Russia Offered Bounties to Taliban For American Soldiers

U.S. President Donald Trump Claims Ignorance

Cristal M Clark 

First Trump goes on TV and informs the US that Biden will be our new President and now this? For a guy who claims to know everything about everything I guess Trump sat this one out. Reportedly, the Russian Military offered hard cold cash to the Taliban for murdering US Soldiers in Afghanistan. 

According to The New York Post United States officials learned months ago of a Russian intelligence unit secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for killing US and other coalition forces in Afghanistan, as peace talks to end the war continue. This is the part that seals the deal – American spies and commandos reportedly told their superiors about the plot as early as January, after discovering a Taliban outpost rife with none other than US hard, cold cash.

Trump is denying any knowledge however according to the New York Post which blackens the eye of Trump, American intelligence officials in fact told Trump about the findings in March and offered a number of options for reprimanding Russia, including escalating sanctions or issuing diplomatic complaints. Naturally Donald Trump did not choose to retaliate at all, instead ignoring what intelligence suggested was an unprecedented Russian attack on US troops and a significant escalation of the country’s support for the Taliban.

I wonder if the Putin/Trump bromance ever really did cool off? Rather than do anything trump got down on his knees and gave Russia quite literally, a blow job. 

20 Americans were killed in Afghanistan in 2019 and 4 others were killed in early 2020, though the Taliban has not attacked any American bases since February. It’s unclear which killings may be connected to the Russian plot or whether any bounties were actually paid.

Trump’s illusion of a winning streak seems to be fading. 

Cristal M Clark

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Austin Powers Style – Russia’s Military Trained Dolphins


Russian Military Weaponizing Sea Life

Cristal M Clark


It’s starting too look a lot like an Austin Powers movie IRL these days, well that’s only after you realize Russia has actually taken the time to train whales to harass Norwegian ships. That’s right, a white whale in a harness is out and about harassing ships, although I am sure Russia is in the process of figuring out how to mount laser beams to sharks, for the time being they are using whales and other sea life.

russian trained-whale-crimeshop

Fishermen and scientists say a white whale wearing a strange harness that harassed boats in the Arctic recently may have been trained by Russia’s military and by the way Russia has in the past acknowledged that they have in fact developed a training program for sea mammals at their major military base near the territory of key NATO member Norway.

Word on the wire is that video exists of a video of a beluga whale swimming alongside a fishing vessel and repeatedly nudging it.

The harness was removed from the animal by a team from the Norwegian Director of Fisheries. Jørgen Ree Wiig, from the agency, said that the harness had a logo on it reading, “Equipment of St. Petersburg.” He described it the harness as having canvas straps which appeared slightly worn and there was visible rust on the metal screws holding the apparatus together.

Here’s where we enter grey waters, nothing about the harness actually pointed to the whale having been trained by the Russian Military but because they have already told the world they do that sort of thing it’s obvious why scientists and the security communities believe the mammal was trained by the Russian Military.

Audun Rikardsen, a professor of marine biology at the Arctic University of Norway; “We know that in Russia they have had domestic whales in captivity and also that some of these have apparently been released, then they often seek out boats.”

Russia’s military has a history of trying to weaponize whales and other sea mammals, the Cold War-era Soviet Union had a program to train dolphins to help detect underwater weapons and alert their military trainers which ran until the 1990s.

Back in 2017, Russia’s TV Zvezda, which by the way is owned by the defense ministry in Moscow, aired a report on a Russian navy program to train beluga whales, seals and dolphins for similar purposes.

Russian government records show the defense ministry spent about $25,000 purchasing five bottle-nosed dolphins in 2016 from a sea life center in Moscow.

Over the past three years, President Vladimir Putin has reopened three former Soviet military bases along its vast Arctic coastline over a rather childish argument it is having with Nato so it’s is only natural to assume the offending whale was Russian military trained.


Not sure about the rest of you here but I am waiting for Russia to release sharks with laser beams attached to them.

Cristal M Clark

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