Woman Faked Own Death After Scamming $300,000 from the VA Health Care System

Beckley, West Virginia

Cristal M Clark 

One 43-year old Julie M. Wheeler came up with quite an elaborate scheme all in an attempt to get out of facing the punishment for scamming roughly $300,000 from the VA Health Care System.

Julie had previously pleaded guilty on Feb. 11 to defrauding the Department of Veterans Affairs Spina Bifida Health Care Benefits Program. According to court records, she had overbilled as a caregiver for a family member, identified as K.L for an extended period of time.

Julie’s company JRW Homecare Support Services, charged the VA-approved rate of $736 per day to provide full-time care to K.L., including bathing, grooming, feeding and other support. Ahh but here is the problem, it would seem that Julie did not actually provide the care she billed for during the time in which she billed it. You see Julie admitted to the VA and the FBI that she inflated the rate and quality of care for said patient. 

She submitted claims to the VA stating that she provided care for K.L. eight hours a day, seven days a week, from October 2016 to April 2018 at the full daily rate of $736 a day. Her admission of guilt was corroborated by other witnesses who provided statements that Wheeler did not provide eight hours of daily care. Sadly she also acknowledged that her conduct had deprived her family member of services, according to the release. Sadly, K.L, who really did have spina bifida, has since died, officials said.

But why face the music when you can just fake your own death, you see this where Julie stepped even further over that fine line of breaking the law. 

On May 31, Julie Wheeler and other family members staged her fall from the Grandview State Park overlook, a popular state park in Raleigh County, West Virginia. 

Naturally, this intel led to an extensive search effort in the New River Gorge by state, federal and local authorities, assisted by numerous volunteers, which turned up nothing. 

Now Julie, not being the brightest bulb in the box, was located days later at her umm own home. Yes in her own home and hiding in a closet. Like who the hell runs from authorities by running home and hiding in a closet, like the cops would never think to check the closet. Now Julie has been handed down sentence enhancements for obstruction of justice. Anyway, Julie’s husband, Rodney has now been charged with felony and misdemeanor charges including conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, false emergency reporting and willful disruption of a governmental process.  

These two, complete idiots. 

U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart: “Absolutely despicable. Wheeler’s egregious fraud scheme denied much needed spina bifida care for her own sister while she fleeced the Veteran’s Administration of almost $300,000, then she faked her own disappearance to evade sentencing, risking the lives and resources of first responders and emergency personnel. Outrageous. Terribly tragic case all around.”

Julie is in fact headed to prison, 42 months in prison and restitution of $289,055.07 and supervised release for 3 years. Her husband has yet to be sentenced. 

Cristal M Clark


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U.S. The Department of Veterans Affairs


Not Helping US Veterans – Ever Really


In yet another damaging recent report it was discovered the US Department of Veterans Affairs has once again fumbled doing its job.

And to be fair, the VA has a fairly long and rich history of not helping US Veterans. The VA hospitals are a complete and utter joke, veterans get ridiculously shitty health benefits from the program that costs US Tax Payers Millions.


Those millions however do not go to helping veterans, they are actually lining the pockets of those abusing the very system that is here to and designed to care for our veterans.

This week’s report details how the department incorrectly processed hundreds of claims related to military sexual trauma, last year.

That resulted in the denial of benefits to those that really needed them.

The Reason for the breakdown?

The department failed, yes failed to actually follow its own procedure with regards to processing the reports and claims.

Nice, nice.


They call it incomplete processing, I beg to differ and will refer to it as it really is, incompetent processing done by the incompetent.

While the VA welcomes the Inspector General’s oversight and feedback, they are still doing very little to make up for the years and years of letting this system fail completely.

It is time to either fix it or re-do it and those in any position to make decisions for the VA currently, they need to removed and replaced by non-greedy, compassionate, competent individuals who are willing to take on a job that is to care for our nation’s veterans without demanding an exorbitant paycheck all while not caring for our nations veterans.

This week’s award for idiot of the week goes out to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for continually letting our nations veterans down and leaving them out in the cold.


Cristal M Clark

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