US Allies – Horrified and Shocked 

Australian News Crew Beaten While Filming Protests in D.C. 

Cristal M Clark

Washington, D.C. — a police officer punching an Australian cameraman and using his shield to strike him in the chest, while another officer uses a baton to hit the correspondent. Police were using tear gas, projectiles and mounted officers to forcefully scatter peaceful protesters near the White House, so Donald Trump could walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church for a photo opportunity.

Amelia Brace, the correspondent with Australia’s Channel 7: “They don’t care they are being indiscriminate, they were firing these rubber bullets at everyone. There’s tear gas now and we’re surrounded.”

On Friday, CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and the crew working with him were arrested live on air in Minneapolis.

All of this has been seen worldwide and has both the allies and adversaries of the United States watching in complete horror. They are falling witness to the fraying and crumbling of the United States while under no leadership. 

The sight of officers repeatedly striking a foreign news crew has sent a chill down the world’s spine. 

This is not the United States the world thought we were. 

What perhaps was even more shocking was the President telling police to “dominate the streets,”  a Black Hawk military helicopter was dispatched to fly low over the demonstrators in Washington, D.C.,  and the President suggested Governors were weak.

Ziya Meral, a senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, a London-based think tank: “Now we are witnessing an America spiraling down into chaos, poor governance, social friction, poor policing and poor leadership.”

Ragıp Soylu, a correspondent with the Middle East Eye news outlet, tweeted: “Congrats, America! You have joined the Middle East nations where you can no longer peacefully protest outside the presidential palaces.”

China comments: The American hypocrisy – The U.S. calling out Beijing’s alleged attempts to curb freedoms in Hong Kong while seen to be trying to do something similar at home.

And New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was “horrified by what we’ve seen.”

I could go on and on but leaders everywhere from every corner of the world are watching our country fall apart at the hands of a lack of leadership. 

The problem with Trump is pretty much tenfold here, he has a history of being a racist and of supporting racism, bullying and outrageous threats against anyone he does not agree with. He is the epitome of a narcissist and he is absolutely a bully when he wants his way, his mindset is “my way or the highway.”

That is not going to work this time, if Trump insists on sending in the military he is going to piss off an already pissed off public and then it will become all out war.  People are tired of Trump and his outdated views on what society should be and is. 

The world is watching our President throw fuel on an already out of control fire, they are watching him stir the pot, simmer the stew and brew up enough discontent, chaos, hatred and fear to all but ensure our nation is torn apart from the seams under the failing Trump Presidency. 

Cristal M Clark

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The Kurds Deserved Better 


Trump’s Actions Cause Damage That Cannot Be Repaired 

Cristal M Clark 

As it stands, the US in the eyes of the world is not to be trusted. The dangerous game of cat and mouse that Trump just played in an effort to make himself look good so severely damaged our reputation worldwide that it may never truly be repairable.


Trump made a rather idiotic promise to his base who clearly did not understand why we had troops in Syria, rather than educate themselves they just clung on to a lack of true understanding. 


Hence, Trump without a care in the world and a lack of any form of knowledge as to why we had troops in Syria just pulled them out. 

Now he is vowing sanctions and military action, a day late and more than a dollar short, he broke our vow, our word, something so sacred, that millions of people who fight alongside American Soldiers, who depend on the help of our troops to protect them and their families cannot trust the US at her word any longer. 

IMG_2260 - Edited

Trump wanted to ruin the post-WWII global order and isolate America from the rest of the world and one way to accomplish that is to call the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and give him the green light to cross the Syrian border and crush the Kurds…without U.S. resistance. And that has caused more damage than Trump will ever begin to understand. 

Trump wants to create a sort of utopia, one where the US does not have to work with or answer to the worldwide platform, we do not have to play nice, we get our way simply because we are a powerhouse of wealth, dominance and white people. 

What he fails so clearly to understand is that you cannot have that ying without a yang and in doing so, he has endangered the lives of millions. Isis was never done if anyone recalls after all. 


Furthermore this shows that Donald Trump is mentally, not well. He has fantasies of grandeur, being some type of superhero, a great untouchable ruler. It reminds me of a stalker I have currently, so the mental frame of mine I know all too well, that manipulative, victim game they play to excuse the obsessive behaviors. 

His illusions are so far from actual reality that it is frightening. 

Now no matter what he does to fix it, our word can no longer be trusted worldwide. 

Trump is simply to mentally unhealthy, unstable and lacks a basic understanding of what it means to be president, he has advisers for a reason yet he refuses to utilize them. 

trump-not-fit-for-office-crimeshop - Edited

His base, is just as dangerous as he is. Some refuse to see the truth others understand the truth yet are so willing to look past it because they want different without really understanding the consequences of that.

And the Kurds who have been so loyal to us, they deserve so much better, so much better. 

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook Suspends Another Far-Right Group


Natural News Founder Mike Adams Lashes Out

Cristal M Clark

Natural News who has nearly 3 millions followers on Facebook has been suspended from posting to the social media platform, of course Natural News had already been suspended from Twitter back in 2017 and Google blacklisted Natural News as well, in a heartfelt and bitter response, Natural News founder, Mike Adams lashed out at the tech giant and called on Donald Trump to send our nations military “to occupy and dismantle the tech giants.”

Well, that’s just completely sensible now isn’t it?


Mike had this to say in his Sunday rant; “The techno-fascists, including Wikipedia, have decided that no speech that questions any official narrative will be allowed on any platform anyone who questions the safety of toxic vaccines, 5G cell towers, geoengineering, chemotherapy or glyphosate weed killer chemicals is now maliciously attacked, smeared and de-platformed.”

Mike Adams, who calls himself by the way the Health Ranger (no one is quite sure if he actually obtains a real medical license however), called the Facebook suspension an “online ethnic cleansing” that’s being carried out by people who are hoping to “enslave humanity and create Hell on Earth.” Then he subsequently called for military action against the social media companies.


Natural News, pushes and, tends to shove down one’s throat, wild and insane conspiracy theories even publishing an injectable DIY homeopathic vaccine for Ebola.


Natural News is a wannabe alternative health information platform and outlet but, the website also promotes far right politics on issues like abortion and climate change, as well as overall support for President Trump.

Not at all surprising.

According to Mike, “These criminals like Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Cook are un-elected, subject to zero transparency and offer no mechanism for due process whereby channels who are banned might defend themselves against unfair, dishonest smears or fake news attacks run by left-wing journo-terrorism hacks. In essence, the entire internet is now run by the most lawless evil war criminals imaginable, and they have zero respect for human rights, human dignity or free speech.”

Well, that is quite a strongly worded opinion now isn’t it?

At any rate, Mike is rumored to own 50 different websites including –,, and

It is not clear if the Facebook suspension is going be permanent nor is it clear as of right now if Donald Trump intends to send our nations Military to dismantle Facebook or any other tech giant.

Cristal M Clark

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5 Minors Killed After Police Kidnapped Them


Mexico City – Drug Cartels

Cristal M Clark 

Naturally only in Mexico could this “accident” happen. The Mexican Government has come forward and apologized for for deaths of at least 5 minors who had been taken by police then promptly handed over to the one of the most violent known drug gangs in Mexico.

It should be noted that this is in fact rare for Mexico to actually admit to the state’s culpability/participation in such crimes.


Officials initially lied, in their initial statement they insisted that the youth were criminals when they went missing in 2016 in the Gulf state of Veracruz, one of Mexico’s most violent places to visit or disappear in.

Columba Arroniz, a mother of one of the dead youth had this to say whilst tears streamed down her face; “More than anything, we want to reclaim the good name of our kids … and demand justice for them and for thousands of others who experience the same thing.”

The minors, 3 boys and 1 girl were on their way home when they were stopped by local police, in what police are calling “the mistaken belief they had ties to a gang,” then turned over to members of the powerful Jalisco New Generation Cartel.


They were then murdered and their bodies incinerated, according to preliminary findings. Which has all of the same markings as the 2014 abduction subsequent massacre of 43 trainee teachers in southwest Mexico, in which the government did admit that police were involved.

One debate has been brewing for some time and that is, should the United States suck it up and consider the cartels and drug gangs from Mexico terrorist groups? This debate, well it has really started heating up again, along with more and more support for it.


Cartels fight in an effort to control trafficking routes, the illegal drug trade, human smuggling, extortion and kidnapping.

In the last decade turf wars among increasingly splintered criminal cartels have left more than 40,000 people missing, as well as around 26,000 unidentified corpses in over 1,100 mass graves scattered about Mexico.

Perhaps it is time to change the game and rather than simply having a heated debate about considering the cartels terrorists and actually have real honest discussions because they are our closest neighbors and are currently moving slowly but surely north of that southern border.

Cristal M Clark

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US Military Will Be Asked to Babysit Migrant Children

US Military-CrimeShop

Wait, What?

Cristal M Clark

News is breaking through the wire that the Trump Administration will be asking the US Military to house up to 5,000 migrant children? Yes, that is precisely what our military should be spending time doing rather than things such as training exercises. Which as one federal official puts it, is an expansion of the Defense Department’s role in the Trump Administration’s hardline policy toward undocumented immigrants.

US-Seperate_Migrant Children_crimeshop

The news comes on the heels of a recent NPR report that the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more than 66,000 migrants at the Southern border in February, the highest total for a single month in almost a decade.

And most of those immigrants, well they are families with migrant children. So, looks like family separations are going to continue and the US Military is going to become babysitters.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen-crimeshop.jpg

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told a House committee today “Our capacity is already severely strained, but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely.”

“This is not a manufactured crisis. This is truly an emergency.”

The agency expects even more unaccompanied minors to arrive in coming months, reflecting historical patterns in which migration increases during the summer.


Just to give you an idea, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the federal agency who is responsible for migrant children until they can be given to an adult relative. The agency currently holds roughly 11,500 (it’s unclear how much of this number actually accounts for illegal crossings), migrant toddlers, children and teens at U.S. government detention and processing centers across the country. A child’s average length of stay under the agency’s custody was 89 days whilst also being molested, as recent news pointed out, during the first four months of this year, compared to 60 days in fiscal year 2018.

And I get it, the agency is at its capacity however asking the US Military to house the children, well that is completely out of line at every single turn.

So what is the answer? Stop beating a dead horse and tackle the issue with some oh I don’t know forethought.

Shut the border down until we can regroup and come up with a long term solution, it’s time to be proactive not reactive here and a wall is not going to solve the issue at hand and, I know that is not a popular answer at all but the reality is some other countries problems are not ours, we cannot take on any more immigrants no matter what the situation they are trying to escape is.

Round up everyone that has put us over capacity and send them back. It sounds cold hearted and cruel but creating a bigger problem in an effort to handle an already growing problem, well that is not the answer.

Shut the border down, do not allow anyone else to get in, deploy the military to manage that and we’ll start to see things getting handled in a more proper way. Anyone caught trying to enter illegally, shoot them, a bullet is a really good deterrent.

The US Military are not babysitters nor are they an orphanage the Trump administrations plan is absolutely preposterous.

Cristal M Clark

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Fired – Lt. Col. Taylor White


Now He’s Fighting The Culture of Sexism

Cristal M Clark

Meet, Lt. Col. Taylor White who was fired as commanding officer of North Carolina-based Marine Wing Support Squadron 274 by Maj. Gen. Matthew Glavy, former head of 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.

Lt. Col. Taylor White-crimeshop

Why you might wonder? As it turns out, he had a rather deplorable way in which he had been treating his female colleagues. He happily utilized words such as “stupid bitch” and “dumb cunt,” what’s more is that he did this sometimes in the presence of other, males.


Quite frankly this is an ongoing issue with some of the retiring or older men from all branches of our military, they have a mindset that we women are simply inferior to them, pretty, inept, sexual little objects that exist to serve the needs of men and to have their children. I recently met one who informed me that he had reservations about promoting a woman and needed to discuss it with her husband first, you know man to man to make sure that she knows what she is getting herself into? I was taken aback by the statement, I work in a male dominated industry, my job is to recruit, hire and retain women to do the same job of men and I have to say, I have never been as impressed as I am by the women that I have hired, they do the job just as well as our male counterparts and sometimes even better.

I had always been taught to respect our members of the military but I have to admit here, I have met many who lack any and all respect for women, respect is earned, offering to take a bullet while fighting for one’s country is brave, having respect for women well that is even more brave, if not humane.

womens march-denver-2019-crimeshop

As an employer in the private sector and in today’s world this is something you really have to watch out for because the potential to be facing a lawsuit when a male member of management or simply a male employee treats women differently, is huge.

It is especially important to know full well that nothing in today’s world is private unless you are married and even then that’s iffy.

What makes Lt. Col. Taylor White so fascinating to me is that he actually managed to acknowledge his behavior and is now moving forward attempting to educate young marines about the culture of sexism and how not to follow in his very own footsteps which I find commendable, although he does not feel that he should have been fired from his position over it.

The problem with the investigation into Lt. Col. Taylor White is that the investigation did not start until complaints had been received with regards to comments he was making about male counterparts, then the rest came out. He was one of roughly 6 men who had been fired for inappropriate behavior towards women.

I do have to question if Lt. Col. Taylor White might have lost his job in part, as an example because the other side of this tale is that during the investigation, he was fired around the time that news broke with regards to hundreds of Marines who happened to be under investigation for sharing nude photos of their colleagues online, and as you can guess, without the permission of those colleagues, utilizing Marines United social media group, which no longer exists.

That investigation by the way painted a rather ugly image of how the male marines viewed and treated their female counterparts. But many who knew and worked with Lt. Col. Taylor White profess that the picture painted of him did not fit the part, according to several individuals he was absolutely respectful of women which leads me to believe it boils down to the old boys club mentality. Outwardly and publicly he naturally would show nothing but the deepest respect for women, however deep down and when around those he thought that he could trust or who shared in the same ideals, he was a bit more honest with regards to how he felt about women. Or, it was pin the tail on the donkey rather than take the fall for one’s own behavior, best to rat out someone higher up in the food chain, no?


Either way, it does show that the world is waking to sexism at all levels up to and including all branches of our military and it is not wise, men who live life both personally and professionally this way are getting burned at the stake, literally. There is no simple answer here either, each case is different so it is difficult to educate the masses until we have a better understanding as to the why. Labeling it sexism is giving it a name, but for many of these men, this is the way that they were raised, it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. I believe for many of these men, they are unable to truly change and those that do only do it half heartedly and because they were forced to do so.

As for Lt. Col. Taylor White, I hope that he means what he is doing, his heart and soul are into it and that he does make a difference.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump Committing Political Suicide?


Trump’s Mob Mentality – Holding Department of Defense Funds Hostage.

By: Cristal M Clark

Senior adviser and a hardline voice on immigration Stephen Miller says that 200 miles of border wall will be built by September 2020.
This really is the truest most pure example of actual abuse of presidential power, according to Stephen Miller, “a couple hundred” of miles of border wall be built by around September 2020. Hmmm, I wonder what the significance of that time frame is?


Oh right, the next presidential election. The crisis at the southern border, the one thing that did not work during the mid-terms, he’s trying at for the presidential election?

It has never been any more clear, that Trump and his declaration of a national emergency are nothing more than for political gain, not an actual real-life national emergency. This is his game plan to get re-elected.


He is using a blatant disregard for the constitution and not a soul is stopping him? I really have to question the system that is set up so as to prevent this type of abuse and protect the sanctity of the Constitution of the United States.

But what really is shocking to me is his frame of mind that is comparable to that of nothing more than a career criminal. If you caught is Friday Rose Garden speech, it was quite the spectacle. In that speech Trump casually mentioned two items that caught my attention, the first being that he truthfully really did not need to actually declare a national emergency and the second, he stated that by the time this gets to the Supreme Court, he’ll have a chance at winning his funding, in court, in the Supreme Court where he pushed for certain Supreme Court Judges to be part of the said Supreme Court.

First, did Donald Trump just inform everyone that like a gangster, he bought his way into getting around the law by owning it and second, is that not suggesting that our supreme court judges will ignore the oath that they took and side step the law because Trump got them elected and into the Supreme Court? So, they will rule in his favor as a thank you or because like mobsters, they owe him?

This is a manufactured emergency, because the reality is, where is the proof of any of Trump’s claims? Running one’s mouth, regardless of whether or not that individual is the president, is not sufficient enough evidence of proof. At least in the eyes of the law.


I also have to really question the other side of Trump’s motive here in that, by diverting funds i.e. holding them hostage, from the Department of Defense, in any capacity is a mistake Trump will likely not survive.

us military_crimeshop

Like Trump or not, Republican, Democrat or Independent, the one thing a majority of American’s have in common and stand for, is that we are truly Red, White and Blue, meaning we stand behind our Department of Defense, our military branches and when someone becomes a threat to our military and any of its branches, they become public enemy number 1.

US Branches-of-Military-CrimeShop

Trump is really too inept to realize that making this move might very well cost him that beloved core group of voters he has, he is digging himself into a hole he will be unable to crawl back out of.

US Army-CrimeShop

What’s more is that Trump is going to find troubles no matter which buckets he attempts to rob Peter to Pay Paul from, the simplicity is that, the one bucket you don’t rob, is the Department of Defense’s.

Cristal M Clark

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Decorated Army Veteran Dies While Sheriff’s Deputies Laugh & Record His Death


Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

By: Cristal M Clark 

The story of this young man’s death honestly turns my stomach. I am so disgusted by the actions of the Sheriff’s office and it’s deputies that I felt compelled to raise awareness about our Veterans that are cast aside when they are done serving in the military.  

Yesterday I had an experience that really brought with it some painful memories. While out for a girls afternoon/night we were seated in an upscale establishment in Denver, talking when this woman whom we did not know started drunkenly informing everyone who would listen that she just bought a million dollar condo in a highrise near the establishment we are in. She goes on to tell us that she loves the area but the view of the homeless is awful she wondered loudly why the city of Denver doesn’t do enough to remove the blight so she doesn’t have to look at it every day. She then tells us that one of the homeless men outside her building is a veteran, her thought was that the Army should re-enlist this man, send him to war where he’ll die so she never has to see him again.

People who know me well, know that when I am irritated by someone a proper English accent dripping with an equal amount of proper English sarcasm slips from my lips in the classiest of ways.

I looked this horrid creature up and down and quite properly informed her that she is not fit to be part of the human race and ever so subtly suggested that she remove herself rather quickly from my presence to which she obliged.

For a smaller girl, I do hold my own quite well when pushed to do so. At this the entire establishment fell silent. Quite a few people thanked me which was odd for me to accept. So I explained to a group of individuals what prompted my response.


When I was a little girl my father and one of my uncles fought in Vietnam. Both came home from the war with demons, this is where I first learned that for every individual who serves in whatever branch of the military, the experience they have and what they bring back is different for each of them individually.  

My father was a hateful, mean abusive man, while my uncle who had always been a gentle soul came back with what we now know to be PTSD. He spent time self medicating but he was always so good to my brother and I, one of the family rumors was that my brother and I were what saved him from the mental anguish he had brought back with him because we were kids and full of life and happiness for some that can help with mental health issues. Years later he met the love of his life and everyone thought things were turning for the best for my uncle. He knew that we were being abused at home too. I remember the last Christmas I saw him, I was around 7 or 8, he pulled me aside and promised me that he would help get us away from the abuse.

A few days after that, the love of his life took her own life. He came home after work and found her hanging in the closet.

That one moment in time brought back all of the horrors of the war that my uncle had experienced, the darkness he kept at bay for a long time, it literally broke him.

My family told us that he choose to go away and it was not until a few years ago that I learned the truth.


My uncle and this is to that heartless cow from yesterday, died a homeless highly decorated Army Veteran here in in Denver. I spent years on weekends heading downtown trying to find my uncle until 7 years ago, I had always suspected he was living on the streets.


No one chooses to be mentally ill, or to have PTSD, no one. When I learned of my uncles death and the truth, I sat on a beach coming to terms with knowing my family abandoned him and I made a promise that I had in fact forgotten until yesterday, I would spend the rest of my life making sure that our veterans are not castaways after they serve. They will honored and no one will die like my uncle did.  


One of the men who was visibly touched by my story told me about a young man by the name of Bryan Perry, 31, who had served in the Iraq war and had been honorably discharged and had received a Purple Heart. Bryan came home different, he had PTSD and had been self medicating because our goddamn VA system is a broken piece of crap.


Bryan and his girlfriend had been arrested in November of 2016, both were visibly inebriated. They had been taking bath salts, heroin and meth. Again, I would like to remind my readers that people do not choose mental illness and when they start to self medicate it is more often than not something they have a hard time overcoming without the proper psychiatric help.  

Bryan was not acting right at all and three sheriff’s deputies watched this young man suffer and die all whilst they took some of the most disturbing video of his death that I have ever seen in my life. It’s online if you’d like to search for it, I will not share the link or post it here because it is completely disgusting and it breaks my heart to see it.

The deputies even made rude and snide comments while watching this young man, a war hero wither away and die right in front of them for over 4 hours.


What is most disturbing about this story is that Bryan died back in 2016, the sheriff’s office was able to keep the fact that he was a veteran from hitting the media as it should have.

Now they are passing the buck rather than take accountability. Blaming the jails medical staff who did not choose to record this decorated army veteran die.

The reason this is hitting the news now, is because Bryan’s family has filed a wrongful death suit, his death was wrong and it could have very much been prevented on multiple occasions.


Veterans are taking their lives at the doorstep of the VA, right in parking lots these days because the VA is not providing the proper mental health help. It’s been in the headlines recently.

So no it is no wonder that men like Bryan come home messed up and end up dead. We turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering these hero’s have witnessed and faced, what they come back with. We expect them to be superhuman and not have a single emotion, to just deal with all that they have seen.

They are human beings, like the rest of us, they are just as incapable of unseeing some of the horrors that they might have been subject to having witnessed.

What I would like to see is for our illustrious president to stop with this border wall bullshit and start taking steps to improve the lives of our military veterans when they are done serving. Improve the VA, that entire system has been broken for many years, incapable of helping our veterans particularly those who come back with mental trauma so severe that they need mental health help, it is time to take care of our own.


Without the men and women who have served and still serve in our military Donald Trump might have never had the opportunity to become president, that cow from yesterday never would have been able to purchase a million dollar condo, and those sheriff’s deputies who laughed as they filmed Bryan’s dying in front of them, never would have had that opportunity had not been for the men and women who elect to serve in this countries military defending the rights of individuals, who protect the land of the free, and we could care less about them when they need for us to defend them, when they are incapable of defending themselves, we abandon them, casting them away as nothing, useless creatures who no longer serve a purpose to any of us.


That is hurtful, while I never served myself, one of the most important people in my life did and we all let him suffer and die alone, a homeless veteran on the streets of Denver.




My uncle always used to tell me that I could be anything I wanted, all I had to do was take the lead and do it. I won’t let the world forget him or Bryan and the many other other men and women just like them. We need to stop turning our backs on these former members who served in any branch of the military because when they are suffering it matters not what branch, rank or how highly decorated they were, they are human beings still the same and they more than anyone deserve our empathy, our care, our love and our kindness.

It’s time to stop letting our veterans die in silence.

Cristal M Clark

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Vladimir Putin – Has Compromising Intel on Donald Trump


This isn’t New News!

By: Cristal M Clark 

Over the weekend quite a few news agencies started to report that mounting evidence has revealed Vladimir Putin does in fact have something or quite a few somethings on Donald Trump.


This is far from new intel much less breaking news.


Over a year ago, I broke this headline.

One Donald Trump, the President of the United States has been the subject of a counterintelligence investigation.

Who didn’t see that coming?

Better yet, who didn’t already know that was actually happening?


Trumps ties to a hostile power were so significant that it means that he was most likely influenced and/or compromised by another country, that country being Russia.


The fact is that Putin has had something or several things on Trump for years and because of that, Trump is Putin’s puppet.

2015 US Open, Day 9 - Melania Trump

The FBI and other agencies, had no other choice but to investigate.

Trump has a lot to hide, but the question is, how much longer can he or Putin hide everything?


Our intelligence agencies, not just the FBI are quickly and quietly closing in on both Trump and Putin.

Which is the more fascinating part of the situation with Trump, Putin and Russia.

Everyone thinks that is it just Robert Mueller or the FBI investigating.

If that is what you believe, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This investigation, it’s layers and so to are those investigating.

Both Putin and Trump might want to take a really big step back and ponder that one for a moment or two.


Trump may be the President of the United States, but he is not being protected by anyone in our intelligence communities.

Rather, Trump has found himself the subject of an investigation, by all of them and when those details break…well it will make for some very interesting times.  

Neither Trump nor Putin are going to be safe from those findings.

Cristal M Clark

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