The Kurds Deserved Better 


Trump’s Actions Cause Damage That Cannot Be Repaired 

Cristal M Clark 

As it stands, the US in the eyes of the world is not to be trusted. The dangerous game of cat and mouse that Trump just played in an effort to make himself look good so severely damaged our reputation worldwide that it may never truly be repairable.


Trump made a rather idiotic promise to his base who clearly did not understand why we had troops in Syria, rather than educate themselves they just clung on to a lack of true understanding. 


Hence, Trump without a care in the world and a lack of any form of knowledge as to why we had troops in Syria just pulled them out. 

Now he is vowing sanctions and military action, a day late and more than a dollar short, he broke our vow, our word, something so sacred, that millions of people who fight alongside American Soldiers, who depend on the help of our troops to protect them and their families cannot trust the US at her word any longer. 

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Trump wanted to ruin the post-WWII global order and isolate America from the rest of the world and one way to accomplish that is to call the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and give him the green light to cross the Syrian border and crush the Kurds…without U.S. resistance. And that has caused more damage than Trump will ever begin to understand. 

Trump wants to create a sort of utopia, one where the US does not have to work with or answer to the worldwide platform, we do not have to play nice, we get our way simply because we are a powerhouse of wealth, dominance and white people. 

What he fails so clearly to understand is that you cannot have that ying without a yang and in doing so, he has endangered the lives of millions. Isis was never done if anyone recalls after all. 


Furthermore this shows that Donald Trump is mentally, not well. He has fantasies of grandeur, being some type of superhero, a great untouchable ruler. It reminds me of a stalker I have currently, so the mental frame of mine I know all too well, that manipulative, victim game they play to excuse the obsessive behaviors. 

His illusions are so far from actual reality that it is frightening. 

Now no matter what he does to fix it, our word can no longer be trusted worldwide. 

Trump is simply to mentally unhealthy, unstable and lacks a basic understanding of what it means to be president, he has advisers for a reason yet he refuses to utilize them. 

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His base, is just as dangerous as he is. Some refuse to see the truth others understand the truth yet are so willing to look past it because they want different without really understanding the consequences of that.

And the Kurds who have been so loyal to us, they deserve so much better, so much better. 

Cristal M Clark

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She Encouraged Attacks on the United States –


Now She Wants to be Forgiven?

By: Cristal M Clark

I already know that some human rights activists are going to be on my arse for this so I’d like to start out by saying, “I do not bloody care.”

Hoda-Muthana-ISIS Bride-Crimeshop

I am sure you have all heard about Hoda Muthana the woman who left Hoover, Alabama and went sauntering off to Syria to join, ISIS, where she encouraged death and carnage to the United States and Americans.

Well now she has had a change of heart and would like to come back to the United States.

Are you kidding me?

A couple of close friends pulled me to the side today and asked me what I thought about her story. My response was that I did not know, which was met with the typical accusation when I answer something a little dishonestly with regards to my gut feeling; “What? Cristal, you’re a human lie detector what do you mean you don’t know?”

I honestly take that as an insult, I am just good at figuring people out without letting them know that I have them figured out, then I bury them in whatever deception it is that they tried to pull over on me. Just because I play along does not mean that I do not know the entire time.

I’ll share a little tale with you. People always tell me that there’s something about me that draws things out of them without my ever asking, people open up to me naturally.

Not too long ago I met someone who was career military, this individual opened up to me immediately and shared things that they should not have shared with me. Not too long after meeting me they asked knowing that I am in part an empath what I was picking up with regards to them. This is a question I have never in my life answered honestly, I looked the person in the eye and informed them that I was not sure, that person’s very response gave everything away, because they kept trying to convince me of what a great person they were. I never pay attention to what words are spoken in these cases because they are never truthful. Sometimes I can twist a sentence in such a way that I can get a truth that no one saw coming or information from someone that they never, intended to share with me. I have no idea how I do it, it just happens.

So when I look at Hoda’s story, I always think about what I do every day of my life and that is read people, find out what the deception is and find the reason behind it and in Hoda’s case I really do have to question her motive for wanting to return home because she is hiding that very truth in sad tale of being a victim and of wanting to protect her children.

No one ever painted a picture of ISIS that looked like a rose garden, she knew full well that her life would be filled with death and carnage up to and including the possibility of having to done a suicide vest herself one day.

The reality here is that she made the choice to join ISIS, even at the tender age of 19, when she made this choice, females are more mentally mature than males, that is not me being sexist this is science. She claims she was confused and angry, well, aren’t all, I mean Donald Trump is the president of the United States for God’s sake.

According to Hoda, she ran away from ISIS a few weeks ago and headed onto Kurdish area in northern Syria, where she is now in a camp for the displaced with her 18-month-old son. In a note she wrote to her family, she speaks about her son’s future and her worry. “In my quiet moments in between bombings, starvation, cold, and fear,  I would look at my beautiful little boy, and know that I didn’t belong here, and neither did he.”

In part she writes: “When I left to Syria I was a naive, angry, and arrogant young woman. I thought that I understood my religious beliefs. During my years in Syria I would see and experience a way of life and the terrible effects of war which changed me. Seeing bloodshed up close changed me. Motherhood changed me. Seeing friends, children, and the men I married dying changed me. Seeing how different a society could be compared to the beloved America I was born and raised into changed me. Being where I was and seeing the people around me scared me because I realized I didn’t want to be a part of this. My beliefs weren’t the same as theirs.”

No darling, you left because you, yourself shared those beliefs. That does not change fundamentally deep down in any of us because our beliefs go right down to our very core.  

She is weaving a tale of pity and for anyone who studies people on a daily basis, this is in fact, a red flag, it by default creates distrust.

Hoda tweeted support for jihad after joining ISIS, encouraged violence and she knew what sort of violence she was encouraging, she was a highly sought after propagandist for ISIS, she could speak English, she understood how to speak to Americans so as to make recruiting American’s easier. She did in fact attempt to get Americans to join in a tweet from 2015; “Soooo many Aussies and Brits here, but where are the Americans, wake up u cowards.”

Mia Bloom, who tracks female jihadis at Georgia State University said; “She was one advocating for extreme violence, especially against American military and servicemen.”

In March of 2015 “Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them.”

ABC News On February 19 interviewed Hoda, she expressed that she is now ashamed of those posts, and wishes that she could take them back. She added that she feels remorse and sorrow and regret, and begged to return home.

“I hope America doesn’t think I’m a threat to them and I hope they can accept me.”

What’s more is that she has a following of supporters. If Hoda does come back, she could very well be prosecuted.

Some of you might be wondering why she would be prosecuted, well it’s simple, she is considered a former ISIS fighter and according to State Department spokesman Robert Palladino “For any ISIS members in Syria, the department’s policy in this regard, would be to repatriate them and that’s what we call on all countries to do.”

She could end up at Guantanamo Bay or somewhere else in the event that she cannot be repatriated.

I’m looking at what she wrote and can tell you she has done nothing to convince me that she can be trusted, her motives for truly wanting to come back to the United States are still unclear and she is hiding behind a story that I believe is only half true.

I know her supporters might find this upsetting but the reality is this, how many times do we have to keep learning this lesson?


I have some very close friends who were marines, in the army, some were in the air force, they have seen war, lost brothers and sisters in war, and some of our shared friends, they never made it home alive, they fought for America, for our freedoms, they came home to America alive or dead, because they are American’s.  Hoda, denounced that the second left to become a jihadist, she encouraged the death of those friends, my friends and my neighbors, the shop keeper at my local market, innocent lives, she hadn’t a care in the world about any of us for a long time. She attempted to recruit Americans to kill Americans. One does not spend a considerable amount of time not caring for others, despising certain people then suddenly decide that they do care because of ones children or because they’ve seen too much war? It does not work that way you know.

There are times when giving someone a second chance is just not wise she was ruthless then through lies and stories and people like that, they do not change. She is hiding a truth that I hope our Government does not allow to become a danger to the United States.

Cristal M Clark

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Syria Readies to Launch Major Attack


France, US and UN Warn Syria

France, the US and the UN have all recently warned Syria that should they launch the planned major attack on Idlib it would be cause for disastrous consequences.

Idlib is the last major area that is being held by rebels and Syria is aiming to take it.


Standing alongside Syria is Russia. Alongside Russia is Iran, then China lastly North Korea and with South Korea warming to North Korea these days, it appears that some major lines are being drawn into the sand.

The catastrophe could harm up to 3 million civilians.

Syria is known for utilizing chemical weapons and the US has gotten word of the factories in Syria where the weapons are made. The US is ready to launch an airstrike should Syria attack the rebel stronghold, which could potentially be just as disastrous.


Chemical weapons factories are no laughing matter and should be handled with extreme caution because quite simply put, we have no idea what is really inside and launching a missile attack puts those chemicals into our environment, our air, the ozone.

Until the sects of Islam find a way for peaceful cohabitation, the middle east will continue to be a mess because peace cannot be forced.

Cristal M Clark

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