Red or Blue Amerians Turning A Deaf Ear to Health Advice

Cristal M Clark 

No matter who you talk to, what his/her political beliefs are, it seems at this stage in the war against Covid that Americans are fed up. Fed up with the confusing and ever changing rules and advice by the US Government and Health Officials. 

To date, American citizens have felt, pushed, pulled, lied to, given misinformation, inconsistent information, and no clear direction from the top down. 

It’s everything from when to get tested, to what test to take, to can kids go to school, can you go to work, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, how long to isolate for if infected or showing symptoms, to do the vaccines actually work. One thing has been made abundantly clear, no one who is charged with protecting us, advising us or leading us seems to know what the fuck they are doing and American’s are sick of it. 

First of all, I have personally known quite a few individuals who got rapid tests at the onset of symptoms only to test negative then a few days later pull a positive test. Then we have kids going to school, the CDC has cleared them even after exposure which is fucking insane because they can give it to family members. Then we have this wear a mask, isolate for 10 days if you have been exposed and have symptoms, to 7 days to 5 to hey kids if you work in a hospital as long as you mask up, you can get your arse to work. Now we are seeing an alarming infection rate of everyone, even those that were vaccinated and boosted. 

Sure we could blame Trump because at the onest he was back and forth and made it no big deal but the man has been out of office for a while now right? Who carried it on, the new leadership and the same old health officials and you can’t blame Trump for that. 

The fact is and this is actual science, this is  a Coronavirus and we have lived with coronaviruses for decades. A new one emerges and our bodies need to learn to fight them. Yes they get worse each time a new one emerges, that is the way it works. The virus doesn’t care, all it wants to do is infect as many as it can so it too can live. 

Americans are flat out sick and tired of a nation full of leaders and supposed health officials sounding the alarm, shutting a country down, closing businesses, causing people to freak out, fight amongst each other, demand vaccinations that we still don’t know actually work long term, to sending wishy, washy mixed fucking messages. 

How about this, Americans are tired and weary of advice coming out of the Government and it’s top health officials, they should get their shit together and if they want to advise the public, try coming up with some fucking clear, honest and consistent messaging. 

The sad truth here is that it took a virus to unit America, not a politician or Government but a virus.

Cristal M Clark

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What American’s Want Our Leaders to Know During Statewide Lockdowns

The-White-House-Crimeshop - Edited

American’s Wondering Where The Leader of The United States Is? 

Cristal M Clark 

It seems that since the start of the Covid-19 worldwide spread our leaders here in the US cannot seem to come up with a single, solid plan as a group of leaders. The President says one thing, sometimes Tweeting or going on and on in a news conference like a babbling idiot, whilst his own team moves off into an entirely different direction. State Governors and Mayors in most cases are stricken with a difference of opinion when it comes to lifting statewide stay at home orders. 

Two days ago, headline after headline claimed we hit the peak, then yesterday and this morning headlines varied depending on where you live. People were urged to wear a face mask and the media jumped on headline after headline to tattle on those that did not wear one, why half the population wearing them isn’t even bothering to wear them correctly. 

Accusations about where the virus actually originated are flying about and honestly, we don’t have the time to be worried about that when millions are wondering how to pay the bills. 

Stroll through social media and if you think we’ve seen our worst weeks, the longer the worldwide economy is shut down and people do not know what the plan for the US or world will be in order to get us back to working, the more likely public unrest will be unavoidable. 

mainstreammedia-lies-about-coronavirus-crimeshop - Edited

The media through all it’s efforts has made this worse, trying to pretend that they care when they don’t, it’s all advertising dollars to them. 

Donald-Trump-furious-coronavirus-patients-being-repatriated-crimeshop - Edited

The leadership in this country is absolutely deplorable, come together as a team, make a solid plan and walk us, the citizens to through that comprehensive plan about how we are getting people back to work rather than the completely useless daily news conferences that serve only as a reminder to stay at home. Start learning to work together for the good of our nation and worry about your agenda’s and political differences later.

Where is the leader of the United States? You cannot have direction from the President indicating one thing while his own team carries an entirely different opinion then have states and cities feel differently. Now is the time to lead us as one nation, not 50 different states and countless politicians doing whatever they want and  bickering over bullshit that simply does not matter right now.  

It’s called a well thought out game plan, the stimulus for employers did nothing to guarantee workers will still have jobs to actually return to and came too late in the game. So we will see the return to work workforce at least 50% less than what it was if not more because some small businesses will not make it through this while others who will make it, will be unable to hire back laid off workers for some time due to the economic shutdown while the cost of living is going to have to make adjustments so all of the new construction we are seeing is unlikely going to reap in the economic reward it was supposed to as the workforce that does return to work, will unlikely be hired back at what they had been making. 


American’s overwhelmingly want our leaders to come together and start addressing the issues caused by their failures with regards to addressing the virus what’s more we’d like to know where the fuck our president is? His leadership on this gets an F for failure, letting an entire country down, failing those that voted him into office. 

It is time for our President to bring every governor and mayor together and come up with a plan for what states are going to actually do. 

Cristal M Clark

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Covid-19 in US Long Before March?


What the US Government Did Wrong

Cristal M Clark 

An increasing number of news reports are spreading the growing theory that Covid-19 was already in the United States back in late December-early January and if any of you had what I did, you would in fact be in total agreement with that theory. 

Symptoms of Covid-19:




difficulty breathing (severe cases)

Some reports circulating indicate it was here as early as November however experts agree that is simply not possible. 

Show of hands, who fell ill back in January? I had H1N1 years ago and thought that was bad, but this past January, I became so ill I was told I looked like death. It hit hard and fast over a weekend, fever, I thought I had the stomach flu because I was unable to eat or drink anything, I cannot recall my sense of smell but I did not exhibit the typical body aches and pains one normally has when getting the seasonal flu, then by Monday I was struggling to breath, in the end I had a cough that took forever to clear. I felt as if something was on or in my chest, in my lungs and it was not moving out, and the cough was dry and the feeling took roughly two weeks to get through. 

I have spoken to several individuals here in Colorado who describe a similar experience back in late December and early January. None of us were tested for Covid-19, which begs the question, why not? 

Everyone I know pulled through without having to be hospitalized as well. 

A few of us however were in fact just recently off of antibiotic treatment for more traditional seasonable cold and flu complications. I usually get an acute sinus infection when I get hit with a seasonal cold, which requires antibiotic treatment. I finished my antibiotic treatment roughly 3 weeks before I got hit with what I got in January and that was worse than what I had in December. 

So what did the United States Government get wrong? Well, everyone knew about the virus back in early December, perhaps for some in our Government we knew before then, we should have been getting ready for it then. We also should have been testing for it a long time ago and getting ready for it a long time ago as well. 

Today, we should be testing individuals who were suspected of already having the virus to better determine how long it’s really been here in the US and what the actual survival rate is. That testing could in fact prove key in finding ways to better treat it before it becomes life threatening because most of us that got it were either treating it at home or had been given antibiotics because it was thought to be an acute upper respiratory illness. 

When we become reactionary we make knee jerk decisions rather than taking just one step back and looking at the situation in its totality. 

My gut tells me that in fact Covid-19 was in the US long before March hit and we were silently treating it as an entirely different illness. Isn’t it time we learned the truth about that rather than coming up with excuses so as to avoid that truth?

Cristal M Clark

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Coronavirus Arrives in the United States

Umbrella-Corporation-Resident-Evil-Netfix-Crimeshop - Edited

United States Not Ready to Handle Coronavirus?

Cristal M Clark 

Well, we all knew it would show up eventually, Coronavirus is finally here in the US and according to multiple mainstream media outlets, the US is not ready much less prepared to test for it or to handle it. 


A woman in California is infected and she did not travel outside the US and had no contact with anyone who has traveled outside of the US, to her knowledge of course. Hence, no one knows how she became infected or at least that is the story as of now. 


It was going to spread globally everyone knew that so this is not a surprise. Admittedly I am more surprised that no one has actually blamed Donald Trump for the virus showing up in the US, the guy gets blamed for a lot whether he deserves it or not.  

coronavirus-2-crimeshop - Edited

Currently I just saw a headline that says California is monitoring 8400 who may or may not be infected, Chris Cuomo is upset about that one currently and reporting on it tonight, another that the CDC keeps changing things, states are not allowed to test for it, or can’t test for it, rumors are hitting the wire that the test doesn’t work, CNN is currently reporting that states are not being allowed to test because of the Federal Government, the CDC is only allowed to test and CNN is blaming Donald Trump for not being transparent. Which is a bit unfair. 


This morning all I saw on CNN was that the Don lied about a vaccine, he did stretch the truth, then yesterday he was attempting to quash panic and sugar coated things. 

I am sure hands down that the Don was told to keep the public from widespread panic and to feed the public just enough but not all of the details. 


I get that, but history shows that is less than the smart thing to do. I would urge the Don to be completely transparent here, people are going to panic and freak out anyway, the difference is between being transparent and not being transparent is that fear of the unknown causes worse widespread panic and chaos and can sometimes reach dangerous levels. 


Currently online people are advising all sorts of cures and preventative measures, everything from chugging bleach, to taking doses of vitamins high enough that they could kill you, to drinking alcohol, why not add a few lines of coke and some meth right? Because of the media and the internet, things are falling way out of perspective. 

I say rip off the band-aid and tell the truth, sugar coat nothing and let the chips fall where they fall. Reasonable adults will take precautions and not panic, less reasonable adults will drink some bleach, pop mass quantities of vitamins and go into hiding in some underground bunker and we’ll see them in around 30 years or so when they resurface. 


The last thing we want or need is the mainstream media spreading misinformation and fueling the fear with some of the headlines I am seeing they are reporting mostly speculation and rumors. They are taking an inch and running a mile with it, the only question Trump and his advisers should be thinking about is this, do you really want the media and internet speculating and informing the public on what the president isn’t saying?

Cristal M Clark

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Drug Dealers Delightfully Roaming Streets Thanks to Ransomware Attack


Stuart Florida Police Department 

Cristal M Clark

Ransomware is everywhere and when it hits a business, hospital or municipality crucial information is always lost. In this case which would be the 7th of its kind, crucial case files were lost in an April 2019 ransomware infection causing US prosecutors to drop 11 narcotics cases against 6 suspected drug dealers.

Those drug dealers were let go and are now delightfully roaming the streets, presumably dealing more drugs. 

The evidence in some 11 cases could not be recovered following a ransomware attack that hit the Stuart police department, some of which were photo and video evidence, they were able to recover only some of the missing data from backups, just not quite enough. 

Detective Sergeant Mike Gerwan with the Stuart Police Department said that the dropped cases included charges for possession of meth, possession of cocaine, selling narcotics, manufacturing narcotics, and delivering narcotics, among other charges. 

Which is a huge loss for US prosecutors but it’s not the only one in recent history. 

Starting in 2017, an infection from the Osiris ransomware caused the Cockrell Hill, Texas police department lost 8 years worth of evidence, yes 8 years. Then in May of 2018 the Riverside, Ohio police lost 10 months worth of cases after a ransomware infection. Who can forget Atlanta, the entire city was hit with a ransomware infection back in March of 2018 causing the city’s police department to lose just about 2 years of police car dash-cam video evidence. 

Aside from the Stuart police department in 2019, 3 police departments reported losing crucial information due to ransomware attacks. The Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Capitol Police, and the Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division were hit with a ransomware attack which brought down the dash cams in July of 2019. Police car laptops and dash-cams remained down for more than a month following the attack. 

Then again in July of the same year, the Police in Lawrenceville, Georgia were hit and lost case-related files and bodycam footage, no one knows just how much intel they lost because of so many conflicting reports which range from just a tiny bit of to months and years worth of intel. 

Then in December 2019 – The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in Florida lost a week’s worth of emails and evidence following a ransomware infection.

The ability to hit a police department in a ransomware attack is huge, it is an effective way to guarantee a payment with the promise to restore the files, but the reality is that most files are never restored. 

These types of ransomware attacks will continue simply because we have to date no real protection from them because by the time they hit it’s too late. 

Cristal M Clark

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Runit Dome Fails to Meet Expectations 


U.S. Nuclear Coffin Leaking Nuclear Waste 

Cristal M Clark 

Some of you may be wondering what the hell is the Runit Dome? The Runit Dome AKA, The Tomb is a 328-foot-wide crater that had been caused by a nuclear explosion and it was created back in 1980, the dome contains 110,000 cubic yards of radioactive contaminated soil and 6,000 cubic yards of contaminated debris.

The project happens to be the dream-child of the United States Government, the government built the concrete dome 18 inches thick over the crater, sealing the radioactive contents inside, but rather than host this at home, the US in its infinite wisdom built it in the Marshall Islands and then subsequently tasked that government with maintaining and caring for it. 


Here’s that little reality check, the Runit Dome was thrown together as an afterthought, cheaply built, corners were cut and now, it’s taking in sea water leaving some to “speculate” that it is also seeping nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean. If someone is speculating they are a moron, logically if the dome is taking in seawater it is also leaking nuclear waste back out into the said seawater.  


The U.S. government failed, and not by accident, to build an actual concrete lining for the debris, they just tossed the nuclear debris into the dome and walked the fuck away. 

So lazy. 

Now, because of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, otherwise known as the 2020 defense budget, the DOE has been tasked to investigate “the status of the Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands” and the dangers posed by potential leaks. They must also come up with a game plan so as to repair the dome, the leaks, and to prevent an all out disaster of sorts, one strong weather event could potentially damage the dome to the extent that we will see a nuclear disaster as we roll into 2020. 

Unfortunately, we cannot put any faith into the Government’s next plan they cannot seem to think in proactive ways, they seem to enjoy being reactive to anything. Since the Marshall Islands is being tasked with maintaining this little pet project of the United States Government I’d strongly recommend the Marshall Islands take this on themselves and bring companies in from the private sector, you know companies that actually get paid to think in more long term, result oriented, proactive ways rather than toss shit together and walk away.  

Besides, if we are trying to protect the earth from the nuclear waste seeping out in the long run, wouldn’t we want to pay whatever it costs to accomplish that? The US Government doesn’t so… 

Cristal M Clark

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Robocallers Beware – US Government is Coming for You


United States Nationwide Crackdown on Robocalls

Cristal M Clark  

I wear a lot of hats at my job and one of them happens to be obtaining numbers for each robocall we get, now of course I have to rely on my team to assist with this, currently I have something of like 20 lists of phone numbers all robocalls and telemarketing bullshit.

One of my favorites is someone insisting their call is not a sales call, I don’t waste a lot of time, I simply ask if they charge for their services, when they answer yes, I laugh and hang up, it’s a bloody sales call you bloody wanker.


On any given day my organization can receive up to 50+ robocalls, before noon and every time the US government makes an announcement to crack down on them, it only seems to intensify the number of calls we get in a day.

Mockup image of a hand holding white mobile phone with blank black desktop screen with blur background

This week the US Government sent out a warning to robocallers, “We’re coming for you!” more or less.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. government has been cleared to conduct a nationwide crackdown on illegal robocalls that target companies and individuals who, according to the FTC have collectively placed over 1 billion unwanted calls for financial schemes and other services. The numbers are actually quite a bit hither than a mere 1 billion, the problem is that people got sick of reporting the calls to the FTC because it hasn’t seemed to do much in the way of preventing them from continuing.

I log the numbers and block them, the biggest reason I log them however is that by the time the FTC really does start to crack down on them, I’ll just forward the lists over to them.

According the FTC the crackdown involves nearly 100 cases, 5 of them are criminal enforcement actions. They were brought by the FTC, Justice Department, 15 states and local authorities. Derek Jason Bartoli, is one of the targets, a Florida man who allegedly developed, sold and used a form of software that allows millions of calls to be placed in quick succession, was responsible for 57 million calls to US phone numbers over six months in 2017, according to a federal complaint. I know many of you would just love to give good ole Derek the one finger salute, as would I but let’s just let the feds handle him for now.

Andrew Smith, director of the FTC’s bureau of consumer protection said; “By putting people like Derek Bartoli out of business, we are able to deprive the robocallers of the important tools of their trade.” Which is actually a rather bit, inaccurate if you will. Derek’s software has been sold, copied and improved upon by others, part of the reason robocalls have gotten so out of hand.


Lawmakers in both chambers of Congress are preparing legislation that would expand the government’s power to limit illegal robocalls. On Tuesday, a House subcommittee is expected to consider the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act. The bill directs the Federal Communications Commission to flesh out its rules making clear that robocalls may only be made to consumers with their consent. In the Senate, the TRACED Act would expand the FCC’s power to punish illegal robocallers by increasing the maximum fines the agency can levy for each robocall and by extending the statute of limitations from 1 to just 3 years. And, the FTC still wants us to report the unwanted calls which they say will empower them to stop the calls.

I am not a huge fan of doing the job for the FTC however, my mobile carrier already knows which calls are spam and which are not, perhaps the FTC should expand upon it’s ability to ask individuals for help and start asking mobile carriers, Google is also from what I hear and excellent resource to find known robocall numbers, YouMail actually keeps a free online known Robo/Spam caller index and includes the actual number of reported complaints along with each number and let me tell you, some of those numbers are staggering.

The biggest problem I have with the FTC asking everyone to report the numbers to them is that we have been doing just that for years and to date all we keep seeing is lip service, pretty little laws that are on paper, but other than that, not much is being done to actually stop the unwanted calls. Consumers want to see swift action, and harsh action.


Either do something or shut it, consumers are getting really tired of lip service from our Government who promises action, yet does very little in the way of that.

Cristal M Clark

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FAA, Boeing and the United States Liable


Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 – Lion Air Flight 610

Cristal M Clark

If the latest news to hit the wire turns out to in fact, be the truth, the FAA, Boeing and the United States Government body all have one thing in common, the very essence of being hands down, with no doubt whatsoever, liable when it comes to Boeing’s doomed and faulty Max 737 planes.

The reason, well it’s rather deplorable and disgusting and speaks so very highly of the greed one finds lurking within our very own government and many, many corporations. Boeing was allowed to sell some of the safety features that might have prevented the crashes, as “extras.”


That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in ages, the FAA allowed for this? Regulators don’t require these safety features? Are you fucking kidding me?


Putting millions of lives at risk worldwide just so that Boeing could sell safety features as “extras,” as if they were a true extra like, more overhead room or extra leg room, more comfortable seats, no the features sold as extras in this care are more along the lines of features that involve communication, navigation or safety systems, and are fundamental to the plane’s operations, like its ability to keep the nose up, vs down, allowing the pilots to override the computer system which forced the plane’s nose down.…What’s worse is that they are now going to in turn, blame the airlines for not having the “extras” that would have saved lives which is preposterous.


Boeing is to blame, the FAA is to blame, the US Government who allowed the FAA to okay this idea is to blame, not the airlines because the truth of the matters is this, not a single individual at Boeing ever told anyone up until this point that not having those “extras” would result in the deaths of hundreds if not millions had these issues not started to come to light today.

So, a huge shout out to Boeing for being just greedy enough to sell something that could save lives vs ruin them in something like a plane crash as “extras.”

This proves, rather clear how truly disgusting Boeing really is.

Cristal M Clark

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