Florida Man Who Claimed to Have Covid-19 Spits in Cops Face


Charged with Federal Bioweapons Charge

Cristal M Clark 

We keep seeing stories about people exhibiting some of the most disgusting behavior by spitting on food, coughing in the face of the elderly and basically hoping to infect others with Covid-19 as if it were some big joke. 


31-year old James Jamal Curry of Florida is learning the hard way, the virus isn’t a fucking joke. According to the court records, James bonded out of jail after an arrest for domestic battery. During that initial arrest, James intentionally coughed on a cop’s arm while being loaded into a transport van stating “Well I got the corona.”  

Now this moron bonded out, they didn’t even charge him for coughing on the officer and one would think the guy might consider himself lucky but not this guy, seems he went in for the kill if you will. 

The next evening, James’ girlfriend called police to inform them that Jamal was outside of her apartment, in violation of a non-contact order. The police arrived and apprehended James, who according to police, resisted his second arrest rather violently. Once in the backseat of a police cruiser, James tried to kick out the rear passenger window. After being placed in leg restraints, he attempted to smash the window with his head.

When one of the officers reached into the car to grab James, he reportedly spat in her face. “A mist of spit struck her in the face and entered her mouth.” The police officers then draped a spit hood over James’ head. According to the complaint, Jamal then said, with a laugh: “I have Corona bitch, and I’m spreading it around.”

He was subsequently tested and did not have the virus but was charged with a Federal bioweapons charge because the DOJ feels that coronavirus “appears to meet the statutory definition of a ‘biological agent,’” and that “the purposeful exposure and infection of others with Covid-19” could be possible grounds for terrorism charges. 

Now James faces a possible 5 year sentence. 

Sadly people are doing this all over, here in Colorado a week or so ago some woman spit on an officer in Arvada. Whether or not someone has the virus exhibiting such disgusting behavior can ensure you are charged with a Federal crime these days. 

Cristal M Clark

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Ex-Yahoo Engineer Busted for hacking  Accounts


Yahoo To Announce Q2 Earnings One Day After Appointing New CEOWait Who Uses Yahoo Anymore?

Cristal M Clark 

First question is who uses Yahoo anymore? Yahoo has been plagued for years with millions of email hacks, spam messages, phishing scams and the like More so than any other provider. 


The US Department of Justice charged Reyes Daniel Ruiz who “cracked” user passwords and accessed internal Yahoo systems while hunting for pornography. Reyes subsequently admitted  that he had “hacked” about 6,000 accounts, seeking sexual images and videos. 

Reyes also used access to Yahoo accounts to target other online services users had signed up for.

In a statement provided by the DOJ they found that Daniel attained Yahoo user data and that had helped him “compromise” Apple iCloud, Facebook, GMail, Dropbox and other online accounts.

And…he had used his access to the accounts to reset passwords so he could access the other systems.

But Daniel did not just target strangers, the DOJ found that he had targeted friends, co-workers and many young women during his hacking campaign.

Oh and for some added comfort, he had copied many of the images and videos he had found and kept the material at his home.

When Reyes learned that Yahoo was on to him, he destroyed the evidence, computer and hard drives where he had been storing the data. 

After a dance with the DOJ however, he admitted to everything and was charged accordingly. He signed an agreement with the DOJ in which he will plead guilty to one count of computer intrusion. Yes, just one count, not one count for the roughly 6000 accounts he hacked. 

He is due to be sentenced in February 2020. The maximum jail term for computer intrusion is five years plus a fine of $250,000 and damages.


Begs the question, how safe do you feel now when the threat comes from a provider’s own people?

Sort of worse than being worried about big brother watching over us right?

Cristal M Clark

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US Department of Justice Possibly Makes Grave Mistake


Indictment of Julian Assange

Cristal M Clark


Heads are spinning over the recent indictment of Julian Assange, particularly the US Department of Justice’s rather oddly put together indictment which boils down to more or less hokum and fairy tales. Honestly, Trump who I would be shocked to learn approved of this indictment given his love for Julian during the 2016 election must be horrified by the indictment, not to mention his son’s own direct, not indirect or accidental but direct contact with WikiLeaks prior to the 2016 win of his father.


The worst fate of all, is that this indictment so as to ensure that the UK would extradite Julian back to the US to face charges, will more than likely cause some shit to hit the fan that which blows directly at Trump and his inner circle because the reality is simple, once this case gets into court, all bets are off and the US can’t keep Julian quiet then, he can and most likely will tell the truth, even if it hurts Trump, even at the risk of being jailed.


In the initial indictment against Julian it was in relation to a single hacking charge and had been more or less very deliberately drafted for the charge to appear to be more about the manner of obtaining classified materials and less about the prosecution of a journalist.

In the newest round of charges however, Julian is charged with seeking, obtaining, and publishing embarrassing US government secrets.

The US-UK extradition treaty in force: “Extradition shall not be granted if the offense for which extradition is requested is a political offense.”

So, the new indictment as I read them, seem to be very politically motivated. “Publishing Embarrassing US Government Secrets?” If I had been me filing the charges, I would have omitted the word “embarrassing” because the second you add it, it makes the entire ordeal rather childish and pointless. So, you were embarrassed? So what, get the fuck over it and move on and stop behaving like a temper tantrum throwing two-year old and while you’re at it, stop sucking your thumb in public because that is embarrassing the entire nation.

Julian’s defense will for sure delve into the First Amendment’s protection of the freedom of the press. That defense will also more than likely include testimony and documentary evidence about Julian’s journalistic bona fide sources like Chelsea Manning, and it will no doubt whatsoever, reach Donald Trump and his inner circle, who are in fact known publicly as supporters of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Trump during the 2016 campaign:

“I love WikLeaks, that WikiLeaks is amazing, that “WikiLeaks is like a treasure trove, boy, I love reading those WikiLeaks.”


It is no secret that Trump demands yes men on his team so this indictment against Julian Assange begs the question, did the US Department of Justice not think this through all the way, did they fail in getting Trump’s blessing or just blatantly go about indicting Julian without having a moment’s thought with regards to the outcome for Trump and his inner circle?

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Tweets Something Intelligent


Jussie Smollett the FBI and the US Department of Justice

Cristal M Clark

This morning I awoke to something refreshing, the Don issued a Tweet that said something along the lines of “the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice will review the Jussie Smollett case.” Taking just a slight step further he also called the case both “outrageous, and an embarrassment to our Nation!”


I actually take the Don’s side on this one, it is an outrageous embarrassment to our nation but then again so is every other case just like this one where people were arrested for far lesser false reporting crimes and could not or were never given the opportunity to buy their way off like Jussie did, furthermore Jussie paid two men to attack him under the pretense that they were Trump supporters and because Jussie is black and gay, they were going to attack him all in the name of making America great again.


The Fraternal Order of Police and others have been calling for a federal investigation into State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s handling of the case in which she just simply dropped the charges against the actor. Some would in fact argue that he did not exactly get “off,” but I would argue that one all day long if you’d like. He faced absolutely zero justice in the matter and still went on television after and stated he was innocent of all charges. He learnt not a thing at all through this. Not a single thing.

Kim was quick to defend the decision, stating that Jussie had to forfeit his bond money which is the very equivalent of buying one’s way out of the judicial system and attend a couple of hours of community service where he actually did not perform any community service, he basically just showed up and sat around. Right Kim?


As it is, the FBI had already been taking a look at the case because of a threatening letter the actor received a week prior to the faked attack on him. The letter had been sent by the USPS, which falls directly under the radar of the FBI.

The letter, in a white envelope, was delivered Jan. 22 to a Fox production studio at 1445 S. Rockwell St., where “Empire” is filmed. The letter was addressed to Smollett in large, childish handwriting with “MAGA” written in the left corner, an apparent reference to President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan. Witnesses told the police that a postal worker dropped off the letter. It had been postmarked in southwest suburban Bedford Park on Jan. 18, 4 days earlier, and bore two American flag stamps. Jussie told police he and the show’s executive producer used gloves to open the envelope. Are you serious? Let’s take a step back, had Jussie been stalked prior to the letter, threatened prior to it? It’s a lot too obvious that he in fact sent the letter to himself or paid someone to send it because people do not just open letters with a carefully gloved hand unless something had been going on prior to that incident to warrant that.

The letter seemed to be a message made with letters cut out of a magazine, that depicted a very racist and homophobic death threat accompanied by a drawing. The letter contained white powder that was later determined to be crushed pain reliever.

A Grand Jury felt that Jussie should be fully charged so why Chicago failed in doing so is beyond me, furthermore the FBI’s investigation cannot be touched by the DA’s office so hopefully they will be able to do a little more than slap this guy on the wrist and let him walk because he is an actor and an all-around good guy? He paid people to commit a hate crime against him, that is the opposite of a good individual. Someone who touts that he against hate and homophobic crime, a gentle soul who loves and accepts anyone and everyone, yet he is the epidemy of all that he speaks against because love Trump or not, you do not fake an attack by supposed supporters of Trump just to create hate and bias towards him or his base.

They are capable, fully of doing that all on their own as recent stories, true stories have shown.

For that, I support Trump’s morning tweet and quite frankly the notion that someone could get away with a hate crime against Trump’s base. We want his base punished if and when they commit hate crimes and we need to ensure that they system works fairly both ways.

Cristal M Clark

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Victims Fed to Reptiles


Drug Trafficking – Puerto Rico

Cristal M Clark

In an unsealed indictment released today U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodríguez announced that prosecutors have charged 75 people in Puerto Rico with conspiring to smuggle and distribute vast amounts of narcotics as part of multi-million dollar drug trafficking ring, that allegedly routinely, gag, fed rival gang members to pet caiman.


The 3-year investigation into Las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Cantera, Las FARC for short, details how the group is linked to more than a dozen killings and of course drug trafficking.

“We learned that they would throw their victims, and the bodies of those they had murdered, to their caiman,” which apparently the group kept as pets.


Lovely, clearly not dog or cat people and less expensive than paying said victim and/or pet food.

The U.S. Attorney’s office said; “The goal of Las FARC was to maintain control of all the drug trafficking activities within the Santurce area by the use of force, threats, violence, and intimidation.”


According to the indictment – at the beginning of about 2006, the criminal organization began to build an empire on the island which eventually amassed some major bank, by major it ended up being nearly $76 million, by distributing crack, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone and alprazolam, better known as Xanax, throughout housing projects mostly located in the Santurce district of San Juan.


A lot of the cocaine that was coming in from South America was ending up in the continental United States all thanks to Las Farc.

Las Farc ran the drug trafficking as if it were any other legal entity doing business, bosses, sales guys, drug runners, bookkeepers, you name it, they have it.


Prosecutors said that part of the fortune the gang accumulated over the years was used to buy legitimate assets real estate, nightclubs, cars, scooters, clothing and other luxury items. As for those illegal profits, well those paid for the fun stuff like trips, hotels and private parties.

The gang members were known to assault and abduct people within their own organization too, you know so that they could rule by intimidation and keep control of things. I mean, when you don’t operate within the confines of the law it is more difficult to hire an actual HR person who could handle employee relations in a more legal way.

To add further insult to injury for Las Farc prosecutors are seeking to confiscate $75,947,040 and 4 properties.

If convicted, all 75 suspects face a minimum 10-year sentence and up to life in prison.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Department of Justice – Shut Down by Federal Judge?


U.S. Department of Justice Vs. Twitter


Twitter would really like to be able to tell us the exact number of secret orders they receive and the DOJ just doesn’t want to be on board with that.

So Twitter being the proactive type took matters to a Federal Courtroom and they won so far.

As luck would have it, a federal judge in California has decided to allow Twitter’s lawsuit against the attorney general’s office to go forward.

The biggest question in my mind here is why in the hell would Twitter even have to file a lawsuit simply because they want to be transparent and honest?


Well, because the DOJ has an issue with Twitter’s effort to remain loyal to it’s users by being totally up front, transparent and honest with them not to mention Federal Law currently actually does not allow for them to be that honest.

Here is the issue at hand:

Twitter has argued that, just as it has been precise in other areas of its transparency report, they should be allowed to say just exactly or precisely how many national security orders it has received from American authorities.

Which, federal law actually prohibits:

The social media giant is only allowed to describe those numbers in pretty vague and unclear ranges, such as “0 to 499,” and “500 to 999,”  etc.

Lawyers for Twitter say that this law constitutes a violation of the company’s First Amendment rights and is “prior restraint,” a concept of blocking legitimate speech before it is uttered. Which happens to be a very clearly accurate argument.

And the DOJ’s argument?

Attorneys from the Department of Justice claimed in a hearing in federal court in Oakland, California, earlier this year that if Twitter is allowed to specifically say how many national security orders it has received, potential adversaries could somehow use that number to inflict harm.

Which is a pathetic argument at best, I mean let’s be honest with all of our nations top level super secret cyber-weaponry, malware, and the like just walking out of our nation’s intelligence agencies front doors, what is, exactly/precisely the harm in knowing specifically how many national security orders Twitter receives? I mean how on earth are any potential adversaries going to use that intel?

Luckily a federal judge in California saw through the DOJ’s paper thin argument and has decided to allow Twitter’s lawsuit against the attorney general’s office to go forward. The Judge rejected arguments that the social media giant should not be allowed to be precise in its transparency reports when describing how it responds to the government’s requests for user data.

Either way, I am glad that Twitter has stepped up and is actually doing something about this ridiculous federal law that prohibits them from simply being completely transparent and honest with it’s users when it comes to requests national security orders.

Cristal M Clark

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US Department of Justice on a witch-hunt

Loretta Lynch

Sorting out the Eric Garner case


It’s a touchy case with a lot of questions and some are accusing the DOJ of being on what is considered a witch-hunt, while others are praising the efforts of the DOJ to investigate the case of Eric Garner and the chokehold.

Officially, the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office attributed Eric Garner’s death to a combination of a chokehold, compression of his chest, and poor health.

What shocked the world was the fact that he was left lying on the ground in front of officers for about 7 minutes while they waited for an ambulance to arrive. After Eric lost consciousness, officers turned him onto his side to ease his breathing.

What’s more is that no one gave him CPR because they “believed” that he was breathing. He was pronounced dead at the hospital about an hour later.

An hour later, not a couple of minutes but an hour. What makes the case so bad however is that he plead with officers and yelled out, at least 11 times “I can’t breathe,” before passing out.

Three simple words, that were ignored, three simple words that made the world stop and gasp for air collectively.

The ME found that Eric died as a result of “compression of neck (chokehold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police.” And so, his death was ruled a homicide.

At this juncture it makes no difference whether or not he was breaking the law and/or resisted arrest.

The chokehold maneuver was against NYPD policy at the time and still is, so ultimately, who is responsible for the man’s death?

The officers, Eric or the EMT’s?

The facts are in black and white, they come around the time of the chokehold which is why I look at the DOJ’s involvement into the case as being crucial.

Did any of the officers go into this arrest with malicious intent to harm or kill?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say no, they did not.

They acted too aggressively and failed to follow policy because of the use of the chokehold.

Which leaves the questions, if NYPD is dealing with a suspect and the situation becomes a medical emergency are they trained to perform CPR/first aid and when calling for an ambulance what priority are suspects given?

Are NYPD officers inadequately trained when it comes to medical emergencies? Putting someone in a chokehold until they pass-out is actually quite dangerous.

Yes, police hear all of the time that someone can’t breathe, they are hurting them etc.

The question then becomes, are they so used to hearing it that they sort of ignore it when a suspect says that he/she cannot breathe?

If the question is answered honestly, then it confirms what most of society suspects with regards to Eric Garner.

I’ve seen police deal with suspects who say that they cannot breathe and the attitude is more or less “the guy is faking it” so they put them in cuffs, turn around and wait for another car or an ambulance or just chat with other officers, you know for a little bonding time, while ignoring the suspect and his or her medical needs.

So can the officers be charged with any criminal charges because of the use of the chokehold and the fact that he was left for 7 long minutes on a sidewalk dying?

For all we know, he may have been already dying at the point at which he was passed out and rolled onto his side.

DOJ - crimeshop.jpg

The issue that the DOJ faces however which is just as crucial, many are wondering if they can conduct a fair and impartial investigation? Is this a witch-hunt or is it is a fair investigation?

The DOJ changed the team of agents and lawyers investigating the Eric Garner case in the hopes that it would jump start it back into action, which can be viewed as a way to lead a horse to water so to speak.

Switching out a team leaves the impression that someone is not getting the answers that they want so they will bring in someone who will provide the answers they want to hear.

It also carries the subtle hint that someone on that team may have had an agenda that the rest of the team didn’t agree with…it just does not sit really well with the public.

The DOJ does not have the full trust of the public after the Hillary Clinton email scandal investigation so…changing out the team really does have some of society feeling that the DOJ is in fact, not capable of conducting a fair and impartial investigation.

In the end the DOJ needs to determine at what point did the arrest of Eric Garner go from a simple arrest to being a homicide, one that they can legally charge officers for?

Cristal M Clark

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FBI Director James Comey – takes on the police shooting epidemic

jc say what

If we even have one

So I have been saying for over a year now that I personally do not feel that we have this widespread, full blown issue with police who are racially bias or just shooting unarmed black men.

The news stories that we have seen represent a relatively smaller number, much smaller than everyone realizes.

And finally, it would seem that the director of the FBI has actually admitted to a group of police chiefs that we really don’t know if we have an issue or not.


Do we have issues in some communities? Absolutely, we do. We have seen the issues but, what we see on the news does not represent police nationwide in every single city or town.

Do police need to improve the relationship that they have with the communities they serve? Yes, even if the relationships are deemed good, they need to work to make them better. As people grow and change so do the communities police serve because people and communities are always changing. 

The one disagreement that I would have with James and the Department of Justice is that, it wouldn’t take a year or longer to gather the data needed and back track specifically just police shootings by race.

I detest when the government tells us how long, tedious, expensive and drawn out that gathering the intel would be. Most of us have to gather information including historical information on a daily basis.

All we use out here in the real world is this neat thing called a spreadsheet, maybe the FBI and the DOJ have heard of it, you can add things like pivot tables, graphs, charts and the like, and even better is that you have add a tab at the bottom that can be used for each state, city, municipality and through the use of formula’s the spreadsheets will actually do the math for you.spreadsheetsample-crimeshop

It’s amazing all of the data that you can put into something as simple as a spreadsheet.

The best part is, it’s not encrypted by Apple so the FBI shouldn’t have an issue accessing it or using it yet.

Then all the DOJ would need is the ability to make a phone call and request each city, town, municipality and state fill out his or her tab on the spreadsheet that they emailed them and well it’s cake from then on.

They don’t even need to hire additional staff for this task,  we’ve all seen the news reports about how cities, towns, states and the Federal Government employees are overpaid and waste time.

I mean at the end of the day, I worked for a city once and well the stories are sort of true. We even had a guy searching for his internet bride while at work, so it’s not like the government doesn’t already have an employee or two or a few who can gather the information and pop it into a spreadsheet.

You could purchase or have software made for this but to begin, everyone is really just looking for numbers by race here and maybe whether or not the police felt the suspect posed a threat. Maybe.

At any rate, the director made a statement with regards to police shootings that went something like “people who think there’s an epidemic of police shootings of black people aren’t well-informed.”

My response to that is, why wait to inform us. The history is in front of us now, put your money where your mouth is because it’s different when I tell people that I do not believe in this epidemic, I am a private citizen who does not work for the government, I do not have the authority to start pulling all of the needed data from police departments nationwide.

Trust me, if I had my hands on it, you would be seeing the numbers for the last 5 years today along with stats which tell you if the suspect was armed, running, appeared to be armed but wasn’t, drunk, high whatever,  instead of reading that if you think there’s an epidemic of police shootings of black people, you are not well informed.

The director of the FBI however does have access to the data now and he has the authority to get it now. Instead of working to gather the information over the last year he’s been working to try to convince police departments it is a good thing to track and share officer involved shootings and use of force with the DOJ…

This really is not rocket science so I am not sure why the DOJ has sold it that way…if they want to add fuel to the idea that maybe we are not looking at an epidemic, they should be backing that idea up with numbers instead of saying things like people are not well informed and “A small group of videos serve as an epidemic.”

Then again in the wake of agents who came out with issues regarding how the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email scandal…

The FBI and the DOJ will be heading into this with an already badly tarnished reputation and more trust issues than they had before where the public is concerned.

How do you play the game when you’ve already lost the trust of the public?

Right now all people want to see are the numbers, not the excuse for why that follow.

Cristal M Clark

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