Dangerous Inmates Escape – Now Gleefully on the Run 


Gallia County, Ohio

Cristal M Clark 

Around 12:14 a.m. today, 4 men were able to overpower 2 female corrections officers with some type of homemade weapon at the Gallia County Jail. Subsequently the 4 inmates forced open a secured door and escaped. 


The inmates are: Brynn K. Martin, 40, Christopher M. Clemente, 24, Troy R. McDaniel Jr., 30, and Lawrence R. Lee III, 29, they are considered extremely dangerous. 

What’s more is that the inmates had a little help once outside of the jail. They stole an employee’s car then dumped it roughly a block away where someone had been waiting to pick them up. 

Christopher M. Clemente-pittsburgh-mall-crimeshop

That vehicle was later discarded in Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Police tweeted that they have reason to believe that Christopher Clemente is in the area of the Westmoreland Mall in Greensburg. 

Lawrence R Lee was being held on a charge of identity fraud- Chistopher M Clemente on a charge of aiding and abetting another in committing a crime- and Byrnn K Martin on charges of failure to appear and escape. It’s unclear what charge Troy R McDaniel was being held on. Sept. 3 Brynn Martin and Jesse Partlow, 30, were in a jail transport vehicle when they escaped, they were caught the next day after a standoff with law enforcement. 

It’s rumored that the jail is and has been somewhat short staffed which helped in allowing the inmates to escape. 


The U.S. Marshals Service is offering a reward of $2,500 per inmate for information leading to their apprehension.

Cristal M Clark

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Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon Missing or Just on the Lamb


Monterey, California

Cristal M Clark

What does one do if let’s say they don’t want to face charges, you know that whole pesky having to go to court, have a hearing and face a charge like oh, rape or 24 counts of rape?

Well obviously the answer is clear, you fake your own death in another country like our good friend Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon.


Monterey County Sheriff’s Office captain John Thornburg; “The whole thing started on February 25, which was a Monday.” Kim’s 17-year old son by the way is the individual who made the call to police.

“We got a 911 call saying that he had gone swimming off one of our beaches and hadn’t returned. This was 7.15pm, which was a little unusual to go because it was dark.”

“At that time we treated it as a missing person, as a swimmer in distress, so the fire department, the sheriff’s office and state parks began searching. Monastery Beach is the area where he was reported to have gone. It’s a very dangerous beach, getting out of the water is very difficult. For the next two days we put dive teams into the Pacific Ocean there to try and locate him and he wasn’t.”

Capitan Thornburg went on to add that “we’ve got to a point now that we don’t believe he went into the ocean, we don’t think he went swimming.”


During a police interview, it was duly noted that Kim’s son could not really explain just how he and his father traveled to California’s central coast after traveling by air from Scotland to Los Angeles, the pair were on a two-week break in the States and flew in to Los Angeles but police were unsure as to whether or not they had a car, they walked, hitchhiked, crawled to the central coast…So police did some more digging into Kim’s past and learnt that Kim is from the Edinburgh area. The real shock here was that police discovered that Kim is wanted on 24 counts of rape, in Scotland.  

Kim’s son has since returned home safely away from his father and has not been charged with anything.

And now of course the US Marshals are hot on the trail of one Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon so should you spot him, you know who to call.

Cristal M Clark

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Federal Correctional Prison Escapee Alan Todd May


Englewood, Colorado

By: Cristal M Clark

Back on 12/21, Alan May decided that he’d had enough with prison life, this 54-year old stole a Bureau of Prisons work truck and just happily drove off of the Federal Correctional Institutions property…without anyone noticing.


Now, to make matters worse in this case, does anyone recall what happened on 12/22? That’s right, who can forget the Government Shutdown, you know when Donald Trump took the Government HOSTAGE?


Well, as it turns out, because of that shutdown it hampered the US Marshals ability to track Alan down because they were unable to pay for some of the things they needed to pay for in order to hunt this guy down, thus aiding in his absconding himself delightfully away.

It has since been discovered that Alan rented a U-Haul Van from a rental center on W. Alameda using a legitimate American Express Card and this is utterly unbelievable, a fake driver’s license that he managed to create behind bars.

Honestly, you get to a point where you have to wonder if this is for real, until you realize that yes, yes it is IRL.

The U-Haul apparently was never returned as promised the next day, instead it was found behind a Waffle House naturally, in Fort Worth, Texas seemingly abandoned of course on 12/30. The Marshals, well they didn’t actually hear about that until about a month later.  It was not until after that connection was made that they found the prison work truck Alan borrowed, abandoned a block from the U-Haul rental center where Alan rented a U-Haul.

Senior inspector Katrina Crouse “In the truck we located several bags. A Walmart bag, a Target bag, the Walmart bag contained new clothing, also in the truck we located his Bureau of Prisons uniform with his name on it.”


Wait a second, this guy drove off of prison grounds, in his prison uniform, in a prison work truck, rolls up to WalMart in said borrowed prison truck, casually strolls into WalMart, purchased new clothes while wearing his prison issued clothing without anyone noticing? I mean, I get it I guess, WalMart you know, they let homeless people sleep on the benches in the doors of some WalMarts, wander the store harassing customers, and the parking lot, but this guy?


And the Marshals are feeling that they are going to face some pretty significant challenges in trying to find Alan, he was convicted of stealing $6.8 million dollars through a Ponzi scheme after all, clearly he is smart and he continues to be able to evade the marshals, or is he? The first move I would make after clearing the family is checking this guys conpals or write a prisoner accounts.

They are focusing their search for Alan in the Houston area, he was seen in the area after his escape, and he has family in the area. He is 6 foot, 1 and weighs in at around 200lbs.


Alan had about 9 more years to serve on a 20 year sentence by the way.

Please keep your eyes out for this guy at every Waffle House and WalMart because chances are, he’s not hiding in a hole he seems to enjoy being right in the face of law enforcement.  

Cristal M Clark

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US Marshals Hunt Army Veteran


Jacob Blair Scott

By: Cristal M Clark


Jacob was with the US Army for 11 years, he vanished in Alabama back in July. He has family in Denver who, the US Marshals paid a visit to in December because a neighbor claims to have seen Jacob Scott.

The all around scumbag Jacob Scott – 42, of Moss Point, Mississippi disappeared after agreeing to plead guilty to raping a 14-year-old Mississippi girl more than a dozen times.

Basically, this loose cannon was allowed to agree to plead guilty yet waltz away sauntering off into the sunset?

He raped a 14-year old multiple times yet individuals are still arrested and jailed on minor infractions incapable posting bond so as to walk away until a sentence is actually served.


During the initial investigation, investigators suspected Jacob Scott killed himself on a sailing trip in the Gulf of Mexico.

They found a gun and suicide note in his dinghy, which was empty and drifting in the water. The gun was found tied to the boat but not body or blood spatter, brain matter, you know actual evidence the he had shot himself, could be found.

The Biloxi Sun Herald reported that Jacob Scott had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after his military service. He joined the Army in 1996 and left in 2007 yet rapig 14-year olds is not a known condition of PTSD as it were.


Just so you get a good look at Jacob Scott, keep your eyes out for him and as always please do refrain from any form of vigilante justice and should you see him, telephone the authorities.  

Cristal M Clark

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