White Supremacist Groups and Extremists Geared Up for Trump Loss

Groups Have Been Training for Civil Unrest in the Event Trump Losses

Cristal M Clark 

Over the weekend Trump supporters took to highways creating road blocks, standing outside of polling places in an effort to intimidate voters and now, reports have been surfacing that indicate US Supremacist and Extremist groups have been training for all out war should Trump lose the election, in fact some are all but sure that Trump will lose, so they intend to react violently. Now we saw the leader of the Proud Boys threaten civil war a few weeks back now more and more intel is surfacing of some real threats that could soon be coming our way. 

Here in Denver, our law enforcement agencies are gearing up and getting a little extra help from the State Patrol to help patrol downtown. In fact the message that was sent out today was very clear that if you are out and starting trouble, rioting, becoming violent, pandemic or not you will go to jail. 

These reports should trouble and concern every citizen in the US, namely because the fucking FBI is seemingly allowing the threat of home grown terrorism but more so because these groups have been gearing up for this, for some time and, I am not talking days either. 

According to our friends over at BuzzFeed, The Patriot Front is preparing for civil conflict as they believe that the president’s defeat on election day is inevitable. The group has amassed hundreds of members around the US since its inception after the aftermath of the Charlottesville far-right riots. 

Sadly the group’s preparations were revealed in a cache of hundreds of messages exchanged between members in an encrypted messaging app, “In logs of the chats, all from this year, around 280 members of the group discuss grandiose goals,  creating a white ethnostate from the existing United States.”

This lackluster group of individuals wants to deport all immigrants, blacks, and jews. They want a country of just whites. How white that goes, I have no idea. What is truly mind boggling is that the messages show a sophisticated network of extremists who are recruiting and training for extreme violence. The group idolizes Hitler, they believe the United States is a nation that belongs only to white people (clearly an uneducated group), wear uniforms made up of bomber jackets, face coverings, and beige khakis, mandate weight loss and intense workouts, and regularly practice hand-to-hand combat.

This country for the record does not in fact, belong to white men, white men invaded this country, raped, robbed and pillaged in an effort to steal the country from Native American’s, who are the rightful fucking owners of this country. 

“It does not matter what people personally believe about the election,” wrote the group’s leader Thomas Rousseau.

“Casting a ballot is a submissive gesture to legitimise tyranny. It is fundamentally amoral. It is done as an insult to the nation’s cause and the organisation.” 

A group of homegrown terrorists is what these men are. Terrorists. I recall years ago I wrote about terrorist groups here in the US and the comment that I made is certainly ringing through this year, the threat of terrorism is not coming from abroad, it’s already here, it was born here, raised here and has been training here, for years. 

Donald J Trump is a narcissist who supports these groups, he encourages the violent behavior. IF he loses we will see the worst out of this president, more so than every before, for he will in fact encourage all out war.

US readers and friends, stay safe over the next few days, our ride could be pretty interesting indeed. 

Cristal M Clark


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REvil – Terrorist Hacking Group Has Dirt on Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Dirty Laundry Emails – Sold

Cristal M Clark 

REvil also known as Sodinukai has managed to successfully hack a celebrity New York law firm and the hackers are claiming that they have dirt on US President Donald Trump. 

The group has threatened Trump with publishing what they say are damaging emails should they not receive a ransom of $42 million. Just chump change right?

REvil has long been considered a terrorist group, they have a long and vibrant history of cyber attacks, earlier this year they hit UK’s Travelx who subsequently paid a $2.3 million ransom. 

The group locks down systems, and then they exfiltrate data before encrypting it and use this as leverage to facilitate ransom payment. For those that refuse to pay up, the hackers publish documents from the stolen haul, just like when Tesla, SpaceX and Lockheed Martin got hit in an attack by a different group against a parts supplier earlier this year.

The FBI has for the first time every dubbed the ransom attack as a direct act of terrorism and REvil did not really care for being dubbed terrorists: “We read the position of the authorities. Declare this an act of terrorism. Your position is your choice. This will not affect our work in any way. It’s just that it can completely erase certain frames that we still observed. But now is not about that. Mr. Lawyer says that Donald has never been their client. And he says that we are bluffing. Oh well. The first part, with the most harmless information, we will post here.” And of course they did keep their word and published 169 harmless emails that mention Trump in one way or another. 

In a new ransom note rant, the criminals said that they will in no uncertain terms “auction customer data every week,” in last name order on a dark web trading site. “This data will be bought either by the stars themselves, or various media and blackmail them then, or simply kind people with good intentions. We do not care. The main thing is we will get the money,” they vowed.

Then they took it a step further, the group taunted the FBI and its ability to “decipher elliptic cryptography,” referring to them as idiots. The REvil gang says it will “have fun watching with popcorn.”

The ransom note ends with the following warning to President Trump himself: “I would hurry up. In the place of your competitor, I would buy all the data and put it right at the start of the election. That would be fun. But you can get ahead of him.”

The reality is, what do they really have on the president? Could be a lot and it more than likely is nothing. Threatening the US president does not sit well with the Department of Justice, it entices them to hunt those in the group down and bring them to the United States for prosecution. I did however find the threat to Trump himself a rather bit hilarious, Joe Biden is not going to pay for any of the stolen goods on Trump and if he did, he would not know what to do with it, CNN on the other hand, they might be willing to pay for the stolen data just to get any dirt on Trump that they can.

The hackers have said that someone paid them for the stolen data however and not a soul knows who purchased the data much less what they intend on doing with the stolen data. 

Cristal M Clark


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Wait, Offering to Murder President Trump?


Whose up for a little game of Murder Donald Trump?

I have to admit, that while I am not Donald Trump’s biggest fan, in fact I could really go for an old-fashioned impeaching here, suggesting or offering to murder the president is a wee bit much for me.


That’s a pill that I am not willing to support or even consider swallowing.

US agents, are already seeking a Kentucky man for posting death threats against the President back in June on Facebook of all places.

In the past year since the violence in the Charlottesville riots, the left has gotten to a point where they are becoming a real concern.


They have threatened to harm/kill Trump Officials, ICE agents, Boarder Control, police officers, children.

Even a former Bernie Saunders staffer took the chance to open fire on a group of Republican congressmen who were practicing baseball.


This past Sunday which marked the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville riots, the progressives, anarchists and black bloc thugs decided to get together and collectively and quite openly threaten to Murder President Donald Trump – On Camera!


The group is lovingly called Antifa.

Some would argue that the group is traditionally made up of the mistreated, repressed, held down and under privileged and the group does stand against the Neo Nazis/white supremacy.

But…Let’s be honest here.


Violence begets violence.


If you are not tolerant of the Neo Nazis, you are a hypocrite for making your own threats of violence against specific types individuals, groups, races or people who share a common belief in something.


Period and end of story.

These threats from Antifa from this past weekend, should have everyone concerned.

Especially when those threats target the President of the United States.

The reality is, it also makes that cause less worth listening to or paying attention to.

How can anyone take them seriously?

The point they are driving home for me is that since they are not getting their way, they are going to threaten to or actually behave violently in an effort just to prove a point.

They just want what they want or else, they will make serious threats of violence which will escalate into actual acts of violence.

That is not a guess it is inevitable.

No war was ever truly won once you get to the bottom of things.

Each side that participated lost far more than they ever gained, not to mention that war is usually brought on because one side or the other wants something, in other words some form of greed or one or more sides of that war want to control something.

Being an ever-evolving species should we not be evolving away from the likes of violence whenever possible?

We are attempting to evolve here, at least for many.

Sadly, that cannot be said for all.

And I get it, Trump is the lying, cheating, racist, hateful, womanizing, bigot, running the United States into the ground, turning the White House into a trailer park full of trash, and filled the swamp with more scum than we could ever handle and the man responsible for ruining our relationships with other nations and countries.

Got it, that is duly noted.

Still, the same, by offering to kill The President, threatening violence, spreading hate, the world who is watching us, sees us as exactly like the man some are now delightfully offering to murder.

If you support that, then you are also, no better than President Trump.

When one makes threats to harm someone and people show support for that, you are basically advertising that you are all for violence, mayhem and murder so long as it is getting you and the masses precisely what it is that you want.

Groups like this much like a terrorist group are pushing their own beliefs on us all or they will kill for them.

Tell me why in the hell we would want to stop the Mexican Cartels? I mean they are all for the violence and death they cause because, it is getting them what they want.

The same could be said for IS, the Taliban and all other terrorist groups, because they are just another group killing in order to get what it is that they want after all.

If you support groups like Antifa then you cannot very well condemn the cartels or any of the many terrorist groups around.

And all of this killing started with mere threats to do so from the Cartels, the terrorist groups.

They all kill in the name of getting simply what it is that they want and the cold hard facts about that are, they each started the killing, by killing their own prior to taking it to a worldwide level.

In short, is Antifa not just another terrorist group?


Under the 2001 USA Patriot Act, domestic terrorism is defined as “activities that (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the U.S. or of any state; (B) appear to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.”


Yes, FBI I am looking your way, get them on a terror group list now rather wait until they do something really stupid here.

Oh, wait yes, I see we have to wait for them to actually start killing Americans who do not share in their beliefs.

Sorry Mr. President but not even a threat or offer to murder you by a group of individuals who want to force others to stand with them or die can get them the coveted title of “terrorist group,” until someone is killed.

If these guys want to fight for something fight for the right to run for office and do a better job than Trump is, undo his ugliness or support someone who believes the opposite of Trump and his kind rather than grow the hate and violence.

So, the idiot award of the week actually goes to Antifa, for showing us all that you are not an evolving species but rather a group of children who suffer from anger management issues because you are not getting what you want.


Cristal M Clark

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United States Response to Terror


More irrational thinking

How the US government confronts terrorism: refusing to understand the threats that confront us by describing such attacks in the least offensive way thus downplaying what they really are?

We are targets, everywhere we go is a target, we are an even better target when we are somewhere that has zero security.

We have had masses of people calling to close the border, stop letting people in, no more refugees. And while all of that may be warranted, the sad truth is and I have said this so many times before as have a great many others, stop worrying about who is coming in, the terrorists are already here.  

We must stop downplaying such attacks, call them what they are and start realizing that to stop them, and we need to give our government the ability and tools it needs in an effort to do that.

I have in the past stated quite openly that I support the United States Government having access to encrypted data and devices access to servers, browsing info and wiretaps if necessary that are all warrantless. Usually it prompts an outpouring of hate mail after each article.

I have even suggested some of the most strict oversight, rules, protocol and accountability if we the people were to consider allowing all of these things.

Still I was met with backlash of angry readers and what they don’t realize is that I honestly value the argument and completely understand it.

In turn, just because I can, I also try to publish stories for my readers that highlight the United States Government’s efforts to gain access to encrypted devices, data, networks and browsing history without a warrant for some if not all of what they want to access. 

I have to play devils advocate at times and point out that our government at times, misuses its power to gain what it wants, doesn’t properly offer protocols, rules and oversight and basically ignores the public it serves while at the same time feeling they don’t owe us an answer for anything they choose to do.

And its all done under the pretense that it is in our best interest. So I do take the time to point that out because like it or not, that is not the world we live in today. Our leaders and elected officials have an old school way of thinking and it is not in line with today’s world, let alone today’s mindset.

If they want access to something, they need to explain why, to all of us that they serve and represent. They need to offer accountability and guarantees that they are not going to misuse or abuse that golden ticket.

They also need to guarantee that whatever, if we ever allowed access to all of these things that they would guard it better than they guard the intel that keeps leaking from the NSA.

Even when I don’t fully support our government’s attempts at accessing any data or device I still get some angry readers responding.

Each side of the debate has issues, wants and needs and we are still not hearing each other.

Once again, the media jumped to conclusions this past weekend, they reported speculation as fact, stressed that they were not calling these terrorist attacks and again turned the events of this past weekend into a media circus that seemed put together more for “entertainment” purposes instead of to inform the public.  

Soft Targets are the new target. I’ve hinted at this multiple times in past articles and tidbits that I have posted. Terrorists are no longer seeking out hard targets, soft targets are the new trend, they have replaced hard targets.

We cannot assume that we are safe anywhere. 

We have taken freedom and our ability to live in the land of the free for granted.

We assume that our government is always going to be able to stop the bad. That too is an old mindset that has no place in today’s world.

It makes no difference when it comes to a terrorist attack whether one is home grown or has gained entry into a country from afar these days. These attacks which all bear similarities at the end of the day, are happening worldwide, not just here in America.

So what can we do?

Here’s the thing about about mass surveillance and access to encrypted data, devices, networks and browsing history, sometimes if given the chance to stop something or prevent an attack, it’s all needed.

It is time to sit down and have a serious discussion about our government’s ability to access encrypted data and devices, to have access to browser history, networks and to conduct mass surveillance when it’s warranted and when the proper protocols and oversight can be put into place.

I know that some of the folks that are against this are going to argue that Ahmad Khan Rahami’s father did go to the FBI and report concerns about him and terrorism back in 2014. I’ll give you that, fair enough.

What many don’t realize is that sometimes law enforcement, even the FBI need a little more than hearsay to do much about it. They could have watched him day in and day out for months and not seen anything, how were they know what he was emailing, texting or browsing?

If it didn’t look the guy was up to much, they can’t sit on him forever. They don’t have enough staff for that. But we still want to point fingers and blame so the FBI is going to get a little backlash for this.

Those are the rules that we the public insisted on and have in turn imposed upon our government. No access, to anything. If you need something on the guy, try pulling it out of thin air.

We live in a very technologically connected world today, everything we do is connected to our phones, our laptops, our tablets and even our watches.

Terrorists, mass shooters, etc. They do happen to live in today’s world too, they aren’t exactly 50 years behind the rest of us. So they too have just as much of a technologically connected life as the rest of us.

Consider this, a lot of terrorists will use the dark web for communication to arrange coordinated attacks when they don’t live near one another. Most average, everyday run of the mill american citizens can’t figure out how to use then navigate the dark web.

If law enforcement had the ability to to be able to access browsing history, encrypted communications, maybe they could have prevented all of this.


I don’t know if allowing access would actually stop any attacks in the future, the government doesn’t know, hell not one of us can guarantee it, but wouldn’t anyone like to find out? Just because it’s not a guarantee wouldn’t anyone like to have the chance, at least one or two?

It is time to have this discussion with regards to government access to “stuff”, a honest, well thought out discussion with the right players, not just suits in our government doing what they feel is in our best interest.

If having such access could stop just one attack it more than proves why it’s needed but first we need to allow it to find out if that will work in conjunction to other efforts. 

Cristal M Clark

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