QAnon Movement Echos Sovereign Citizen Movement

Radicalized American Citizens

Cristal M Clark 

After QAnon became effectively radicalized by Donald J Trump over the course of four years, the movement whose ideals echo that of the Sovereign Citizen Movement have become a bit more than just whack job conspiracy theorists – they are now deranged and dangerous. When an idea becomes an action once, it will continue to become an action until it is effectively stopped. 

According to the latest prediction by QAnon tomorrow will be a day of action and the day that Donald J Trump takes office once again.  

Whatsmore is that fanning the flames quietly in a nod of encouragement, which feeds the fire, Trump’s DC hotel has raised its prices currently sighting demand, which further acts as a silent suggestion or invitation if you will, to come on down and start something. 

So many people ask me why, why do these people fall pretty to the ideology of movements like QAnon? Some of what they believe are things like 911 was faked by the US Government, Sandy Hook was staged, the list goes on, these groups even have so called video evidence that educated and reasonable individuals walk away shaking our heads wondering how or why people can subscribe to such silly, whacky ideas, honestly. 

I’ve written about the psychological make-up of these types of people back when Trump was elected back around 2016. 

These are not reasonably sane people. They know right from wrong enough so as to know violence is wrong, it’s breaking the law but the way they view the law, politics, this country is fucked up, really fucked up. 

They heard what they wanted to hear several times, it spoke to something they felt inside and becoming part of a movement like QAnon gives them a purpose, they feel empowered, like they are given knowledge no one else has access to. By default many of them do have narcissistic character traits while others do suffer from some form of mental illness.

Either way, they are brainwashed, quite easily.  

What makes this all the worse is that fairly early on, I questioned them owning weapons back around 2016, wrote about it extensively and subtly hinted at the fact that the United States needed to do more so as to stop individuals from these radicalized movements from owning weapons including, taking them away over the individuals propensity to become enraged and react violently. 

But, I was not the only one who tried to raise the alarm bells. 

Enter four years later and you have the attack on the US Capitol. 

At some point in time, we must stop sweeping these radicalized terrorist movements under the rug and dealing with them headon. We must ensure that they do not have access to weapons and some need to be hospitalized for deprogramming. 

That will upset people but it’s what we must do in order to keep our nation safe from these terrorist movements that are based off of lies, manipulation and misinformation. 

It’s fairly clear the whoever is running QAnon, is simply running for the hardon and then subsequently getting off when they see an act of domestic terrorism, people having full blown fits of rage in public over wearing a facemask. 

The amount of misinformation and fake news spewing from QAnon more than prove the movement is nothing more than an attempt to agitate, to disrupt, to see how many people can be duped and how many levels of people they can dupe. We do have some individuals in office right now that share in these movements’ ideologies, or they have but now deeply regret it, the point is, the movement found away all the way to Capitol Hill in the minds of politicians who support the movement and that is not good. 

The process QAnon uses in order to brainwash and recruit is not unlike terrorist organizations. It is only a matter of time before groups like this go from being simple movements to outright terrorist organizations.

Cristal M Clark

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Florida Man Creates Fake International Court

International Court-of-Justice-crimeshop

Lee County, Florida 

Cristal M Clark 

45-year-old Randal Rosado created the “International Court of Commerce,” a little something he created all on his own back in 2016. I have to ask, I know criminals can sometimes be brazen but who on earth would create an International Court?


Randal as it turns out has a long history of duping people out of money, his criminal plotting and scheming started back in 2009, when he had been helping short sell a property in foreclosure, and instead Randal decided to rent it out and pocket the proceeds. Randal subsequently transferred the property to his name. 

Jump ahead to 2016 Randal decided to send some packages to various individuals associated with the Lee County Circuit Courts. The packages had been delivered to the private residences of the clerk, her husband, a circuit court judge and 6 other attorneys, all of the packages contained fraudulent legal documents claiming they owed him tens of millions of dollars, totaling over $2.5 million.

This guy has some balls for sure. 


In court documents, investigators explained how a widening entanglement of real estate transactions and fake court filings revealed a broader conspiracy to undermine U.S. government institutions. According to investigator Robert Nichols, “This investigation began with homeowners who failed to meet their mortgage obligations being accused of filing frivolous lawsuits or liens against real property with the intent to defraud and harass everyone involved in the foreclosure process. The tactics and philosophies taken by these homeowners were identified as part of the “Sovereign Citizen” movement. Their intent is to intimidate law enforcement, courts, government officials, as well as the financial institutions.”

Under this anti-government movement, Sovereign Citizens “convene their own special courts,” such as the one referenced in the deliveries to court officials ostensibly sent from the “International Court of Commerce.” Sovereign Citizens do not recognize, Municipal, City, State, County and  Federal Laws. 

So capitalizing on this, Randal would issue his own fake yet realistic looking indictments and arrest warrants. In letters he wrote: “I am a PRIVATE Citizen of the Florida Republic Union state and… have not waived any of my constitutionally protected YAHWEH (G-D) GIVEN rights secured under the national and state constitutions of this country.”

The false documents also named an attorney which lent credibility to the documents. But, the attorney named as the preparer of the false documents identified himself as part of a law firm called the Reichmann Group. On the firm’s website, a disclaimer at the bottom reads: “The Reichmann Group is not a public law firm or a member of any state’s private Bar Association.”

Randal would use fictitious names and companies to commit the crimes and to deceive clients into believing he was using the findings of an International Court yet in the end it was really just Randal Rosado utilizing his own personal make believe court so that he could commit the crime of financial fraud. 


Turns out hiding behind Sovereign Citizenship doesn’t really mean a lot, Ronaldo was sentenced to 40 years in state prison.

Cristal M Clark

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Standoff with Police

Dennis- Duane-vann_crimeshop

Free/Sovereign Citizen Learns He Isn’t So Free After All

Cristal M Clark


Free citizen learns the hard way that you can’t just break the law because you refuse to recognize it. According to Wikipedia; The sovereign or rather free citizen movement is simply just a group of American and Commonwealth litigants, commentators, tax protesters, and financial-scheme promoters. They are self-described “sovereign citizens” who see themselves as answerable only to their particular interpretation of the common law and are not subject to any government statutes or proceedings. They do not recognize United States currency and maintain that they are “free of any legal constraints,” and they really detest paying any kind of taxes. In short, the sovereign citizen movement believe that the United States government is illegitimate.

And the FBI, well they see this group as nothing more than just domestic terrorists. US law enforcement ranked the risk of terrorism from the sovereign-citizen movement higher than the risk from any other group, including Islamic extremism, militias, racists, and Neo-Nazis.

The group here in the US is actually growing quite rapidly.

But for 42-year old Dennis Duane Vann, he’s learning a rather hard lesson and that is, you do not get to pick and choose which laws you follow. Seems that good old Dennis decided it would be smart to engage in a standoff with the Maplewood, Minnesota Police that lasted around 4 hours last week.

The standoff started after Dennis was pulled over by police for a revoked license at which point, he promptly and rather defiantly informed officers that he didn’t need a license because he is a “free citizen.”

Dennis was charged with two felonies, making threats of violence with reckless disregard for risk and fleeing police, and more charges could be coming because police found what appears to be an explosive devise in the RV Dennis had been cruising around in. Wonder what he needed that for?

In the end, Dennis just might find himself enjoying some much-needed time in a jail cell, maybe there he’ll actually learn a thing or two about our laws or he’ll utilize the time to recruit members into the fold.

Only time will tell.

Cristal M Clark

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