Beer Networking App Being Used to Track Military and CIA 

Untappd – Offers More Than Just Networking

Cristal M Clark 

Does everyone remember when news broke about the fitness app Strava, when it was revealed to be tracking and exposing U.S. military bases worldwide? Well another app seems to be doing pretty much the same thing. Untapped it would seem has been tracking check-ins at some rather interesting places – the Pentagon, Germany, and Greenland, it was also found to be tracking US Military, CIA including at a top secret CIA facility.

Untappd has 8 million users, including those in armed forces and intelligence agencies worldwide, the biggest following from the US and Europe. The app is used by beer drinkers to discover new bars, breweries, and beers. Users can rate beers, unlock badges, get directions to local events, and most importantly share that information with others.

Researchers with the group Bellingcat also discovered shared photos that included shots of government ID cards, documents, and military hardware which could be used to reconstruct the travel and work habits of military and intelligence personnel, including precise location capabilities.  

The downside of any app that tracks you, be it fitness or beer users more often than not share too much information, and then the apps share too much about said users. 

Researcher Foeke Postma was able to show how one individual utilizing the app shared a photo of a beer that Foeke Postma was able to use and geolocate it to a specific building at Camp Peary, pinpointing the exact location it was taken. Foeke also tracked the individual to Camp Peary, Virginia. Nicknamed “The Farm,” Camp Peary is a CIA facility used for field training and allegedly as a hub in the transport of suspected terrorists in case you were wondering. 


Check-in’s seemed to fascinate the researchers because if this data fell into the wrong hands, because an intelligence agency could, you know, locate bars frequented by service members near military bases, or secret CIA facilities, maybe find out what the most popular beer there and then…of course, send spies to ingratiate as fellow beer lovers with those personnel, ordering their favorite beer and of course hopefully getting someone to spill secrets.

I’ve said this before though apps like this one and any other including social media serve as a collection point for intelligence agencies and hackers who are seeking valuable information. Social networks collect more information than users are often aware of, and that data can be used by third parties as well as compromised. 

We do like our apps that track our fitness, where we post something from, our beer likes and dislikes and those apps do tend to overshare our information in unimaginable ways sometimes. 

Cristal M Clark

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Anti-Government Movement Hits the Mainstream

-boogaloo-crimeshop - Edited

Advocating for a Violent Uprising 

Cristal M Clark 

No matter what the movement is these days it seems that more and more they gain speed by hitting social media. The latest is the uprising of a movement which advocates extreme violence targeting liberal political opponents and law enforcement. The movement calls for a new and more violent civil type of war. 

social_MEDIA_crimeshop - Edited

According to Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), an independent non-profit of scientists and engineers that tracks and reports on misinformation and hate speech across social media has been watching this movement.

For years the movement dubbed the Boogaloo, spread offline or via special invite only until recently, when it suddenly leapt onto social media platforms and took off for lack of better words. 

Ku Klux Klan Protests Planned Removal Of General Lee Statue From VA Park

In short, it’s what the FBI would consider yet another hate group and the platforms it’s been able to gain advocates from are but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit, as well as 4chan. 

The current boogaloo movement was first noticed by extremism researchers in 2019, when groups from gun rights and militia movements to white supremacists began referring to an impending civil war using the term boogaloo, a joking reference to “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” a 1984 sequel movie about breakdancing. The term is used to describe an uprising against a seemingly tyrannical or left-wing government, often in response to a perceived threat of wide-spread gun confiscation, which is one of the biggest reasons these groups tend to grow. 


They spread misinformation about gun rights and gun ownership and nothing pisses off a gun owner more than the potential for the United States Government to take away the right to keep and bear arms. 

NCRI researchers analysed more than 100 million social media posts and comments found that through the use of memes and inside jokes commonly in the form of images extremists have pushed anti-government and anti-law enforcement messages across social media platforms. They have also organised online communities with tens of thousands of members, some of whom have assembled at real-world events to watch and learn, perhaps looking for weak spots in the events security measures. 

The study reveals some alarming intel into the movement, Boogaloo extremists have used social media to develop strategic plans, share instructions for explosives and 3D printed firearms, distribute illegal firearm modifications, and siphon users into encrypted messaging boards en mass and to spread racism. 

The group has thousands of followers and it’s favorite way to send messages out to the masses is the use of memes. The language of a meme permits the network to organize violence secretly behind what looks like inside jokes and of course plausible deniability.

What’s more is that NCRI was able to identify cyber swarms and viral insurgencies in nearly real-time as they are happening.

The report comes as U.S. law enforcement officials and researchers at various levels have issued warnings about the growing threat posed by domestic extremists motivated by fringe ideologies and conspiracy theories. 

The group is gaining at an alarming rate in popularity, it seems to really center primarily around anything anti-gun, mass shootings, and of course any attempt to remove Trump from office, posting, sharing and spreading misinformation under the guise of fake news or funny memes. 

Cristal M Clark

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Drug Dealers Getting into the Online Shopping Game


Instagram and Snapchat – A Drug Dealers New Turf

Cristal M Clark 

Let’s admit it, we all love the convenience of online shopping, not having to go to the store for everything from car parts, to booze and groceries, so is it really that hard to imagine that drug addicts would also appreciate the idea of being able to purchase their goods online as well?


They are in luck because Instagram and Snapchat just to name a couple of social media platforms that do cater to drug dealers and customers with just a simple DM. Dealers have finally stopped hanging out in seedy alleyways to sell their drugs and are now treating the sales of drugs as an actual business. 


Yes an actual business with sales goals, advertising and investing in selling. 


According to Voltface, 1 in 4 individuals is selling drugs on social media, using creative advertising gimmicks such as but not limited to, high quality professional images of said product, giveaways, cold contacting. The majority of listings seen were for cannabis however, cocaine, MDMA, Xanax and nitrous oxide were also high up on the list. That is sadly naming just a few of the drugs you can buy through social media, not surprisingly users can score a lot more than just that. 

Nice, very comforting for parents. 

NHS reports that Class A drug use among 11 to 15-year-olds is in fact on the rise, not to mention that there have been a number of high-profile cases of children fatally overdosing. The truth of the matter is kids are not using drugs at younger ages, they are just using more deadly drugs these days and the number of adults looking for a way to cope has also more than tripled over the last decade, so the ability to obtain drugs online outside of the heavily policed dark web where it’s easier to hide from law enforcement is highly appealing to both users and dealers alike.  

social_MEDIA_crimeshop - Edited

Users who sell drugs via social media are reporting that it’s easy to set up an account and locate potential customers to approach and sell their goods to. 

That of course is problematic to law enforcement because the social media platforms continually do things so as to shut the prying eyes of the system out, in fact the majority of social media platforms do everything that they can to protect the identities of their users and the account’s of their users. With the exception of Facebook, law enforcement can pretend to be some type of company that wants to “purchase” user information unbeknownst to the users and Facebook will just sell it to them. 

Now that dealers are treating the sales of drugs as a business and moving it to social media it’s only a matter of time before the cartels catch on to the game leaving the war on drugs standing on losing playing ground. 

Cristal M Clark

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Tech Industry Watch Out New Waste of Time Bill Aimed at You


Sen. Josh Hawley

Cristal M Clark

A new bill, which is sponsored by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), targeting the tech industry’s “addictive” design is heading out on the road hoping to gain some traction. The bill aims at ending auto-play videos and endless scrolling, the bill is also a complete and utter waste of time given all of the many other issues we face here in America that are oh, I don’t know much more important.

Deceptive design had a fairly huge impact in last week’s FTC settlement with Facebook, which lawmakers are hoping to capitalize on by proposing all sort of legislation deceptively advertised as a way to protect users of such platforms, but the legislation is nothing more than a way of better controlling what users see or in this case engage in.


Basically, the bill, dubbed Hawley’s Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act, or the SMART Act, would ban features that work to keep users on platforms longer, along with others, that incentivize the continued use of these products. If approved, the Federal Trade Commission and Health and Human Services could create similar rules that would expire after three years unless Congress codified them into law.

According to Josh; “Big tech has embraced a business model of addiction too much of the ‘innovation’ in this space is designed not to create better products, but to capture more attention by using psychological tricks that make it difficult to look away.”

So, let me see if I understand this, this bill aims to pretty much tell someone they are not allowed to engage in any addictive behavior, basically a way as to control human behavior? It is the end user after all who chooses to spend his/her time doing whatever they find pleasing.


Josh Golin, executive director of campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood: “Social media companies deploy a host of tactics designed to manipulate users in ways that undermines their well being.”

Is America the home of the free or is that just some tag line used to trick citizens into staying here or wanting to come here? The point being, Josh may or may not be right, fundamentally people have more of a right to choose how we want to engage our time whether it is of a benefit to our well-being or not, it is not for Josh or anyone who has a seat within the confines of the United States Government to decide for us.

Social media needs to find better ways to protect user data, not sell it and keep trolls from the sites, whatever else falls to it, it is up to each individual end user to partake or not.

Josh Golin and his lot can kindly piss off and use their time to engage in more beneficial ways of helping our nation by preventing things like drug addiction and poverty, stopping big corporations from not paying federal taxes while earning billions all while not paying employees actual livable wages, you know issues that actually matter and that actually do affect our well-being.

Our world has bigger issues than anyone trying to tell any of us how to waste our time.

Cristal M Clark

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Cybercriminals Procuring High Net Worth Victims Using LinkedIn


LinkedIn Used for Sextortion Scams

Cristal M Clark

Sometimes human nature is so utterly predictable it’s not even remotely funny, for instance those that are a rather bit unfaithful while in a relationship. The fear of getting caught is just as exciting to them as the fear of losing the relationship is. I’ve asked people before why they did it if they are so afraid of losing the relationship, most once you peel back the layers use excuses so as to explain or really justify it by making the spouse or partner out to be the one that pushed them to do it, by not giving attention, or for refusing some sort of sexual endeavor, yet in the end they really had not a single good reason for having an affair other than, they are manipulative and selfish individuals who required more attention than your average individual with the very real motive being nothing more or less than pure selfishness, the need for gratification without taking time to think of others.

It is not just men either, it is both men and women. If you look carefully you will find a certain psychology of those that are prone to have affairs or who just bounce from partner to partner seeking nothing more than sexual gratification.


Now is the time capitalize on that if anyone was wondering.


These day’s cybercriminals are capitalizing on just that and targeting high-net-worth individuals utilizing LinkedIn, striking up online emotional relationships, then cashing in in what is referred to as a sextortion scam because they know the older a person is, the potential for a higher salary to be earned follows. After said online relationship is formed or established rather and on solid ground, the cybercriminals then threaten to reveal details of the affair with the victim’s partner unless a ransom is paid in bitcoin.


And people are in fact paying, which in some cases does them no real good in the end.

According to researchers who have been studying the gangs for the last 7 months, these cybercriminals are creating gangs, utilizing recruiting methods with accompanying salaries just like an average every day business would. Some of those salaries being offered are up somewhere around the $300K annually and for new hires who have programming skills, those salaries are being paid to the tune of roughly $1,094,940.00 annually, which shows that these organizations are in fact, making enough money to pay high salaries to those that join them. They then target lawyers, doctors, corporate executives and anyone else with high salaries.


The most fruitful playground to find these victims just so happens to be LinkedIn which attracts more higher paid professionals. Think about it, if you are looking at Facebook or Twitter, you might not truly know what someone does for a living but you get to LinkedIn and it’s basically that individuals’ entire professional history right up to their current title and for whom they work sometimes relationship status are also found on LinkedIn.


Then of course the other social media platforms are used so as to learn more personal details with regards to the target and as you might imagine they might even be able to find the individual perusing dating sights. The problem is usually two parts for any victim.

People tend to share it all using social media, which means that you are giving someone including scammers and cybercriminals a real good insight into your inner workings, emotionally and psychologically, they can figure someone out in less time than it takes me to get through a single cup of coffee and that is generally in under two minutes. They can tell everything about the intended target, are they happy in the relationship, are they happy yet daring and willing to risk it all? Do they have children, where do they like to eat, shop, take in a weekend getaway? Couple all of that with something like a data breech, such as passwords, or a data breech from our app’s which often share information about us across a multitude of platforms and it can make an extortion attempt even more profitable.

Cybercriminals are upping the stakes and utilizing multiple social media and dating platforms in efforts to target and make money off of their victims. Sadly, our expectations are that we will be protected from such things and the reality is that we simply cannot be protected by our government or the very social media platforms, it is our choice as individuals after all to post everything that we do, so in a sense, we actually are, partially responsible whenever our information is leaked and then utilized in a scam.

Cristal M Clark

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Social Media Used to Track Troops  – Get Soldiers to Disobey Orders


Using Social Media Websites as a Weapon

By: Cristal M Clark

This new research is not really too surprising to me, it does however lend credit to one thing I talk about a lot and that is with just a little information about someone, that individual can be swayed, coerced, pushed and prodded to do things that they might not normally do, for instance, a soldier who suddenly just disobeys a direct order.

All of the right information in the wrong hands can be dangerous.


Researchers from NATO’s Strategic Communications Center of Excellence recently conducted an experiment, they with virtually very little cash and whole lot of social media were able to easily identify roughly 150 soldiers, because of that, they were able to locate multiple battalions, actually track troop movements, and convince service members to leave their posts and engage in other “undesirable behavior.”

Which really is not that difficult with just a little information gained using social media with regards to the subject. Foreign States can and do use social media in an effort to identify and target NATO forces, but also, to manipulate those NATO forces.


This is quite frankly scary for any soldier or troop serving in any military anywhere in the world because quite a few service men and women worldwide use social media when deployed to keep in touch with loved one’s when they can’t utilize a cell phone.


Likewise, people like posting things like pictures of their wedding, children, wishing a happy birthday to a loved one or happy anniversary to a wife or husband, celebrating a fellow troop member or mourning a fellow troop members death. Family members post on social media about service members as well. It is just one big ball of thread if you will.  

And with the right information, in the wrong hands, the reality is, more and more people can be persuaded to do things or act on things that they normally would not when presented with a free pass, or the perfect opportunity or manipulated in such a way that they fear not doing what they are told to do in certain situations.

People are sharing secrets, they are more easily manipulated and a lot easier to con especially when faced with some type of threat all thanks to the use of social media.  

According to researcher Nora Biteniece; “The researchers used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular social media sites to find valuable information, particularly exploitable information, like a serviceman having a wife and also being on dating apps.”

US Army Col. Liam Collins wrote in Army Magazine last summer; “The Russians are adept at identifying Ukrainian positions by their electrometric signatures, in one tactic, soldiers receive texts telling them that they are ‘surrounded and abandoned.’ Minutes later, their families receive a text stating, ‘Your son is killed in action,’ which often prompts a call or text to the soldiers. Minutes later, soldiers receive another message telling them to ‘retreat and live,’ followed by an artillery strike to the location where a large group of cellphones was detected.”

In 2017, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Russians were hacking the cellphones of NATO soldiers to “gain operational information, gauge troop strength and to intimidate soldiers.”

As you can imagine, that caused some panic, so naturally out of fear Estonian troops were being forced by their superior officers to jump in the lake to enforce the strict “no smartphones” policy.


Years ago, I worked with someone from the FBI on educating people about identity theft and this was back in the early 2000’s before it was really a thing, we both knew we were sitting on a bomb because of the way society was changing and using technology more and more. His golden rule was do not reveal too much personal information about yourself in the digital world, for instance social media and that my friends was just as social media was getting started.

Even I have been guilty of sharing too much personal information on social media, I think we all have once or twice. In the last year though, I have not really updated any personal information other than to repost some really old pictures on Facebook from before I lost someone close to me, and even more honest, I rarely if ever go onto Facebook these days because Facebook collects and does not protect as recent news has shown, any of our personal information.


Think about this if you will, if NATO troops can be fooled so too can an average person who is utilizing social media on dating sites, signed up for a newsletter, even youtube, It’s not all ones car loan company who is selling our information, we are basically giving it away for free these days.

Cristal M Clark

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R.I.P Alex Jones


Social Media Dumps Alex Jones & InfoWars


Facebook, Spotify, ITunes, YouTube all walk into a bar…


Not a joke, collectively the social media giants dumped Alex Jones and his popular right-wing conspiracy theories, officially banning him altogether.


A move Alex claims is a global conspiracy against him.

Now Alex has reached out to the president himself asking the president to pressure the social media world into taking Alex back.

In fact, he suggested to Trump that he make the censorship a big deal in this year’s midterms.

Of course, dear old Alex is neglecting to actually mention why he was banned from the sites. He is just claiming that everyone out to get him. It is a global conspiracy against him I believe is what he actually said.

Alex Jones continually violated each sites terms of service, period and end of story.

Maybe it is or maybe, just perhaps it a global movement in that people are tired of hate speech that does little more but to encourage attacks on others.

The problem with guys like Alex isn’t that they are conspiracy theorists, it’s that not even they themselves actually believe the conspiracy nonsense they spread, the goal for them is to create discord amongst the masses.

That is what gets people like Alex off. They spread misinformation and doctor that up with the premise that is his opinion then try to sell it as a diehard fact.

For instance; Alex Jones loved to pick on the victims and family members of victims from the Sandy Hook massacre. One of the points was that he tried to sell it as an event that had been made up by the United States Government.

Like 911, conspiracy theorists have capitalized on man’s deepest darkest issue with government, trust.

To that effect, many conspiracy propaganda machines try to sell 911 as a US Government attack on its own and trust me I have met some of the whack jobs that buy into this stuff and let me just inform you, most of them did in fact, vote for Trump.

They will believe anything as long as it goes against all logic and reality.

In turn his hateful, ridiculous hate mongering created followers that found it easier to believe what Alex was selling because as Alex knew all too well, the masses have never really trusted the government anywhere, in any country or at any time throughout the history of man and government entities.

Alex perpetuated and very much glorified violence, he spread hate and encouraged people to cause harm to others at times.

Some of these individuals waged open outright war on victims and family members of victims who survived mass shootings through social media, and Alex Jones encouraged, fed and grew that behavior to proportions so great that many social media giants felt it was too dangerous to allow for it to continue.

The point is, no one wants to or needs to see the sort of hate and misinformation that Alex Jones spreads.

And yes Alex, it is a global movement, of individuals who kept reporting your hate to the social media giants, it has nothing to do with First Amendment rights, you violated yours Alex Jones.

Not social media giants collectively removing Alex Jones.

But rather, the masses that Alex kept trying to inform.

The man and his beliefs are a dying a breed. They no longer have a place in today’s world.

No one knows if Trump is going to help Alex here, hell while I am sure Alex might feel like Trump is ignoring him, it is most likely just that the president simply cannot hear Alex under all of the makeup.


I swear Donald Trump’s makeup allowance has to be eating into our national debt at epic proportions.

Has anyone caught his newest look?

We all thought a clown took the Oval Office and now he is sporting a look to match that notion.

As to Alex Jones, well sir, normally I do the idiot of the week on Wednesday but why not just go ahead and award that now.

Alex, this week’s idiot award is all yours.

Good Riddance Alex Jones and Infowars.

Cristal M Clark

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Idiot of The Week


And, it’s not Donald Trump

In complete honesty our idiot of the week could easily be Donald Trump, every week so, I thought to shake things up and that I’d highlight someone new.


A waiter by the name Khalil Cavil from Odessa, Texas took to Social media to share a story about a racist encounter he had with a customer:

“I share this because I want people to understand that this racism, and this hatred still exists”

“Although, this is nothing new, it is still something that will test your faith.”


This particular incident unfolded earlier this month when Khalil Cavil, 20, a now former waiter at a Saltgrass outpost in Odessa, Tex., posted an image to Facebook that showed a $108 bill with zero on the tip line, and “We don’t tip terrorist,” written in ink at the top.

The Texas restaurant company Saltgrass, in Odessa, Texas, as it turned out decided to take swift and corrective action by banning a customer after Khalil’s story of the receipt scrawled with a racial epithet went as stories like this often do, viral.

Khalil by the way is part Caucasian and part African American.

Monday, the restaurant said that it had parted ways with poor Khalil upon learning that the story was completely false.

Yes, totally falsified.

Terry Turney, the chief operating officer of Saltgrass steakhouses, said in a statement: “Racism of any form is intolerable, and we will always act swiftly should it occur in any of our establishments. Falsely accusing someone of racism is equaling disturbing.”

Disturbing is one way of putting it, it’s actually completely disgusting.

Supporters on Facebook actually sent this guy money, he exploited a way to con people by playing on one’s emotional response to racism and all the poor customer received was an apology and an invitation to return to the restaurant to dine whenever they’d like.


Khalil has earned this week’s idiot award for being a truly disgusting display of being a human being.

Congrats Khalil.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump – James Comey – Battle of Morals and Unethical Behaviors


James Comey and Donald Trump Waltz


In the days ahead of former FBI Director James Comey’s new book “A Higher Loyalty” it had already made the list of Amazon’s top selling books and also made a certain list of Donald Trump’s that shall remain unnamed at this juncture.


In the book James Comey dishes in his always classy way, dirt on the current president, he compared Trump to a mob boss, which actually is not far off the mark truth be told.

Comey described in vivid detail about a time that Trump encouraged Comey to disprove, basically lie about an affair that Trump had had just so that he could reassure his wife.

So here we have the man, our president asking the head of the FBI to disprove, meaning make up evidence that really does not exist in an attempt to cover up a wrong that our president commented against the sanctity of his marriage.


We already knew that Trump was a lying hypocrite though didn’t we?

Some are accusing the former director of the FBI of being unprofessional, giving the FBI a further tarnished image because he is releasing way too many details about his time with president Trump.

Trump of course has called Comey an “untruthful slimeball.”

The two are having a war of words currently.

Getting back to James however, some are bothered so much so by the book not so much because of the details James shares but because of the truly vindictive nature and way in which the dirt on Trump is delivered in the book.

It is rumored that those in Washington are very disturbed by the vindictiveness in the book.

Fair enough however, allow for me to point out that in today’s world if you want to hit the top of the food chain, that would be the behavior one would need in order to Trump, Donald Trump at his own game.

Not too long ago, many watched and complained about The Bachelor, where the show aired the bachelor breaking a woman’s heart on national television. Viewers then took to Twitter to tweet shock, horror and disgust, but the reality is how many actually stopped watching the show or will?

The show actually had really high ratings.

People get off on watching others being hurt, insulted or people simply behaving in a vindictive manner.

Yesterday I read an article where a woman was celebrating her breakup with her cheating ex by taking to social media and making mention of it, only in turn to humiliate her ex and the article was more or less about revenge and was sure to mention how many hits her story had received.

Take a stroll through any social media account around and you will for a fact see a video, an article, pictures of some type of horrible vindictive, hateful behaviors right here in the US.


The vindictive behavior has only been encouraged and increased since Trump has taken office if anyone has watched his presidency the past year.

The behavior has also been encouraged by social media, the news, television shows, music, everywhere you look, you see encouragement for that behavior.

And Trump, constantly behaves as an insolent dog would, tweeting vindictive, hateful tweets, tempting the fate of the world by attacking other nations verbally, in writing and with childish insults, name calling and threats.

Trump has turned the beauty of the White House into nothing more than a swamp of trailer trash.

What could be more vindictive than a lot of what we have witnessed by our own president this past year?

The reality is that America loves revenge and vindictive behavior and until we simply ignore it, it is here to stay like it or not.

That type of behavior currently makes millions for some.


And for James Comey, that means that he is about to cash in on it not to mention that despite the fact that James has always been a man of class, his vindictiveness in his book is still 100 times classier than Donald Trump could ever dream of being.

Cristal M Clark

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