Public Must Wear Face Masks in Public? 

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Many Retailers and Grocers Fail at Training Employees 

Cristal M Clark 

As states begin to lift stay at home orders and ease restrictions many are asking the public to make sure that they wear face masks when in public places such as supermarkets and retail stores. While this has been happening many of my readers have noted some serious offenders over on the other side of that request. 

Walk through your local supermarket and take note of what you see employees doing, Target, Walmart is by far the worst. Here in Colorado I went to multiple WalMart locations at the request of some of my readers to view in utter amazement of just how poorly employees are being trained with regards for the proper procedures to wear a face mask and gloves. 

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I began my journey at the beginning of the week and stopped into a few King Soopers here in town, what I saw were employee’s not wearing the masks correctly, some kept pulling them up and down, touching their faces then touching consumer goods, many did not change gloves after handling cash then moving onto the next customer.  What made this even worse is that for the Kings Soopers I visited they offered no clear plastic screen in between the customer and the store clerk during checkout. At one of them I witnessed employees walking out the side door to their car presumably on break to eat, pull the mask down, eat over the mask then pull it back over their mouth and nose and head back into work. 


Target was somewhat better, the employee’s seemed to understand the concept of once you are on shift and your mask is on, you need to leave it on. However, in the parking lot for those that were gathering the carts I witnessed the removal of masks in between pulling carts together, touching their faces with gloved hands, then off to move more carts. 


The worst locations to visit were WalMart, I actually emailed them and offered to for free hold a training class for the majority of the Colorado locations on how to wear PPE. What I witnessed at each store both sickened me but really made me worry about whether or not WalMart cares for their customers much less their employees. At almost every store, employee after employee would fidget with the face masks, touch their faces, body, one gal was itching her armpit before moving her mask back up then went back to stocking consumer grocery items. At one of the hot food counters I saw an employee pull his mask off, stick his head into the hot food grill to pull out some chick while talking to a customer. Several employees who were stocking had the masks all the way pulled down or halfway down, one store in particular was the absolute worst, I went back just to see if the WalMart Corporate office had spoken to them after my message a couple of days ago. They in fact had not. This morning I saw an elderly man monitoring those that were leaving pull his mask down and cough into the air without properly covering his face as customers walked past. That store allows employees to keep drinks and snacks at the check out where I have watched clerks pull the mask down, take a drink, then fidget to pull the mask back up, not change gloves and go right back to handling consumer goods. 

All three stores seemed to lack training in terms of socially distancing. At Walmart this morning when I went back to check, I saw a group of WalMart employees around 6 at the least in a group outside of the exit happily screwing around, some had the mask on, some did not. A customer who was walking in behind me mentioned it loudly as we entered the store as he was in shock. While I understand in some cases due to the nature of shopping, social distancing is not feasible however, wearing the PPE at all times while on shift without touching it, pulling it halfway down, off, and changing gloves is very feasible. 

For the most part, I would not suggest in most cases with the exception of WalMart, that employees are taking this as a joke, they seem pretty serious about it, they are just lacking training. 




Whole Foods, Sprouts and Safeway get an A+. Employees seem to be properly trained, and are not seen moving the mask on and off while on shift, they clean everything constantly, change gloves when they need to so kudos to them. 

The moral here is that if states, cities and municipalities require the general public to wear face masks, I would challenge them to go to the retail shops and grocery stores we shop at and ensure that the employees of those stores are in fact wearing their PPE correctly at all times, ensure that those employees are properly trained and start taking wearing the PPE serious, and who let’s your employee eat and drink food at the checkouts, WalMart needs to knock that shit right off. 

Cristal M Clark

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Walmart, Male Employee Sexually Harasses, Threatens Female Customer


Walmart – Low Prices, Low Wages, No Morals – Ever

By: Cristal M Clark

Walmart is not unique in terms of the merchandise it offers, what makes the retail giant unique are both the customer experience and the employee experience, and those employees seem to be able to turn a simple shopping trip into a blood filled nightmare.


Walmart by far takes the top spot with terrible customer and employee reviews, hands down. When an organization makes the lives of its employees miserable and/or they hire and retain some of the worst, most unhappy, hateful, lazy, and dangerous individuals that they can find, it tends to make for a bad customer experience.


It’s like a marriage that should have never, ever happened, both parties are miserable but can’t seem to file for a divorce.

Walmart by the way has never gone out of its way to address many of the millions of complaints from both it’s customers and it’s employees. Ever.


It’s Walmarts way of letting everyone know that they have deep enough pockets that we can all go kindly fuck ourselves because they don’t care.

Walmart’s Start: a man by the name of Sam Walton who built on an unshakeable foundation: the lowest prices anytime, anywhere. Also to employ the lowest form of employee, the type that they could take advantage of, exploit and abuse. On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton opens the first store in Rogers, Arkansas. The Walton family owns 24 stores, ringing up $12.7 million in sales.

Yesterday, I am sitting in my office working away on something when one of my closest friends who is like a sister to me  stops over and tells me what happened to her daughter the day before at a Walmart here in Colorado.


According to her daughter who happens to be one the most kind individuals I have ever met in my life, she had stopped into Walmart to pick up some odds and ends while at lunch, as she was looking at some gloves a male employee creepily engages in contact with her. She sent a text which detailed the odd encounter; “Just had the most awkward and creepy encounter at walmart. I was grabbing some cheap gloves and this old man worker came over to me and was like ‘are you trying to say that it’s cold out?’ and then basically kept talking to me for like 10 minutes about the weather and how he was a survival guide back in the day and how girls don’t know how to dress for warmth, that our clothes are just to look pretty and blah, blah. Eventually, I was like well I’ve got some more stuff to grab and need to get back to work. And I said see you around and no joke he responded with ‘you’ll see me in your nightmares’ and he was akwardly liking his lips the whole time. I have no words, why the fuck would you say that??? I’m never going back to walmart he’s definitely a serial killer.”

I was shocked and said something like “should we go over to the store and have a conversation with this man?”

Another situation where male employee’s view women as pretty little things, we are so helpless and can’t fucking possibly figure out how to dress for the weather, only this one just upped the ante and outright basically threatened to kidnap, rape and possibly murder a woman? Who thinks this type of behavior is okay?


I’m not sure if anyone bothered to watch the State of the Union on Tuesday, if you did, you might have noticed the sea of women, in white. Women are taking back our power, and I make absolutely no apologies when I hear of a man in the workplace mistreating women in any capacity, whether it is a coworker or be it a customer, I will publicize it because organizations who employ men like this need to be held accountable for allowing such vulgar behavior, it would not be happening if hadn’t of been ignored by the organization long before I write about it.

This is not only unacceptable, for most it is scary to hear that from a store employee who could, make up a reason to keep you at the store, such as inform security he thinks you are shoplifting, have you held in a locked office waiting for police, obtain your ID and get your address, follow you to your motorized transport and kill you in the very parking lot of the store.

And yes, my initial thought was to head to the store, find the man who threatened my friends daughter and confront him. I am not having that behavior at all. My friend called the store and spoke to a manager by the name of Stephanie who didn’t really seem to care, she said she’d talk to the man.

Well Stephanie, I don’t like your lackadaisical attitude about the situation so here we are. This is serious because that male employee made a veiled threat to a female customer. It was not simply a joke in poor taste.  

I did reach out to Walmart’s corporate office for an official response, they have not yet responded, I will update this should they respond but it’s my guess that they do in fact condone the ill advised behavior.


To be brutally honest, do you think the retail Giant Target would allow for this to happen? Not at all, at Target the employee would have been fired on the spot.

It’s a sad day when women have to think about our own safety when simply shopping at our local WalMart because the threat, it’s not waiting for us outside, it’s from the male employees that are on the inside.

Thanks Walmart!

Cristal M Clark

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