Donald Trump – ‘Anti-Maskers-Aren’t True Americans’

No War Was Ever Fought for American Rights, Liberties or Freedoms – Except for One

Cristal M Clark 

Show of hands, who is sick and tired of anti-maskers, anti-social distancers utilizing some bullshit excuse such as but not limited to, “my rights, my freedom, my civil liberties?”

I have to wonder just how uneducated people are? Most of those fighting and mouthing off are my age, not younger adults. The Younger adults are just working off of misinformation with regards to the virus and how dangerous it really is. And I am forgiving of the younger generations on this one, look at all of the older generations setting such shining examples of what it is to be a true american. 

So let me break down a list of major wars for everyone:

The United States declared war on Britain in 1812. It did so because Britain refused to stop seizing American ships that traded with France—Britain’s enemy in Europe. Sometimes there were also seizures of American sailors. These seizures were known as impressment. Not for US rights, liberties or freedoms. 

The U.S. entered World War I because Germany embarked on a deadly gamble. Germany sank many American merchant ships around the British Isles which prompted the American entry into the war. Not for US rights, liberties or freedoms. 

World War LL – The war began with Nazi Germany’s attack on Poland in September 1939, the United States did not enter the war until after the Japanese bombed the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. Not for US rights, liberties or freedoms. 

The Vietnam War. The USA became involved in Vietnam because it feared the spread of communism. The USA were unable to defeat the Vietcong and were met with growing opposition to the war back home. Not for US rights, liberties or freedoms. 

In August 1990, Iraq invaded the country of Kuwait to its southeast in a bid to gain more control over the lucrative oil supply of the Middle East. In response, the United States and the UN Security Council demanded that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein withdraw Iraqi troops from Kuwait, but Hussein refused. Not for US rights, liberties or freedoms. 

The United States invasion of Afghanistan occurred after the September 11 attacks in late 2001 and was supported by close US allies. … Its public aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda and deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power. Not for US rights, liberties or freedoms. 

Not one of those wars were entered into so as to fight for the rights, liberties or freedoms of America or American’s. Overall it was either to support our allies and so as to ensure ultimately that we were not invaded by foreign enemies. 

The only war part of America entered into over rights, freedoms and liberties was in fact:

The American Civil War which was fought between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America, a collection of eleven southern states that left the Union in 1860 and 1861. The conflict began primarily as a result of the long-standing disagreement over the institution of slavery.

Hey Trump, read that one again before you defend the Confederate Flag. 

As to Civil Liberties:

Civil Liberties – The state of being subject only to laws established for the GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY especially with regard to freedom of action and speech. 

You know what the anti-maskers miss about civil liberties right, I think we all see that it is the ‘good of the community’ part. Only thinking of themselves. What is good for the community currently is to wear a face mask and to socially distance.

Soldiers fight for America, not rights, not liberties or freedoms, they fight foreign enemies, potential invaders who if they were to get footing on American soil –  would in fact destroy our country. 

The self proclaimed Wartime President as Trump puts it, “the virus is the enemy.”

Guess what, the virus, the enemy is on US SOIL and destroying our country, our rights, our freedoms because it’s a goddamn virus. 

Anti-Maskers are a huge part of why states are now rolling back openings or considering shutting down again. 

Anti-Maskers by default are simply Un-American because a true soldier would fight the enemy and in this case its by wearing a fucking mask rather than a bullet or a bomb. 

So I am going to say this loud and I am going to say it proudly, Anti-Maskers are anti-american, either shut up and wear a mask to help fight the enemy like a true soldier who loves his or her country or go find country that will afford you your pitiful, shellfish behavior. 

Cristal M Clark

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Microsoft reaffirms its Commitment to the Pentagon

The International Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Latest Gadgets

$480 Million Hard to Walk Away From

Cristal M Clark

In a world where most big tech companies turn down lucrative government contracts, Microsoft is leaping at the opportunity and has seemingly doubled down on its commitment to the Pentagon. That commitment just so happens to be a $480 million contract to build augmented reality technology for the United States Army.


That commitment has not gone over well with a group of employees at Microsoft who have urged the companies leaders to back out of the $480 million dollar contract. In an open letter to chief executive Satya Nadella and president Brad Smith, employees said the effort amounts to “weapons development” and they “refuse to create technology for warfare and oppression.”


Right, okay that is fair, do they need the jobs that they currently hold or…and technically, according to the contract, Microsoft would not be developing any weapon software or weapon technology, technically, what the contract is being used for is to aid our soldiers, not to kill but to survive. I am not sure about anyone else, but I prefer to see our soldiers come home up right and alive as opposed to in a flag draped casket. Sometimes the wars we are forced to fight are for a bigger humanitarian effort other than our individual personal beliefs.  

Despite a growing tension between tech companies and the national security sector here in the US Microsoft is offering some help at least.


The realities are that we are somewhat behind other foreign entities with regards to augmented reality technology, cyberweapons not to mention that some other countries are in fact, utilizing cybercriminals in addition to hired employees or militaries to create cyberwarfare technology and that includes augmented reality.

It is no secret that here in the United States, the Pentagon is several steps behind other countries and they face a really big problem in that they cannot seem to recruit anyone away from big tech companies to go to work for them, a problem that the Pentagon is not yet ready to face the realities of. So they have a limited number of options, hire criminals or beg, grovel and shell out major bank to get a tech company to help.

The risk to that is that they lose some semblance of control by outsourcing, one traitor on the inside can cause major issues long before they are caught doing so. The other risk is that technology is bought and sold for the right money, certain code or malware can be built into it, backdoors, that includes unfortunately technology that is  built exclusively for the pentagon.

The other issue is that Microsoft will seems to like to develop tech for the highest bidder, I believe the name of the game in terms of war or not is that you really want to be one step ahead of everyone else in the pack, hence does the Pentagon not want better toys than what Microsoft might also be selling to others?  Remember, outsourcing means one loses some of the control over what toys are sold and to whom.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told CNN last Monday that the company will in fact not,  “withhold technology” from democratic governments. Then, later in the day Microsoft debuted the HoloLens 2, the latest version of the company’s augmented reality headset, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Under the contract, Microsoft will provide up to 100,000 of its HoloLens headsets to the Army for use in military training and combat operations. The headsets would be outfitted with artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities which would provide troops with “increased lethality, mobility, and situational awareness.” By overlaying soldiers’ field of vision with an assortment of environmental data, the tech would help them more easily spot and engage with potential enemies. The headset would also merge “live and virtual environments” to allow soldiers on the ground to “train as they fight.”

Microsoft has repeatedly vowed to create technology for the military but the question remains for which military?

All of them or just that of the United States?


In October, Google took itself out of the running for the JEDI cloud contract, citing ethical issues and concerns in that it could not or would not meet the department’s security requirements. Then over the summer, the company also pulled out of a controversial military artificial intelligence program called Project Maven after employees raised concerns about the project’s lethal intentions.

Microsoft employees have voiced their opposition to both the JEDI program and a separate effort to provide cloud services for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement over the last year if not longer.

While others in the tech sector are distancing themselves from federal defense and national security efforts which is not good, Microsoft does not necessarily create the most superior tech in the field and by sticking with one player, it really does limit our militaries options.

Cristal M Clark

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Decorated Army Veteran Dies While Sheriff’s Deputies Laugh & Record His Death


Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

By: Cristal M Clark 

The story of this young man’s death honestly turns my stomach. I am so disgusted by the actions of the Sheriff’s office and it’s deputies that I felt compelled to raise awareness about our Veterans that are cast aside when they are done serving in the military.  

Yesterday I had an experience that really brought with it some painful memories. While out for a girls afternoon/night we were seated in an upscale establishment in Denver, talking when this woman whom we did not know started drunkenly informing everyone who would listen that she just bought a million dollar condo in a highrise near the establishment we are in. She goes on to tell us that she loves the area but the view of the homeless is awful she wondered loudly why the city of Denver doesn’t do enough to remove the blight so she doesn’t have to look at it every day. She then tells us that one of the homeless men outside her building is a veteran, her thought was that the Army should re-enlist this man, send him to war where he’ll die so she never has to see him again.

People who know me well, know that when I am irritated by someone a proper English accent dripping with an equal amount of proper English sarcasm slips from my lips in the classiest of ways.

I looked this horrid creature up and down and quite properly informed her that she is not fit to be part of the human race and ever so subtly suggested that she remove herself rather quickly from my presence to which she obliged.

For a smaller girl, I do hold my own quite well when pushed to do so. At this the entire establishment fell silent. Quite a few people thanked me which was odd for me to accept. So I explained to a group of individuals what prompted my response.


When I was a little girl my father and one of my uncles fought in Vietnam. Both came home from the war with demons, this is where I first learned that for every individual who serves in whatever branch of the military, the experience they have and what they bring back is different for each of them individually.  

My father was a hateful, mean abusive man, while my uncle who had always been a gentle soul came back with what we now know to be PTSD. He spent time self medicating but he was always so good to my brother and I, one of the family rumors was that my brother and I were what saved him from the mental anguish he had brought back with him because we were kids and full of life and happiness for some that can help with mental health issues. Years later he met the love of his life and everyone thought things were turning for the best for my uncle. He knew that we were being abused at home too. I remember the last Christmas I saw him, I was around 7 or 8, he pulled me aside and promised me that he would help get us away from the abuse.

A few days after that, the love of his life took her own life. He came home after work and found her hanging in the closet.

That one moment in time brought back all of the horrors of the war that my uncle had experienced, the darkness he kept at bay for a long time, it literally broke him.

My family told us that he choose to go away and it was not until a few years ago that I learned the truth.


My uncle and this is to that heartless cow from yesterday, died a homeless highly decorated Army Veteran here in in Denver. I spent years on weekends heading downtown trying to find my uncle until 7 years ago, I had always suspected he was living on the streets.


No one chooses to be mentally ill, or to have PTSD, no one. When I learned of my uncles death and the truth, I sat on a beach coming to terms with knowing my family abandoned him and I made a promise that I had in fact forgotten until yesterday, I would spend the rest of my life making sure that our veterans are not castaways after they serve. They will honored and no one will die like my uncle did.  


One of the men who was visibly touched by my story told me about a young man by the name of Bryan Perry, 31, who had served in the Iraq war and had been honorably discharged and had received a Purple Heart. Bryan came home different, he had PTSD and had been self medicating because our goddamn VA system is a broken piece of crap.


Bryan and his girlfriend had been arrested in November of 2016, both were visibly inebriated. They had been taking bath salts, heroin and meth. Again, I would like to remind my readers that people do not choose mental illness and when they start to self medicate it is more often than not something they have a hard time overcoming without the proper psychiatric help.  

Bryan was not acting right at all and three sheriff’s deputies watched this young man suffer and die all whilst they took some of the most disturbing video of his death that I have ever seen in my life. It’s online if you’d like to search for it, I will not share the link or post it here because it is completely disgusting and it breaks my heart to see it.

The deputies even made rude and snide comments while watching this young man, a war hero wither away and die right in front of them for over 4 hours.


What is most disturbing about this story is that Bryan died back in 2016, the sheriff’s office was able to keep the fact that he was a veteran from hitting the media as it should have.

Now they are passing the buck rather than take accountability. Blaming the jails medical staff who did not choose to record this decorated army veteran die.

The reason this is hitting the news now, is because Bryan’s family has filed a wrongful death suit, his death was wrong and it could have very much been prevented on multiple occasions.


Veterans are taking their lives at the doorstep of the VA, right in parking lots these days because the VA is not providing the proper mental health help. It’s been in the headlines recently.

So no it is no wonder that men like Bryan come home messed up and end up dead. We turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering these hero’s have witnessed and faced, what they come back with. We expect them to be superhuman and not have a single emotion, to just deal with all that they have seen.

They are human beings, like the rest of us, they are just as incapable of unseeing some of the horrors that they might have been subject to having witnessed.

What I would like to see is for our illustrious president to stop with this border wall bullshit and start taking steps to improve the lives of our military veterans when they are done serving. Improve the VA, that entire system has been broken for many years, incapable of helping our veterans particularly those who come back with mental trauma so severe that they need mental health help, it is time to take care of our own.


Without the men and women who have served and still serve in our military Donald Trump might have never had the opportunity to become president, that cow from yesterday never would have been able to purchase a million dollar condo, and those sheriff’s deputies who laughed as they filmed Bryan’s dying in front of them, never would have had that opportunity had not been for the men and women who elect to serve in this countries military defending the rights of individuals, who protect the land of the free, and we could care less about them when they need for us to defend them, when they are incapable of defending themselves, we abandon them, casting them away as nothing, useless creatures who no longer serve a purpose to any of us.


That is hurtful, while I never served myself, one of the most important people in my life did and we all let him suffer and die alone, a homeless veteran on the streets of Denver.




My uncle always used to tell me that I could be anything I wanted, all I had to do was take the lead and do it. I won’t let the world forget him or Bryan and the many other other men and women just like them. We need to stop turning our backs on these former members who served in any branch of the military because when they are suffering it matters not what branch, rank or how highly decorated they were, they are human beings still the same and they more than anyone deserve our empathy, our care, our love and our kindness.

It’s time to stop letting our veterans die in silence.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Army Sniper Becomes International Hitman



Ex Soldiers Becoming Hitmen

What’s one to do with that U.S. Army sniper training?



Become an international hitman.

A former U.S. Army sniper Joseph Hunter and not one but two former U.S. soldiers, Adam Samia and Carl David Stillwell are accused of becoming contracted hitmen for an international crime boss, one Paul Le Roux, who had some sort of vendetta against a real estate agent, Catherine Lee, in the Philippines who the crime boss felt had cheated him in some way.

So, as the story goes, he contracted out the three former U.S. Soldiers and offered to pay them to take out the real estate agent in execution style back in 2012.

The investigation has shed light onto what some are calling a private fraternity of mercenaries, trained by the United States Army, who are willing to ruthlessly kill for hard cold cash.

Catherine was in fact murdered upon a return from a trip she had taken to the countryside of Manila, she was shot twice in the face, her body was found on a pile of garbage on the side of the road.

After the men were paid, they were ordered back to the US where they were promptly arrested in 2015 for the hit.

Not making the wisest of choices, Carl David Stillwell had a picture on his phone of a bloody head wrapped in a towel dated on or around the time of Catherine’s murder, then he admitted to being in the driver’s seat of the van when she had been shot.

What’s more is that prosecutors also had surveillance of Joseph from a sting in Thailand that resulted in a completely separate conviction for plotting to kill a DEA agent.

In the surveillance recording, Joseph is overheard speaking about killing people for Paul Le Roux.

The murder of Catherine Lee actually does lack quite a bit of hard cold evidence that would tie all three to the murder, some of which is physical, no eyewitnesses and the like.

Regardless of the lack of actual evidence, all three men are still on trial for the murder of Catherine and it’s highly likely that they will all three get convicted.

So if anyone was wondering what to do with that US Army Sniper training, the answer is not to become a hitman, especially if you happen to be careless enough so as to get caught.

Cristal M Clark

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