Russia Admits Hacking the GOP?


Russia – hacking – RNC

No Russia did not admit to hacking anything here in america and they’d really like for america to stop accusing them of it. 

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It’s enough already…

To be honest, I am kind of with them on this one.

Truthfully, I am still only seeing lip service provided by intelligence officials here in america. I have not seen any tangible proof of all of this Russian hacking that went on.

And do know that the NSA is pretty keen to Russian hacking, they’ve seen it and studied it before so they’d be able to catch it…still though.

These hackers released intel in an attempt to sway public opinion with regards to the 2016 US Presidential Election and I agree with that.

That’s per our intelligence here in the US. But do they really know for a fact that was Russia and not an insider instead?

Did it really sway public opinion all that much? Even if it did none of what was released was a threat to national security and it was all true.

What’s more is that officially, election numbers after votes were cast were not hacked and changed in any way.

I know that I like being informed about the person that I am going to vote for and if he or she is dishonest or the party they are part of is dishonest I’d like to know that.

I am an American Citizen, I have a right to full disclosure about the person and his or her party when I am casting my vote.

Whether or not political organizations like it.

But to see Russia get all of this blame is getting rather old. It may or may not have been Russia, either way our own intelligence communities and military have done the very same thing to other nations and countries.

Either way, here in the US our mainstream media and our own government need to start moving away from this ugly, very public blatant way in which they accused another country of something before they actually had any proof at all.

And then the very public threats of punishing Russia, it has just gotten to be so childish.

We expect more from our leaders and intelligence communities tasked with handling these types of investigations. IF you have to punish another country because they hacked into your political systems then do it and do it quietly.

Because our government has made this so public it has made me question more than once if they aren’t just full of it and blaming the wrong party here?


This Russian hacking or just someone hacking nonsense was just not handled very well by our government or our media.

At the end of the day, Donald Trump did not win because of Russian hackers, he won because he is Donald Trump and voters felt that he could be trusted more and that he was capable of doing the job.  

The last thing, the very last thing that any country should be doing is broadcasting to the world about just how vulnerable and unprotected your country really is when it comes to cyber security.

Cristal M Clark

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United States Citizens to US Media


Stop telling us that we are to inept to spot a fake news story

So this week the talk around town is fake news stories and how Facebook should do something about them on the Social Media giant, how Google is going to do something and how fake news stories just might be to blame for Donald Trump’s getting elected as our 45th president.

That’s a mouthful but the takeaways are pretty simple to figure out:

Mainstream media wants all of us to know that we are too stupid to spot a fake news story.


Fake news stories contributed to Donald Trump being elected.

We cannot possibly make a decision unless media giants like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News guide us to the correct decision, as in electing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

If you read the stories that really is the gist of the news, which is quite frankly pretty pathetic. I personally love the Huffington Post and the Washington Post, but I don’t read either so as to form an opinion or make a decision without getting a lot more details.

So, I do a lot of reading, from multiple sources before I make a decision like who I am voting for in a presidential election.

Like when I am shopping for something I am not quite sure I need or want, I read reviews from multiple sources before making a decision.

Really, why are we blaming the media or fake news media folks for Donald Trump’s winning the election anyway? It’s almost too absurd to consider except for the fact that it’s all over the news this week.

Besides on some of the big dog’s nightly news reports and articles on the web, during the presidential campaign I saw some pretty half sided and biased reporting in the favor of Hillary Clinton and a lot of anti-Trump reporting so in reality that could be considered “fake” news because it lacks all of the information and a lot of author or news anchor option instead of facts.

I see it when media outlets report on things like the BLM protests, the anti-Trump protests and every single time they cover a police shooting.

What’s more is this call to shut fake news stories out.

We live in America, not North Korea, at least we did last time I checked. We have this thing called freedom of speech here. It’s a right, a constitutional one.

We also have this neat thing called Freedom of the press which happens to be the right to circulate opinions in print without censorship by the government so, don’t ask those guys for help.

Besides you never know those guys may have reported bad info because they saw some bad intel on the internet, or they may want to be the next National Enquirer.

Since 9/11 fake news stories, documents and articles have been published to the internet stating that 9/11 was staged, it was faked by the US Government, hell you can even find all sorts of video “proof” on YouTube.

No one has made a move to shut that crap down, in fact I know people who honestly believe it, which we might think is crazy but hey, they are entitled to believe whatever the hell they want, just like I am, my neighbor is, you are…

The New York Post back in September ran a piece with a statement that read: “The media’s not even pretending to be objective…”

After the Election:

The Huffington Post had ran something that asked: “The Trump Victory: How Did the Media Get It So Wrong? “

The New York Times: “How Did the Media — How Did We — Get This Wrong?”

And now it appears to have shifted to: “who can we blame because americans did not vote the way WE wanted them to? They didn’t follow our bread crumbs to the finish line…”

The media got a lot wrong during the campaign, a lot. So why try to deflect blame?

We are still here, aren’t we?

Not to mention that, not only is it presumptive, it is quite insulting that mainstream media seems to feel they have the, the only right, to guide anyone to a major decision, let alone be the only one’s capable of being able to report on it or say anything about a subject.

You can’t help us when you, yourselves are biased and completely non-objective in your own reporting.

One of my friends on Facebook in response to an article from a major news source who chimed in on “Fake News on Facebook,” made one simple yet pretty eloquent comment, “Like I let CNN influence my decision making.”


So America’s message to mainstream media trying to cast blame onto others is simple:

How about putting your big girl panties on and stop treating Americans as if we stepped out on our love affair with the news to have a torrid affair with another…

In short, move on. 

Cristal M Clark

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