Selfish Twat Trump Uses Motorcade For Photo-Op

Donald J Trump Worse Than Doctors Report to Media 

Cristal M Clark 

Well our selfish cunt of a president here in the United States took the opportunity to leave quarantine, use his motorcade for a motorcade today. Yes you read that right, he used a fucking motorcade to go on a car ride just for the selfish sake of a photo-op today. 

What an absolute selfish cunt. 

To make matters worse however, Trump happens to be on some of the strongest drugs to treat his covid, one of which is a powerful steroid which is not great for older individuals as it makes them act crazy. And here you all thought we’d seen Trump’s craziest of crazy right? Well get ready for worse because some of the side effects of the steroids are something along the lines of a bipolar.  

Trump could be using his time whilst sick making things better for instance, encouraging face masking, social distancing, etc. No, instead he is playing political theater here. 

In the long run, Trump will pull through he is getting the best medical treatment anyone will receive in this country, but the we have two scary outcomes we’ll need to face are, he will survive and then play the virus off as no big deal still thus endangering the lives of average american’s who would not receive the same level of medical care the president does. But he will make out to be no big deal and that is dangerous. 

Second, some survivors of the virus face health issues long after surviving the virus not to mention, memory loss, kidney issues, heart issues, vision issues and the like. We don’t know how bad off Trump is but given the medications that he is on currently happen to point to him being far worse off than he is allowing doctors to report to the public. 

He is a very irresponsible president, his behavior is irresponsible and puts lives at risk. Trump only cares about himself, his image and getting reelected so he doesn’t end up on the streets or in jail. 

Some people on social media don’t believe Trump has the virus, they think he is using this to get pity or to hype of how survivable the virus is so he can make it no big deal. 

I also know many people are hoping Trump dies, I’ve seen countless social media posts regarding this, personally I do not like the idea of wishing someone dead. I do hope he pulls through but I also hope he does the right thing. Instead of acting like a stupid diseased cunt, if he did the right thing here he would gain supporters, he should spend this time thinking about that. 

Cristal M Clark

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