in the world of spy games and cyber warfare, all’s fair in love and war.

Cristal M Clark

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