Reddit – Up Next in The Russian Election Probe


Social Media and the Russian Election Investigation


As we all know, Twitter has had to meet with the Senate Intelligence Committee with regards to the huge Russian influence in the 2016 Presidential Election, now Facebook is in the hot seat and looking forward and onward, it appears that the investigation is leaning towards Reddit next.


And just where is this intel coming from? Well a little bird who happens to be a representative of Sen. Mark Warner, the committee’s top ranking Democrat.

What is a surprise to me is that Reddit was not first on the list.

Reddit is not shy about who or what they are and they are for sure no strangers to controversy by any means, whatsoever. 

Reddit is after all one of the most popular if not most controversial websites one would peruse for meme’s (I find all of my favorite coffee meme’s on Reddit), but it’s also where viral stories tend to start.

Anonymous users are free to post and share quite a bit although Reddit does have rules, it’s still widely used to spread misinformation.

What’s more is that users take to forums to discuss those feelings, ideas and share input about what is going on in today’s government, which sometimes leads to misinformation being taken as actual fact.

Reddit however has made an honest effort to scale back on the misinformation as well as hate groups on the site which is actually commendable.

In February I believe it was, Reddit actually shut down a channel that was dedicated to a white supremacist group because of repeated violations of the terms of Reddit’s content policy.

Yet, it still doesn’t matter because hate groups tend to rise up and post where they can on the site still.



And that is the very problem with all of social media, since it’s free to signup and post content where do the social media giants draw the line?




Furthermore why should they be held accountable?

It is after all the end users choice to believe whatever he or she really wants to believe.

While I quite agree that hate speech and hate groups have no business on the sites spreading hate, misinformation and the like, at the end of the day, we cannot and should not expect these social media giants to police everything because the sites are free for you and I to use.

It’s all about you, I, my brother, my dad, the end users making a choice to read and believe in whatever.


Social Media Logotype Background


I still see hundreds of fake news stories, ad’s and the like on Twitter and Facebook (don’t even get me started on gab),  almost every single day.

At some point, the end user or in this case the end readers have to be held just as accountable for buying into the fake news, the misinformation, the fake ad’s, and everything else.

It makes me just a little sick to my stomach truth be known to see that as a result of all of the Russian meddling through social media, fake news stories, etc, that we are now looking at potential legislation.

Imposing such legislation is like telling these social media outlets, “You are responsible for the American voters who made the choice to believe in the fake news, the fake ads…”

And quite frankly that does not sit well with me at all.

The reason I feel so strongly about this?

I’ll share a secret with you here, I have had some of the worst, I mean worst relationships in my life, most of which left me as part of a person for a very long time.

I blamed my choice to remain in those relationships on anyone and everyone including everything that I could.

I never wanted to take accountability for staying in those relationships, let alone getting into them in the first place.

All of that changed when I was invited to look at a couple of cold cases, I learned that I was better at working with the dead (part of the reason I write a lot about politics) than I was at being part of interpersonal relationships.

So now, try being a man hitting on me, I have actually made chasing men away a rather unique hobby.

I am happier being single because now my only weakness is coffee.

The point behind that story, is that it’s a choice and blame, we all make choices and the only people that we can hold accountable for that, is ourselves.

We cannot blame the social media giants for what happened here, each reader could have done his or her own homework at any time, they simply made the choice not to, and asking social media giants to do that, well it creates a police state, one in which the US Government approves what I am allowed to read, what information I am allowed to see and so on.

It is not a good situation at all because it is opening doors I do not believe the american people, if they really understood it all, would all that happy with.

Cristal M Clark

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China Scolds Trump – Like a Parent Does a Child


Donald Trump – Stop Your ‘Emotional Venting’ on Twitter

In a shocking yet comical turn of events, China has elected to scold Trump with regards to his ‘emotional venting’ on Twitter.


Personally, I say Kudo’s to China, American’s are sick of it, we’ve heard that other countries are sick of it and it’s nice to finally see one of those other countries stand up and actually say something about it so openly and so very honestly.

The story goes a little something like this:

On Monday of this week, Xinhua, Beijing’s official news agency, published an editorial basically describing Trump’s childish Twitter habit as “emotional venting.”

That editorial as luck would have it was shared pretty widely on other Chinese news websites.

“Trump is quite a personality, and he likes to tweet, but emotional venting cannot become a guiding policy for solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula.” referring to the Korean Peninsula.

Now of course, the editorial was in direct response to Trump feeling the need to try to bully China to do more with regards to North Korea via Twitter last weekend where he suggested that China could easily solve the problem with North Korea.

Some would argue however, that Trump does have a point being that China is North Korea’s largest trading partner.

Beijing does in fact have some leverage over Pyongyang and they could ‘help’ get North Korea to the negotiating table.

If they wanted to of course. Nothing says that they have to do that.

They very well could have some pretty good reasons not to do that. Which I am guessing that our mainstream media and Trump have elected to not bother with getting all of the facts for or even with finding out why China is not using trade in an effort to get North Korea to the table talking.

Sometimes it’s best to ask the foreign country in question why they are not doing something in a private and discreet manner rather than offend them by Tweeting very publicly and openly, thus insulting said country.

This answers the third part of the equation, Trump doesn’t have any type of good approach that he can use with North Korea other than insult them via Twitter which I am more than sure is so very tempting for him, however I am guessing he has been “asked” to refrain from doing that.

Sure, Trump could elect to try to take out North Korea’s nuclear facilities, but the popular theory with regards to that is, that it would cause North Korea to retaliate against South Korea and Japan. Both of which are not good.

Trump could try sanctions which if I am not mistaken we are already utilizing to some extent, and well let’s just say it’s not really working like one would hope.

Lastly, he could try diplomacy but let’s be completely honest here, it’s Trump we are talking about, he is so not the guy who is cut out for that as he continues to show us. Even if he were to pick someone to do it for him, given some of his picks for staff…if it were me, I’d leave that one alone for now.

If we were to look back just a few weeks ago, on June 20th, Trump was praising China for their efforts in trying to work to get North Korea to agree to talks.

Then shortly thereafter it was learned that Chinese trade with North Korea pretty decently increased 37.4 percent within the 1st quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2016.

So naturally, the White House then retaliated by slapping sanctions on a Chinese bank, a Chinese company of some sort, and two Chinese individuals for their ties to North Korea, also back in June.

While that does not excuse China for not helping, it most certainly does very little so as to entice them to help. What’s more, what happens to the lost trade, anyone else going to step in and make up for it or…

So yes, it’s easy to just say things but the reality is that, negotiating trade and making it a form of punishment does carry economic repercussions, some good but, mostly bad.

China is looking out for China, as they should, as any other country in this world would if they found themselves in the very same shoes, on any given day.

Something Trump would do well to ponder before running off and Tweeting insults aimed other countries.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump vs James Comey – Again on Twitter

Donald Trump - vs- James-comey.-crime-Shop

“James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal!”

No sooner than he landed from his trip abroad to attend the G-20 Summit, did Donald Trump start taking to Twitter to once again start a pissing contest with the former Director of the FBI, James Comey.

Trump’s Tweet

“James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal!”

This time he accuses James of leaking classified information to the media. Of course this follows a new report that had just been released indicating that James did in fact, keep detailed memos about the conversations he and Trump had.  

According to a report by the Hill on Sunday evening, the FBI had determined that the 7 memos James had kept about his discussions with Trump, are government documents and the FBI labeled 4 of them to indicate that they contain “secret” or “confidential” intel.

Here’s is what the report does not say:

It does not actually say, as Trump suggests, insinuates or says, that James actually leaked any classified information but rather, that Congress is investigating whether James violated any FBI rules (Please note the key word here, “rules” which are not actual laws), by creating, storing or sharing his memos.

Which as luck would have it, do in fact detail the pair’s conversations over the investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia.

Let’s also not forget that James had already admitted in testimony before a Senate committee in June that he did in fact ask a friend to leak one of the memos.

That memo just so happened to say that Trump had asked him to drop the probe into former national security adviser Mike Flynn’s ties to Russia. Which was quite possibly just another case of “locker room talk.”


James being of far more superior intelligence and grace, and having a moral compass, simply elected to make note of said “locker room talk.”

And at that time, it’s very important to know and realize that James did not believe or think that particular memo would have been labeled as a Government document let alone in any way shape or form, classified, secret or confidential intel.

“I understood this to be my recollection recorded of my conversation with the president. As a private citizen, I thought it important to get it out,” James told the committee.

And In all reality, as a private citizen, let alone the director of the FBI, he had a duty to report that information.

Putin-Trolls-Donald-Trump-Crime- Shop

The problem is, that once again just like while he was on the campaign trail, Trump’s word’s have swung back and hit him right in the face.

He doesn’t seem to enjoy that much but he should certainly get quite used to it, because it will keep happening.  

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Department of Justice – Shut Down by Federal Judge?


U.S. Department of Justice Vs. Twitter


Twitter would really like to be able to tell us the exact number of secret orders they receive and the DOJ just doesn’t want to be on board with that.

So Twitter being the proactive type took matters to a Federal Courtroom and they won so far.

As luck would have it, a federal judge in California has decided to allow Twitter’s lawsuit against the attorney general’s office to go forward.

The biggest question in my mind here is why in the hell would Twitter even have to file a lawsuit simply because they want to be transparent and honest?


Well, because the DOJ has an issue with Twitter’s effort to remain loyal to it’s users by being totally up front, transparent and honest with them not to mention Federal Law currently actually does not allow for them to be that honest.

Here is the issue at hand:

Twitter has argued that, just as it has been precise in other areas of its transparency report, they should be allowed to say just exactly or precisely how many national security orders it has received from American authorities.

Which, federal law actually prohibits:

The social media giant is only allowed to describe those numbers in pretty vague and unclear ranges, such as “0 to 499,” and “500 to 999,”  etc.

Lawyers for Twitter say that this law constitutes a violation of the company’s First Amendment rights and is “prior restraint,” a concept of blocking legitimate speech before it is uttered. Which happens to be a very clearly accurate argument.

And the DOJ’s argument?

Attorneys from the Department of Justice claimed in a hearing in federal court in Oakland, California, earlier this year that if Twitter is allowed to specifically say how many national security orders it has received, potential adversaries could somehow use that number to inflict harm.

Which is a pathetic argument at best, I mean let’s be honest with all of our nations top level super secret cyber-weaponry, malware, and the like just walking out of our nation’s intelligence agencies front doors, what is, exactly/precisely the harm in knowing specifically how many national security orders Twitter receives? I mean how on earth are any potential adversaries going to use that intel?

Luckily a federal judge in California saw through the DOJ’s paper thin argument and has decided to allow Twitter’s lawsuit against the attorney general’s office to go forward. The Judge rejected arguments that the social media giant should not be allowed to be precise in its transparency reports when describing how it responds to the government’s requests for user data.

Either way, I am glad that Twitter has stepped up and is actually doing something about this ridiculous federal law that prohibits them from simply being completely transparent and honest with it’s users when it comes to requests national security orders.

Cristal M Clark

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James Comey – breaking all the rules by having a Twitter account?

Federal Bureau of Investigation – James Comey -Twitter

Earlier this week as I was enjoying my time off I noted a slew of stories about a reporter who claims to have uncovered the FBI Director James Comey’s Twitter account.

After the initial announcement hit, story after story followed in what would appear as shock and awe over the fact that James even has a Twitter account.

I sat back stumped over the ordeal in shock myself but not because James has any social media account, I was more shocked that the media played it up so much. I’ve often pointed out that those in law enforcement, are after all, human beings pretty much like the rest of us so what is the big deal over James having a Twitter account or any other form of social media?

The big deal is smoke and mirrors, it must have been a slower than usual news week. He isn’t breaking any rules, up to and including rules that have to do with national security. He maintains social media accounts to keep in touch with family and loved ones.

Big deal, so he is like the majority of the world in that respect.

So as the story goes at a dinner James made an off the cusp remark that he does in fact maintain secret social media accounts and as luck would have it, one of those accounts happens to have 9 followers that are relatives of his.

While some have referred to it as being great sleuthing, I see it more as cyber stalking, Gizmodo’s Ashley Feinberg took it upon herself to unmask and reveal to the world Director James Comey’s twitter account or rather what she thinks is his twitter account. And as further luck would have it, she did in fact reveal his Twitter name.

The picture she painted about how she was able to find the account is reminiscent of what stalkers in the past have done to find my hidden accounts on social media.

I’ll refrain from publishing the name of the said account, I mean after all it could very well be his personal account, what gets me is that the media seems to feel that it is okay to cyber stalk the Director of the FBI and label it “sleuthing.”

By all accounts it is a form of stalking and very much in poor taste. It could be labeled criminal because for no other reason it is ripe with malicious intent.

To humiliate, to prove a point to the intended victim, to reveal personal information about the victim without the consent of the victim, either way that you look at it, it was a move based on some very poor judgement and shows how completely low the media will go just to prove a point in a rather ugly way.

It is a disgusting attempt at reporting on something that is not even news worthy.

Way to go to Gizmodo’s Ashley Feinberg.Cristal M Clark

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Social Media Giants – to finally bed with Big Pharma?


Facebook – Twitter

Guess who wants to get into bed with social media giants Facebook and Twitter and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Russian hackers.


Big Pharma would like for you to start seeing ads for medications appear in your news feeds on Twitter and Facebook.  Or should I use the term “drug therapies” which is how big pharma is trying to re-brand itself.

Big Pharma spent over $6 billion on marketing and promotions for the year 2015 and they want us to believe they are about anything else other than creating disease, addiction and dependents?


Has Big Pharma not been on Facebook or Twitter, do the employees of Big Pharma not have these social media accounts?

I ask because overwhelmingly users of the social media giants are statistically more anti-big pharma than pro big pharma.

Big Pharma is also eyeing Pinterest, because as the Ad agency AbelsonTaylor puts it, “its users are mostly women, and women make most health care decisions in their households.”

So women are easily deceived is the message I get from that. More likely to buy into the BS…the list could go on and on here.

The issues that Big Pharma faces are number one, using ad agencies, stop using them, because they obviously have not paid attention to what Tweets, posts and pins have to say about how users really feel about Big Pharma and two, as it turns out, the FDA may not be too keen on the idea of Big Pharma appearing in a feed near you.

The reason being is that not all of the appropriate warning information would be available for users to read.

Social media is not the place for Big Pharma, I don’t even believe that TV, Radio or Print is the place for Big Pharma.

It says loudly and clearly that truly it’s about the money and not patient care. I am all for having options and knowing about different prescription meds, but I don’t want to see commercials about them.

I can find the information about “treatment” options all on my own.

Commercials glorify the outcome of each drug they advertise.

Rarely in looking at long term issues do the commercials address the destruction of the heart, liver kidneys and lungs which were caused by the use of the said prescription drugs.  

You take one pill then you have to take another to address the issues caused by the first pill, then you’ll find yourself having to take yet another to address more issues and so on.

Besides Big Pharma is very much in the business to create the need for users to continue to take the medications that they offer, not cure whatever affliction it is that one might have.

I know that Big Pharma has deep pockets and would pay top dollar to our beloved social media giants just to have shot at the chance to appear in our feeds.

I just hope that social media giants understand the users better than Big Pharma does and no matter how tempting the $$$ sounds, respectively decline allowing for Big Pharma to advertise using social media.

Even if they don’t, we as users still have the option to block the content like we currently have. I do it with all ads on all of my social media and I do use ABP for everything else.

The brain is like a sponge, the public craves information, sometimes yes to the point of overload, the point is, in today’s world the public is becoming more and more educated…

Soon, gone will be the days of pulling the wool over the sheep’s eyes…

Cristal M Clark

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FBI now using Dataminr to monitor social media


More specifically, Twitter

Which is kind of odd when you think about the fact that Twitter seems to be going through a slow yet impending death.


Dataminr is advertised as able to turn social media posts into actionable alerts. “Dataminr transforms the Twitter stream and other public datasets into actionable alerts, providing must-know information in real-time for clients in Finance, the Public Sector, News, Corporate Security and Crisis Management.”

Many, many people are against big brother having the ability to see what we are saying on social media. The ACLU in fact, has taken issue with that very issue with the Denver, Colorado Police Department, as well as other departments throughout the US.


Twitter did revoke API access to Geofeedia earlier this year which is what the Denver Police Department was using.

Access was revoked because it violated a clause in Twitter’s Developer Agreement, which forbids using the provided data to “investigate, track or surveil Twitter’s users.”

Now before everyone goes wild here and starts protesting or suing the FBI, keep in mind that terrorists use Twitter pretty heavily, as well as other social media.

Not to mention that the Developer Agreement was always meant more for those seeking to buy and sell user information for marketing purposes and not specifically to prevent law enforcement from utilizing tools that would help with crime prevention.

On the other hand, users of social media, the ACLU and many other organizations fear that law enforcement will utilize these types of tools in an effort to profile specific races, which brings the idea of “stop and frisk,” to social media.

I usually tell people, when you are not paying for the ability use social media, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, GAB, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, technically you are not protected under any privacy act therefore, you should have zero expectation of guaranteed privacy while posting. Period.

Generally I do suggest law enforcement utilize tools that allow for them to monitor social media so as to prevent crime and/or death.

Sure you can report posts to whichever social media site you are on but the reality is it’s not always monitored and by the time someone gets to it it could be too late.

Posting anything online where anyone could potentially see it is a lot like being on stage or in the middle of the street yelling out for the world to hear whatever it is that you have to say.

When someone chooses to be so open with comments, statements or idea’s, where anyone can hear or see them, it makes no realistic sense to try to stop law enforcement from seeing it.

The biggest question would be, is it fair or just to try to stop law enforcement from utilizing tools such as Dataminr and Geofeedia because we assume or fear that they will use them to to racially profile or is it that we just don’t want law enforcement to see what we post online?

Maybe a little of both?

Would it change the overall opinion if law enforcement could show that having such tools helped them prevent or solve just one major crime?

Cristal M Clark

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Edward Snowden Tweets Dead Man’s Switch to followers

 edward snowden - thecrimeshop

The silence of Edward Snowden

On August 5, 2016 Edward Snowden tweeted a very odd message to his followers.

Telling followers it’s time, followed by 64 characters of code.


The tweet was quickly deleted but it has not stopped conspiracy theorists from taking to social media, many of which think he has either been captured by the US or killed therefore many suspect that the 64 character tweet was in fact, a dead man’s switch.

A dead man’s switch is a message set up to be automatically sent if the holder of the account does not perform a regular check-in or tweet or post etc. It is well known that Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks has a dead man’s switch which is his insurance policy should anything happen to him.

A great many suspect that in Edward Snowden’s case, his dead man switch could very well be the key to encrypted files he had stolen from the United States Government.

It is widely known that the information Edward Snowden released back in 2013 was just a tiny fraction of what he actually obtained when he left the USA.

Oddly reports have indicated that at least 8 torrent sites used for distributing large files were immediately taken offline after Edward Snowden’s odd tweets. Which suggest the distribution of files were being suppressed or slowed in some way. That only added to the speculation that Edward Snowden has been killed and that the key to his sensitive files has been released to those in the know, those that can release the information in those files to the world.

So far, nothing major has been released still, many feel that something huge is coming.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has worked extensively with Edward Snowden claims the whistleblower is “fine,” but has refused give any further information on his safety.

A bitcoin subreddit user tests the key:

A bitcoin user who goes by the name Bobanaut tested the 64 character tweet as a private key hash on the bitcoin blockchain, which traced to transactions between two addresses on Sunday. The first transaction logged was in the amount of 0.000911 BTC, suggesting that Edward Snowden was using the cryptocurrency to convey a cryptic 911 distress signal.

While others pointed out the statistical impossibility that the 64-character hex code used by Snowden could be an unintentional hash in a bitcoin transaction.

Edward Snowden’s normally active twitter feed has gone silent since these two tweets were sent on August 5th.

To his fans and followers the silence is deafening.

Cristal M Clark


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Who Killed Amy Renee Mihaljevic


Amy was just 10 years old when she was kidnapped October 27th, 1989 from the Bay Square shopping center in Bay Village, Ohio.  

Amy loved horses and spent quite a bit of time at Holly Hills farms riding a horse named Razzle, in fact she enjoyed many of the same things kids her age do, television, pizza, spending time with friends.  Her brother describes her as a spitfire, outgoing, she had two best friends, the Kristens.

She was bright, cheerful, smart and loved.

She was found February 8, 1990 facedown in a field off of route 1811 Ruggles Township in rural Ashland County, Ohio. She had been hit in the head with a blunt object, stabbed in the neck and quite possibly sexually assaulted.

Kidnapped in broad daylight from a busy shopping plaza right across the street from the police station. Even more strange a detective who was a Rookie at the time Amy disappeared was assigned to her school and spoke to her class about child safety the very same day that she was taken.

Fifth grader Amy was usually out of school around 2pm, which meant she was at home alone at least an hour prior to her brother Jason who was in seventh grade at the time. Obviously, her abductor knew that otherwise he never would have called her.

About a week before Amy disappeared she received a phone call from a man who claimed to work with her mother. The call according to investigators went something like this “I work with your mother, she just got a promotion. If you’d like, I can meet you after school and help you pick out a present for her, you can have a present to. Just don’t tell anyone about this, let’s not ruin the surprise.”

Margaret, Amy’s mother worked for the Tradin Times in 1989 selling classified ad’s. She had not been promoted. What’s more is that Amy disobeyed the caller and told her friends about the call and the plan. She told them when she would be meeting this man not one of them knew, on Friday of that week. No one thought it odd at the time so no one said a word about it to an adult. Amy also fibbed and told her mother that she had to stay late that day for Choir tryouts.

A witness recalls seeing Amy outside of the Baskin-Robbins at the town shopping plaza around 2:45pm and hearing a man’s voice calling for Amy.

Jason, Amy’s older brother arrived home around 3pm or shortly thereafter and called his mother to report that Amy was not yet home which worried Amy’s mother so she started to pack up and leave work. Just as she was leaving Amy called her, the call was short, according to Amy’s mother, Amy sounded like she wanted to get off the phone.  Margaret didn’t like the way the call went, something about it bothered her so she went home.

Jason, Amy’s brother had planned to be in the plaza that day as well. He had a coupon for a free Birthday ice cream cone, but left the area when he spotted a group of boys who used to pick on him. Her brother has lived with this guilt since the day she went missing.  

That evening Amy was reported missing and by the next morning the FBI was working the case.

For those of you that are parents hopefully that account as detailed as I could get it from research makes you stop reading this for the moment and talk to your kids about strangers, and not just about them talking to strangers, but if they should hear about a friend making plans with a stranger…encourage them to talk to you always without and without fear,  let them know that it is ok to tell you anything!

Whoever murdered Amy took some items for a keepsake:

  1. Green-Horse Head Earrings
  2. White Nylon Windbreaker
  3. Leather Boots that laced up the front
  4. A Black Binder with “Best in Class” written on a gold snap on the cover
  5. Blue Denim Book Bag with Red Piping

Amy had gold colored fibers on her body, and it looked as if she had been sexually assaulted as blood was found in her underwear, as well as what appeared to be DNA.

At the time FBI profilers suggested that whoever did this would have shown signs of stress leading up to or after the incident and maybe around the time of the discovery of her body. They also said this person may have suddenly found religion, start drinking heavily, they might have lost or gained weight drastically, their physical appearance might have changed drastically…

As the Investigation went on, investigators learned that several young girls from North Olmsted had received strange calls from a man informing them of a mother’s promotion and offering to meet with them to help shop for a gift.

The suspects:

images (1)

The list is not completed as the FBI has interviewed thousands of potential suspects. Below are the most talked about through the media.  

Dean Runkle:


I put Dean at the top of the list because he has been one of the most controversial of the suspects. Not only did the FBI name him as a suspect,  Author James Renner who wrote the book “Amy, My Search for Her Killer,”  stated that Dean should be at the top of the list which subsequently upset a great many current and former students, parents of the students and well an entire town. Never before has an author had so much negative backlash for naming a suspect.

Amy and all of the other girls who had received the strange phone calls had visited the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center where Dean was a volunteer. The Nature Center asked for the students to write down name, address and phone numbers.

Oddly enough it was reported that Dean was accused of writing love letters to a young male and gave the boy thousands of dollars. It is unclear what the cash was for. It is odd however that Dean would attempt to rape then murder a girl and then be into young boys. Although, some very perverse and extreme sexual predators have been known to be sexually aroused by both young male and young female sexual torture it’s questionable though as to whether or not they would act on both sexes as opposed to one over the other.

Other interesting tidbits about Dean :

  • A female student in Dean’s class that he was not fond of received a disturbing phone call where she was told that she would end up just like Amy. Dean taught at a local middle school at the time of Amy’s disappearance.
  • A key witness identified Dean in a photo lineup
  • Dean drove a gold colored Grand Prix or Grand Am which matched the vehicle description witnesses claimed to have seen Amy in the afternoon she disappeared.
  • He disappeared from 87-89, it’s been reported that he told everyone he was ill or dying. He returned to the area of Bay Village in 89. Guess he didn’t die.
  • It’s been said that he refused to update his teaching license when states started to require fingerprints in order to obtain one.

Kenneth Robert Stanton:


Kenneth was a serial molester of young girls before fleeing to Ohio in 89 a few months before Amy was kidnapped and murdered. Apparently, the only reason he is on the list is because his MO was sort of similar in that he would find out when the girls would be at home alone, gain their trust then enter the home.

Dr. Gregory Kapela:


His daughter took riding lessons at Holly Hill Farms where Amy did.

He was accused of writing a love letter to an 11 year old girl who resembled Amy and asked her if he could be her boyfriend.

It’s been reported that he would take the girls soccer team that he coached on trips to Canada and sleep in the same room as some of the young girls.

Shawn Tabellion aka Shawn Dusky:


He worked the horse stables and had been kicked out of working Senoj Stables for tickling young girls. He also raped a 12 year old girl in Washington State in 1983.

Sam Tillerman (no image available):

His former business partner called James Renner and told him that Sam had some sort of nervous breakdown around the time Amy’s body had been discovered.

He also told James that Sam was a dead ringer for the composite sketch the police released.

Dr. Frank Vokoun (no image available):

A local dentist who was known to hit on young girls and he fled the country shortly after Amy’s abduction.  It’s been reported that he had asked his family to keep him posted on the news about Amy.

Robert Jones (no image available):

He showed up at Amy’s memorial and reportedly handed her mother $1000 cash.

He was known to stand in front of his window naked as young girls passed by his home. The house he lived in and owned in 89 somehow managed to catch fire and burn down. It was ruled arson. While in Cleveland police watched him sit outside of schools and watch girls go to class. They obtained a search warrant for his home but after it was given to the FBI nothing happened.

Last but not least although not named, it was reported that he taught math at the same school Amy attended and was known to transfer student information to index cards and take them home. He also lied about being questioned by police and FBI. Not the worst thing in the world.

The FBI from what I understand has a top 25 list of suspects however, I am sure the list was much, much larger at the beginning. One thing that jumps right out at me is the unbelievable number of men who lived in, near and around this area who were accused of engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior towards young girls. So I am positive the FBI has had quite a time sorting this case out.

I do believe however the suspect was or is currently on the FBI list.

Here is what I see:

The killer dumped her and he dumped her face down. He did that for a reason.

Let’s look at Dean for a moment since he is the most debated of suspects, he had tons of former students who loved him and tons of former students who feared him. He was strict and orderly which would make it out of character for him to have disposed of Amy’s body like it was yet not so out of character for someone who let’s say never intended on actually killing her. 

The sketch does resemble him quite a bit, but it also resembles Sam according to former friends of his.

Dean did teach at the middle school and we know that the middle schools in this district were let out later than the grade schools. So the question I know for a fact investigators did ask was, was he at the school at the time the witness who claimed to have seen Amy in the plaza and heard a man call for her or not? Dean would have had a very short window of time to get from the school and to the plaza in order to abduct Amy if he did in fact leave right after classes were dismissed.

We would think that the answer would be key and a simple yes or no, but clearly it is not since he remains on the suspect list.

As to the other suspects, each has reason and motive as well as a history of sexually inappropriate behavior towards younger girls yet again, the obvious questions were either asked and a clear answer was never provided or the questions were never asked.

Both the crime and the method of disposal seem juvenile or not well planned and hurried despite the fact that the suspect took trophies. The killing itself seems a bit off for some reason to me and I am sensing that something did not go as planned as well.

The phone calls seem intriguing to me because the person who made the calls seemed to be doing a bit of homework prior to calling these girls. It was never reported that the families of any of the girls received hang-up calls prior to the girls who received these calls. That means quite simply that the person making the calls knew when the girls would be most likely to answer the phone. Additionally, Amy took the call after school, which again means that Dean should have been teaching a class at the time of the call.

That leaves us knowing that at least part of the crime was pretty well planned out, while other parts were not. For instance abducting the girl from a busy shopping plaza where both other kids and adults hung out after school and on a Friday. It’s pretty clear either the suspect thought that no one would recognize him or simply not notice him or…something else, which begs the question, why would a teacher and volunteer at the nature center risk everything to abduct a young girl? It’s not like he wouldn’t be noticed because his students either loved him or hated him the fact is, he was very well known in the community. In fact the media even did a cover story prior to Amy’s abduction about this teacher and his love of the Nature Center, his class etc.

For a man who is strict and likes organization Dean does not just jump out as a man who would arrange to meet and abduct a young girl from such a busy location.

Last but not least we know that the killer allowed Amy to call her mother. This is a simple yet not widely pointed out fact if we are to believe the witness in the plaza who states he saw Amy around 2:45pm when he heard a man calling her name. That means the perpetrator did in fact allow for Amy to call her mother after he was with Amy.

After that something did not go according to plan and things fell apart.

It is my firm belief that if the FBI were to re-profile the perpetrator they would find something new that would lead them to the actual killer of Amy.  Often times if we go back with the knowledge we have now we can learn a lot more about the crime and the killer. What we know about killers today is not the same as what we knew about them back in the 80’s. 

Additionally, they need to take another look at all of the statements made by everyone. Including the one’s about the phone calls made to other girls and gather an accurate timeline of when those calls were made. I don’t always trust statements made by witnesses off the bat, I usually find they are made in an attempt to help, witnesses don’t always state things the way they actually happened and often times compensate to fill in the gaps in memory. They fail to realize that it’s ok if they didn’t see every detail.

Sadly this case has always haunted me for one reason, Amy’s abduction could have been prevented. Too many witnesses claim to have seen her, she told friends about meeting the man. Her abduction and murder could have been prevented, bottom line.

Amy’s brother once described the town of Bay Village as the town that time forgot, it may be that to some but for some of us because of Amy Renee Mihaljevic, it’s the town we can’t quite forget.

Cristal M Clark


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