*Updated September 22, 2016 U.S. Department of Justice – Police stop shooting unarmed black men


Charlotte, NC – Tulsa, Oklahoma – Police Shooting Unarmed Citizens

Enough is enough


If anyone caught the footage of Terence Crutcher’s shooting from Friday in Tulsa, Oklahoma it was pretty disturbing. I watched it half a dozen times in disbelief of what I was seeing. I honestly could not believe it.

Terence who was a pastor had a stalled vehicle, he was unarmed and did not have a weapon in his SUV.

I’ve seen multiple headlines pop up with regards to why the police shot him, in fact one headline stated he was shot because the officer thought he was on PCP.

The cop who shot him backs that headline up…what the???

Is that what cops are trained to do these days? Shoot anyone you suspect is on drugs or is it just African Americans you think are on drugs?

I was left with a sense that I was watching predators circle the prey and then go in for the kill.

Imagine what he must have felt or thought in those last moments of his life.

Confused, not able to understand why he was being surrounded by police, not able to think clearly because he was trying to process what in the hell was going on, then he was shot and killed.

Was that necessary or does it prove the point that African American’s are trying so hard to get a across? In no way, shape or form am I saying that all police and all police departments are like this, I’ve said it before, I know they are not, but come on the guy was unarmed and confused or disoriented.

*Update – As of September 22, 2016 Officer Berry Shelby has been charged with Manslaughter for the senseless shooting of Terence. What’s more is that she has changed her story from she “thought he was on PCP” to she “thought he had a gun.”


Then we had the shooting from Chrarlotte, NC, where Keith Lamont Scott was waiting in his car for his son.  The police say that he was armed, his family says that he was not. We don’t know enough about that case to draw a solid conclusion, yet.

If things played out the same way that they did when police confronted and fatally shot Terence Crutcher, regardless of whether or not Keith Lamont Scott had a gun, it would be easy to better understand why or how Keith might not have complied with orders, trying to process what is happening, confused and disoriented about what was happening as multiple cops rushed him, circling around him like prey.

The Black Lives Matter Movement started back in 2012 over the shooting of Treyvon Martin. It grew with each shooting that happened after of unarmed African American males. They have asked for sweeping changes, some are a little outrageous but they ask and…

It seems like the U.S. Department of Justice and police departments nationwide are taking this back seat, we’ll fix it when something bad happens approach.

That is not good enough. It’s also not working.

I have heard countless stories of police treating African Americans differently than whites, in fact the director of the FBI mentioned it last year and more or less shrugged it off as if that’s just the way it is like it or not.

Well it’s not ok and people are pretty tired of seeing these shootings. Are officers no longer taught how to de-escalate and defuse intense situations or are we just shooting unarmed African American men these days because the officer “thinks” the guy is on PCP? Are officers taught to encircle a man not even a suspect at this point as if he is prey that they intend to kill?

I ask because point blank that is exactly what the Terence Crutcher video looks like.

I’ve stuck up for police and a lot of the shootings, I have come down pretty damn hard on the Black Lives Matter Movement because instead of peaceful protests they have gotten out of hand, they’ve made some pretty un-doable requests and I know deep down that not all police departments or cops are bad,  but enough is enough.

2012, since 2012 people have been begging for changes to be made and it’s not happening until someone is shot and killed. That individual didn’t have an investigation before being shot and killed, no one defended them or the actions he took or the way he behaved as he felt threatened by police, he was just killed.

Think about it, as a cop if you feel threatened you react, what do you think these citizens felt?


The Department of Justice has had enough time to study the issues both the police and the public face, they have had enough time to consider sweeping changes, they have also had enough time to implement those changes.

The problem with having the DOJ police it’s own is that it takes too long, they him-haw around, waste taxpayer dollars and the changes they choose to implement cost the taxpayers even more in the long run not to mention that some changes take years and years to implement.

Well, that isn’t the answer and it’s not good enough anymore.

If the United States Department of Justice can’t police it’s own as they so clearly have shown and put into place some positive changes and reform, then the United States Government needs to hand that project off to someone who will come in and make the sweeping changes that are so desperately needed where they are needed.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Department of Justice – Resorting to veiled threats…against the Kremlin?


Instead of resort to preventative measures

In light of the recent political hacks here in the U.S. today, 9/14/16, the Justice Department dropped a couple of hints that they do in fact, plan to hold Russia accountable for what is suspected to be a broad hacking campaign that has targeted U.S. political organizations and election databases.


Assistant Attorney General John Carlin said “You’ve seen us use it time and again, the message is clear: You are not safe because you are doing it under another nation’s flag. We can figure out who did it … and when we do, we’re committed to holding people accountable.”

True enough, we have seen it and heard it, over and over again. What we are more interested in seeing are preventative measures. Something along the lines of being proactive rather than reactive.

Both Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Assistant Attorney General John Carlin fell short of actually coming right out and saying they in fact knew that Russia was behind the recent hacks in today’s announcement.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch had this to say: “Whether you are a rogue hacker or a uniformed soldier, the shadowy corners of the internet will not provide respite for long. The light of our efforts is bright, the reach of our resolve is long. There literally is no hiding place.”


Yet, whomever these hackers are, they have still managed to be hiding, they are unnamed, they have no face for us to look upon, we don’t even really know where they reside, for all we know, the hacks could have all been inside jobs.

Information and access can both be bought and sold for a fairly reasonable price these days…

Assistant Attorney General John Carlin named Russia as one of the 4 main actors that have been involved in supporting hackers targeting the U.S., the other 3 are North Korea, Iran and China.

While it’s true that the U.S. has taken action against hackers with regards to hacks against Sony Pictures, financial institutions and U.S. companies. The action taken so far was against North Korea, Iran and China, nothing for Russia.


Russia has been suspected of the Democratic Party hacks, as well as for hacks into election systems in both Arizona and Illinois. The word on the street is, they did it in an effort to disrupt the November elections.

Forbes reported that Edward Snowden suspected Russia as being behind the leak over at the NSA last month, something I am personally convinced is part of an inside job, rather than Russia kicking down the air-gapped network doors of the NSA.

Right now Russia is also being accused of hacking the medical records of Olympic Athletes…

President Obama has not acknowledged that he believes Russia is behind the hacks either. At least not publicly.

In Fact, so far most Government officials have hesitated at pointing the blame to Russia and Russia has denied any involvement in the recent hacks.

All save for…

Senator John McCain-R Arizona who today subtly suggested that “Russia is conducting cyber-attacks to undermine American interests at every turn.”

It’s one thing to have irrefutable evidence against someone, it’s an entirely different thing to blame someone for something you cannot prove they did.

It’s unforgivable to place blame on a very public level…When you lack THE EVIDENCE to support that!

What’s that thing we tell all criminals in this country…oh help me out here, isn’t it something along the lines of, being innocent until proven guilty…

Don’t we also allow for defendants to ask for and receive a change of venue if they feel they will not get a fair trial where they were charged because so much media attention was placed on the case that they feel the public, their jury would not give them a fair shot?

Way to practice that public persecution thing here, we are publicly persecuting another country who the U.S. Government hasn’t proven did anything.

I keep seeing headlines suggesting what the U.S. might do should they discover Russia was behind the recent hacks.

What I am not seeing is what the U.S. plans to do if they learn that Russia in fact, had absolutely nothing to do with the recent hacks?

It matters not right now who is behind the hacks as far as the public is concerned, what matters is that our Government is taking steps to prevent future hacks while at the same time investigates what did happen without and this is important, casting blame on another country.

For a country that wants to be a world leader, be seen and known as a world leader, this blame game is not the move a progressive, forward thinking world leading country, would make.

Whether or not someone is hacking for the Russian Government, or it’s a lone hacker if it were me, I’d hold off on blaming anyone outright until I did have irrefutable proof.

While we are all focused on who did it, we are failing to see and realize these hacks clearly illustrate our inability as a nation to prevent cyber attacks.

These hacks illustrate our weakness when it comes to the cyber world.

Because of that, I wouldn’t want to risk rocking the boat without having proof to back up my accusations because until anyone can prove anything…we are still pretty vulnerable to yet another hack and/or cyber attack.  

From a still unknown and unnamed hacker or group of hackers.

Cristal M Clark

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