FBI Describes Speed of Criminal Activity Breathtaking Amid Covid-19


Coronavirus Offers Up a Plethora of New Criminal Activity

Cristal M Clark 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation seal is seen at FBI headquarters before a news conference by the FBI Director the inspector general's report in Washington

Although the headline is catchy I am not sure I would utilize the term breathtaking as opposed to downright frightening to describe the waves of new and improved criminal activity. The FBI yesterday warned that the public health and economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic are providing criminals with illicit opportunities at “breathtaking” speed. “Swindles, scams, and outright thefts are a regular feature of major disasters, the novel coronavirus has provided criminal opportunities on a scale likely to dwarf anything seen before. The speed at which criminals are devising and executing their schemes is truly breathtaking.”


Some of the criminal activity in connection with the pandemic ranges from sham treatments and vaccines to bogus investment opportunities in well, rather non-existent medical companies.

Some criminals have been busted for impersonating doctors demanding payment for treatments. Scammers have used websites and mobile apps to implant malware to steal financial and personal information. People are receiving phone calls from scammers pretending a loved one is in the hospital and are demanding money so the said loved one can receive treatment for Covid-19.

Other criminals have used COVID-19 as a lure to deploy ransomware for payments which the FBI derided as “homicidal in the midst of a global pandemic.”The criminals are also aiming at swindling funds from the economic relief fund. 

Covid-19_crimeshop - Edited

The FBI is working hard to shut down any and all of this type of illegal activity but you know as well as I do that they are not going to be able to keep up with it. In addition to all of that, a lot of extremist groups are spreading fear and misinformation in an attempt to overthrow the government and to cause chaos and pandemonium. 

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about these days. Stay safe everyone. 

Cristal M Clark

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FBI Expanding it’s Domestic Terrorism Focus 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation seal is seen at FBI headquarters before a news conference by the FBI Director the inspector general's report in Washington

Director Christopher Wray Dishes Dirt 

Cristal M Clark

In what some are calling absolute nonsense the usually quiet, FBI Director Christopher Wray has detailed to the House judiciary committee that the bureau has recently “changed our terminology as part of a broader reorganization of the way in which we categorize our domestic terrorism efforts.”


Which many of us will applaud because of the rise of white-supremacist terrorism. One of 4 categories included as part of the changes of domestic terrorism that the FBI confronts, Per Christopher Wray happens to be “abortion violent extremism.” Which means it doesn’t matter which side of abortion you stand on. 


And that is the part that is leaving some scratching their heads, unless you are in Colorado. On November 27, 2015 Robert  Robert Lewis Dear Jr walked into a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, opened fire injuring 9 individuals and killed 3 individuals. If you support, encourage and applaud that, you are in fact the type of individual who carries an extremist view. 

Between 1993 and today, anti-abortion activists murdered 11 people and attempted to kill another 26. 

Theodore-Schulman-crimeshop - Edited

Theodore Schulman on the other hand is the self proclaimed “first pro-choice terrorist.” He had a long history of making threats to those who do not support abortion up to and including threatening to kill someone in response to defendant Scott Roeder should he be found not guilty for the murder of abortion provider George Tiller. The murder by the way took place in the foyer of a Wichita church in 2009. 

The announcement of the abortion violent extremism did draw the ire of many critics who hesitated not, to mention that abortion related violence is and has been rare, which is true. However, Christopher had an answer for that: “Well, we’ve actually had a variety of kinds of violence under that, believe it or not.” And even if they do not have high enough documented numbers of that, one would be hard pressed to disagree with the fact extremism regardless of the belief or cause one passionately believes in is in fact on the rise. 

In 2017, the FBI distributed a brief “Abortion Extremism Reference Guide” at a counter-terrorism training for local law enforcement, listing “pro-choice extremists” as a group of domestic terrorists. The document, first reported by Jezebel, claimed that these extremists “believe it is their moral duty to protect those who provide or receive abortion services.”

Now they have expanded that view to include both sides of the equation which would be the correct move. 

Christopher did admit that abortion extremism is only a small fraction of terrorism cases it deals with while “the top threat of domestic terrorism comes from racially and/or ethnically motivated violent extremists.”

It’s been reported that about half of the terrorism cases the FBI has been looking at concern anti-government extremism (we can all thank Donald for that one) and another 40% concern racist terrorism. Around 85 cases are of violence motivated by animal rights, ecological degradation, abortion and then the miscellaneous cases.

Not that many of you get to see this much but in my line of work, I have met, heard from and spoken to quite a few extremists, what I can tell you is that for the most part these individuals can be frightening, the things they believe, the idea’s they have. The FBI adding abortion extremism is a logical way of thinking, extremist views and thoughts can and eventually do translate into some type of extremist action or behavior at some point or another. 

Cristal M Clark

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Former F.B.I. Director Wants an End to the Trump Presidency


James Comey

Cristal M Clark 

The man a lot of people think caused the Trump presidency is now vowing to help end it. I don’t blame him, I mean you have to be pretty damn stupid to want to continue with more of the Trump show in 2020. 


James Comey was never one to want to be thrust into the spotlight however since 2016 he has more often than not found himself squarely in it. He is actually doing quite well despite having been fired, he is actually making more money these days. 

IMG_2260 - Edited

He is also not much of a fan of Donald Trump, nor is Trump of James. Yet James seems to have a calmness about him about it all. He has been watching Trump rip apart every single foundation that made this country and as with most of us, Trump and his ideals, his followers, well those are the things nightmares are made of. Sometimes, even daymares. 

James Comey really doesn’t like having a Twitter account as media reports state, I doubt even Obama loves having one, but the reality is that people need and want them both to have Twitter accounts. Sometimes those of us little people need to be reminded of what real leadership is about so that we do not start to lose faith in a system that has been ravaged, pillaged, raped and torn apart by our current President. 


Despite the fact that many believe James Comey all but handed Trump the Presidency, James has a huge following. I include myself in that following. The reality is that Trump had already won the Presidency, many of us watched the numbers and wrote about it in the months and weeks leading up to the election. It was an inevitable given. James didn’t do that, I lived in Florida during the election, I heard and spoke with many of his supporters. This year I went to Pennsylvania and spoke to a different breed of his supporters, James Comey did not win him the election. 

James Comey is still a very highly respected man within the FBI, some agents joined the FBI because of that man. When James tweets, it is often powerful and thought provoking. 

Lately it’s been reported that he wants to help ensure that Trump does not see another 4 years in the White House which has been turned into a meth trailer park since Trump’s arrival. 

Yet James is unsure of what to do, feeling helpless. 

Well James, welcome to the club. 

Trump’s base can be divided into two very clear types of individuals, those that do not want the same A-Typical politician type in office believing that career politicians are out of touch with the working class, they do not understand us or our needs etc. 

trump-not-fit-for-office-crimeshop - Edited

The other half are more your white supremacist types. They also however, do not want a career politician in office for the same reason the other side doesn’t yet the white supremacists want to hold back women, blacks, hispanics, and take us back to something like the 1950’s era where white men rule. 

We cannot change any of those individuals, we know that Trump’s base will ignore the truth even when it’s proven and still support him. 

So we need to better understand them instead of simply labeling them and then we need to work those that are running against Trump. 

Those are the people who need to change so that they can effectively change the mind of the voter and gain the trust of all of Trump’s base. 

The other huge advantage for anyone running against Trump has is our younger generations and those that were born in mine. Our sheer numbers outnumber Trump’s base and the majority of us do not agree with his policies, his sexism, racism and we just want a mentally ill, unbalanced and unhinged man sitting in the Oval office. 

The problem is, since Trump got into office people have lost faith in our voting system, younger generations do not fully understand it, how it works, much less how important it is to actually vote. 

We also do not want another old white man in the Oval office, so sorry Joe and Bernie. Many have lost faith in our political world, law enforcement, pretty much that Make America Great Again slogan, is and has been anything but that. 

Our Allies no longer trust us, we don’t even trust us. 

So we need to work with those that are running against Trump, we need them to gain the confidence of the voter and its more than just promising to do this or that. For anyone running against Trump, when they say they are going to change something and promise that in a debate they need to back it up with a clear plan on how they can accomplish whatever it is. 

It’s all so easy to say isn’t it? 

The problem is that the world, the United States are split, we are split here, people are suffering and hurting in ways not a single politician running for office currently has even bothered to address let alone open his or her eyes to actually see. 


Because they do not understand it, Trump has capitalized on it, he has acknowledged it, forget what you see on CNN and hit one of his rallies, he knows the suffering, he speaks to it, he simply points the cause of it to things like race, immigration, strict EPA laws, holding the wealthy back, and the like. 

He is clever, and he can speak to the suffering in the US in order to gain support. He knows the pain, he feels deeply the  pain and suffering in this country because he actually hears his supporters and can articulate what they are saying back to them in the form of promises that speak to his base. He can blame a problem on something like immigration, and make a promise thus gaining support. 


No one currently running is doing that. They are gaining support off of hope and only that. That is not enough because Trump can take that in a matter of seconds. 

So, James Comey what can any of us do here? We want to help and change it, the reality is that we are not running for office and Trump no matter how twisted and fucked up he truly is, he knows how to hear which is different from listening and he knows how to feed into what he hears. 

Cristal M Clark

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FBI Cracking Down on Hate Groups


Homicidal Neo-Nazi Guerrilla Organizations

Cristal M Clark 

If you are part of a homicidal Neo-Nazi Guerrilla Organization, you may want to think twice about your membership in said organization or at the very least not yet paid your dues because the FBI is taking notice of the hate-filled and often times violent filled rhetoric and they are simply not having it. 



An FBI investigation of Atomwaffen Division, proved fruitful and netted the arrest of 2 members of its illustrious Virginia cell which included one senior level member and one active-duty, yes active-duty soldier who belongs to an offshoot group.

Despite the FBI having been investigating the group and its offshoots since 2017, the FBI has been even more keenly interested in this hate groups since the spring of 2018. The group itself however was founded in 2016 by Brandon Russell, a young member of the Florida National Guard, who had a distaste for life in general. A hate filled radical young man with a pretty large chip on his shoulder. 


Atomwaffen Division is a secretive, nihilistic (rejecting all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless), guerrilla organization that seeks the violent overthrow of the United States government and produces homegrown terrorists such as the likes of the Oklahoma City bomber, one Timothy McVeigh. 

It follows the writings of National Socialist Liberation Front veteran James Mason and also incorporates Satanism and the occult in its internal ideology. 

The investigation is all thanks to the rising concern over right-wing terrorism, and the danger it poses to the United States and her citizens. 

In August the arrest of Conor Climo, a former Army combat engineer and security guard where he was charged with planning attacks on a synagogue and a bar with a largely LGBT clientele, and then the Sept. 21 arrest of 24-year old Jarrett William Smith, an Army soldier stationed in Kansas who is charged with sharing viable bomb-making instructions online and strategizing an attack on Beto O’Rourke, CNN’s New York headquarters, and Antifa activists. 

The investigation shows that Conor was affiliated with Atomwaffen Division and its offshoot, Feuerkrieg Division, while Jarrett Smith claimed membership in Feuerkrieg, and according to an account on the messaging platform Telegram that was oh you know directly tired to Jarrett in court papers.

Terrorist attacks in our United States just last year were in fact, connected to far-right ideology. Mass shootings this year in Southern California and El Paso, Texas, were allegedly carried out by perpetrators who shared in far-right and racist beliefs.

The beliefs of these groups. 

Beliefs that no longer have a place in our great nation let alone the world. 

Now that the FBI has taken notice it is only a matter of time before either all hell breaks lose or the FBI dismantles the group and its affiliates once and for all. And these terrorists, well they are not going to go down without a fight now that they know the FBI is coming for them.

Cristal M Clark

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Dear Criminals, Please Stop Hiding Behind Encrypted Devices or Else


Sincerely ~ Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray

Cristal M Clark

FBI Director Christopher Wray who is not a man of many words, at least publicly thus far had quite a bit to say today at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.


Law Enforcement as a whole has had quite a time of dealing with criminals and encrypted devices/data because they cannot just force someone to unlock the device and allow for them to have access to the data stored on it or in a cloud server. What’s more is that in some cases, the devices come equipped with what is known as a “kill switch,” too many unauthorized attempts to access a device using the wrong password and the data is destroyed, likewise a failed login at a specific time can be built into the device and accomplish the same thing.  

For law enforcement, that isn’t ideal.


Christopher Wray had this to say today; “It can’t be a sustainable end state for there to be an entirely unfettered space that’s utterly beyond law enforcement for criminals to hide, we have to figure out a way to deal with this problem.”

Christopher is not entirely out of line here and I know that not everyone likes the idea of law enforcement being able to access anyone’s device or data without a warrant, yet in some criminal cases law enforcement’s ability to effectively solve then prosecute a case they would need that access and they would need it relatively quickly.

We have all seen the stories, software is sold both legally and illegally that can bypass most encrypted devices, hackers offer their services as well, the problem in the United States is that the masses, well they aren’t too keen on any of that, at all as it turns out. It’s a rather bit of a timeless tail, we do not want to enable law enforcement to do its job by allowing for them to have the tools to do that job, unless of course something happened that personally affected us in some way, horrifically, then we are all for law enforcement using whatever means necessary to solve the crime, right?

The problem with that argument is simple, you cannot enjoy both of, two desirable but mutually exclusive alternatives.


Understandably so, Christopher did not offer up any ideas or solutions either, what could he suggest after all? It’s either allow for law enforcement to legally access encrypted devices/data legally, allow for them to utilize illegal means to gain access or give them ability to monitor and intercept before a crime is ever committed.   

As it stands currently, tech giants are more often than not unwilling to just unlock a device for law enforcement and in some cases the desired information has already been wiped from the device or was simply never stored on it.

So it is questionable in some cases as to whether or not having access to an encrypted device/data is actually of a benefit.

Cristal M Clark

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Federal Agents –  “He Could Be The Next Mass Shooter”


New Braunfels, Texas – Benjamin Bogard

Cristal M Clark

Benjamin Bogard, aged 20 and a member of the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division made a video advocating going across the country looking for minorities, Mexicans, women “anything that is shit,” was taken into custody on child-pornography charges after federal agents were a little concerned that Benjamin might be our next mass shooter. He sounds just delightful does he not?


And the Feds, well they were not all that wrong here, given the right opportunity or the wrong moment in time, Benjamin would have murdered eventually and that is a fact.

In one of his videos which he ends with a Nazi salute;

“Pull out your shotgun, get to the side of the road, pump that shit open, point it at them and pull that trigger.”

Now just where did law enforcement discover Benjamin’s hate filled video’s, that promote violence?


Why, Instagram of course! I mean that is where one goes to post videos of themselves encouraging violence against women, minorities, Mexicans, “anything that is shit.” But the Fed’s did not agree and well they asked a Judge to not grant Benjamin bail to which the Judge agreed to oblige, considering that Benjamin is seemingly unbalanced and quite frankly dangerous.

According to the criminal complaint against Jeremy, the FBI received a tip about him in early November, someone called a police hotline to report his social-media posts “involving domestic terroristic threats that included threats of mass violence.”

The FBI interviewed Benjamin at his home where he agreed to turn over his cell phone which upon review, revealed underage porn in both photographic and video form.

If you are not familiar with Atomwaffen, allow for me to acquaint you.

Atomwaffen members are no strangers to sexual offenses in particular offenses against children. The leader of the U.K.’s group, who runs by the name, Sonnenkrieg, had been questioned by police over alleged sex offenses with a teenage girl, according to BBC reports.

In Texas, John Cameron Denton who once led the group, went by the username “Rape” in internal chats.

And, some required reading for Atomwaffen members, describes graphic abuse and rape of children.

So I would agree, Benjamin really should not be allowed to be out and about roaming around.


During a hearing last week, Agents testified that Benjamin’s internet search history included phrases like “buildings to bomb,” instructions for building guns, images of Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who shot and killed nine worshippers at an African-American church in 2015. Neo-Nazis have worship Dylann Roof, often times threaten massacres in his name.


But, here is the cherry on the top, a FBI agent also testified that they had in fact, linked Benjamin to a Twitter user who said that his favorite part of a gun was “the part that kills 30 babies per trigger pull.”

The only Twitter user to make the comment also describes himself as a “future mass shooter,” in his biography.

Benjamin did admit to running the accounts, but tried to say that it was all just an online persona, that he never meant any of it, of course. Right, isn’t that exactly  what a man who beats a woman or child says when caught?

FBI agent Russell Doran testified that they decided to arrest Bogard on the pornography charge because it appeared he was “mobilizing to violence.”

Benjamin’s next hearing is 3/6/19.

Let’s just hope that he faces a long prison sentence just keep in mind that sometimes, the Neo-Nazi’s tend to run in packs once in the prison system and some come out even more prone to violence.

Cristal M Clark

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CIA Manages to Let Classified Records Slip Out The Door




Jerry Chun Shing Lee Arrested for Keeping Classified Records

Once again one of America’s spy agencies has managed to lose classified records.

I am not sure if I should be surprised or just laugh at this juncture, these agencies just cannot seem to keep classified information from slipping right out of the front door.


After Jerry left the CIA in 2012, he more or less kept classified intel that should not have left with him.


The FBI had obtained a warrant for ‘unknown’ (but a little bird told me it was because Jerry, was suspected of compromising Chinese Informants) reasons and searched his luggage at a hotel room after Jerry had flown with his family from Hong Kong to Northern Virginia.

Upon the search that was conducted for again, ‘unknown’  reasons the FBI found a couple of handwritten notes that may have contained the names and numbers of covert CIA employees and the locations of covert facilities.


Of course after the CIA looked into the situation and discovered that in fact, Jerry had intel that was both secret and top secret in nature.

Oddly, Jerry had been interviewed on 5 separate occasions prior to his arrest by the FBI and failed during each and every interview to disclose that he had these handwritten books.


Jerry was a case officer for the CIA from 1994-2007 where he was trained in surveillance detection, recruiting, handling assets, and the handling of classified information (which he learned well considering his arrest), and he worked at several overseas offices.

Jerry has not been charged with espionage, he has only been charged with illegal retention of documents.

Again, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not Jerry had any intention of using the information in order to turn a profit regardless of the fact that he is suspected of compromising informants, he has not been proven guilty yet.
Then Again, maybe he did because perhaps his retirement plan was a little too lean for his comfort level.

Cristal M Clark

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FBI Director James Comey -the right leader for the FBI?


or not?

It has been quite a week for FBI Director James Comey, the news headlines where a bit overwhelming to see, you literally had to dig for any real news stories that did not have a mention of him in them.

What perplexed me the most were the accusations, he has been accused of interfering with the elections, he and how he runs the FBI have been compared to J. Edgar Hoover, it’s been said that he is now at odds with the DOJ, it has also been said that he has been politically tainted, headlines that tell us how many days we are from the election and we still don’t know what James Comey’s next move is, how he has so much love for Donald Trump, which might also be why the agency as a whole is predominantly white and male…. The list is neverending.

By the way, the FBI was already pretty white and male long before James took over as its director, it was never something he could change overnight.

While it didn’t shock the world that some agents and director Comey were at odds over how the Clinton email investigation was shaped, formed and handled, it is rather shocking how mainstream media took that inch and ran the beloved mile with it.

Usually, we find that those who have spoken to the media with such dispassion about his/her boss and how they handled things, making accusations, well they were never really that close to, in this case the investigation.

I said it last week, Director Comey never said officially that they were going to reopen the investigation into Clinton, I read the letter, it never said that, not at all.

What he did was keep his word to Congress in that, if something new came up, he would inform them and he did that.

He had to stand up to the increasing accusation of mishandling and internal turmoil from within the agency.

The media ran in every single direction and back before you could blink.

Yes he did it in a pretty public way, which I believe was his way of taking back some of the control that he lost through the investigation, the decision not to file charges. He had no choice but to let everyone know that the DOJ while, they can call some shots, ultimately, they don’t own the FBI or its director, neither does this or the next president.  

A few weeks ago I wrote about how Director Comey let us all down through the way that he handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton, not because he made the choice not to file charges but because he could have done a much better job at explaining the process. He claimed at the time that he released details about the investigation that it was in an effort to maintain transparency.

To allow for evidence to be destroyed without a proper discussion as to why, makes people believe that one has allowed for his investigation to be directed by others that were outside of it. And I am sure that he did take direction from others at times however, not one person outside of the investigation knows why, and that is key. It made it all to easy for everyone to assume a lot of things. 

Some of the evidence may have contained information about Hillary Clinton that was personal in nature, personal in that it was outside of her job at the time.

Still the same, because of her position in politics it did afford her some forms of privilege that the rest of us simply are never afforded.

That it is not the fault of the director of the FBI, that is the fault of voters who never support the vote for changes from within.

Either way…

I have serious doubt that the FBI as a whole is that deeply troubled, the director would do well to find out who is talking to the media and where his leaks are and get them under control. If you don’t like the job the boss has done, or disagree with it, it’s a private conversation and not one to be had through media outlets.

Besides, unless I am mistaken, I believe that every FBI building in the nation has exit signs clearly marked, if an agent is that unhappy, he or she might want to locate the nearest exit sign and take his or her leave from the agency.

So is James Brien Comey the right man for the job still? The right man to lead the FBI?

Although, he could learn to explain or state things in a more user friendly way at times, Director James Brien Comey is absolutely what the agency needs, he is the right man for the job of Director of the FBI.

Cristal M Clark

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FBI Director James Comey – takes on the police shooting epidemic

jc say what

If we even have one

So I have been saying for over a year now that I personally do not feel that we have this widespread, full blown issue with police who are racially bias or just shooting unarmed black men.

The news stories that we have seen represent a relatively smaller number, much smaller than everyone realizes.

And finally, it would seem that the director of the FBI has actually admitted to a group of police chiefs that we really don’t know if we have an issue or not.


Do we have issues in some communities? Absolutely, we do. We have seen the issues but, what we see on the news does not represent police nationwide in every single city or town.

Do police need to improve the relationship that they have with the communities they serve? Yes, even if the relationships are deemed good, they need to work to make them better. As people grow and change so do the communities police serve because people and communities are always changing. 

The one disagreement that I would have with James and the Department of Justice is that, it wouldn’t take a year or longer to gather the data needed and back track specifically just police shootings by race.

I detest when the government tells us how long, tedious, expensive and drawn out that gathering the intel would be. Most of us have to gather information including historical information on a daily basis.

All we use out here in the real world is this neat thing called a spreadsheet, maybe the FBI and the DOJ have heard of it, you can add things like pivot tables, graphs, charts and the like, and even better is that you have add a tab at the bottom that can be used for each state, city, municipality and through the use of formula’s the spreadsheets will actually do the math for you.spreadsheetsample-crimeshop

It’s amazing all of the data that you can put into something as simple as a spreadsheet.

The best part is, it’s not encrypted by Apple so the FBI shouldn’t have an issue accessing it or using it yet.

Then all the DOJ would need is the ability to make a phone call and request each city, town, municipality and state fill out his or her tab on the spreadsheet that they emailed them and well it’s cake from then on.

They don’t even need to hire additional staff for this task,  we’ve all seen the news reports about how cities, towns, states and the Federal Government employees are overpaid and waste time.

I mean at the end of the day, I worked for a city once and well the stories are sort of true. We even had a guy searching for his internet bride while at work, so it’s not like the government doesn’t already have an employee or two or a few who can gather the information and pop it into a spreadsheet.

You could purchase or have software made for this but to begin, everyone is really just looking for numbers by race here and maybe whether or not the police felt the suspect posed a threat. Maybe.

At any rate, the director made a statement with regards to police shootings that went something like “people who think there’s an epidemic of police shootings of black people aren’t well-informed.”

My response to that is, why wait to inform us. The history is in front of us now, put your money where your mouth is because it’s different when I tell people that I do not believe in this epidemic, I am a private citizen who does not work for the government, I do not have the authority to start pulling all of the needed data from police departments nationwide.

Trust me, if I had my hands on it, you would be seeing the numbers for the last 5 years today along with stats which tell you if the suspect was armed, running, appeared to be armed but wasn’t, drunk, high whatever,  instead of reading that if you think there’s an epidemic of police shootings of black people, you are not well informed.

The director of the FBI however does have access to the data now and he has the authority to get it now. Instead of working to gather the information over the last year he’s been working to try to convince police departments it is a good thing to track and share officer involved shootings and use of force with the DOJ…

This really is not rocket science so I am not sure why the DOJ has sold it that way…if they want to add fuel to the idea that maybe we are not looking at an epidemic, they should be backing that idea up with numbers instead of saying things like people are not well informed and “A small group of videos serve as an epidemic.”

Then again in the wake of agents who came out with issues regarding how the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email scandal…

The FBI and the DOJ will be heading into this with an already badly tarnished reputation and more trust issues than they had before where the public is concerned.

How do you play the game when you’ve already lost the trust of the public?

Right now all people want to see are the numbers, not the excuse for why that follow.

Cristal M Clark

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